Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pre-Halloween Open Thread

I’ve got a bunch of nonsense to plow through today, so feel free to drop any interesting links in the comment section. I’d also be interested to hear what some of you are dressing up as for Halloween (if at all).  I’ve begrudgingly participated in the ritual throughout the years, skipping a year or two in between.  Here are a few of my past “costumes”:

  • Cokie Roberts: Made a mask by blowing up a headshot and adhering it to cardboard, but unfortunately had to cut our her most recognizable feature: her eyes. Left it at a Ukrainian bar on the Lower East Side and after returning there a year or so later, found out they had hung it over the bar and were occasionally offering Cokie Roberts drink specials.
  • Destiny’s Child: Same deal as above, but I glued three lifesize heads to cardboard this time and supported it with a basic plastic mask (with assistance from my super crafty wife Chris). Beyonce was in the middle, so she suffered the eye pokin’.
  • “Left Eye” Lisa: I needed a quick costume, so I just stuck a piece of black electrical tape under my left eye. Ta-da! Man, you shoulda heard me belt out “Waterfalls” over and over that night.  It was really something.
  • Richard Reid (aka “The Shoe Bomber”): I put on a fake nose and wore a long-hair wig, but I spent the whole night pointing at the singed wick hanging out of my shoe because everyone thought I was Howard Stern.

After a couple of years off, I’m thinking of dressing up again this year and currently Nancy Pfotenhauer is in the lead (I must have been drag queen in a former life).  And, yes, if I run with that, the eye holes will go in her neck.

MORE: I’m in full agreement with this rule.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

EPIC PFAIL! Hardball’s Chris Matthews destroys McCain campaign’s Nancy Pfotenhauer over Sarah Palin

Tonight on MSNBC’s Hardball, Chris Matthews totally destroyed McCain senior policy advisor Nancy Pfotenhauer over Sarah Palin’s failure to understand the role of the vice president. Obama spokesperson Bill Burton took part as well, but mostly just kicked back and enjoyed the bloodbath.

[hat tip Pumalicious! for the heads up in comments]

Posted by Kevin K. on 10/22/08 at 05:32 PM

Dear Alien Abductors:

When the election is over, kindly do not return columnist Kathleen Parker:

“Palling around with terrorists,” as Sarah Palin said of Obama, gets to an underlying xenophobic, anti-Muslim sentiment. Using surrogates who strategically use Obama’s middle name, Hussein, feeds the same dark heart.

This tactic, denied but undeniable, has been effective with target audiences, some of whom can be viewed on YouTube entering a Palin rally in Pennsylvania. One cherubic older fellow totes a stuffed Curious George monkey wearing an Obama sticker as a hat…

To McCain’s credit, he has tried to correct his audience—when, for example, a woman said she couldn’t trust Obama because he’s an Arab. Gosh, wonder where she ever got that idea? But the McCain-Palin bad cop-good cop routine is what it is. The hot babe lathers the crowd; the noble soldier hoses them down. This isn’t a campaign; it’s a sideshow. 

We prefer the alien pod-person with which you replaced her.



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Today’s Palette Cleanser: Conservatives for Change

Website here.

BONUS PALETTE CLEANSER: Great collection of photos of Obama and his family on the campaign trail (keep clicking “Show More Images” at the bottom of the page) [via Wonkette]

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More Rightwing Hatred in Henderson, NV at Yesterday’s Sarah Palin Rally

From the October 21, 2008 Sarah Palin rally near Las Vegas, Nevada. Presented without comment…

Here’s another video:

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It’s so cute when Republicans pretend that they’re feminists…

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin cast herself as the heir to feminism’s legacy in her first visit to Southern Nevada on Tuesday, saying if Democrat Barack Obama were serious about respecting women, he would have chosen Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

“Our opponents think that they have the women’s vote all locked up, which is a little presumptuous, since only our side has a woman on the ticket,” Palin said.

“When the time came to make a decision, somehow Barack Obama just couldn’t bring himself to pick the woman who got 18 million votes,” she added. [...]

“For the women in this audience and across the country, are you ready to break the highest, hardest glass ceiling in America?” the Alaska governor shouted to thunderous cheers during her 25-minute speech.

Of course, thanks to Palin being on the ticket, Republicans have developed a keen new respect for women, right?

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Only two days left to submit your video for the McCain-Palin “I’m ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’” Ad!!!

John McCain - Sarah Palin - I'm Thomas the Tank Engine

Just a reminder ... time is running out to enter your video for John McCain and Sarah Palin’s “I’m ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’” ad.  Get chugging!

MORE INFO: Here and here.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cost to accessorize Caribou Barbie: $150,000

Laughs we’re going to have over John Edward’s $400 haircut from here on out: PRICELESS

The Republican National Committee appears to have spent more than $150,000 to clothe and accessorize vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her family since her surprise pick by John McCain in late August.

According to financial disclosure records, the accessorizing began in early September and included bills from Saks Fifth Avenue in St. Louis and New York for a combined $49,425.74.

The records also document a couple of big-time shopping trips to Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis, including one $75,062.63 spree in early September.

The RNC also spent $4,716.49 on hair and makeup through September after reporting no such costs in August.

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After an attempted citizen’s arrest, an angry Karl Rove spreads John Kerry’s joke for him

...  the most remarkable exchange was when Rove tried to claim that the Democrats were being unduly negative in their attacks on Republican standard bearer John McCain.

[Rove] said: “Yesterday, John Kerry, your nominee of your party in 2004, stands up and said, “if John McCain was asked the question of whether he wears boxers or briefs his answer would be Depends” ... I think that is pretty much under the table and pretty nasty.” [link]

Can’t stop laughing.

Video below the break.

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Communist Musicians Infiltrate Real Virginia

Apparently, a cell of subversive, underground musicians have been plotting for years in Charlottesville with a plan to destroy “the fabric of democracy.”  Word is the sleeper cell wants to upstage John McCain on October 26th by driving an hour to Richmond to give a “FREE” concert.

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Sarah the Dumber still doesn’t know what the VP does

Remember when Sarah Palin asked what the VP does?  Well, apparently no one fucking answered. [via Instaputz]

MORE: The best part is that she couldn’t correctly answer a question Piper would have asked.

RELATED: An interview with her will air during CNN’s The Situation Room today. [via Wonkette]

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Let Darragh Murphy Eat Crow

Darragh “McCainiac” Murphy writes:

The New York Post, original publisher of the Michelle Obama Lobster/Caviar/Champagne Afternoon Delight story has published a retraction.

I sincerely regret repeating and amplifying what turns out to be a shameful attempt to embarrass and undermine Michelle Obama.

I will take better care in checking sources in the future.

Goddamn, Darragh Murphy really is one of the most disingenuous people in America. I guess she didn’t feel the need to “check her sources” after a PUMA pointed out the story had been debunked in the third comment on her original post pushing this easily-dismissed nonsense (good fucking luck getting a bottle of champagne delivered to your room for only $44 at the Waldorf-Astoria—I think that’ll get you a Toblerone bar). Or I guess she didn’t feel the need to check her sources when she saw traffic coming her way from Lawyers, Guns and Money calling bullshit on her.

And regarding her sincerely regretting “repeating and amplifying what turns out to be a shameful attempt to embarrass and undermine Michelle Obama,” the original post is still up without an update/retraction and the poorly-designed flyer pushing the bogus rumor is still available in the Puma Pac Action Center (aka “Shitty Graphics ‘R’ Us”) (fifth link—left—“MO Piece of the Pie, jpg,color, Aloha”).

There’s a big difference between covering your ass and regretting your error.  Don’t think for one second Darragh Murphy doesn’t know the difference.

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Sarah the Dipshit

Dipshit Alert

From CNN:

Taking “Joe the plumber” wordplay to an unprecedented new level, Sarah Palin on Monday dubbed Barack Obama “Barack the Wealth Spender” for his plan to offer tax credits to lower and middle-income wage earners.

Palin revealed the new moniker at an outdoor rally in Grand Junction, Colorado, where she also introduced a new working-class hero into the ever-expanding pantheon of “Joe the plumber”-types who oppose to Obama’s tax plan.

His name? Tito Munoz, christened by Palin as “Tito the builder.” [...]

“Tito explained that he’s an immigrant from Colombia and he also had this reminder for us,” Palin continued. “He says, quote, ‘Everything is possible in America. I made it.’”

Palin said Munoz isn’t the only worker standing up against Obama — other taxpayers like “Phil the bricklayer” and “Rose the teacher” can expect to have their “dreams dashed by the Obama tax increase.”

“So tell me,” Palin asked. “Do we have any Joe the Plumbers in the house? So all these Joe the plumbers in the house, it doesn’t sound like you are supporting Barack the Wealth Spender in this elections.”

Who will McCain or Palin tout next? Thomas the Tank Engine?

MORE: Oh man, I’d love it if someone showed up at a McCain or Palin rally with an “I’m ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’” sign. Anyone wanna make my day?  They’ll never rally in New York, so I can’t do it myself.  You can make a rally sign at McCain’s campaign site, but so far they’ve rejected everything I’ve submitted.

UPDATE: Well, I got one through.

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Geek Help Wanted: C-SPAN Video Grab

Normally I can figure out how to grab streaming flash video, but the C-SPAN site has me stumped. Can anyone tell me how to grab this video featuring loathsome wingnut douchebag Mark Levin? I’ve poured through the code and I’m coming up empty. I want to edit down the “best parts” for YouTube.  Thanks.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

I view these poll results favorably

From the latest New York Times and CBS News polls (conducted after the last debate) [via The Jed Report]:

Personal appeal is an intangible element in voters’ decisions. Each voter has a personal reason for connecting with a candidate or not. But the percentage of those who hold a favorable opinion of Mr. Obama is up 10 points since last month. Opinion of Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., Mr. Obama’s running mate, is also up, to 50 percent last weekend from 36 percent in September.

In contrast, favorable opinion of Mr. McCain remained stable, and unfavorable opinion rose to 45 percent now from 35 percent in September. Mrs. Palin’s negatives are up, to 41 percent now from 29 percent in September.

Mr. Obama’s favorability is the highest for a presidential candidate running for a first term in the last 28 years of Times/CBS polls. Mrs. Palin’s negative rating is the highest for a vice-presidential candidate as measured by The Times and CBS News. Even Dan Quayle, with whom Mrs. Palin is often compared because of her age and inexperience on the national scene, was not viewed as negatively in the 1988 campaign.

To recap, Obama’s favorables have gone up ten whole points in under a month, McCain’s unfavorables have also gone up ten points in under a month and Americans really, really don’t much care for Sarah Palin.

And if you drill down in the numbers a bit, you’ll see that her popularity with Republicans is grossly exaggerated as well.  While Obama and Biden enjoy very high favorability ratings with Democrats in the latest poll (88 and 71 percent, respectively) and McCain’s favorability is holding steady at 65 percent amongst Republicans, Sarah “Base Bait” Palin has dropped to a 51 percent favorability rating with members of her own party.

What exactly is she adding to this ticket again?

MORE: Okay, I looked:

Palin is so popular there isn’t a forum big enough to contain her fans.

I’m sure this place may have room for a few PUMAs…

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