Thursday, October 30, 2008

Joe the Plumber AWOL at McCain rally

More epic fail:

He’s probably at Saks getting a new wardrobe.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 10/30/08 at 11:05 AM

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RNC ad fail

Is it just me, or is this about the most tin-eared ad in the history of video production?

Script: “Would you get on a plane with a pilot who has never flown?”

Me: You betcha—long before I would get on a plane with a pilot who lost a total of four planes.

I understand they’re speaking metaphorically, but god-DAMN, what an unfortunate choice of images. The script goes on to ask rhetorically if you’d trust your children with someone who had never cared for children, go under with a surgeon who has never operated and—tada!—trust your country to a man who has “never been in charge of anything.”

That’s pretty fucking rich coming from the RNC, which foisted the metaphorical Michael Jackson of child care and the Dr. Kevorkian of health care on us in 2000 and 2004. That’s pretty goddamned cheeky from the party that gave us the catastrophically incompetent half-wit who has been in charge for the past eight years.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 10/30/08 at 09:03 AM

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Rumproast Morning Observation and a Shorter John McCain (UPDATE: Best. Transcript. Snippet. Ever.)

Morning Observation:

Mavericks sure do bitch a lot.

Shorter John McCain:

If it wasn’t for the economy blowing up, racists would have carried me across the finish line.

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Posted by Kevin K. on 10/30/08 at 07:09 AM

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Proof I’ve been blogging too long #784

I knew just from hearing his voice that the narrator of this commercial was Lou Engle, the Reverend Jim Ignatowski of creepy evangelical teen fasting:

I mean, Engle doesn’t even have his own Wikipedia page yet and I recognized his voice. It’s just plain wrong that I would’ve known it was him.  I swear, after the election, I’m unplugging from politics, wrapping myself around a gallon bottle of Tullamore Dew, and plowing through the entire collection of Get a Life episodes I just downloaded via BitTorrent. That’s not a threat, that’s a promise. [via Digby]

REASON #INFINITY WHY I LOVE MY WIFE: When I told Chris about Engle encouraging teens to fast, she replied, “Because Jesus loves skinny bitches, right?”

Posted by Kevin K. on 10/29/08 at 05:34 PM

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Yet more ugliness outside of a McCain rally in Denver

Looks like I’ll have to come up with another palette cleanser after posting this…

Notice the young girl acting like an ape and pointing at the Obama stand-up while yelling, “That’s the monkey from Tarzan.” I’m sure her parents are examples of the “real Americans” lecturing Democrats about “family values.”  Sweeeeeeeet.

After viewing way too many videos like this (here’s another one going around), I’m with Big Eddie Rendell:

Rendell said he doesn’t just want to defeat the Republican ticket, “I want to crush them.’’

Rendell told reporters afterward that “they’ve run a nasty, rotten campaign. These robocalls are disgusting. ... It’s been a mean-spirited, degrading campaign.’’

I want McCain and Palin to pay for this with their political futures. Good riddance to both of them.

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Posted by Kevin K. on 10/29/08 at 01:00 PM

Most unfortunate article snippet of the day

From the West Branch Times:

Despite being a Hoover, Lynn Forester de Rothschild is a lifelong Democrat.

Posted by Kevin K. on 10/29/08 at 11:15 AM

An important GOTV message from our own Poputonian

Pop wrote this in the comments down below and I think it needs to be pushed out front:

I say email that you-tubey link to everyone you know with a message:


Visit your local Barack Obama field office and volunteer for GOTV.

They need lots of arms and legs (and mouths for talking and fingers for dialing.)

GOTV runs Saturday through the closing of the polls on Tuesday. There are plenty of short shifts and simple tasks, and every ounce of help is important. If nothing else, you will be amazed at how organized the Obama field operations are.

Do it for Charles.

You can also volunteer for battleground states here. Not sure if we can pull it off, but there’s a chance my lovely wife Chris and I may be able to make it out to Pennsylvania or possibly Ohio to chip in this weekend.  If any Rumproast readers in “hot spots” in one of those two states wouldn’t mind putting us up for a few days (we’re tons o’ fun!), please drop me an email at kevin|at|  Thanks a bunch.

MORE: If you’ve volunteered for Obama please share your experiences in the comments.  We’d love to hear from you.

SOMEWHAT RELATED: Our buddies Mr. & Mrs. Wedge traveled out to Chester, PA yesterday to attend a rain-soaked Obama rally.  You can read about it here (w/ pics). And fans of The Wire will want to check this out (warning: the end may provoke tears of joy).

Posted by Kevin K. on 10/29/08 at 09:58 AM

The Daily Show’s Wyatt Cenac tells it like it is…

Posted by Kevin K. on 10/29/08 at 09:15 AM

Kevin’s Morning Palette Cleanser

This post should appeal to me and 2.3 other people who read this blog, but what the hell.  Here’s our fave ukulele champion Gus (aka GUGUG) laying down his weapon of choice and replacing it with a melodica to tackle Captain Beefheart’s “Grow Fins.” Covering Beefheart, perhaps my favorite musical artist ever, normally ends up as an EPIC FAIL, but I think Gus pulled it of. Plus it’s got dancin’ girls!:

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Posted by Kevin K. on 10/29/08 at 08:40 AM

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quote of the Day: Robert Draper

From Draper’s new GQ blog:

I have just informed my girlfriend Lara that I’m now a blogger. She stared at me for a long moment before saying quietly, “I don’t know you anymore.”

Actually, the post, which fleshes out his great article about the McCain-Palin camp from the NY Times magazine this weekend, is definitely worth a read and Steve M. from No More Mister Nice Blog, where I found this, has some interesting thoughts regarding Draper’s revelations.

Posted by Kevin K. on 10/28/08 at 07:00 PM

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Today’s Palette Cleanser: Charles Meets Barack

If this doesn’t get you a little choked up, you should probably vote for McCain…

MORE: While we’re tuggin’ at your tear bone, this one from Mr. Wedge was really sweet, too.

Posted by Kevin K. on 10/28/08 at 04:01 PM

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Heidi Li Feldman,  your adult cow hat is askew and undignified

Heidi Li “Adult Cow Hat” Feldman has been pouncing about the PUMAsphere begging her fellow petulant basketcases to vote up her latest whiff o’ potpourri on RealClearPolitics’ “Most Voted” ReaderArticles page (which is nearly impossible to navigate to from the front page).  Hear her roar:

Sarah Palin has been hung in effigy by an alleged adult who thinks that showing the lynching of a woman is excused or warranted by it being Halloween time. Please go here to not only read but watch the coverage of this latest in the barrage of misogyny that continues to go unaddressed by Senator Obama or his surrogates.

Senator Obama, your silence is dangerous and unforgivable.

You should be convening a press conference with your top advisers, supporters and surrogates, including John Podesta, Senator Clinton, President Clinton, Senator Biden, Senator Kerry, Governor Rendell, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Colin Powell, William Weld, Susie Buell and anybody else you can get to stand with you, and at this press conference you should not only condemn this depiction of a lynching, you should apologize for your complicity thus far in creating an environment where anybody in his right mind could think that a children’s holiday - Halloween - is a good time for depicting the lynching of any woman, let alone a woman running for vice-president of the United States of America.

You might be surprised to hear me say this, but I am so glad Heidi Li “Adult Cow Hat” Feldman took up this cause. She was so effective getting John McCain, Sarah Palin, Lindsey Graham, Tom Ridge, Joe Lieberman, Jane Swift, Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild to condemn the despicable act by the racist in Fairfield, OH who hung Obama in effigy in his yard for a children’s holiday - Halloween - and getting McCain to apologize for his complicity in creating an environment where depicting the lynching of any black man, let alone a black man running for president of the United States of America, would be considered acceptable behavior.


Heidi Li “Adult Cow Hat” Feldman didn’t do or say anything about that?

Oh, silly me.  Never mind.


SOMEWHAT RELATED: “Things we hope are true” and “this is 100% accurate”. I feel sorry for anyone who shows up at Darragh Murhpy’s house dressed up as Hillary Clinton for Halloween because at this point she’s so disconnected from reality that she’ll probably utter “I’m your number one fan” and then pull an Annie Wilkes on them. For reals.

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Posted by Kevin K. on 10/28/08 at 11:55 AM

Lady Lynn Forester de Rottenchild

What a rotten human being:

Lynn Forester de Rothschild—a personal friend of [Hillary] Clinton, a major fundraiser, and a member of the Democratic National Convention’s platform committee—plans press conferences in Dover and Manchester, the McCain campaign announced.

The events are counterprogramming against Clinton, who is now enthusiastically backing Obama and who also plans events in Dover and Manchester. New Hampshire is among the most competitive states on Nov. 4.

It’s one thing to “go your own way,” but this is just plain repugnant.

Posted by Kevin K. on 10/28/08 at 09:55 AM

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Anne Applebaum: The GOP repulses me

A lot of knuckleheads have puffed forth a lot of hot air pushing the notion that the only reason Obama is ahead in the polls right now is because of the financial crisis. That’s an oversimplification of the truth, which Josh Marshall concisely nutshelled a few days ago:

I was on a panel a week or so ago. And I said that I thought most observers were overstating the degree to which an economic crisis automatically advantaged the Democrat. To some degree, sure, especially in the dying days of an unpopular Republican incumbent. But remember, McCain’s sell in this campaign was steadiness, experience, unflappability in a crisis. If he’d convinced voters that that was what he brought to the table, I do not believe the damage he sustained by the economic crisis would have been nearly so great. I continue to think that McCain’s reaction to the economic crisis was the turning point in the election.

There’s no doubt that St. McSame’s hamhanded handling of, well, just about everything regarding the crisis was a major factor, if not the major factor, in pushing Obama (permanently?) out front, but the other prime reason McCain took a hard stumble is that he latched onto the dark underbelly of the Republican base after the convention like a dull-eyed barnacle, perhaps forever tarnishing his carefully-crafted maverick image. Adding Palin to the ticket would have been enough to adhere the knuckledraggers of the GOP to his campaign for the remainder of the election cycle, but McCain made the fatal mistake of letting sweet, sweet Sarah and her devoted flock of seething simpletons drive the message from the bottom (quite literally) up, gorging on their hateful gruel and belching it out in the direction of mystified independents and teetering Democrats who used to hold him in high esteem. He wasn’t the John McCain they thought they knew, he was a new wretched and flailing wingnut-human hybrid. A sneering crank whose rallies are filled with more blood-curdling boos than triumphant cheers; the stark contrast between the audio of McCain’s drool-encrusted, hectoring howler monkeys clogging the air of his half-filled halls with bilious bellows and the hopeful, we-can-do-this acclamation of Obama’s supporters is jarring, to say the least, especially when laid one-after-the-other on cable news. The Republican brand is sinking fast and instead of doing the wise thing (his image was tailor-made for this) and hopping in a life boat and paddling like crazy, pointing and laughing all the way at the dildos who have demonized him for years, he tied himself to the mast and started parroting Sean fucking Hannity, maniacally waving to all of the drowning imbeciles below him and hollering, “You love me now, right?!”

Not a smart move by any stretch of the imagination when you have to at least pretend to play to nearly everyone in general elections and WaPo’s Anne Applebaum, who greatly admires McCain (like Colin Powell, etc. etc.), does a fairly good job explaining why in her column today:

The larger point, though, is that if I’m not voting for McCain—and, after a long struggle, I’ve realized that I can’t—maybe it’s worth explaining why, for I suspect there are other independent voters who feel the same. Particularly because it’s not his campaign, disjointed though that has been, that finally repulses me: It’s his rapidly deteriorating, increasingly anti-intellectual, no longer even recognizably conservative Republican Party. His problems are not technical; they do not have to do with ads, fundraising or tactics, as some have suggested. They are institutional; they have to do with his colleagues, advisers and supporters.

McCain went from respected to repulsing.  I think history, if he loses, will show that ultimately that’s what cost McCain this election.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Paul Bunyan endorses Sarah Palin

About a minute in, you can see him sitting (?) to her right wearing a hard hat.

That behemoth must count for at least three electoral votes. Job well done, unfancy pants.

Posted by Kevin K. on 10/27/08 at 02:08 PM

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