Thursday, July 03, 2008

Slaughterhouse 1945

Something everyone should read.

I’ve got the book but haven’t read it yet. Since I can’t make it to Charlottesville with a can of mace, maybe I’ll read it over the holiday.

KV was one of my favs.

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Bush surveys the damage

Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency

He’s a compassionate conservative after all. H/T to Mr. Sullivan.

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Jefferson Must Be RIHGP

So Bush is speaking at Monticello on July 4th: 

Protest Planned for Bush’s Monticello Visit

“I certainly hope no one intends to disrupt or disrespect anyone who’s becoming a citizen, but I would like becoming a citizen to mean something; I would like it to continue to be a citizen of a democracy, not a citizen of a dictatorship,” said protester David Swanson.

But ...

“The president has come to honor their sacrifice to become U.S. citizens, and I think it’s important that we respect the day of these new naturalized citizens and not try to ruin what is probably the greatest day of their lives by petty political protesting,” said Christian Schoenewald with the Albemarle Republican Committee.

And someone leaked the text of Bush’s speech.
[Commenter t4toby suggests reading this in the voice of Will
Ferrell. It works.

Let me explain something to you, while we’re here huddled up together. The Constitution says I can’t take the right to something like habeas corpus away from you. But it never says you had it in the first place. Think about that. That’s like saying I can’t steal a house from a homeless bum. So you may be thinking you’ll have all sorts of rights by lunchtime. Let me tell you, that depends on how well you cook the lunch.

Another concept mentioned in the oath is laws. I write those. I use something called a signing statement, or an executive order, or I just put the law inside my head, where if you think about it is the safest place possible. How can the evildoers possibly determine what our laws are if they only exist inside my head? And I’ll tell you another little secret: the trick to keeping a lot of laws in your head - and this was even true for Moses - is to sometimes wear a crown.

Thomas Jefferson must be rolling in his grave puking.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Barbecue soldiers

Obama wins with military personnel.

Obama wins with summer fun seekers.

With grousing Salon writers (I keed, I keed), not so much.

Posted by Kevin K. on 07/02/08 at 02:19 PM

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Dear U.S. government,

Please don’t ever, ever give Christopher Hitchens access to state secrets.

Many thanks,
Kevin K.

Posted by Kevin K. on 07/02/08 at 10:41 AM

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An extremely strange music video tribute to Mikhail Gorbachev

It’s got commie zombies, scantily-clad women, cool Rodchenko-style graphics, Twinkies raining from the sky and a muscle-bound Gorby running around slaying the undead.  In other words, it just may be the best music video ever.

MORE VIDEO: You may have seen it already, but this made video of a guy dancing his way around the world made me happy to be human (thanks Elisa!). Now the video I saw this morning makes sense to me.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Daddie Dearest

Like most wives, Kevin’s wife Chris is 100% correct about Wes Clark’s supposed “attack” on John McCain’s service record. Clark was merely parroting Bob Schieffer’s line back to him and making a wholly reasonable statement of fact.

Of course, a little detail like that didn’t stop McCain from milking the non-incident for all it’s worth. But if I were a Fox News body language analyst, I’d propose the following theory: McCain has trouble playing the victim card. Why? Because he’s a hothead; displays of stoic, self-serving dignity in the face of a (manufactured) insult come about as naturally to McCain as delivering a prepared speech. Before he can deliver a wounded victim line, he has to tamp down the snarling rage. While watching an example of this phenomenom (below), I finally figured out who McCain reminds me of when he’s struggling to contain the urge to go all batshit rage-o-holic—it’s Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest. Check her out right at the beginning, when her eyes first light on the wire hanger:

Now watch McCain, when a member of his base feeds him the line about Clark’s non-attack—the same blinky, disbelieving, bug-eyed reaction, followed by a stammering rebuke:

To McCain’s credit, he masters the urge to rip the microphone off its stand and thrash the nearest reporter with it. But you can tell it’s not easy, even though it was undoubtedly rehearsed. I say Obama should choose General Clark for VP and instruct him to continue to subtly question whether getting shot down in Vietnam is an automatic qualification for president. McCain would be sure to go all Daddie Dearest eventually in the face of such impertinent attacks on his sacred honor.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 07/01/08 at 12:15 PM

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Fanaticism in Politics

Maha takes Arthur Silber to task for his cockeyed post about Obama supporters (Instapproved!) and, as usual, nails it.  Here’s an excerpt:

My primary reason for supporting Obama is that his considerable organizational skills and his resonance with younger voters could bring about a political realignment and a shift in political culture that progressivism can build on in the years to come. I keep saying I don’t think he’s liberal Jesus and that I expect him to make mistakes and take wrong turns. I am less interested in what I think he will do than in what I think he might help to enable, which is an America in which progressive ideas at least can get a fair hearing.

Some of his recent turns are disappointing, particularly his stand on the FISA bill. I’m not making excuses for that. I realize he’s probably doing it for political expediency to help him win the election in November, but I still don’t like it.

But does that make McCain the better alternative? Hardly.

One of the frustrations I had during the Endless Primary was that so many Clinton supporters clearly were operating on some level of fanaticism even as they screamed about Obamabots. You couldn’t talk to them. They’d literally get wild-eyed and dredge up dark suspicions about Obama’s motivations and possible ties to right-wing extremism, suspicions based on nothing but their own overheated imaginations. And I do think the Clinton campaign cultivated this fanaticism to some extent, particularly as time went on and it was about the only thing the campaign had going for it.

But, ultimately, fanaticism is about projecting. Fanatical Clinton supporters were not fixated on the real Senator Clinton, but on a Hillary Clinton who lived only in their own heads. This is part of the nature of fanaticism.

Read it all.

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I loves me some Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman never really got the credit he deserved for his work in the exceptionally funny Arrested Development (he was overshadowed by “zanier” co-stars like David Cross and Will Arnett), but the show never would have jelled without him.  This video of Bateman (sorry, no embed) being interviewed by Rolling Stone‘s Peter Travers for the upcoming movie Hancock is worth a watch if you were a fan of his work in AD or the movie Juno. He’s an underrated master of dry humor and it really comes out during this chat.

Posted by Kevin K. on 07/01/08 at 09:32 AM

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Carmella Lewis: Tissue Packer

Columbia Journalism Review’s Megan Garber points out the similarities between Carmella Lewis, who we wrote about here and here, and ex-media darling Greg “Everyman” Packer. It’s a great read.  Check it out.

Also, Allan left a great comment here Sunday that I forgot to share:

As for Carmella Lewis, since she purports to be a Clinton delegate from Colorado, I encourage you to do as I have done and visit the CO Democratic Party website, where you will find email addresses for the state party leadership and state DNC members.

I have written each of them indicating that Ms. Lewis’ status as a delegate should be revoked and she should be replaced by an alternate.  Preferably one who is able to attend public events without making a complete ass of herself and offensively disrespecting both Senator Obama AND SENATOR CLINTON with her noxious grandstanding for the media.

A person like this has no place filling a cherished seat on the Colorado delegation.

The WI Dems already stripped one of their delegates of her seat at the convention for giving interviews to the media in which she insisted she would vote for McCain.

Let Carmella picket the convention from outside with her PUMA girlfriends, but don’t allow her in the building.

Two places you might want to visit on the CO Democratic Party web site are here and here.  Get to it.

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Cristi Adkins: A special kinda stupid

“When did we lower the bar of our White House to allow a coke-snorting, fist-bumping president to sit behind that Oval Office?”

Cullling4McCain founder Cristi “Fatloss Forever” Adkins, who told Neil Cavuto 10,000 bologna-sandwich-wielding marchers were going to descend on D.C. for the RBC meeting, was recently on the colossally awful John Gibson radio show and, good christ, did the drool-cuppiest PUMA ever deliver again in a big way.  Fast forward about six minutes below if you don’t want to suffer through Gibson repeatedly making fart noises in the crook of his arm:

PUMA: The rift that keeps on giving.

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Monday, June 30, 2008

What Wesley Clark Really Said About John McCain

Jed speaks (literally), you listen (and watch):

Sorry for the lack of blogging today, but having a crazy, busy day.

Yes, crazy and busy.  Plus now my nutty but utterly spectacular wife Chris, who came home raving about what a dickhead Bob Schieffer was on Sunday and inspired this post, still wants to b-b-q right after the skies opened up and dropped three tons o’ water into our garden. It’s tough being me.

MORE: Chris would like me to point out that she’s right about Bob Schieffer and barbecuing. She has also asked me to take her off my mailing list.

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Big news at Rumproast: Betty Cracker and poputonian are coming on board

I’m honored and excited to announce that two of my favorite bloggers ever (no joke) have recently agreed to help me out here at Rumproast.

Regular Rumproast commenter Betty Cracker, whose name many of you may recognize from frequent posts here extolling her posts at her own place, possesses a razor-sharp wit and a big, bad-ass brain.  If I had to pick the best new blogger to surface in 2008, Betty would without a doubt be my first pick.  Hell, throw in a bunch of preceding years, too. I once referred to her as the “new Digby” without a wisp of apprehension because she’s just that good.

Speaking of Digby, former Hullabaloo contributor poputonian, who I go way back with, has also signed on to write for Rumproast and that brings me (as it will you) great deals of joy.  Poputonian is a terrific writer who can lay on the snark with deadly precision and he’s also an exceptionally wise analyst (I’m not worthy!) who is thankfully making a return to the world of blogging after a somewhat lengthy sabbatical.  As an added plus, he attracts the likes of noted historians and scholars to the comments sections here at Rumproast while I reel in sputtering PUMAs and people like this. Clearly, I need some help classing up the joint.

Welcome aboard, Betty and poputonian! Rumproast just got a whole bunch better.  You folks are in for a treat.

MORE: I guess this blog just got a whole bunch shriller, too.

Posted by Kevin K. on 06/30/08 at 09:10 AM

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Orlando vandals go on anti-Obama spree

From Local 6:

Vandals spray-painted “Obama Smokes Crack” and other hate messages on 60 city vehicles parked across the street from City Hall in downtown Orlando.

Investigators said the vandals painted the messages—which appear to be politically motivated—after dark Saturday night.

Local 6 showed several vehicles covered in different colors with the “Obama” messages.

A passing motorist initially spotted the damage and called police.

“I’m driving by and every car I see has been hit with spray paint,” witness Mike Lowe said. “There is so much damage to them. There are messages written on them and the vandals left their business card, which is crazy.”

Special business cards left near the damaged vehicles contained negative messages about Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain. However, there were positive words about Sen. Hillary Clinton, Local 6’s Kimberly Houk reported.

No, I don’t know what to make of this, nor do I think it’s reasonable to assess blame yet, but it sure is curious.

(Thanks for the tip Robbie and good luck with the blogging break)

Posted by Kevin K. on 06/29/08 at 12:23 PM

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The Sunday Selector: June 29th, 2008

Fleet Foxes—“Blue Ridge Mountains”—3/29/08—NY, NY

Posted by Kevin K. on 06/29/08 at 10:08 AM

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