Thursday, June 26, 2008

Please take me off your mailing list

My wife and I have a new funny we recently came up with that I figured I’d share with you folks.  Whenever one of us says something the other person doesn’t agree with or want to hear, we respond: “Please take me off your mailing list.” Here’s a sample exchange:

Me: I put the new phone next to the cactus because I didn’t like where the old one was next to the window.
Her: Really?
Me: Yeah, you had to lean over the rocking chair to get to the answering machine and I don’t like that people can hear our messages coming in if we have the window open.
Her: But doesn’t it look crowded next to the lamp?
Me: I moved the jar with the painted eggs.
Her: (silence)
Me: It looks good.  Trust me.
Her: But—
Me: Please take me off your mailing list.

Feel free to use it at home.  If it saves your marriage, we expect some nice flowers or a gift certificate or something.

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Breakfast of Champion

Good Morning America‘s Sam Champion talking about the waterfall art installation underneath the Brooklyn Bridge this morning:

I can’t stand how beautiful this is to me.

Granted, he is right. It did look pretty cool.  I’ll post video if it becomes available.

UPDATE: You can view the video here.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I’m not feeling you

The “I’m Not Feeling You” blog (yet another great concept I wish I’d come up with) is not feeling the PUMAs.

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Italian Blend


Gorgeously-rendered esoteric comps like these are hard enough to track down for top dollar, so you’d damn well better go download them for free from the always excellent Egg City Radio:

[T]his three-disc Italian exploitation film soundtrack collection [Nate Thompson] made especially for his blog is too good to let fade away into the ether. Nate sez:

“Given the huge amount of great film music never commerically released in any format, I decided to cut together a series of suites of some outstanding titles that deserved some notice; here the spotlight turns on some of the great (well, in most cases) Italian composers whose work has often never gotten the credit it deserves. Taken from a variety of sources (video, M&E tracks, or whatever’s handy), these have been tweaked to sound as good as I can make ‘em; hopefully you’ll discover a few new gems in this three-part collection, entitled ‘Italian Blend’.

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Puma PAC’s founder Darragh Murphy (hearts) John McCain

HELLO, HARDBALL VIEWERS!!!: Make sure you check out what Darragh Murphy’s PUMA PAC supporters think is funny after you read this post.

Puma PAC‘s founder Darragh Murphy was on New England Cable News Monday:

You can view another variant of the NECN story here.

In the confounding little world of the “millions and millions” of anti-Obama pity party poopers, Darragh Murphy runs the FEC-filed PAC called “P.U.M.A. PAC PEOPLE UNITED MEANS ACTION,” which is not to be confused with the group Will Bowers heads up that’s also called PUMA, but their acronym stands for Party Unity My Ass. Both groups fall under the “coalition” called Just Say No Deal (say it, go ahead!), which is essentially a tepid web link portal with occasional porn-ish Twin Peaks-style graphics scattered about its surface. All of this poorly-organized, politically-naive tomfoolery, led by dumb-as-doorknobs Dems, has one drool-cup-fueled goal: keep Barack Obama from being the 44th president of the United States to punish the DNC for letting him win the primary. That’s basically it.  Confused?  Well, you ought to be.

Darragh, like Will, describes herself as a lifelong Democrat who thinks Obama is an “illegal candidate” and invites others to join her who have been “disheartened, discouraged, or disgusted by the actions and inactions, the divisiveness and discriminations of the Democratic party, the press, the mainstream blogs, and many political leaders.”  So I thought it was okay and relevant to ask Darragh what was wrong with the Democratic party and its “many political leaders” in the year 2000 when she donated $500 to John McCain’s primary campaign? Instead of posting a link to the easily and legally accessible FEC filings of her donation (Obamathug invasion of privacy!!!), I decided to ask her about the donation via email Tuesday morning:


Don’t you think it’s somewhat relevant as the founder of Puma PAC to disclose that you donated $500 to McCain’s primary campaign in 2000?  I’m curious as to what was wrong with the Democratic party, Gore or Bradley that year? Any reason why a lifelong Democrat like yourself decided to jump ship eight years ago as well?

Normally I wouldn’t post an email reply without the author’s permission, but Murphy posted her reply in the comments at her Puma PAC blog (thanks Darragh!), so buckle up and activate CAPS LOCK!:

hey thanks for emailing me, and for publishing my personal info on the internet at the same time that you are too cowardly to identify yourself.*


Thank you as well for reminding me that I DID EVERYTHING I COULD in 2000 to prevent GEORGE BUSH from becoming the Republican nominee, including donating money to McCain’s campaign and voting for him in the Republican primary here in Massachusetts because I was confident that my hero, AL GORE, would win the primary for the Democrats.

I then went on to vote for Al in November of course. And WE ALL know how THAT turned out.

I am ashamed that you did not also DO EVERYTHING YOU COULD to prevent a disastrously unprepared and empty suit from getting the nomination in 2000. Oh wait, why should I be surprised? That’s exactly what ARE trying to do now in 2008.


So “lifelong Democrat” Darragh Murphy not only confirmed that she gave a sizable donation to John McCain in 2000 (and never gave a penny to her “hero” Al Gore), but she also admitted that she voted for McCain in the primaries as well.** Confused?  Well, you ought to be.

She’ll be on Fox & Friends this morning.  I forwarded them all of this info, but I doubt they’ll do anything with it. Fox News has invested too much time pushing this bogus PUMA narrative. The news director at New England Cable News, however, thanked me for the info and forwarded it to the reporter who interviewed Murphy. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ... PUMA: The rift that keeps on giving.

* According to this comment at her blog, Murphy seems to think I published her personal info at Huffington Post, which is patently false.  I hardly ever read HuffPo and I have most certainly never commented there. Nor did I publish any info anywhere on the web about her before this post.

** I’m not sure what the rules in Massachusetts were in 2000, but I know currently you have to be registered Republican or “unenrolled” to vote in the Republican primaries in that state.

MORE: You can read my snarky reply to her email below the fold.  Never got a response.

read the whole post »

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Get Dumb

Dave Weigel chronicles the crash ‘n’ burn of Agent Flowbee:

In 2001 Peter Lance, an Emmy-winning investigative journalist, was writing the screenplay for a movie called for Showtime, a project that retained [Larry] Johnson as a consultant. The September 11 attacks occurred in the midst of pre-production, and as part of his rewrite, Lance followed a tip that Abdul Hakim Murad, a plotter of the 1993 World Trade Center attack, had revealed some of the planning for the next attacks while under interrogation in the Philippines. Johnson told Lance not to follow the tip: “He went ballistic,” Lance remembers. When Lance’s tip turned out to be right, Johnson worked to discredit it and keep it out of the movie. “Larry, to me, is one of the great empty suits,” Lance says now. “He is emblematic of what goes wrong in the agency, emblematic of the attitude that let 9-11 happen.”

[Thanks to zerostress for the tip]

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Monday, June 23, 2008

John McCain’s “deputy e-campaign manager” is not aware of all internet traditions


Via TNR‘s The Plank:

From Mark SooHoo, John McCain’s “deputy e-campaign manager”: 

You don’t necessarily have to use a computer to understand, you know, how it shapes the country. … John McCain is aware of the Internet.

Pssst, SooHoo, over here.

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Women for McCain has incredible willbower

A web site is born and a PUMA founder (Will Bower) is duped. Job well done.

RELATED: It looks like Thuc Nguyen either resigned or was booted as one of Just Say No Deal’s official spokespersons (original press release here).  That’s a shame, because Thuc was a hoot on the tube.

MORE: Feel free to take a guess as to which Just Say No Deal knucklehead will appear on Neil Cavuto’s PUMA Shack today. My money’s on another appearance by Diane Mantouvalos.

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Scenes from a Maul

Roger L. Magoo, co-founder of Pantload Media, launches another floater:

I have my own peculiar Pat Buchanan story. I was at the Republican Convention in ‘04. The floor was getting wildly crowded for Schwarzenegger’s speech and, feeling a bit agoraphobic, I slipped out to view it on one of the many monitors available in the corridors. While watching the speech, I sensed someone standing behind me. I turned around. It was Pat, staring at me with something between contempt and hatred. Where did that come from? I had never met the man. Was it his disdain for Arnold or for who I was?

The implication being that Buchanan gave Roger the stink eye because he’s Jewish.  Buchanan is renowned for being anti-semitic, but it’s quite a stretch to imagine that he makes a practice of scowling at random Jews, even ones who look like this.  The most likely scenario?  Buchanan had just rented Scenes from a Mall and someone had told him Roger was the screenwriter. In that case, Rog got off easy. He’s lucky Buchanan didn’t grab the back of his head and start bashing it into the nearest wall while yelling, “A surfing Woody Allen with a fucking ponytail!?! Are you fucking kidding me!?!”

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George Carlin RIP

George Carlin—1937-2008

This one’s going to leave a mark.  The greatest stand-up comedian ever and a huge influence during my formative years, George Carlin, has passed away at the age of 71.  I am seriously bummed.

And, of course, you have to throw in one of his “seven words” routines...

MORE: Credit where credit is due, Ann Althouse has a good post up about Carlin.

OOPS: Shun me.  I deserve to be shunned! Sorry, ts, I was feeling fragile and forgiving.

MORE: This YouTube user has uploaded a treasure trove of Carlin videos.  Figured it would help you folks who don’t want to sort through thousands of quickly-produced, shoddy memorial videos.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Sunday Selector: June 22nd, 2008

It’s baaaaaaack...

The Dixie Hummingbirds—“Christian Automobile”—playing 6/26 at Celebrate Brooklyn

HARRY NILSSON DOES POPEYE— I don’t know what’s weirder, the fact that I really like the Popeye soundtrack (probably never making it to CD) or that there are actually demos available ( and they’re even better than the final versions). Drink your spinach.

FISA HOLD ‘EM—I’m pretty much in the same camp with John Cole.  Steve M. has it right, too.

THE BEATLES’ GET BACK—I’ve always had a soft spot for the Beatles’ Let It Be, which I’ve enjoyed a lot more than, say,  the bloated ‘n’ silly Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (there, I said it) and this Glyn Johns mix, appropriately titled Get Back and replete with studio chatter,  makes it even sweeter.

MATT TIABBI’S “FULL METAL MCCAIN”—“McCain is perhaps the first candidate in history to stump against two bills bearing his own name.”

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Paula Abeles responds

Paula Abeles, who I’ve written about twice, responded in the comments late last night to one of the posts about her. Since I consider myself to be “fair” and “honorable” (okay, well, at least fair),  I’ve linked the reference to the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society web site referenced in her comment for easier access and I’ll give her the floor without editorializing, although I will be researching this issue more in the near future.  Here’s her comment in full:

This is Paula Abeles and let’s get this straight. I understand fair people might be confused about this issue because of the media’s sensationalized reporting of the Jefferson? Hemings issue—but these facts are irrefutable.
1. It was NOT a racial issue. The only Hemings descendent that had a DNA match and applied to the group was WHITE.
2. When the “Hemings descendents”—many of whom are not even descendents of Sally—couldn’t prove their case in court or to the membership—they resorted to threats to do everything possible to disrupt and sandbag the meetings.
3. Bloggers of both sides assumed identities to gain information from the other side. Everyone whose been on-line knows what this is like. The wife of the President of the Hemings family group posed as a young white reporter.

You may disagree with the decision—honorable people can disagree—but both sides had facts on their side—and the decision was made on available data (see for info on DNA and Scholar’s Commission that reviewed all the historical evidence).

Comment by PaulaAbeles on 06/21/08 at 12:54 AM

Feel free to post any additional info you may find in the comments, but please keep it civil (and absolutely no posting of personal info is allowed). Paula could have stormed in here slinging threats of lawsuits or making fun of the fact that I dress like a fourteen-year-old (I do), but she chose to take the high road and we should, too.

MORE: My ol’ pal Poputonian, former regular contributer at Digby’s Hullabaloo, a thoroughly reliable analyst, and an all-around great person, has contributed a rebuttal below in comments that’s worth a read. [UPDATE: Make that several rebuttals.  Thanks, Pop!  Sorry, prior commitments will keep me from participating today.]

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Norm Coleman’s Incredible Shape-Shifting Kitchen

Betty Cracker’s got the goods.  There’s no way in hell Norm’s wife Laurie the Lingerie Model was in the same room with him during the filming of his new campaign ad and Coleman’s spokesperson is making a huge mistake lying about it.

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“Gun hole”

This two-man off-shore drilling bout between the exceptionally stupid AuggysBack and the fire-breathing low-traffic blog conquerer caliph garrett is a hoot. “Gun hole.” Too funny. They’re duking it out over Paula Abeles, too.

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Trale Lewous: “Butterfinger’s Is Easy Still”

Yes, I will post every new Trale Lewous video going forward.  Get used to it.

“Hunger bullets.” Oh, shit, I hurt myself laughing on that one.

Posted by Kevin K. on 06/20/08 at 08:03 AM

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