Friday, June 20, 2008

Paula Abeles = Congenital Liar

I was somewhat complimentary of Neil Cavuto a few days ago, but since then he’s been running the PUMA of the Day club on his show. Yesterday he had on Paula Abeles, who brayed that Obama supporters were calling her a racist (!!!) and ol’ Neil forgot to point out that, well, maybe it’s because she is a racist:

And that stammering she engaged in while discussing the alleged threatening phone calls is what we in the blogging business call “lying.” Professionals in the fashion industry call what she was wearing “eyeball pain.”

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The general view that all men with ponytails suck holds true

Stop staring at my follicles.

Apparently Air America decided to give their vacant prime afternoon drive-time slot (post-Randi Rhodes) to Ron Kuby.  I’ve tried listening a few times, but my testicles kept aggressively burrowing up to my neck (I have no idea what that means, but that’s actually what happened). The show is called “Doing Time with Ron Kuby.”  Can I opt for the lethal injection? Good christ, is he the suck.

I hate the radios.

MORE: In more bad radio-based news, WNYC, our local NPR stattion, has dropped one of my favorite radio shows “Fair Game” from their rotation. My wife and I were huge fans, and used to listen to it habitually every evening.  If our marriage fails, WNYC and NPR, our blood is on your hands.

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Advice for my readers who are breeders

I’m going to check out Medeski, Martin & Wood and Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog at Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park tonight, so I got a hold of MM&W’s latest release Let’s Go Everywhere and was surprised to find out that it was children’s album.  I’m a selfish, childless bastard, so that wasn’t what I wanted or needed, but the good news is that it’s a damn fine children’s album and something every parent of youngish thingees who reads this blog should look into snatching up.  You can listen to four of the tracks at their MySpace page and I highly recommend you start with the FUNky “Where’s the Music?”, which just may be the best kids song ever (I can’t stop listening to it) and will surely worm its way onto my next mix CD.

MORE: You can download two MP3’s from the album, including “Where’s the Music?”, from here.

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Lara Logan: Ass Kicker

Lara Logan

From The Daily Show on Tuesday:

“If I were to watch the news that you’re hearing in the United States, I’d just blow my brains out, because it would drive me nuts.”

—Lara Logan (CBS News’ Chief Foreign Correspondent and the future wife of ts)

Full video at Raw Story (scroll down—link via Lally’s Alley).

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Bashing the Obamas

It’s about time someone made a video like this.  Pass it around.

[via MyDD]

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

John McCain & Harriet Christian: Don’t they make a beautiful couple?

John McCain & Harriet Christian

John McCain & Harriet Christian

Republican presidential candidate John McCain and former second-class citizen Harriet Christian (yes, that Harriet Christian) really hit it off Saturday at St. McSame’s PUMA Panderpalooza, even though she couldn’t find out where the “convention” was being held.  According to one first-hand account: “John McCain knew who Harriet was and was very happy to see her and she him.” One can only hope they discussed how McCain’s opponent Barack Obama is an “inadequate black male” and how painful it is to be thrown down the tubes.

More pics from St. McSame’s PUMA Panderpalooza can be viewed here.

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Michelle Obama Co-Hosting on The View

Just started watching it.  So far, so good. She’s going to be a great First Lady. Whoopi Goldberg, who I think was a Clinton supporter, looked like she was going to explode with joy when she introduced her and said she could be the next first lady of the United States.

MORE: This isn’t the entire show, but it seems to be the entire “table chat” with the women. Michelle really did well. Bravo. If you want to see the Matthew Broderick interview or the cooking segment, you’re on your own.

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David Cross as “perfumer” Andre Galletois

In our continuing “fuck politics” series we bring you: “Fuck politics, let’s sniff.”  Here’s David Cross from the 1997 VH1 Fashion Awards:

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“Stop the Rock” on Ukulele

Fuck politics, let’s uke. Here’s Fin Raucous, the mad ukulele-strumming Scotsman, banging out a cover of “Stop the Rock” in his shed.  This is just way too cool for school:

Here’s a video of the original (Fin’s version kicks its ass) and click here if you want to see more of Fin playing ukulele with his pal Gus.

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Your Daily Moment of McCain

Just saw at Wonk’s Obama is 44 that The Jed Report is running a video series called “Your Daily Moment of McCain.” Jed’s got the skillz, so this is great news.  Here’s the latest (#3):

You can view the first two videos here and here.

This also reminded me that I really needed to add The Jed Report to my blogroll.  Done. I did some spring cleaning on the blogroll yesterday, so I’ve got some room to spare.  If you link to Rumproast let me know in the comments.

RELATED: Sunshine state rez Betty Cracker has her own Florida-centric series going on McCain: “I’ve been pretty skeptical of Obama’s chances in Florida. But the more McCain opens his yap, the more hopeful I feel about Obama’s prospects here.”

MORE: I don’t know how I missed this one yesterday, but it’s really funny and effective. Careful@work, though…

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I am aware of all internet traditions

I am aware of all internet traditions

[via Instaputz—comment from LG&M]

MORE: You can get the Monarch Notes version of this meme from John Cole.

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The Next Food Network MILF*

OMG! My latest TV crush Susie Fogelson does a vlog!!!

Yes, I’m that fucking lame.  Feel free to excoriate me in the comments (comparisons to Althouse are encouraged) or if you also watch this god-awful show, consider this your coming out party (I’m looking at you, Rob).

* No, you pig, the “F” stands for “feed.”

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Just Say No Credibility

I just did a quick spot check at The Saddest Web Portal in the World (“we are a coalition of millions with one thing in common: NObama”) and noticed fairly quickly that five of the listed blogs (representing a bazillion people each) are all hosted by the same guy, Alessandro Machi.  Here are his nearly identical blogs:,,, and He’s a PUMA.  Hear him roar.  And, hey, if you know anyone, he could use a little help:

Alessandro Machi has tremendous ideas for Starbucks, Target, Subway, The Post Office, and for a new brand of dog food. Alessandro would like to present his million dollar ideas to decision makers at these companies.

That pitch appears in the right sidebar on all of his blogs. Too funny. PUMA: The rift that keeps on giving.

MORE: Per usual, another great comment from Betty Cracker below…

Reminds me of a line from Kathy Griffin about Bill Donohue: “You know the Catholic League is just one guy with a computer, right?”

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Taylor Marsh: Dressing for the job you want, not the one you have

I was interviewed by The New Republic‘s Joe Mathews for this article about Taylor Marsh, but I guess I wasn’t engaging enough because I didn’t make the cut (where’s my research credit, Mathews, you bastard*?). Our pal bostondreams at The TM Experience got a plug, though:

All this spewed venom, of course, has earned [Taylor Marsh] quite a bit of attention, much of it negative. Her site includes a catalogue of the hate mail she receives. “CACKLE FOR ME NOW BITCH!” read one from an Obama supporter after the results of the North Carolina primary were announced. Posters on Marsh’s bête noire, the Obama-loving Daily Kos, have called her a “world class liar” and “a lying hack.” Recently, Obama supporters began an online effort to cancel her credentials to cover this summer’s Democratic National Convention. There’s even a web site called The TM Experience devoted to criticizing Marsh and her “Marshian” followers. It’s no wonder that she’s now subject fodder for The Washington Post and guest material for MSNBC.

With Clinton out of the race, Marsh says she will vote for Obama. But even as early as this spring, well before Hillary’s concession, I encountered no Clinton stickers and no Clinton signs at her home. And when we spoke, Marsh took pains to describe herself not as a Hillary super-supporter, but as something closer to a feminist avenger, pushing back against Clinton-hating, Obama-loving male commentators and bloggers whom she sees as both sexists and professional competitors. His supporters “are in love [with him],” she posits. “They are sexually attracted to him.”

That’s right, we all want to bone Obama. And people wonder why I still felt the need to pop off a post like this even though Mushy’s “reformed” (aka Operation Career Rescue).

BTW—the spittle-flecked ex-Marshan who was running around anti-Obama blogs commenting that Taylor, now on the dead-enders’ enemies list for not Doing the Lemming, lied about her age to WaPo will be happy to know that she was right. Score another victory for the PUMAs! Hear them roar! Meow.

Now excuse me while I get back to dry humping my life-size poster of Barack…

*Mathews was an incredibly nice guy and I was convinced after reading his blog that he’s the only truly non-partisan person left in America.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Paulie Want a Cracker?

Via Wonk, who had a commenter who was on this story over a week ago,  we have this from Politico:

A key organizer of John McCain’s meeting Saturday with former supporters of Hillary Clinton is best known for her role in another bitter American fight: The effort by some white descendants of Thomas Jefferson to keep his possible African-American descendants out of family gatherings.

Paula Abeles emailed Politico yesterday to complain that her group had gotten short shrift in a blog item, writing, “I initiated the teleconference with McCain on Saturday and was solely responsible for the guest list.” Another Clinton backer at the event, Will Bower, confirmed that she was “integral” to assembling the group.

But Abeles first made the news in 2003, when she and her husband, then-Monticello Association President Nat Abeles, led the fight to keep members of the Hemings family—descendants of Jefferson slave and, some historians believe, mistress Sally Hemmings [sic]—out of a gathering of the Monticello Association, which is made up of lineal descendants of the third president.

Abeles drew national attention for her role in an episode of online espionage.

The AP reported in May of 2003:


The wife of a Thomas Jefferson family association official said Friday that she masqueraded as a 67-year-old black woman on an Internet chat room in a bid to keep descendants of a reputed Jefferson mistress out of this weekend’s family reunion.

  “It might have been somewhat unethical,” said Paulie Abeles of Washington, D.C., who participated for eight months in the Yahoo! message board created for relatives of Jefferson slave Sally Hemings.

  “It might have been childish, but I really think I was working in the best interest of the majority of the family members to make the reunion a calm and civilized gathering,” she said.

Charming. I’d love to see some of those chat transcripts.

Kinda makes you wonder if all of those African Americans (or “AA’s,” as I’ve seen used a lot this primary season) you see turning up in waves on the anti-Obama blogs are the real deal, don’t it?

MORE: Here’s a copy of the WaPo article about the 2003 incident hosted, oddly enough, at the Monticello site.

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