Friday, June 13, 2008

Animal poker

Betty, I’ll see your boxer pretending to be Harriet Christian after a rubbing alcohol bender and raise you two pics of my cat Hubcap imitating SusanUnPC.


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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Everyone in Iran (and nearly everyone in America) just breathed a sigh of relief

I just went to check out the official web site ( for the Project for a New American Century (also known as PNAC or Neocon Eggheads Who Are Wrong About Fucking Everything) and found this:


Judging from Google’s cache, PNAC’s site, which was online last time I checked but had tumbleweeds rolling through it, has been down for a while, too. Now if we could only figure out a way to get this “account suspended” message to appear in place of Bill Kristol’s editorials.

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Flowbee makes the Googles

Too funny. Look what comes up near the top of the results when you search for “flowbee” on Google:


I’ve never been prouder. Looks like it’s Google bomb time. Everyone do the flowbee!

RELATED: He’s info on Michelle Obama’s reaction to Secret Agent Flowbee‘s despicable “whitey” tape horseshit…

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Rahm Emanuel vs. the PUMAs

Hey, PUMA pity party poopers, look over here:

Rep. Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, a Democratic House leader who helped orchestrate the party’s strategy for winning control of Congress in 2006, argues against reading too much into the holdouts. He said most of them always stay out of national politics and that the party is generally unified around Obama.

“They’re just going to stick to their knitting,” he said. “It’s not that they’re anti-Obama.”

Begin the spittle!

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I’m Voting Republican

[via Wonk]

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A stupid question…

..but it’s been bugging me.  Has anyone ever had one of these things in their kitchen sink that worked or have all of you struggled with them for years like I have?

I’ve never had one that I didn’t have to tilt at an angle or just plain remove to get water to drain out of my sink. Seriously, why can’t they make one of these fucking things that works?

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The reach around

Some Kossacks who want to “help” Taylor Marsh should realize that she will always—I repeat—always be a shameless, opportunistic, ego-maniacal jackass not worthy of their sympathy or respect:

On another note, I’ve received zero reach out from the Obama team, which is their prerogative to do or not, but it’s a mistake. I can only hope this isn’t a signal of the way Obama and his team will treat Clinton’s supporters on the whole. It would be a disaster of election shifting proportions; one that the country can ill afford.

Hmmm, geez, I wonder why the Obama team hasn’t attempted to reach out to Taylor Marsh.  It couldn’t be because she threw on her little red, white & blue Shirley Temple get-up and questioned Michelle’s patriotism (something even Laura Bush wouldn’t do). It couldn’t be because after the Rev. Wright controversy broke Taylor was blowing her dog whistle so hard she got a brain aneurysm. It couldn’t be that “video wall” of hers, now scrubbed, that featured nothing but news stories about Rezko and clips of Wright or the reams of rightwing style oppo research posts she’s left behind in her archives for wingnuts to use against Obama. And there’s no way it could be because she’s still running that ad for a book comparing Obama to Mussolini, even though she’s now trying to hide it at the bottom of her blog.

Finally, it can’t be because that sad pack of easily-manipulated lunatics Taylor fed a steady diet of anti-Obama gruel for months and months has now abruptly turned on her due to Operation Career Rescue and Marsh’s influence over how they’ll vote in November is virtually non-existent.

The Obama team shouldn’t reach out to Taylor Marsh, they should just point at her sorry ass and laugh.

RELATED: Here’s what the Obama team should be doing.  Bravo.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I (Heart) New York

Remember not too long ago when concern trolls were yelping that Obama couldn’t even carry New York state against St. McSame?  Oops:

Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, has pulled even among white voters in New York State with Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, and now has a commanding overall lead over Mr. McCain, 50 percent to 36 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday. The survey suggests that New York remains a securely blue state, notwithstanding disappointment over the defeat of its home state senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton, by Mr. Obama in the Democratic nominating contests.

Mr. Obama, of Illinois, received 42 percent of white votes in the poll, compared with 43 percent for Mr. McCain, of Arizona. Black voters backed Mr. Obama, 87 percent to 6 percent, as did voters under age 45, 59 percent to 29 percent. Mr. Obama held similar, if smaller, majorities among voters over age 45 (45 percent to 40 percent), men (45 percent to 40 percent) and women (53 percent to 32 percent).

The last Quinnipiac poll, conducted in April when Senator Clinton was still in the race, found a lead of only 47 percent to 39 percent in a hypothetical Obama-McCain matchup. In that survey, white voters backed Mr. McCain, 48 percent to 38 percent, over Mr. Obama.

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Obama’s “women problem”

From Gallup:

Since Hillary Clinton decided to concede the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama last week, Obama has established a lead over Republican John McCain in general-election polling. Obama’s gains have come more from women than men, though he has picked up among both groups in recent days.

Obama’s lead among women has now expanded from five percentage points to 13, while his deficit among men has shrunk from six points to two.

I hope this finally shatters the myths, perpetuated by the media, that women weren’t supporting Obama and that those who weren’t never will.  They were and, as this poll shows, they most certainly will. Game on, St. McSame.

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He can finally say it

Proud ‘n’ petulant PUMA John John from Liberal Rupture can only take so much:

Taylor Mush: Now that the primaries are over I can finally say it…

...I friggin hate Taylor Marsh. She is a namby pamby self promoting fraud. That lame pod cast she calls a radio show is just sad.

I expected the teeth-gnashing dead-enders* mad scientist Marsh helped, ahem, “nurture” to eventually turn on her, but I didn’t expect them to start sounding like, well, me this quickly. WTF? Just when you thought this primary season couldn’t get any weirder…

More from ts at Instaputz.

* This term is considered a “barbarism” by the loathsome douchebag who has repeatedly referred to Michelle Obama as a “blow job queen.” I just figured you should know that going forward.

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Consider this your monthly reminder… go read Betty Cracker:

90-year-old Grandma Cracker lost her hearing several years ago, which freed my sprig of the family tree to swear like drunken sailors. But it made non-swearing communications difficult. Hearing aids didn’t make much of a difference. Even less so after my dog swallowed one of them after Grandma deposited them on the nightstand while dog-sitting. Damn. So I taught her to use the emails. And she promptly made me regret it.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Via break the terror:

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Politically Unsavvy Mendacious Asshats

Two PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) pity party poopers, Thuc Nguyen and Harriet Christian’s BFF Will Bower, recently made an appearance on Fox with Neil Cavuto to explain why they will not, will not, WILL NOT vote for Barack Obama in November.  This exchange had me rolling on the floor:

NEIL CAVUTO: How many do you think share your views?  I know there are eighteen million—

THUC NGUYEN: Right now?

CAVUTO:—Hillary Clinton supporters, mug’s game though it might be.  How many do you think will jump to John McCain?

NGUYEN: Well, over this weekend we had a big conference call with a bunch of groups and formed a coalition. It’s  And right now we have millions and millions.  They’re all coming together.

CAVUTO: Wait a minute, how many? Millions and millions couldn’t have been on the conference call, so Will, how many do you think—

NGUYEN: No, but there were about fifty.

CAVUTO: But fifty. Alright. Eighteen million. Fifty. Alright.

And this quote from Cavuto was pretty funny, too:

CAVUTO: Wow, you guys are very angry, aren’t you?

BOWER: I don’t think “angry” is a fair word.  I think I’m approaching this calmly and coolly. It’s not anger.  It’s indignation, but not anger.

CAVUTO: When you put “ass” in, like, your logo, you’re angry.

Watch it:

MORE: Behold the “millions.” Hmmm, what does this remind me of? This, too. I’m obviously not a fan of Cavuto, but I applaud his attempt to call them on their “millions” claim. CNN’s Veronica De La Cruz just took the owner of the laughably awful and amateur site at his word.

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“Wow, totally together!”

A real commercial that aired in ‘77 on Chicago’s WFLD. Thunderbird and grapefruit juice ... shake ‘em up.

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New Yorkers, don’t forget…

Today is the last day to RSVP for this free and sure-to-be-fun event on Wednesday.

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