Friday, April 04, 2008

Great success

From The New York Times:

More than 1,000 Iraqi soldiers and policemen either refused to fight or simply abandoned their posts during the inconclusive assault against Shiite militias in Basra last week, a senior Iraqi government official said Thursday. Iraqi military officials said the group included dozens of officers, including at least two senior field commanders in the battle.


The crisis created by the desertions and other problems with the Basra operation was serious enough that Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki hastily began funneling some 10,000 recruits from local Shiite tribes into his armed forces. That move has already generated anger among Sunni tribesmen whom Mr. Maliki has been much less eager to recruit despite their cooperation with the government in its fight against Sunni insurgents and criminal gangs.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Air America suspends Randi Rhodes

Air America has suspended Randi Rhodes for calling Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro “fucking whores” during an Air America event in San Francisco.  HuffPo has the details. I have no problems with the decision. Rhodes crossed a line I wouldn’t cross and no one can suspend me from this blog. I don’t see how Air America had any other choice. She had to go.

MORE: No Quarter delivers again:

UPDATE: Let’s contact Air America Radio and tell their top brass that we want Taylor Marsh to replace Randy Rhodes. Taylor tells it like it is, but she has class and dignity. She also has a wicked sense of humor and the lively style needed for AM radio. Taylor would be perfect! Let them know!

Yeah, that Taylor Marsh.

FINALLY: I’m a huge hit at MyHRC. This is the post I’m referring to. As Betty Cracker wrote in a previous post, “I’m not sure there’s a shower hot enough…”

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Gentleman, start your intestines

Saying No Quarter’s Larry “Flowbee” Johnson is dumber than a box of dirt is offensive to both boxes and dirt:

Watch Obama Tee Off on Joe Blow Pennsylvania

What do you think? Was this guy wearing a bowling shirt? Is that why Obama is so miffed? If Obama is flying off the handle just because he could not break forty while bowling, what is he going to do in the White House if he has a bad day? He’s already vowed to rip out the White House bowling alley. What next? Is he going to throw bowling balls at Hillary? Fear not Mrs. Clinton, based on Obama’s recent performance on the bowling lanes the only thing he can hit with any confidence is the gutter.

Check out the video here.

Watch the video and read the accompanying account. Larry Johnson is pulling shit out of his ass at such a furious rate these days, the inside of his colon must look like the fucking autobahn.

MORE: Contrast the post and associated comments about this incident at Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air, in which Allahpundit and his readers are generally supportive of Obama, with Johnson’s summation and the Hillshills’ reactions and, you tell me, who comes off better? I’ve been pointing out that Hillary’s rabid dead-enders have become virtually indistinguishable from wingnuts, but now I’m not sure that’s the case anymore.

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Cakehead is back!

Cakehead, my favorite food blog on the innertubes, is back after a short hiatus and Ms. Cakehead has got a great post up about an oddly-named food item she encountered on the Staten Island Ferry. Her post makes me, unbelievably, want to watch Idiocracy again. I didn’t think that was possible. Cakehead’s crafty that way.

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Mike Gravel is coming down fast but he’s miles above you

Oh my…

[via sublimeguile]

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

“...the chips in my cookies are far more delicious than the chips in yours.”

These are all brilliant.  [via Balloon Juice]

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Hillary’s stunningly bad new ad

It’s great that Hillary’s finally going after McCain in her new economics-focused ad, but awkwardly shoehorning her message into the framework of her previous 3 AM ad is weird, wrong (commenter at Ambinder’s blog: “An economic crisis at 3am? What are we talking about here, a 7-11 getting robbed?”) and just plain bad. Can her campaign do anything right?  Or should I say “Wright”? That appears to be all they’ve got. [via Oliver Willis]


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Arrested Development: The Movie?

Will Arnett, who played Gob in Arrested Development, in this month’s issue of Radar:

Talks are ongoing. Talks, it should be noted, are informal, out-of-the-blue phone calls between the cast and Mitch [Hurwitz]. Like, a month ago, I had dinner with David [Cross] and Jason [Bateman] in L.A. and we were kinda talking about it. Then Jason and I each called Mitch the next day. I think it’s something that all of us would really like to do because it would be so fun to get back together and play those characters. But there are a lot of little details that have to be resolved, like who would make it, where, how, and why.

Arnett’s a funny SOB.  Read the whole thing

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Barack Obama sucks at bowling

The secret has been revealed: Barack Obama sucks at bowling.

And now for some perspective…

These guys don’t suck at bowling:

This ends today’s edition of Barack Obama sucks at bowling.

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EXCLUSIVE: New “Luce Lady” to be announced today!



Must credit Rumproast!

As many of you may know, the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute is a non-profit organization that specializes in motivating and training young women, mostly bereft of souls, to be the conservative leaders of tomorrow.  As a “motivational tool,” they’ve offered poorly-crafted “Luce Lady” posters  for “free” ($7.00 shipping/fondling) through their web site and the series has featured luscious luminaries like Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin. Rumproast has learned through anonymous sources that CBLPI will be unveiling a new “Luce Lady” today during a press conference at their headquarters in Herndon, VA. We reveal who that “Lucey Lady” is below the fold…

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

MyDD—The Cesspool of Hate

Bravo to Bob Johnson for his #1 recommended diary at MyHRC:

While many at MyDD rail against Daily Kos as the “Great Orange Satan,” one has to wonder how MyDD is any better. The vile posts at MyDD (echoed at other so-called progressive blogs such as TalkLeft, Taylor Marsh and NoQuarter) spew the kind of venom and hatred one usually finds at the worst of the loony rightwing blogs.

I can understand some bitterness at having a favored candidate appear to be increasingly on the verge of losing the race—that is a normal part of every hotly-contested presidential primary—but the bitterness on display at MyDD is in a class by itself.

The demonizing of every elected Democrat who has endorsed Obama and the suggestions that Obama is a racist or is a Manchurian candidate for black power or racist puppetmasters marks those writers as seriously delusional and filled with hate.

No, you are not a Democrat if you make those kinds of off-the-wall accusations against good Democrats. You have become an unhinged fanatic.

A small handful of B to C-list lefty blogs have been pointing out the creeping racist douchebaggery from allegedly lib/Dem blogs “supporting” Hillary, but so far (correct me if I’m wrong) no A list bloggers have spotlighted this sick new trend.  It’s good news, at the very least, that this MyDD diary (and its message) is getting the attention it deserves. Now it would be great if someone on par with Digby, Kevin Drum or Glenn Greenwald (just to name a few) took a stand on this as well.

Very busy today.  I hope to write more on this later.

SOMEWHAT RELATED: Hillary losing ground in Pennsylvania. [via memeorandum]

MORE: Even worse PA polling news for Hillary here.

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Monday, March 31, 2008

I hate white people

Example #1: Larry “Flowbee” Johnson (here, too)

Example #2: Lou Dobbs…

Cotton… wha?!? [via TPM]


Example #3: MyHRC’s current #1 recommended diary (as of 3/31 10:24PM ET): “Barack Obama is the George Wallace of the Left” (of course, this was crossposted over at Flowbee’s Fortress of Fucknuttery).

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Leeeeeroy Clinton!!!

Funniest blog comment of the (yester)day (from The Other Steve at Balloon Juice):

Do you suppose Hillary will shout “LEEEEROY JENKINS!!” as she enters the Convention Hall?

If you don’t get the joke, look below the fold…

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Taylor Marsh’s bio

Ouch, this one’s going to leave a mark. Finally, someone looks into Marsh’s overinflated bio (including her oft-repeated claim that she’s a radio talk show host) and the results aren’t pretty. Let’s see how she handles the fine-tooth comb treatment.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Digg Reply of the Day

The post that was Dugg: Taylor Marsh’s “Dear Democratic Elite: Back Off

The pro-Hillary Digg comment:

Dedicated to the Democratic Elite: “I’m not ready to make nice. I’m not ready to back down. I’m still mad as hell and I don’t have time to go round and round and round. It’s (NOT) to late to make it right….Cause I’m mad as hell Can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should. I know you said Can’t I just get over it…....”
With thanks to the Dixie Chicks “I’m not ready to make nice” and I refuse to “Shut up and Sing” or get over it.

The Digg reply:

I hate to break it to you, but Natalie Maines is supporting Obama:

If you’ve got a Digg account (or want to create one), you know what to do.

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