Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hero of the day: Jean Weiss

Jean Weiss: “You’d better be president.  You’ve gotta be president.”

From CNN:

It’s official: Barack Obama has offered the vice presidency to an 82-year-old woman.

At a town hall meeting in Wilmington, North Carolina, Monday supporter Jean Weiss stood up to ask a question and began by telling the Illinois senator that he’s “captured her heart” with his foreign policy stands.

“When you said ‘yes I will sit down with all my enemies, we’re gonna sit around the table, we’re gonna work this thing out,’” Weiss said, “sir, that was not naiveté—that was wisdom.”

She then moved on to a question about water supply. “Before I answer the question,” Obama said, “I just want to know–will you be my running mate?”

The crowd erupted in applause, and Weiss ran up to the stage and gave him a hug.

“That’s my running mate there,” Obama said as she trotted back to her seat, her arms in the air. “She is 82 years old. She’s got some fire!”

Weiss wasn’t done, though, until she offered some advice on how to handle his rival Hillary Clinton.

“Don’t hit on Hillary,” she said. “Bring us all back. Let her do that stuff. Leave her alone, you don’t need to do that. You are higher than that. Bring us up higher than that.”

MORE from The News & Observer:

Eighty-two-year-old Jean Weiss sees in Sen. Barack Obama the wisdom and courage of her late husband, a German-born American hero who flew 50 missions in World War II and later became a peace activist.

Her husband, E. Karl Weiss, died in 1992 of cancer of the esophagus, just four years into the New York couple’s retirement to Wilmington.

And so Weiss knew Obama was her candidate when he said at a debate many months ago that should he become president, he would sit down with America’s enemies and try to work it out.

Weiss told Obama as much Monday in an exchange that brought down the house at UNC-Wilmington.

What brought her there, though, was a long life that gave her three children and a caring husband, who was a grounds and building superintendent at a parochial school in New York.

“He was a peacemaker,” she said. “I loved him.”

Now Weiss lives on a tiny pension and Social Security, but having once lived in Africa with her husband as a missionary, she realizes her wealth.

She attends a conservative evangelical church, where good people support the war and President Bush, she said, but when she heard Obama was coming to Wilmington, Weiss had to see him.


“I would have loved to have my husband here with me today,” Weiss said. “He would’ve said, ‘Go up there and talk.’”

I love this woman! Pass this story and video around. This needs to go viral.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Dr. Steve Brule: “Living on Your Lonesome”

Here’s some more John C. Reilly as Dr. Steve Brule for you. This one had me laughing so hard I nearly threw my back out again.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Robyn Hitchcock & Gary Lucas perform two Captain Beefheart songs

Sorry for the lack of blogging.  I took a huge and tragic spill on a hill I had no business skateboarding down back when I was in college and, as a result, I occasionally throw my back out, so I’ve been laid out flat for the past two days.  Here’s a quickee post for you to enjoy and then I’m going to crawl back on the couch. 

Guitarist extraordinaire Gary Lucas hosted a “Beefheart Night” back on April 9th at the Knitting Factory here in NYC. Gary played with his fantastic all-instrumental Captain Beefheart cover band Fast ‘N’ Bulbous (their CD Pork Chop Blue Around the Rind is highly recommended) and several fans and friends of Don Van Vliet spoke in between the band’s two sets. David Lynch sent in a cool little video of himself reading “Pena,” too. The highlight was a surprise appearance by the legendary Robyn Hitchcock at the tail end of the evening, who performed three songs with Lucas accompanying him on the steel guitar.  A few weeks ago I uploaded my video of them doing “Sure ‘Nuff ‘N’ Yes I Do” to YouTube and yesterday Lucas contacted me to let me know that both he and Hitchock really enjoyed seeing it, so I uploaded their version of “China Pig” today (unfortunately, I didn’t record their last song “Click Clack”). Enjoy.

“China Pig”

“Sure ‘Nuff ‘N’ Yes I Do”

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Dear Barack: Please hire Digby as an advisor

Digby nails it:

I heard an interesting passing observation from John Harwood on MSNBC in which he more or less characterized Senator Obama’s campaign as a process “reform” campaign that may be losing a little steam as economic events overtake his theme of post partisan transcendence. I think there may be some truth in that. When Obama conceived of his campaign, political reform and ending the war in Iraq were the winning Democratic messages coming off of the 2006 election. (And it’s not to say that they are no longer issues at all; Iraq is certainly likely to take center stage again simply because it’s McCain’s white whale.) But some people are starting to get seriously worried about their own lives and when that happens they become skeptical that abstract assertions about “fixing Washington” is the way to fix their problems.

When Obama won Wisconsin, I assumed he had pulled together the Democratic coalition and that Texas and Ohio would prove that. But since that primary, events have overtaken his thematic campaign. Gas prices are rising dramatically. The stock market has been volatile. The housing market just gets worse. Working people are starting to get nervous (they are always much closer to financial ruin than the professional class.) His “change” campaign may seem a bit distant and abstract in the current circumstances. Unlike Perot, who ran as a reformer in a recessionary climate in 1992, Obama doesn’t have the decades of business experience to use as a proxy for successful economic stewardship, so he probably needs to be more explicit in his economic message now. (And while Perot got 20% of the vote, his reform message was never taken up—- it was his deficit message that penetrated. With the help of other rich powerful jackasses.)

This problem is correctable. Senator Obama probably needs to ramp up his personal energy, which has been flagging, (people need to believe the president is superhuman in times of stress) and start talking about bread and butter solutions with a touch of fiery populism. That’s where the mood is leading. It’s boring as hell to the media and the comfortable creative class types who are looking for something transcendent, but it’s what’s necessary at times like these.

Read it all.

And, as expected, Hillary’s ever-vigilant supporters immediately twisted Digby’s post into a flat-out endorsement of their candidate and a rejection of Obama, but she was having none of it:

What is wrong with people? I didn’t say one word about it being Hillary’s turn. Are you delusional?

I was trying to analyze why the coalition we all thought was coming together after Wisconsin hasn’t stuck. I’m going on the assumption that Obama’s the nominee and simply saying that I think he needs to change his message.

Jesus H. Christ. I can’t stand this willful inability to see anything in this primary except in terms of puerile cheerleading or slash and burn character assassination.

Fuck it.
digby | 04.25.08 - 3:42 pm


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Big Dipper & Great Plains playing at Southpaw in Brooklyn tonight!

“Faith Healer” from Big Dipper’s Boo-Boo, quite possibly the best EP ever released

Thank god I thumbed through the latest Time Out New York this morning or I wouldn’t have known that two of my favorite indie pop bands of the 80’s, Big Dipper & Great Plains, are playing tonight at Southpaw in Park Slope. Boston’s Big Dipper released their first three exceptionally solid pop masterpieces in the late 80’s on the legendary (and long-gone) Homestead Records label and Merge Records was recently kind enough to re-release all of that out-of-print material and a slew of great bonus material on an insanely cheap 3-disc box set called Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology. Columbus, OH’s Great Plains were under-appreciated fractured pop masters, churning out smart n’ snarky clingers like “Letter to a Fanzine” (chorus: “Why do punk rock guys go out with new wave girls?”), “Dick Clark” and “Martin Luther King/Martin Luther Drinking”. Old 3C’s wonderful 2-CD retrospective Length of Growth 1981-89 is unfortunately out-of-print and fetches $99 or more online, but you can obtain a CD-R version of it from the label and apparently MP3 downloads are still available via eMusic and iTunes.


MORE: Here’s a review of Big Dipper’s show last night at Maxwell’s.

ATTENTION NYC MUSIC FANS: Might as well shoehorn this in here ... Rumproast will be giving away a pair of tix for the May 1st show featuring I’m From Barcelona & Thao Nguyen at the Masonic Temple in Brooklyn in the very near future.  If you want to go (or know someone who does), keep an eye on this blog for details.

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Heroes of the day: Michael Dyson & Marc Hill

Michael Dyson and Marc Hill appeared on The O’Reilly Factor yesterday. Can we see more of them on my teevees, please?

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I’ll be in my garden if you need me

Today I woke up to Joe Scarborough, Andrea Mitchell, Willie Geist and Mike Barnicle, four of the whitest people you’ll ever encounter sharing a split-screen, blabbing on and on about Rev. Jeremiah Wright and how hard it is for American Caucasians to shoulder the burden of his very existence.

Insecure white people suck.  If you need me I’m going to be out in my garden enjoying a beautiful Brooklyn day.

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Hillary Clinton Boy

If Obama supporters like me have to endure suffering through stuff like this much longer, we’ll need to switch from drinking Kool-Aid to battery acid.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Oregon Compact: Shameless pandering or batshit craziness?

Hillary is now pimping what she’s calling “The Oregon Compact” (dig the fancy header graphic!) and demanding that Obama agrees to two debates in Oregon, including one focused on her “compact.”  I honestly can’t decide if this is utterly guileless pandering or if Hillary has gone completely off the rails. Where’s the Iowa Compact?  Where’s the New Hampshire Compact? Where’s the Louisiana Compact? Where’s the New Mexico Compact? Where’s the compact for her home state of New York? Hell, where are the Michigan and Florida Compacts? Look for my new petition site at my-state-wants-a-fucking-compact-too.com.

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Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Jimmy Kimmel

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Fox News (Hearts) Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe (and vice versa)

Remember that loathesome appearance by McAwful on Faux News that I spotlighted yesterday? Well, they’ve turned it into a promotion:

That about says it all, doesn’t it? (video via Talking Points Misogynist)

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The #1 Recommended Diary at MyDD

This is an excerpt from the current #1 recommended diary at MyHRC titled “A Sobering Question: Is Obama Electable?” by pro-Hillary comment spammer TexasDarlin:

And Obama’s arrogance, most vividly displayed recently when he “flipped off” Hillary Clinton doesn’t help his image with average Americans either.  Along the same lines, today David Axelrod audaciously insulted white working class voters by declaring them irrelevant to a Democratic victory.  This uppity attitude likely explains why 32% of Democratic voters in Pennsylvania told a pollster that they would never vote for Barack Obama.

TexasDarlin, I’ve got a sobering question, too!  Why don’t you go fuck yourself?

MORE from peace-packed Puget Sound Island Girl:

Then there’s Rachel Maddow. What the heck happened to her and her Ph.D. in Political Science? I think that woman has truly lost her mind. She is so in love with Obama that I am beginning to wonder if she bats for both teams! Yeah. . . maybe I shouldn’t have said that——but I did. She obviously has some built-up hatred for Hillary. Don’t believe me——then listen to Dr. Maddow sometime or better yet catch her on TV. Ms. Maddow is nowhere near being neutral on this subject. Nope. . . she is deep in the Hillary hatred camp along with righty Rush!

As a matter of fact I blame all of the progressive radio hosts for the mess we are in. They didn’t stay neutral and keep this party unified. . . Oh no, they worked very hard to take down a lifelong Democrat. And for what or whom? For someone with not much to him to back up his words. But, oh he makes me feel so good. From what I hear a vibrator does the same thing, but I like the real thing thank you very much!

Shorter Puget Sound Island Girl: Rachel Maddow must love dick if she loves Obama.

Charming.  And someone might want to tell PSIG that the “lifelong Democrat” was a very active Republican until her junior year in college.

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“The Queen of Pork” by Matt Taibbi

This article by Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi, the best political writer working the circuit these days, hasn’t been getting a lot of attention, but it should:

One Sunday about three months ago — on the day before Martin Luther King Jr. Day, in fact — I got out of bed very late and lazily switched on CNN. On the TV screen, Sen. Hillary Clinton was smiling broadly and wearing a black jacket over some strange Oriental get-up. She was standing next to influential black pastor Calvin Butts, in front of the latter’s famous Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem. Camera bulbs were flashing. An important announcement was about to be made.

Butts, it turns out, was endorsing Hillary over Barack Obama in the upcoming New York primary. I raised an eyebrow. It’s not that I expected Butts — perhaps the most prominent black minister in New York — to automatically endorse Obama simply because he is black. But I certainly didn’t expect to see Butts go on national television and make swipe after thinly veiled swipe at Obama, sounding like he was reading a script prepared for him by Hillary’s campaign team.

“This is no time for waiting or hoping for solutions,” quipped Butts, making an obvious reference to The Audacity of Hope author Obama and echoing the hope-ain’t-shit theme that had been pounded on the campaign trail by the Clinton camp over and over again.

The predominantly black crowd barely had time to scratch its collective head and ask what the hell was going on before the endorsement party abruptly ended, leaving the stunned audience to break out in scattered boos and dueling chants of “Harlem for Obama!” and “Hillary! Hillary!” The strange scene left some in the audience wondering what exactly they’d just seen. “What’s frustrating about ministers endorsing candidates,” an Obama supporter named Rafael Mason wondered to a reporter, “is it makes you question if their decision is representative of the church or if there’s a backroom discussion going on.”

Months later, while researching pork-barrel spending by the presidential candidates, I came across three federal budgetary awards requested by Hillary Clinton in this fiscal year:

  • $446,500 Abyssinian Development Corporation, New York, to support and expand youth and young-adult after-school and summer programs (Discretionary Grants — Juvenile Justice Programs) COM 08 D Rangel Schumer Clinton
  • $893,000 Abyssinian Development Corporation programs for at-risk youth, New York (Discretionary Grants — Juvenile Justice Programs) COM 08 D Rangel Clinton Schumer
  • $146,000 Abyssinian Development Corporation, to support and expand youth- and family-displacement prevention programs (Social Services — Department of Health and Human Services) LABHHS 08 D Clinton Schumer

If you haven’t already guessed, Calvin Butts is the chairman of the Abyssinian Development Corporation. The above-mentioned $1.5 million in federal funds that Hillary requested on behalf of Butts’ organization had been approved by Congress a month before she received the minister’s timely endorsement. Maybe the minister was following his conscience in endorsing Hillary — but then, it never hurts to have a little financial incentive when it comes to difficult decisions like these, does it?

Read it all.

MORE: This reminded me of Tom Vilsack’s abysmal performance on Faux News’ Insanity and Coma last week:

From KCCI in Des Moines:

Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack gave Sen. Hillary Clinton his endorsement for her presidential campaign.

The Clinton campaign has promised Vilsack to help pay off a $400,000 campaign debt he built up during his run for the White House.

A representative for Clinton’s campaign said they are not sure how their campaign will do that. They concede that at some point, Clinton will have to contact her supporters.

The campaign said there is no connection between Vilsack’s endorsement and their commitment to help pay off his campaign debt.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carolina Chocolate Drops playing at Celebrate Brooklyn

I know I’m easy, but the fact that this video by the Carolina Chocolate Drops already has 37,000 views on YouTube gives me new faith in humanity. These guys are playing Celebrate Brooklyn on June 26th with the Dixie Hummingbirds. I’ll be there.

(via FREEwillemdafoe)

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The smell test: McAwful

This doesn’t pass the smell test for me:

On MSNBC just now, top Hillary adviser Terry McAuliffe claimed that by the end of today, the Hillary campaign will have raised $10 million since she was declared winner yesterday.

The number of new donors to the campaign, according to McAuliffe: Fifty thousand.

McAuliffe has always given me the creeps and he was a disaster as DNC chariman.  He’s an oily political hack and an unrepentant liar. This is a sleaze play to quell the damaging chatter that the Clinton campaign is in bad financial shape. I’m just not buying it, especially coming from a Democrat who praised Faux News last night for being “fair and balanced”:

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