Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mushy Goes to Washington

Taylor Marsh
Taylor “Mushy” Marsh—Proud American

Someone emailed me this exceedingly entertaining press release and I figured I’d pass it on for a chuckle:

Expert Analyst on Clinton/Obama Political Scene Available for Interviews and Guest Appearances

  National blog reporter, journalist and talk radio personality tackles provocative, complex and controversial election-year issues

  FLORHAM PARK, N.J., May 5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/—Taylor Marsh, a Clinton supporter who maintains the major blog site for Clinton fans, is
available for commentary and expert analysis on all election-year topics. She will be in Washington, D.C. on May 5, 6 and 7, 2008 for guest
appearances originating in Washington. Thereafter, Marsh is available via satellite or phone interviews from Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

  Marsh is not afraid to tackle topics others shy away from. Among the many current issues she can discuss with clarity and astute reasoning are:

  —Why Clinton can still win

  —If Obama is the nominee, will Clinton supporters not vote, or will they become McCain Democrats?

  —Media (and blog) coverage of Clinton, and why she and Obama are turning to Fox News Channel


  A former Miss Missouri in the Miss America pageant and Broadway performer, Taylor Marsh is a talk radio personality (her radio show streams daily online), national blog reporter and author who’s been a consistent political, social and cultural force on TV and radio for over 15 years. She focuses on political commentary, foreign policy and national security issues, but is a respected analyst on all things political as she turns to the 2008 elections with some of the best candidate and election commentary available. Her relationship and cultural expertise, with research and experience to back it up, rivals anyone. Her political expertise includes committed study and research into foreign affairs and military issues that has made her one of the few women talking about complex, international subjects.

  On the web since 1996, Marsh shifted to blogging and blog reporting in late 2005, where her presence and impact have been explosive, though nothing prepared her for the Hillary hatred that would be unleashed in her direction in the 2008 primary season. [...]

So how’s the Mushy Goes to Washington/Look, Everybody Hates Me! publicity tour going? Ummm, not so well...

Taylor was set to appear on The Race w/ Adrienne Mitchell, on XM channel 130 starting between 8:30 and 8:45 ET tonight. Unfortunately, it had to be bumped in favor of a terrific election eve speech from our future Madame President. Understandable.

But do not despair… Taylor has already been invited to appear again very soon, so stay tuned…

Posted by Kevin K. on 05/06/08 at 08:40 AM

Monday, May 05, 2008

Aura of a Reiman

It’s been disheartening to watch some fellow Dem bloggers shamelessly turn into Anti-Obama Rottweilers this primary season, but it’s downright depressing to see one of my favorite polisnarkers mutate into fucking Tonya Reiman:

If I were an Obama supporter, I’d spend less time making jokey parallels about yesterday’s Kentucky Derby and more time trying to defend/explain away the startling, unflattering contrast between Hillary and Obama on the Sunday morning talkshows: She, so commanding and “up” on ABC’s This Week; he, so slumped forward, beleagured-looking, and low-energy on NBC’s Meet the Press. Because he sure isn’t carrying himself with the aura of a winner.

Posted by: James Wolcott | May 04, 2008 at 11:55 AM

I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

Posted by Kevin K. on 05/05/08 at 01:50 PM

There is a Dog

Blackies Hot Dogs
Nowhere near enough relish…

If I had to choose a final meal, one choice that would definitely make it onto my short list of possibilities would be a hot dog from Blackie’s in Cheshire, CT smothered in their outrageously delicious homemade hot pepper relish.  Incredibly wise out-of-town folks have been pleading with Blackie’s to sell their relish separately for decades now, but the family that owns the establishment have pushed back heartily, going so far as to deny relish to an ex-Nutmegger who flew in from California to bring some back to his dying mother (he was inundated with jars of copycat relish after the story ran in a local paper).

Well, I’m not quite sure when the Heavens Opened Up, but my visiting not-so-little brother just returned from Connecticut with a best. birthday. present. ever. for me.  If you’re a hot dog lover, trust me, it’s time to buy yourself a gift.

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Jeralyn Demerritt

I used to think the dumbest thing TalkLeft’s Jeralyn Merritt had ever done was admit to being friends with Jeff Goldstein, but now I’m not so sure:

How will [Barack Obama’s] time with his daughters be affected if he’s President? If Hillary had a young child and was running for President, there’d be scores of articles addressing this. Not that many decades ago, most men weren’t as involved in the day-to-day parenting of their kids. They were the principal breadwinners and not expected to be as involved as a mother.

Today, many men are as involved. Yet, no one mentions this with respect to Obama. If he’s President, he’ll be giving up a lot of family time. Is he still going to go to dance recitals, PTA meetings and soccer games? How often will he be able to help them with their homework? Will he have time to play charades and the other games they enjoy now?

As a husband Barack is not afraid to cook for his family. When he does, Michelle boasts that he makes a ‘mean’ chili, one of his favourite foods. Barack attests to picking up groceries even on the campaign trail in Iowa.

According to US Weekly, Barack and Michelle Obama have never missed a parent-teacher conference. Michelle posits that “Our future is making sure Barack can get to our daughters’ ballet recitals and balancing the demands of this current set of responsibilities with our need to build a strong family.” (Ebony, March 2006)

I’m curious. Does anyone have feelings about the time Obama’s daughters will lose with their father if he’s President or is this a non-issue?

It’s too bad manufacturing controversies can’t help the US economy, because Hillary’s supporters have far surpassed the wingnuts when it comes to throwing nonstick bullshit at the wall.

RELATED: Kyle E. Moore lets Jeralyn have it.

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Saturday, May 03, 2008


From the Los Angeles Times:

Sitting on the sunny patio of a coffee shop last weekend, Averell “Ace” Smith hardly seemed the kind of guy to strike fear into a politician’s heart.

The 49-year-old California political operative—who helped Hillary Rodham Clinton to victories in the California and Texas Democratic presidential primaries and is now running her North Carolina operation—was a study in bland: beige polo shirt, beige slacks, bright blue eyes framed by wire-rimmed glasses, a fringe of gray hair around a pink scalp.

Yet people—many of them fellow Democrats—frequently use melodramatic imagery to describe him.

“I believe that every life lesson in politics can be extrapolated from ‘The Godfather,’ ” said Chris Lehane, a Democratic strategist and friend of Smith’s who has worked for the Clintons.

“Some people are Fredos; at game time they disappear. There are Sonnys, who yell and scream. . . . The most effective ones are the Michael Corleones. Very quiet, they know under which rib to insert the knife. . . . Ace is a Michael Corleone.”

And Chris Lehane is something that didn’t make it into The Godfather ... the horse’s ass.

Posted by Kevin K. on 05/03/08 at 11:34 AM

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Pass the Clinton-Aid

The next time you see an online Hillshill accusing Obama supporters of drinking the kool-aid and worshiping their messiah, point them to the Hillary Clinton Army blog. Sweet jeebus. I don’t even know where to begin, but this is as good a place as any:

I am taking a break lying on the bed, (I’m swearing off sleeping in the closet!) , I’ve got my sleep number set to 35, Hillary’s sleep number. I just thought I’d try that one out!


And don’t miss the 3 AM “Phone Car” while you’re there (here and here). It’s 3 AM, do you know where your dignity went?

p.s. My visiting not-so-little bro has departed, so regular blogging will resume shortly.


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Friday, May 02, 2008

The Empire Strikes Barack

A new one from the people who brought you “Baracky: The Movie”...

Posted by Kevin K. on 05/02/08 at 10:50 AM

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Super-del and former DNC chair under Bill Clinton flips to Obama

From AP (via Daily Kosbama):

A leader of the Democratic Party under Bill Clinton has switched his allegiance to Barack Obama and is encouraging fellow Democrats to “heal the rift in our party” and unite behind the Illinois senator.

Joe Andrew, who was Democratic National Committee chairman from 1999-2001, planned a news conference Thursday in his hometown of Indianapolis to urge other Hoosiers to support Obama in Tuesday’s primary, perhaps the most important contest left in the White House race. He also has written a lengthy letter explaining his decision that he plans to send to other superdelegates.


Bill Clinton appointed Andrew chairman of the DNC near the end of his presidency, and Andrew endorsed the former first lady last year on the day she declared her candidacy for the White House.


“He has shown such mettle under fire,” Andrew said in the interview. “The Jeremiah Wright controversy just reconfirmed for me, just as the gas tax controversy confirmed for me, that he is the right candidate for our party.”

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hoosier for Hillarity

Your go-to blog for dreadful pro-Hillary YouTube videos strikes again! 

Initially I thought this video was a parody, but I’ve confirmed that it’s not.  Oh my. Please take a guess at how many cats you think she owns in the comments here.

p.s. I love the part at the end where she realizes John Lennon rejected the Hillary button and she wags a finger at him after re-adhering it. Comedy is golden. Tin foil is silver.

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/30/08 at 05:36 PM

Drive-by hooting and hollering

I was out walking around with my not-so-little bro who’s visiting from the left coast and returned to find Rumproast smeared with one of the best and weirdest cases of drive-by Obama Derangement Syndrome you’ll ever find in the blogosneer.

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/30/08 at 02:49 PM

Obama scores key Indiana super-del Rep. Baron Hill

Well, maybe Obama’s press conference about Wright yesterday was a really good idea:

Indiana 9th District Rep. Baron Hill, a previously uncommitted Democratic superdelegate, is endorsing presidential candidate Barack Obama today.


Hill released a statement this morning on his decision.

“Some have advised me to be cautious, to wait and see which way the electoral winds may blow,” he said. “I confess that I have listened to those voices and been tempted by their reasoning. But, the stakes are just too high.

“We cannot continue to pursue the same politics of personal destruction we have engaged in for a generation, some never-ending ‘groundhog day’ endlessly playing out the cultural wars of forty years ago,” Hill said.

“If we are going to develop real solutions for Hoosier families, for America’s families, we have to move past the partisan gridlock,” he added. “I believe both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama want to do that and I believe both are formidable candidates. But I also believe that only one of them truly can. I am proud of Senator Obama’s call for change in Washington — change I have been advocating since I first sought public office. I am truly hopeful that his campaign and election will help unify our nation and ultimately change our politics.”

Hill said Obama’s repudiation of the controversial remarks of his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., was a sign of leadership and strength of character.

Baron Hill is a Blue Dog Dem and the kind of politician the much-coveted “lunch bucket” Dems in Indiana admire.  This is a huge score for Obama and a much needed boost for the campaign in a crucial state.

Now look for Baron Hill to be branded as a misogynistic, money-hungry, Kool-Aid drinking, race-baiting, unpatriotic, latte-sipping fucktard by Hillary supporters in 3, 2, 1…

MORE (6:30PM): Obama’s up in the super-del count 3-2 today over Hillary.  It looks like the Wright brouhaha wasn’t having the desired effect the Hillshills was hoping it would.

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/30/08 at 11:28 AM

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One of the best blog posts of the year

I honestly don’t know if Barack Obama’s takedown of Rev. Jeremiah Wright today was a good move or a bad one (exceedingly precious time will tell), but newly-minted Democrat John Cole put the whole media-fueled debacle in ass-kicking perspective:

As to Wright himself, well, I have my own thoughts. First and foremost, I guess I am no longer the delicate fainting flower that most other bloggers and media commenters are these days. I spent several years in the early days of this blog being all sorts of outraged about petty bullshit. I spent days calling Ted Rall an asshole (he still is, I think), days opining about what an asshole Michael Moore is, and so on. I got my panties all in a bunch about Ward Churchhill (also a dick), and stupid things Bill Maher may or may not have said, and so on.

And you know what? They may be assholes, or jerks, or whatever term you want to use, but they sure as hell didn’t run this economy into the ground. They aren’t responsible for turning a huge surplus into a several hundred billion dollar deficit. I have yet to read any memos from Barbra Streisand detailing how we should spy on American citizens.

And so it is with Jeremiah Wright. Is he a jerk? I don’t think there is any argument to be made that lately he hasn’t in fact been one big, giant, puckered asshole. His ego tour the past few days was all about him, but so what? I blame the media as much as I blame him. Is it an offensive notion that the government created aids? Absolutely, but I refuse to get all bent out of shape about it, because the government that tortures people and ran the Tuskegee experiment and wiretapped MLK for years opens itself up to crazy accusations like that.

Read it all. And if you happen to be in close proximity to Joe Scarborough or Larry Johnson, please rub their fucking noses in it.

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/29/08 at 04:28 PM

Ticket giveaway for I’m From Barcelona & Thao Nguyen this Thursday at Brooklyn Masonic Temple!!!

“We’re From Barcelona”—I’m From Barcelona


Folks, as promised last week, I have a pair of tickets to give away for the I’m From Barcelona & Thao Nguyen show this Thursday May 1st at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple (317 Clermont Ave, Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY). I’ve heard and read really great things about I’m From Barcelona’s live show and I can tell you from personal experience that the Masonic Temple is an extremely cool place to catch a show.

If you’d like to enter to win a pair of tix, simply send me an email to “tips (-at-) rumproast.com” (or click on the “Tips” email link in the top right sidebar), write “Barcelona” in the subject and your full name in the body of the email before midnight tonight (4/29 ET). I’ll randomly select a winner and contact you via email if you’ve won.

This giveaway is courtesy of the fine folks at Boost Mobile.

In addition, tickets are still available at TicketWeb as well and you get a free six-month (23 issue) New York magazine subscription with purchase.

Peek below the fold for a few more Barcelona videos and one really cool claymation video from Thao Nguyen…

read the whole post »

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/29/08 at 12:36 PM

One guess as to which one’s the biggest dummy

Now that Rumproast has become the go-to blog for dreadful pro-Hillary YouTube videos, I guess I’ve got to unleash this one on you. Scroll to about the 3:45 mark for the worst. ventriloquist. routine. ever.

If you made it through that, please accept my humblest apologies.

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/29/08 at 09:29 AM

Hero of the day: Jean Weiss

Jean Weiss: “You’d better be president.  You’ve gotta be president.”

From CNN:

It’s official: Barack Obama has offered the vice presidency to an 82-year-old woman.

At a town hall meeting in Wilmington, North Carolina, Monday supporter Jean Weiss stood up to ask a question and began by telling the Illinois senator that he’s “captured her heart” with his foreign policy stands.

“When you said ‘yes I will sit down with all my enemies, we’re gonna sit around the table, we’re gonna work this thing out,’” Weiss said, “sir, that was not naiveté—that was wisdom.”

She then moved on to a question about water supply. “Before I answer the question,” Obama said, “I just want to know–will you be my running mate?”

The crowd erupted in applause, and Weiss ran up to the stage and gave him a hug.

“That’s my running mate there,” Obama said as she trotted back to her seat, her arms in the air. “She is 82 years old. She’s got some fire!”

Weiss wasn’t done, though, until she offered some advice on how to handle his rival Hillary Clinton.

“Don’t hit on Hillary,” she said. “Bring us all back. Let her do that stuff. Leave her alone, you don’t need to do that. You are higher than that. Bring us up higher than that.”

MORE from The News & Observer:

Eighty-two-year-old Jean Weiss sees in Sen. Barack Obama the wisdom and courage of her late husband, a German-born American hero who flew 50 missions in World War II and later became a peace activist.

Her husband, E. Karl Weiss, died in 1992 of cancer of the esophagus, just four years into the New York couple’s retirement to Wilmington.

And so Weiss knew Obama was her candidate when he said at a debate many months ago that should he become president, he would sit down with America’s enemies and try to work it out.

Weiss told Obama as much Monday in an exchange that brought down the house at UNC-Wilmington.

What brought her there, though, was a long life that gave her three children and a caring husband, who was a grounds and building superintendent at a parochial school in New York.

“He was a peacemaker,” she said. “I loved him.”

Now Weiss lives on a tiny pension and Social Security, but having once lived in Africa with her husband as a missionary, she realizes her wealth.

She attends a conservative evangelical church, where good people support the war and President Bush, she said, but when she heard Obama was coming to Wilmington, Weiss had to see him.


“I would have loved to have my husband here with me today,” Weiss said. “He would’ve said, ‘Go up there and talk.’”

I love this woman! Pass this story and video around. This needs to go viral.

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/29/08 at 06:28 AM

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