Friday, October 05, 2007

The Friday Snark Sniffer

This will be a regular Rumproast feature. [Insert snarky comment here.]

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Quote of the day

From Tim F. at Balloon Juice:

A Giuliani nomination win would cement the GOP’s place as a catchbasin for islamophobic security freaks, basically a militia movement minus greasepaint.

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There goes the neighborhood

The American Planning Association has picked Park Slope as one of the 10 greatest neighborhoods in AmericaGreat, now this place is going to be overrun with yuppies and baby carriages. Time to move back to Williamsburg before that’s discovered.*

And don’t be envious, Manhatters, 125th Street was picked as one of the 10 greatest streets. I’m guessing that’s based solely on the fact that the street is the home of not one, but two Jimmy Jazz stores.

* If you lived here, you’d know those last two sentences are drenched in sarcasm.

(via OTBKB)

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Get your Beefheart on

Captain Beefheart

Egg City Radio has just concluded an incredible series of Captain Beefheart posts that are stuffed with free downloads of live recordings and rarities.  If you love Beefheart, you should grab ‘em all (or the ones you don’t already have). If you don’t love Beefheart, what’s fucking wrong with you? You should immediately fix that problem by downloading the stellar (and out-of-print) I’m Going To Do What I Wanna Do: Live At My Father’s Place, 1978 that Rhino’s Handmade label released in 2000.

Now get going.  All of you.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

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The Republicans’ late slight hope

At a Fred Thompson “rally” in Iowa a supporter shows his appreciation by repeatedly yawning (left) and a large stuffed animal is so disinterested that it decides to flip around and dry hump the chair that it’s sitting on.

Good christ, what a dud:

Twenty-four minutes after he began speaking in a small restaurant the other day, Fred D. Thompson brought his remarks to a close with a nod of his head and an expression of thanks to Iowans for allowing him to “give my thoughts about some things.”

Then he stood face to face with a silent audience.

“Can I have a round of applause?” Mr. Thompson said, drawing a rustle of clapping and some laughter.

“Well, I had to drag that out of you,” he said.

Still, Mr. Thompson at times seems to be looking for his sea legs. In an interview with Kay Henderson of Radio Iowa on Wednesday, in talking about Iran, he referred to the “Soviet Union and China.” (Ms. Henderson, at the end of her blog post on the exchange, wrote: “No, I did not mistype. Thompson said Soviet Union rather than Russia.”)

I was admittedly slightly worried about a Thompson candidacy when news about his potential presidential run first surfaced, but now it looks like this dull-witted wingnut sloth couldn’t even beat a parking ticket ... or Mike Gravel.

More on the late slight hope here, here and here.

And if you want a hoot (I couldn’t stop laughing), go check out The Fred Thompson Forum, which pretty much proves that Ron Paul supporters are the funniest (and oddest) backers working the intertubes during this primary season.  My fave posters over there are “Ted Kaczynski” and “itsaDoocy.” Here are a few quick highlights:

Fred is an intellectual:
“I recently heard on Fox news that Thompson supports a curfew of 1 AM for all people living in areas that are reported as potential targets of terrorists. I’m not sure how I feel about this, I am scared shitless of the arabs…. but i like to go out drinking until 2 AM some nights. I guess sometimes you have to sacrifice certain things for patriotism though. What do u guys think? I’m still really up in the air on this one.”

“1 Am is a small price to pay for Safety. Id much rather go to sleep at 1 Am then have to fight terrorists over here.”

FullFredAhead (excerpted):
Little know facts about Fred for all of you patriots.

-Fred once saved a mans life by killing him.

-Fred once helped a woman give birth at 40000 feet on an airplane. Only it was a dog in his shed.

-Fred has never once played with a doll.

-Fred can sit so still on a couch you would think he was dead.

-Fred beat Chuck Norris in an Arm-wraslin match. Chuck was so upset by the loss he kicked Freds dog. Now that dog don’t hunt.

-Freds bones are coated in Adamantium.

-Fred was travelling accross the atlantic and had to take the worst crap in his life. He leaned his butt over board and dropped a duece so large that when it hit the sea floor is caused a catastophic earth quake. Thats how the Mariannas trench was formed.

-Fred is twice the man Guiliani is and half the man he used to be.

Just poke around and you’ll find plenty of twisted guffaws in there.  I couldn’t find the post, but I loved the one that referred to “Giuliani shaking down penguins in Antarctica.” Now I have to decide who I’m going to sign up as. Please leave suggestions in the comments.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Democrats, you know what to do…


Bush vetoes child health insurance plan.

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I’m sitting on top of the world

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Why I Love Living in Brooklyn #3: La Strada


The first time I saw La Strada perform, they didn’t have a name yet and they were playing in the bowels of the NYC subway system.  They completely blew me away even though the most “electric” instrument they were playing was a little toy xylophone.  They have since moved on and have done the incredibly smart thing of getting a name and the even smarter thing of laying down three of their tracks. They are nothing short of amazing (imagine if Beirut knew how to be be joyous instead of melodramatic) and two rank among the best songs of ‘07 (“The Sun Song” & “Mama”—the song I saw them perform next to the tracks of the G train).  If you were smart (and I know that you are), you’d head over to MySpace right now and download those three “demo” tracks while La Strada is still graciously giving ‘em away. And if you were even smarter, you’d go check out Brooklyn’s “next big thing” at one of their three upcoming local shows while you can still get in the door.

Oct 4 2007 (10:00PM) Luna Lounge
Oct 10 2007 (8:30PM) Union Hall
Oct 13 2007 (8:00PM) Sound Fix Records (free show)

MORE: Weird.  As it turns out, rockin’ Robin posted about La Strada yesterday.  Since I’m no longer burdened with the horrible, horrible G train, I had no idea they were still playing that line.  Robin’s got a nice recording of them doing a new (?) song “Shapes In the Sky.”

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Go Ahead, Bomb New York

Funny as hell and, unfortunately, pretty believable.  Let it play through the commercial at the end for additional footage.

Country Music Stars Challenge Al-Qaeda With Patriotic New Song “Bomb New York”

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Bill Murray on acting

Listened to a pretty good interview on NPR’s “Fresh Air” featuring The Darjeeling Limited‘s Wes Anderson (director & co-writer) and Jason Schwartzman (actor & co-writer) yesterday. In the interview, Terry Gross asked Schwartzman if he ever got acting advice from Bill Murray and Jason told a story about a barroom conversation he had with Murray during the filming of Rushmore:

And then he also gave me a piece of advice that I’ve never really understood which, I said, “How do you know, Bill, when you’re in your character?” And he said, “How much do you weigh?” And I said, “I don’t know, a hundred and forty pounds.” And then he said, “Do you feel a hundred and forty pounds in your feet?”  And I said, “No.” And he goes, “When you do, then you’ll know.”

I have no idea what it means, but I love it.


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FOX News: Banging the war drum with Dan Senor’s head

Dan Senor

Here we go again.  This weekend FAUX News ran a super scary, one-sided (surprise!) special investigation called “Iran: The Ticking Bomb.” It was hosted by Dan Senor, noted rightwing propaganda peddler and former Coalition Provisional Authority disaster, and featured interviews with perpetually wrong war whores like Joe Lieberman and John Bolton. Below you will find four of the five parts of the special (I’m still trying to track down the fifth and final part—post a link in the comments if you’ve found it) and a few choice pull quotes for those of you who, understandably, can’t stomach watching any of it.

From Part One:

Lieberman: “We have now at least twice through our ambassador in Baghdad presented to the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad evidence of their complicity in the deaths of hundreds of Americans and they don’t do anything and we don’t respond at all—”

Senor: “It’s an act of war!”

Lieberman: “It is an act of war and if we don’t respond to it in some strong way the Iranians are going to take it as a sign of weakness.”

Senor (to Lieberman): “Iran scares me right now more than anything else I’ve seen.”

Editor: You know, except for the time Campbell Brown had to point out where her clitoris was.

From Part Two:

Senor: “And the 9/11 Commission even suggested Iran might have played a role in the September 11th attacks as well. The biggest worry since 9/11 is that the terrorists might get nuclear weapons.  That’s why the story that you’re about to hear, told for the first time on American television, is so terrifying.”

Ahem. Here’s a direct quote from the 9/11 Commission report Senor cites above:

“We have found no evidence that Iran or Hezbollah was aware of the planning for what later became the 9/11 attack. At the time of their travel through Iran, the al Qaeda operatives themselves were probably not aware of the specific details of their future operation.”

Now, on to the video…

Part One:



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Why I Love Living in Brooklyn #2: The Mountain Goats & Bowerbirds

The Bowerbirds

The Mountain Goats & Bowerbirds show at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC sold out a while ago, but you can still catch this great two-fer tonight (Tuesday, 10/2) at Greenpoint’s Studio B. The Mountain Goats always put on a fine show.  John Darnielle is one of the most inspiring and engaging indie rockers working the circuit these days and watching his bordering-on-cult-like fans quietly mouth along with every one of his lyrics is something to behold.  The Bowerbirds released the drop dead gorgeous Hymns for a Dark Horse this year (without a doubt one of the best releases of ‘07) and since they live out in the woods in a trailer without electricity, they’ll probably get all excited about seeing the sparkly lights and rock the fuck out. Or, at least, put on a really good show. And if you can’t make the show tonight, you can catch the Bowerbirds (sans the Mountain Goats but not serif) for FREE at Sound Fix records in Williamsburg tomorrow (Wednesday, 10/3).

Bowerbirds Interview: Stereogum
Mountain Goats & Bowerbirds Live Photos: Pitchfork
Listen: The Mountain Goats & Bowerbirds


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Monday, October 01, 2007


My buddy and ex-workmate Will runs the wonderful geek blog sublimeguile and, for you Firefox users, he’s got an easy-to-follow guide on how to download video embeds from YouTube, etc.  Go check it out. His post about FFFFound images is quite eye-opening as well.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Noble Knight of Nineelevenstan Strikes Again

Oh, good christ, if this fucking ghoul milked it anymore the cow would be udder-less:

“... And my personal view of it is I need God’s help for everything, and I probably feel that the most when I’m in crisis and under pressure, like Sept. 11, when I was dealing with prostate cancer, or (when) I’m trying to explain death to people, which unfortunately I’ve had to do so often.” [...]

Giuliani also addressed a cell phone call he took from his wife, Judith, last week during his speech to the National Rifle Association, an important appearance because Giuliani clashed with the group when he argued for tougher gun control as mayor of New York.

“And quite honestly, since Sept. 11, most of the time when we get on a plane, we talk to each other and just reaffirm the fact that we love each other,” he said.

“Sometimes if I’m in the middle of a very, very sensitive meeting, I don’t take the call right then; I wait. But I thought it would be kind of nice if I took it at that point, and I’d done that before in engagements, and I didn’t realize it would create any kind of controversy,” he said.

He really should just have two guys dressed up as the smoking World Trade Center towers follow him around everywhere.  It wouldn’t be much more tasteless than spitting out the date like it’s a Tourette’s syndrome tic.

(via Eschaton—image found at blacksundae)

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Fernwood 2 Night

Here are the additional clips I promised of Fernwood 2 Night (or Fernwood 2Night or Fernwood Tonight or that fake talk show where Martin Mull wore the leisure suit), the greatest (and funniest) TV show you probably never heard about. Unfortunately, the last time this show was rebroadcast was in ‘96 on cable’s TV Land and it’ll probably never make its way onto DVD, although you can find a few oily individuals pimping badly-transferred copies on eBay.  If you want some more background, you can find it here and here.

Happy Kyne and the Mirthmakers perform “Shake Your Booty” of the premiere episode, “Talk to a Jew” (original air date 7/14/77):

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