Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Noble Knight of Nineelevenstan Strikes Again

Oh, good christ, if this fucking ghoul milked it anymore the cow would be udder-less:

“... And my personal view of it is I need God’s help for everything, and I probably feel that the most when I’m in crisis and under pressure, like Sept. 11, when I was dealing with prostate cancer, or (when) I’m trying to explain death to people, which unfortunately I’ve had to do so often.” [...]

Giuliani also addressed a cell phone call he took from his wife, Judith, last week during his speech to the National Rifle Association, an important appearance because Giuliani clashed with the group when he argued for tougher gun control as mayor of New York.

“And quite honestly, since Sept. 11, most of the time when we get on a plane, we talk to each other and just reaffirm the fact that we love each other,” he said.

“Sometimes if I’m in the middle of a very, very sensitive meeting, I don’t take the call right then; I wait. But I thought it would be kind of nice if I took it at that point, and I’d done that before in engagements, and I didn’t realize it would create any kind of controversy,” he said.

He really should just have two guys dressed up as the smoking World Trade Center towers follow him around everywhere.  It wouldn’t be much more tasteless than spitting out the date like it’s a Tourette’s syndrome tic.

(via Eschaton—image found at blacksundae)

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Fernwood 2 Night

Here are the additional clips I promised of Fernwood 2 Night (or Fernwood 2Night or Fernwood Tonight or that fake talk show where Martin Mull wore the leisure suit), the greatest (and funniest) TV show you probably never heard about. Unfortunately, the last time this show was rebroadcast was in ‘96 on cable’s TV Land and it’ll probably never make its way onto DVD, although you can find a few oily individuals pimping badly-transferred copies on eBay.  If you want some more background, you can find it here and here.

Happy Kyne and the Mirthmakers perform “Shake Your Booty” of the premiere episode, “Talk to a Jew” (original air date 7/14/77):

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Friday, September 28, 2007

I (Heart) Angelina

We’ve all been hanging out with friends where the conversation turns to how weird or bitchy or scary or whatever Angelina Jolie is, but this video provides yet more proof that she is a better person than 99.9% of the people who talk shit about her.

(via, of all places, Jezebel)

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They kinda almost like me, they really kinda almost like me

Here are some fun poll numbers to watch, Rasmussen’s favorable/unfavorable ratings for the 2008 presidential candidates.  For all of the talk about how Hillary is pure poison, her numbers don’t look that bad compared to the Republicans (and her fellow Dems).  And anyone who thinks that meathead Fred Thompson is going to win over the electorate with his mush-mouthed, everyman shtick is in for a bit of a shock.

Democratic ratings · Republican ratings

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Tom Waits on Fernwood 2 Night

Here’s a television classic featuring Tom Waits on the most grossly underrated sitcom of all time, Fernwood 2 Tonight.  The show was a spin-off of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and starred Martin Mull and Fred Willard. The original air date of this clip was 8/1/1977 and it features Waits performing “The Piano Has Been Drinking.”

If you liked this, I’ll be running a series of Fernwood 2 Tonight videos this weekend.  Come on back.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

800 billion reasons why the Democrats should stop caving in

Seriously, if the NY Times can nutshell it so easily, why can’t the Democrats? It’s the taxpayers’ money, stupid:

If, as he says, President Bush is going to start withdrawing troops from Iraq, why on earth does he need vastly more money from Congress to wage war? The staggering, ever escalating numbers tell the real story: As long as it’s up to Mr. Bush, the American presence in Iraq will be endless and ever more costly, diverting resources from other national priorities that are being ignored or shortchanged.

The administration showed its cards on Wednesday when it asked Congress for an additional $42.3 billion in “emergency” funding for Iraq and Afghanistan. This comes on top of the original 2008 spending request, which was made before Mr. Bush announced his so-called “new strategy” of partial withdrawal. It would bring the 2008 war bill to nearly $190 billion, the largest single-year total for the wars and an increase of 15 percent from 2007.

And here are a few more facts to put the voracious war machine in context: By year’s end, the cost for both conflicts since Sept. 11, 2001, is projected to reach more than $800 billion. Iraq alone has cost the United States more in inflation-adjusted dollars than the Gulf War and the Korean War and will probably surpass the Vietnam War by the end of next year, according to the nonpartisan Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

For officials and politicians used to dealing with eye-popping numbers, the additional $42.3 billion may just register as a few more zeros on the bottom line of a staggeringly big bill. But it’s more than enough to cover the five-year $35 billion proposal for children’s health-care coverage that Mr. Bush has threatened to veto.

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Swaziland Likwindla Festival


If you love African music, there’s no better mp3 blog to camp down in than Matsuli Music. Right now they’ve got a limited download available of a long-out-of-print ‘77 comp called Swaziland Likwindla Festival featuring four little known acts from South Africa (though Duma sounds suspiciously like the late great deep-throated vocalist Mahlathini). It’s a vinyl rip and a tad scratchy (almost in a good way ... trust me), but it’s an absolute treasure and you should grab it before it’s gone



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I love the smell of bedwetting in the morning


I missed this earlier, but apparently Rick Perlstein picked up on the “bedwetter” meme I started when I was blogging at (read Jane Hamsher’s comment (#9) on my guest FDL post) and sprinted with it:

How cowardly our conservative Republic of Fear has made us. How we tremble at the mere touch of a challenge. It’s conservatives who started it, of course. Here’s what they’re reading in their own media: a letter from Human Events editor Tom Winter headlined “Are You Ready for a New Dark Ages?”:

Dear Fellow Conservative:

Someday soon, you might wake up to the call to prayer from a Muslim muezzin. Millions of Europeans already do.

And liberals will still tell you that “diversity is our strength”—while Talibanic enforcers cruise our cities burning books and barber shops… the Supreme Court decides sharia law doesn’t violate the “separation of church and state” ... and the Hollywood Left gives up gay rights in favor of the much safer charms of polygamy.

If you think this can’t happen, you haven’t been paying attention, as the hilarious and brilliant Mark Steyn—the most popular conservative columnist in the English-speaking world—shows to devastating effect in his New York Times bestseller, America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It….

This stuff is mind-numbingly hysterical—literally. Such rhetoric is literally calculated to numb the mind, to render any rational calculus impossible, to reduce democratic deliberation on the most subtle and difficult issues of our time to mere grunts and snorts, turning readers’ minds to mush. That’s what the conservative media is all about.

The worst thing about [this], however, is how many people who should know better have surrendered it. They’ve lowered us all to their own pants-piddling level. And somewhere, Nikita Khrushchev is smiling. For well and truly, he is right. We have been buried—by our own demobilizing.

That “letter” from Tom Winter clearly articulates why I came up with the “bedwetter” tag for these truly bad Americans.  They’re a complete embarrassment to this country and useful power tools for the terrorists. They see their job as allegedly patriotic countrymen to constantly point out how our proud nation will fold up like a well-oiled card table the minute a few swarthy brown men with unmanageable beards show up on our shores and say “boo.”  These obsessed, wide-eyed fear junkies howl about how all of our women will be forced to wear burkas if we don’t “WAKE UP!!!”  They sputter about how we’ll all be living under sharia law (that’s right, America—a country they obviously have little faith in—will be living under sharia law) if we don’t come to the terrified realization that “THEY WANT TO KILL US ALL!!!”  They’re a sad, victimized lot and if you don’t join them in spraying streams of panic all over the place, well, they’ll have no sympathy for you “WHEN ISLAMOFACISTS SLOWLY SAW YOUR HEAD OFF!!!” It would be 100% comical if it wasn’t so absolutely deranged, pathetic ... and dangerous.

But don’t count on them to wise up and conquer their self-imposed demons, they’ll just call themselves “grown-ups” while standing in a puddle of hyped-up pusillanimity. Someone get a mop. A big one. And don’t even think about putting it away for the next decade or so.

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Ding-a-lings for the Noble Knight of Nineelevenstan

Rudy Giuliani now:

The New York Republican presidential hopeful was delivering a speech to the National Rifle Association Friday in Washington when his cell phone began to ring. He was in the middle of discussing the importance of the 2nd amendment.

“Let’s see now, this is my wife calling, I think,” he said as he answered the phone.

“Hello dear, I am talking to the members of the NRA right now, would you like to say hello?,” he asked, as the crowd sat mostly silent.

She apparently did not.

“I love you and I will give you a call when I am finished, OK,” he said, trying to wrap up the call. “Have a safe trip, talk to you later dear I love you.”

The crowd quietly applauded after he ended the call and Giuliani joked, “It’s a lot better that way. This is one of the great blessings of the modern age, to be always available — maybe it isn’t. I am not sure.”

Rudy Giuliani last year:

In Iowa, Giuliani was up to principle No. 2 (“Follow your hopes and dreams”) when he was interrupted. From down in the audience, just beyond the stage, he heard a cell phone ring. He stopped in the middle of telling a story. “It’s okay, you can answer your cell phone,” he said. “You won’t interrupt me.” The woman whose phone had rung was mortified; he had just embarrassed her in front of 18,000 people.

In the “town hall” meetings he used to conduct as mayor of New York, through a radio show, Giuliani was not known for his good-natured populism. He was known for making fun of constituents who called him with what he thought were petty problems. This is the dark Giuliani, and here he was, making an unwelcome appearance. He shifted to a long digression about the scene in Dr. Strangelove where General Buck Turgidson answers a call in the middle of a crisis and whispers sweet nothings to his girl on the phone, as the nation’s political and military leadership looks on impatiently. “Just tell him you love him so I can go on with my speech,” Giuliani said. No one was laughing. Giuliani actually waited for the woman to hang up. Then, after a painful minute or so, he was back in candidate mode, talking about Vince Lombardi and the mind of a champion.

If you had the “mind of a champion” like The Noble Knight of Nineelevenstan, you’d understand completely how that doesn’t qualify as hypocrisy.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Brother Theodore: “The only thing that keeps me alive is the hope of dying young.”

Back when David Letterman was on NBC, he used to go much further out on the crazy limb than he has during his CBS stint.  One of his regulars in the 80’s was the supremely odd and funny Brother Theodore, often introduced as a “philosopher, metaphysician and podiatrist.”  I made a point of catching Theodore’s live show in the Village whenever I was visiting NYC and even after I’d heard the same material over and over, I still laughed my ass off every time. His delivery was impeccable. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2001.

Hope you enjoy these clips I compiled off of YouTube. The first one gets a little out of sync near the middle, but it’s the only one that had Theodore performing solo.

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Bud, iceberg and milk

If you’ve got some time to kill, local public radio station WNYC is asking NYers how much they’re getting gouged in their neighborhood for a six of Budweiser, a head of iceberg lettuce, and a quart of milk. Kinda interesting and somewhat depressing after that cruel, deranged woman from Columbus, OH lays out her local pricing. Bitch.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bo Diddley doesn’t like you but you love Bo

Bo Diddley’s messy semi-funk experiment The Black Gladiator was released back in ‘69 and it’s a fun-as-shit, organ-ized groove from the first track (the crunchy blues chug “Elephant Man”) to the last (the ultra-bizarre duet “I Don’t Like You”—I have no idea what Bo was thinking when he laid down the track, but I love it). It hasn’t been released on CD until this year, but it’ll cost you $40 as an import. If I were you, I’d head over to Egg City Radio and download the perfectly fine vinyl rip they’re handing out for free.

And as an added bonus, check out this pic of Bo buckled into a ... well, jeebus fuck, I don’t know diddley about what it is.

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Nothing but change after $9.11

Rudy has been utterly shameless dry-humping the memories of 9/11 for political gain, but this stunt takes the cake:

A supporter of Rudy Giuliani’s is throwing a party that aims to raise $9.11 per person for the Republican’s presidential campaign.

Abraham Sofaer is having a fundraiser at his Palo Alto, Calif., home on Wednesday, when Giuliani backers across the country are participating in the campaign’s national house party night.

But Sofaer said he had nothing to do with the “$9.11 for Rudy” theme.

“There are some young people who came up with it,” Sofaer said when reached by telephone Monday evening. He referred other questions to Giuliani’s campaign.


Giuliani spokeswoman Maria Comella said: “These are two volunteers who acted independently of and without the knowledge of the campaign. Their decision to ask individuals for that amount was an unfortunate choice.”

According to the invitation, “$9.11 for Rudy” is an “independent, non-denominational grass-roots campaign to raise $10,000 in small increments to show how many individual, everyday Americans support ‘America’s Mayor.’”

Yeah, it was the kids’ fault.  He had no idea this was going on in his house. I guess the dog ate his invitation.


Giuliani To Run For President Of 9/11

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Please stand by

This has been one of the softest launches in the history of the blogosneer because I’ve told pretty much nobody about it.  I’ve been slowly tweaking the design and css, which is a way-too-foreign beast to me, and it looks okay in Firefox, but not close to what I want it to look like in IE 7. I may throw up a post or two in the next few days, but I’ll be concentrating primarily on getting the site design and functionality as close to 100% as I have the patience for.

And maybe I’ll even consider emailing a few people to let them know this horrible little thing exists so that my readership will not be entirely comprised of confused carnivores seeking out rump roast recipes via Google.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Today’s helpful tip from Rumproast

I recently figured out that if you get one of those annoying robo-telemarketer calls, pushing the #2 button on your phone—in most cases—automatically removes you from their call list. You don’t have to wait for the aural prompt.

Pushing the #2 button with a live telemarketer doesn’t work the same way, but if you push it repeatedly while they’re talking, it seems to work pretty well in other ways.

You’re welcome.

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