Friday, September 21, 2007

Why I Love Living in Brooklyn #1

I can go to things like the Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s Chile Pepper Fiesta on Sunday, September 30th, if, ya know, I didn’t already have plans that day.  But I sure as hell would go if I were you because chile peppers fucking rule the world (unless they’re “Red Hot” and named Anthony) and, jesus christ, look at the size of the pots of chili in this video. I’d swim deeply through that shit if my eyeballs wouldn’t burn out of my head.

And, fortunately, I don’t have any plans this Sunday, so I can go check out the Budos Band (“the un-heralded emperors of Instrumental Staten Island Afro-Soul” proclaims their label, hopefully with tongue severing cheek) & Cibo Matto’s Miho Hatori laying down some thick grooves by the Gowanus Canal at the Starry Eyed Festival. And, no, for the record, I wouldn’t swim deeply through the Gowanus Canal. I’m a big fan of my appendages. (via FREEpigfucker)

The Budos Band—“Chicago Falcon” (The Budos Band II —2007)

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And this week’s nominee for Worst.Band.Name.Ever is…

...Let’s Eppelin. I shit you not: Let’s Eppelin.

And to make it even worse, they suck and they’re from Finland.

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Let’s Paint, Exercise, & Blend Drinks!

You know you want more.

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