Thursday, October 11, 2007

“A cut above the rest and bent on perfection.”


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I like the part where she blows

This is one of the most exquisitely painful things I’ve ever watched in my life.  Genius.

(via Rising Hegemon)

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In Defense…

In Defense of Being a Complete Fucking Asshole

Background here and here.

MORE: From Digby. And Malkin chickens out. What a horrible, horrible sub-humanoid.

FINALLY: “Why Coulter is Better Than Malkin

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Lost Season 3 DVD Extras Leaked

Well, I’ve finally made it through all three seasons of Lost and, even though I find the flashback sequences tiresome at times, it is a damn fine series and I’m eagerly awaiting the start of the fourth season in February.  While I was poking around this weekend, I noticed that someone had recently uploaded leaked deleted scenes and “locations” extras to YouTube that must be from the upcoming Season 3 DVD (release date: 12/11/07). If you’re a fan of the show, you should probably jump on these ASAP because I’m sure it won’t be long before ABC gets these yanked.  Enjoy (and, obviously, insert a “spoiler alert” here for those of you who are still catching up or expect to).

Deleted Scenes:

“Doctor to the Rescue” (episode: “A Tale Of Two Cities”)

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Why I Love Living in Brooklyn #4: Simply Saucer & Old Time Relijun

Edgar Breau of Simply Saucer

WFMU is putting on a great free show this Saturday at Southpaw in Park Slope featuring Oneida, Simply Saucer, Alan Vega (of Suicide), and Old Time Relijun.  I’ve never had much luck at “getting” Oneida or Suicide (yes, I completely suck), but Simply Saucer and Old Time Relijun are both eagerly anticipated here at Rumproast HQ.  Canada’s long dormant Simply Saucer, described accurately by WFMU’s “Beware of the Blog” as “the single greatest 1970’s band to influence absolutely no one,” only released one (posthumous) album in the history of the band (Cyborgs Revisted—most recently reissued in 2003), but it’s a humdinger of psych-skronk garage-isms worthy of all of the indie insider praise layered upon it.  K Records vets Old Time Relijun just released their latest effort Catharsis In Crisis and, with the addition of Benjamin Hartman’s sax work to leader Arrington De Dionyso’s pulling-flesh-from-bone vocals, it explodes in so many directions you’ll find yourself ducking for cover the first few times you listen to it. OTR fan John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats put it best when reviewing Catharsis at his blog Last Plane to Jakarta: “I think Old Time Relijun are a very physical celebration of music and its possibilities, which is a terrible thing to say about anybody, since it makes them sound like professors, which they’re not. They’re hairy shirtless guys screaming about dark matter.”

Simply Saucer MP3s: “Illegal Bodies” (aka Canada’s “Sister Ray”) & “Bullet Proof Nothing

More Simply Saucer info: Sonic Unyun & Perfect Sound Forever

Old Time Relijun MP3s: Free full sample catalog downloads & Catharsis in Crisis download (only $6.99)

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Essential Williamsburg Restaurants

My pal Amy has a great post up at her food blog Cakehead called Essential Williamsburg, Brooklyn Culinary Experiences.  She’s a wonderful writer and knows her stuff about morsels, so check it out if you’re planning on dining in Williamsburg in the near future.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Tin-Ear Thompson

Okay, it’s bad enough that Fred Thompson picked Liz “My Dad Molded Me Out of Hell Tar” Cheney as one of the co-chairs of his presidential campaign (aka “National Campaign Leadership Team”),  but he’s picked another co-chair who proves that The Late Slight Hope and his supporters can’t see much of anything past the garbage-strewn borders of Baseland.

Who is it?

Answer below the fold. (Or click through to TPM).



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One of the most bizarre TV interviews ever: Tom Snyder talks with Charles Manson

SNYDER: “No, no, no, you can make yourself look crazy, Charles. I can’t make you look crazy and please believe me.”

MANSON: “Alright, I’ll believe you and I’ll put it in my left-hand pocket for later.”

Whenever talk turns to the greatest moments on television, I always cite Tom Snyder’s 1981 interview with Charles Manson on The Tomorrow Show. Everyone knows about Geraldo Rivera’s interview with Manson, but this one is the real deal.  Snyder approached the interview with the same sort of oily and/or naive honesty he was famous for (“Cmon’, Charles, off the space shuttle.”) and pulled chunks of creepiness out of Manson effortlessly, leaning in without displaying an iota of fear and casually smoking cigarettes through it all.  I’ve been looking for it online for years and now, finally, a YouTuber has uploaded the entire interview in seven parts. You can find them all embedded in order below.  Enjoy.

Part 1:

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Sunday Selector


  • WORTH A PEEK: Worth 100 asked its photoshoppers to recreate classic paintings to show what happened moments after the artists completed them.  Great stuff.
  • PICK TO CLICK: Arcade Fire’s new interactive flash video for “Neon Bible” is pretty effin’ cool...
  • I DON’T KNOW ARCHITECTURE BUT I KNOW WHAT I LIKE: The NY Times has a nice peek at the oddball architecture stylings of Ben van Berkel. (And NYC’s Marianne Boesky’s home is gloriously bonkers as well.)
  • MORE GREAT OUT-OF-PRINT AFRICAN: Matsuli delivers with an MP3 download of the 22 Band’s outstanding and extremely rare—even doesn’t have a listing for it—Venez Voir!!..

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

One More Moment Before We Bomb

Iranian village

A beautiful photo essay of images from Iran brought to you by the Unapologetic Mexican:

Here are images, I wanted to lay them out. As glimpses. Isolated glimpses into another country, one that mostly exists for us in scary soundbytes and media-approved shots of hangings and flame and the dark dark chador and the obscuring burqa. We pump the hot gas of our fear and media worship into those shadowy shapes, because after all, all of us here in the USA are experts at marketing and advertising and image.

Granted, he pushes the “freedom” in Iran angle too far as the post progresses, but he makes a salient point with the images alone.

(via Greenwald)


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Quote of the day: Senator Jay Rockefeller

Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV):

“I find it unfathomable that the committee tasked with oversight of the C.I.A.’s detention and interrogation program would be provided more information by The New York Times than by the Department of Justice.”

Deputy White House press secretary Tony “Boom Boom” Fratto deals with the awful responsibility of having to play table tennis in big boy clothes.

And now the Shitty Quote of the Day from Fratto:

“I’ve had the awful responsibility to have to work with The New York Times and other news organizations on stories that involve the release of classified information. And I could tell you that every time I’ve dealt with any of these stories, I have felt that we have chipped away at the safety and security of America with the publication of this kind of information.”

The deputy press secretary has the “awful responsibility” of having to work with the premiere newspaper in the country.  What a pity.  Something tells me Fratto is in the wrong line of work.

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Wide Stance in 08’

As you may have heard, the new logo for the Republican National Convention was revealed Wednesday.  Here’s my take on it:

Republican National Convention -- Wide Stance in 2008

Suck it, Malkin.


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Have a banana


I’m a little busy today, so enjoy these monkey sounds while I’m away.

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The Friday Snark Sniffer

This will be a regular Rumproast feature. [Insert snarky comment here.]

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Quote of the day

From Tim F. at Balloon Juice:

A Giuliani nomination win would cement the GOP’s place as a catchbasin for islamophobic security freaks, basically a militia movement minus greasepaint.

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