Monday, November 26, 2007

Things I Know Nothing About

This morning, while watching an Ocean Spray commercial, I realized that I know next to nothing about the harvesting of cranberries.

This concludes this morning’s edition of Things I Know Nothing About.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Sunday Selector: November 25th, 2007

I want to get out and enjoy what remains of this crisp fall day, so I’m going to keep this Selector short n’ (except for the FReeper link) sweet…

  • THE LOST SOWETO COMP: The always terrific Matsuli Music is featuring a wonderful out-of-print find of South African music released in ‘83 called Soweto. It’s a stellar comp, lovingly converted to MP3 from vinyl, and the instrumental “Here We Come” that they spotlight in their post is one of the best (and most original) African instrumentals I’ve ever heard.  Highly recommended!
  • ELISA FLYNN’S TWO-MAN BAND: My talented pal Elisa Flynn is unveiling her new live set-up with an accompanying drummer this Tuesday at Union Hall in Park Slope. Lurid Culture recently gave her a great endorsement (scroll down) in a blurb about this show.  As they say, “Catch her on the way up.” [UPDATE: Sadly, Elisa’s performance has been cancelled due to illness.]
  • PUBIC HUMILIATION: Nobody is better at tearing down wingnuts with just a few words than TBogg. Nobody.
  • AND SPEAKING OF WINGNUTS: Someone at Free Republic posts a story about celebrities in California having to flee their homes due to wildfires, a few FReepers launch into predictable thick-headed rants about Hollyweirdos and environuts (“I say let the whole state burn! Get rid of the nut jobs, I do not even like to admit California is one of the states.”), and all hell breaks loose (“I am beginning to wonder if ‘conservative’ is such a good thing if it means heartless.”). Hilarious.  But remember, liberals are the crazy and angry ones…

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NYC Premiere of the Holy Modal Rounders documentary “Bound to Lose”

Above: The first 5 minutes of Bound to Lose.

Normally I only write “The Selector” on Sundays but I am so freakin’ excited about the new documentary Bound to Lose that I had to shoehorn in another post. The Holy Modal Rounders were the most godwonderful skull fuck to crawl out of the NYC folk scene in the early 60’s. Their first two albums, unimaginatively titled The Holy Modal Rounders and The Holy Modal Rounders 2, stand to this day as first-rate alterna-folk treasures and have thankfully been re-released by Fantasy as a jam-packed two-fer that is one of the best deals you can find on a single CD today.

I had the pleasure and displeasure of seeing the reunited Rounders twice in the late 90’s in NYC.  The first show at the now extinct Bottom Line was a real treat, an ear-to-ear smile-athon ... just way too much fun.  So much fun, in fact, that a totally inebriated Steve Weber (is there any other?) had to, quite literally, be dragged off stage.  The second show I witnessed at the also extinct Tonic was a contentious mess, Weber and Peter Stampfel clearly not enjoying being in the same room together, let alone sharing the same planet.  Bound to Lose appears to cover all of the love and all of the loathing and it has finally crawled (probably on its belly) to NYC for a seven day run (12/7-12/13) at the Anthology Film Archives.  The first and last nights will feature performances by Stampfel (with Jeffrey Lewis & the Jitters—and an open bar—and Gary Lucas, respectively) and they’ve tucked all sorts of goodies into the length of the run (including playwrite and ex-Rounder Sam Shepard rejoining Stampfel for a performance at Pianos following the 12/9 showing).

For more information, check out the film’s MySpace page (you can see the trailer and an outtake there, as well) or look below the fold for the info I lovingly cut n’ pasted for your edification.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Obvious statement of the day

From The New York Times, about Richard Perle:

Mr. Perle knows no such shame.

And this has nothing to do with him being completely wrong about everything regarding Iraq (and, now, Iran), it’s about how much he likes shopping at Costco.

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Rudy Cronyani

A great overview of Rudy Giuliani’s shameless cronyism in today’s Washington Post:

Giuliani “had a blind spot when it came to people he knew well” and “very little respect for the vetting process,” [Jerome] Hauer said. “The competent people in the administration all tended to leave because they got tired of the borderline-incompetent people who got in. He ran off the professionals because they were difficult to work with. If they didn’t do things the way he wanted or overshadowed him, he got furious.”

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I guess this is as good (and appropriate) a time as any to brag that I was in Eli Roth’s fake Thanksgiving trailer in the middle of the movie (movies?) Grindhouse directed by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. I was cast as a “hooligan” during the parade scene and you can see me (wearing sunglasses) for approximately a millisecond right after the long-haired guy yells, “Get out of the way!”  I’m the hooligan who spins the tuba player around. A pivotal scene and expertly executed. Here’s a screencap so you can see how fucking intense I am:

Grindhouse -- Thanksgiving

And here’s a take that didn’t make it into the faux trailer.  You can see me running in from the right in the black jacket and blue jeans. Once again, bathe in the intensity:

And I took the photo below of what I nearly tripped over in the special effects trailer.  I’m putting it after the fold for the benefit of my more sensitive readers. I hope your turkey looks a lot better than this one:

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Wide stance-tistics

This is pretty funny. (via Eschaton)

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Perles of Wisdom

Presented without comment:

While expressing hopes that the situation would not lead to military action against Iran, [Richard Perle] warned that this might be needed if other tactics failed to prevent the country developing nuclear arms.

And Mr Perle, a former assistant Secretary of Defence to President Reagan, predicted that such a move would have an unexpected level of both international and domestic support.

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AOL (yeah, I know) has a pretty decent run-through of the 25 biggest box office bombs and if you ever wondered why you don’t see much of Kevin Costner or Warren Beatty anymore, well, look no further.  And if you ever wondered why you never saw the supposedly-halfway-decent Heaven’s Gate, let me enhance your bewilderment by presenting The.Most.Awesome.Movie.Still.Ever.:

Heaven's Gate -- Christopher Walken

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Satanic Panic in the Kennel

If you thought it was bad enough when of Montreal let Outback Steakhouse rewrite the lyrics to one of their songs for a commercial (I did), now their extremely defensive band leader Kevin Barnes has all but admitted that they’re cashing in on dog fighting now:

I know this won’t last forever. No one’s going to want to use one of my songs in a commercial five years from now, so I’ve got to take the money while I can. It’s the same with pro athletes. You only get it while you’re hot and no one stays commercially viable for long. It’s not like Michael Vick is going to be receiving any big endorsement deals anytime soon.

(via roy at alicublog, who has much loftier thoughts on the subject)

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Speaking of Chevy Chase…

I made a reference to Chevy Chase in the “Cute With Chris” post below and I just stumbled upon this short and very odd (bitter?) interview. Good luck with resuscitating that career, Fletch.

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New Yorkers: Great Benefit Party 12/6 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

My dear pal Amy has put together a benefit to support the making of Rwanda Reporting, a documentary she’s producing. I encourage all of you Big Applets to attend this worthwhile event (I certainly will). It will feature free beer, Rwandan food and the music of Francis and the Lights, who are rumored to be amazing live.  I’ll let Amy take it away from here:

In January 2008, I will travel to Rwanda to spend a month following four journalism students - two Rwandan genocide survivors and two exchange students from Carleton University. The film will document their struggle to cover post-genocide Rwanda, thirteen years after the news media fueled the horrific violence and killings.

A portion of the funds generated from the completed film will be used to create a scholarship fund for journalism students at the National University in Butare. Your support at our fundraising event will help make this project and trip a success!


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Yuck.  Just yuck.

From Salon:

John McCain may have gotten the endorsement of 9/11 Commission co-chairman Thomas Kean Monday, and he may be heading to Iraq to spend Thanksgiving with the troops, but Rudy Giuliani has planned a little November surprise of his own: He and his wife will host a breakfast on Thanksgiving for families of emergency workers who died on 9/11.

Something tells me these folks, sure to be thrown into the wingnut meatgrinder if Rudy gets the nomination, won’t be attending.

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He’s like a gayer, more Canadian Chevy Chase before he became a tool

There’s a special part of me that knows liking something as insipid as “Cute With Chris” is bad for my “cool” ranking, but that special part of me is too cool to care.  (Warning to my sensitive readers: This video features a dog with eye cancer, but his name is “Happy” and, by all accounts, he seems to be.)

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I love this “Stuff”

Jeanette Williams -- Stuff

Crud Crud, run by Scott Soriano of S-S Records, is one of my favorite MP3 blogs by far.  Every now and again he blows the dust off of a rare used record store find and unleashes its contents onto the world in digital format.  You’ll get a dud every now and then, but for the most part he only adds treasure to your trove.  I’ve found some amazing music there. A recent 45 rpm upload, produced by R&B legend and “The Father of Rap” Andre Williams, features the track “Stuff” sung by a woman named Jeanette Williams, who there is absolutely no information on the innertubes about (unless she’s morphed into a tepid bluegrass singer). The song, recorded in ‘69, is a first-rate chugging soul sweep, electrified by Jeanette’s deep and powerful pipes.  It’s a wonderful find and, as near as I can tell, has never made it onto even the most obscure comp, so go grab it before Crud Crud expires the link. And, of course, grab the sleek n’ bluesy b-side “You Gotta Come Through” while you’re there, too.

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