Saturday, December 15, 2007

On, Donner and Blitzen Trapper!

Here’s a David Lynch-ish holiday greeting from the great band Blizten Trapper for you to enjoy.

SIDE NOTE: Blitzen Trapper’s album Wild Mountain Nation is my favorite of ‘07 (think Pavement meets the Kinks) and this year Rumproast will be teaming up with Rob from FREEyourmindandyourasswillfollow to unveil our best music of ‘07 picks.  Stay tuned.  Should be rolling in Wednesday or Thursday.  If you have any recommendations you’d like to sneak in, please do so in comments.

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Friday, December 14, 2007


A lot is being made today of this video of a former Hillary precinct captain switching to Obama’s camp, but, in my mind, the video embedded below, which is getting very little traffic, is far more effective. It’s gut-wrenching, touching, honest and very, very convincing. I’ve been teetering between supporting Obama, Edwards and Dodd (yeah, I know), but I think this may have permanently pushed me into the Obama fold.  It’s just that good.

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The Silver Pining

Ron Silver and his new friends
Dear terrorists, please kill several thousand people in an American city (or cities) of your choice so that I won’t continue to look like a fucking dunderhead to all of my ex-friends for hanging out with loathsome douchebags like Bill Sammon and Ann Coulter. Thanks, Ron Silver

Here we go again. Via TS at Instaputz I see that the somewhat-newly-minted wingnut and part-time actor Ron “Reversal of Fortune” Silver is pining for massive terrorist attacks over at Pantload Media:

The critics of our national security policies know we have the means to sort things out in finding the proper balance between civil liberties and security. What they haven’t figured out is how to deal with the real enemy so they avoid talking about it. They don’t like what we’re doing but they offer nothing else. I believe they’re afraid to take on our real adversaries.

In fact we are not afraid enough. Perhaps after losing Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago or Atlanta a great many of our citizens will realize that George Bush was not the person to be afraid of. Although I have every confidence they will find a way to blame him. Classic displacement-redirecting an impulse (in this case fear) onto a substitute target.

Perhaps after losing acting job after acting job Ron Silver will realize that he’s not being shunned in Hollywood because of his political views but because after 9/11 he turned into a full-blown, utterly repugnant dickhead.

Put that in your displacement and redirect it, Silver.

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The End of a B-Movie Terror Trial

Who knew Time could be so deliciously snarky:

The End of a B-Movie Terror Trial

If you were watching the movie version of the terrorism trial that ended Thursday in Miami, FL, you might walk out around the time the seven suspects take an oath to al-Qaeda in a warehouse. The scene would feel so contrived, such a low-budget mockumentary of itself, that you might not be able to stomach another second.

The fact that this videotaped scene was in reality the centerpiece of the government’s case against seven defendants accused of conspiring to wage war against America is a testament to the strange challenges of trying to preemptively prosecute the war on terrorism.


The entire situation was concocted by the government. The warehouse was paid for by the FBI, and the defendants moved their operations there at the suggestion of an undercover informant who was also paid by the FBI. The swearing-in ceremony was led by the informant — who at another point also suggested a plan to bomb FBI offices in Miami. “The case was written, produced and directed by the FBI,” defense attorney Albert Levin said in his closing arguments.


But the heavy reliance on informants has led to cases that sometimes appear to exist in the land of make believe. At one point during the Liberty City investigation, Batiste suggested to the informant that they could blow up the Sears Tower so that it would fall into Lake Michigan and create a tsunami. “Where did you get this idea?” Batiste’s attorney later asked him on the stand. His answer was believable: “Just from watching the movies.”

And from the earlier Times article linked in the first blockquoted paragraph above:

When alleged ringleader Narseal Batiste, 32, presented an FBI informant he thought was an al-Qaeda operative with a list of materials necessary for jihad, it did not include explosives. Instead Batiste asked for $50,000, radios, uniforms and steel-toed boots. Was the plan to blow the Sears Tower up or kick it down?

Hey, and lest anyone forget, when this story broke back in June of last year the nuttersphere lurched into full panic/gotcha mode, alternately fretting about “homegrown jihad” and chiding the left for not taking this story seriously. This insightful ReidBlog post, written by a black woman from Florida, got the goat of a few hyperventilating pro-war bedwetters at the time.  She wrote:

Guys. Take a deep breath. Liberty City is not Peshwar. It’s the hood, man. These are probably some militant brothas working out and doing marshal arts and fancying themselves revolutionaries. The idea that they had a serious plot going, or that they had any conceivable ties—familial or otherwise—to actual terrorists, is laughable. Prediction: this will go the way of the dirty bomber and the two yokels who were supposed to blow up electrical transformers in South Florida but wound up trying to buy a couple of AK-47s with a bad credit card. They’re doing 5 years apiece for some low-level violation today, after getting the Ashcroft treatment not long before the 2002 midterms.


I’ll give you one guess who penned this overwrought response to her post:

…Because really, the idea that a bunch of ‘hood negroes are capable of more than watching old Jim Kelly movies and playing pretend revolutionary?  That’s just crazy talk!  The black man is naturally lazy and shiftless, you see—and so his threats are idle ones, even when they come dressed in starched white Karate gear and tied up nicely with a cloth blackbelt bow.

Alas, what J Reid seemed to miss, in her eagerness to brush this off as insignificant, is that the group of “brothas” had no real ties to al Qaeda because the part of al Qaeda was played by undercover federal agents. Does that mean the silly “brothas” didn’t pose a threat?  Well, thankfully, that’s now a moot question.

You can’t handle the moot!

FLASHBACK: Jon Swift applied the appropriate amount of derision.  Snakes on a plane!

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Trust a pro


(via Missing the Moon)

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Got Live If You Want It!

I stumbled upon a live music (*cough* bootlegs *cough*) MP3 blog called Nargothebort’s Deviant Culture that has some great stuff on it.  TonyTiger, the host, only posts soundboard or FM recordings (for the most part), so you don’t have to suffer through abysmal audience recordings that are plagued by inferior sound quality or the endless yammering of some drunken fuck-knuckle positioned near the tape dweeb. The downside is that all files are hosted on RapidShare, so you have to be inordinately patient waiting for downloads, especially if a show requires two or more link clicks (hint: bookmark the posts and return at your leisure). Also, all files are compressed using the RAR format, so you have to be able to work through that (hint: WinRAR is a breeze).

I’m particularly enjoying a Who show from December ‘73 that occured just a little over a month before my favorite Who album Quadrophenia was released and it features several great (and lengthy) versions of songs from that album.  There’s a lot more to be found there, so scroll down the right sidebar to see what floats your boat, but, be warned, if you download the Bob Seger live show I’m never speaking to you again.

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Today’s NY Post front page

I wouldn’t be caught dead reading the Post and frequently resist picking up a copy someone has left on the subway because I don’t want to look like a booger-eating moron, but they do have a knack for coming up with front page headlines that even I can’t resist.  Here’s today’s:

The Republican stool

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The Republican stool?

The Republican stool

I was sporadically watching the Republican debate yesterday, when I heard Mitt Romney say this:

We’re not going to get the White House nor strengthen America unless we can pull together the coalition of conservatives and conservative thought that has made us successful as a party. And that’s social conservatives, it’s also economic conservatives, and foreign policy and defense conservatives. Those three together form the three legs of the Republican stool that allowed Ronald Reagan to get elected and allowed our party to have strength over the last several decades.

“‘The Republican stool’? Did he really just say that?”

Granted, I haven’t paid a hell of a lot of attention to Romney, so I wasn’t aware, until I Googled it, that he’s been using this horrible, laughable phrase regularly. Hasn’t anyone in his camp pointed out to him how ridiculous and snark-worthy that phrase is?

“Hey, ummmm, Mitt, ya know, ya might want to go with the Republican tripod instead.  Or come up with another leg and call it the Republican chair, ya, know, but ... you do know that a stool is a, ummm, bowel movement, don’t ya, Mitt?”

I can’t wait to face this guy in the general election (I still think he’s going to be their nom). He’s like John Kerry minus the purple heart and plus the grandmother’s shawl.

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Quote of the (yester)day

From John Cole at Balloon Juice:

Family vacations at the beach must have totally sucked for the Bond children.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Feithing

Douglas Feith -- the dumbest fucking guy on the planet
(image via Jesus’ General‘s Doug Feith parody site)

When compiling a list of the most loathsome douchebags involved in the Bush admin (I know, an endless task), b-lister Douglas Feith (along with David “I Keep Evil in My Beard” Addington) is often overlooked.  Monday Feith came crawling out of his dank little hole (currently located at Georgetown, where he teaches a course that’s sole purpose seems to be trying to scrub the massive shit stain off his reputation) to speak at the cretin-packed stink tank American Enterprise Institute. He was introduced by the deeply delusional and discredited Richard Perle while his massive failure of a buddy Paul Wolfowitz sat in the front row to cheer him on. No cameras were allowed at the event, but the Washington Post was there:

A former top Pentagon official blamed the Bush administration’s top official in Iraq for abandoning a plan for a quick transition to Iraqi leadership in the summer of 2003 and instead keeping the U.S. government in control of the country for more than a year.

The decision to carry out “a lengthy occupation was, I believe, the single biggest mistake the United States made in Iraq,” said Douglas J. Feith, who as undersecretary of defense for policy was a key figure in the drive to war.


Feith served as one of the top civilians in the Pentagon from July 2001 until August 2005. Many military officers disliked his precise, intellectual approach to making decisions, which they found tangled and time-consuming. Most famously, retired Army Gen. Tommy R. Franks, who led the U.S. invasion force in Iraq, stated in his memoir that Feith had achieved the reputation within the military of being “the dumbest [expletive] guy on the planet.”

But Feith was consistently supported by then-Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, who in a 2004 interview with the Associated Press called him “without question, one of the most brilliant individuals in government” and “one of the really . . . intellectual leaders in the administration in defense policy.”

Defenders of Feith constantly throw around the “intellectual” tag when referring to him, probably to soften the blow of that Franks quote which will, thankfully, follow Feith to his grave.  Is he an intellectual? Sure, maybe using the simplest definition of the word, he is an intellectual, but he’s also WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING, which should count for something outside of the neocon clubhouse.  And after hearing him interviewed on NPR back in April, let’s just say, I came away thinking Franks was pretty spot-on in his, ahem, frank assessment.

Fortunately, the Post wasn’t the only paper to cover Feith’s speech, The New York Times let the uber-crotchety Maureen Dowd loose on the Feithdom:

Doug Feith, the former Rummy gofer who drove the neocon plan to get us into Iraq, and then dawdled without a plan as Iraq crashed into chaos, was the headliner at a reunion meeting of the wooly-headed hawks Monday night at the American Enterprise Institute.


But he wasn’t self-flagellating. He was simply trying to put an egghead gloss on his Humpty Dumpty mishegoss.

“At the end of the day, here we are, and as of now there’s a reasonable chance that the country is going to remain united,” he said. Not quite the original boast of democracy cascading through the Middle East.

Read it all.

ADDED BONUS: The title of this post came from a very funny TBogg video game title.

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This is all you get when I’ve been up late researching f*cking hard drives…


read the whole post »

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Tasteless headline of the (yester)day

Alex Trebek Jeopardized by Heart Attack

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A plague would make my job as mayor easier

There’s a little bit for both liberals and conservatives to hate about Rudy in this excerpt from Meet the Next President:

Rudy Giuliani says he wanted to deport all 400,000 illegal immigrants from New York City when he was mayor, but ended up welcoming most of those who were “causing me no trouble.”

In an interview for the new book “Meet the Next President,” Giuliani lamented that the Immigration and Naturalization Service deported only 700 to 1,500 of the city’s 400,000 aliens each year during his mayoralty. Giuliani said it was obvious the INS was not about to increase deportation “from 700 or 1,500 to 400,000.”

“If they could, I would have turned all the people over. It would have helped me. I would have had a smaller population. I would have had fewer problems,” the Republican presidential candidate told The Examiner in an interview.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

A Cash, Carter and Kauffman Christmas

Johnny Cash and June Carter’s ‘79 Christmas special featuring one very surprising guest.

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Now more than ever…

Whoever altered this train car ad for The New York Times on the Metro North line just may be the funniest person alive.


In case you can’t read it:


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