Thursday, January 31, 2008

Will Ferrell takes a Power Lunch

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Paging Anderson Cooper

Someone put raving anti-Obama lunatic Mushy, who’s now snuggling up to Inside Edition and “Fox ‘News’” (she really did use quotes around “News” without the slightest hint of irony) to help bolster her gal pal Hill, on suicide watch. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that stuff like this was going to start dripping out about the Clintons:

Late on Sept. 6, 2005, a private plane carrying the Canadian mining financier Frank Giustra touched down in Almaty, a ruggedly picturesque city in southeast Kazakhstan. Several hundred miles to the west a fortune awaited: highly coveted deposits of uranium that could fuel nuclear reactors around the world. And Mr. Giustra was in hot pursuit of an exclusive deal to tap them.

Unlike more established competitors, Mr. Giustra was a newcomer to uranium mining in Kazakhstan, a former Soviet republic. But what his fledgling company lacked in experience, it made up for in connections. Accompanying Mr. Giustra on his luxuriously appointed MD-87 jet that day was a former president of the United States, Bill Clinton.

Upon landing on the first stop of a three-country philanthropic tour, the two men were whisked off to share a sumptuous midnight banquet with Kazakhstan’s president, Nursultan A. Nazarbayev, whose 19-year stranglehold on the country has all but quashed political dissent.

Mr. Nazarbayev walked away from the table with a propaganda coup, after Mr. Clinton expressed enthusiastic support for the Kazakh leader’s bid to head an international organization that monitors elections and supports democracy. Mr. Clinton’s public declaration undercut both American foreign policy and sharp criticism of Kazakhstan’s poor human rights record by, among others, Mr. Clinton’s wife, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

Within two days, corporate records show that Mr. Giustra also came up a winner when his company signed preliminary agreements giving it the right to buy into three uranium projects controlled by Kazakhstan’s state-owned uranium agency, Kazatomprom.

The monster deal stunned the mining industry, turning an unknown shell company into one of the world’s largest uranium producers in a transaction ultimately worth tens of millions of dollars to Mr. Giustra, analysts said.

Just months after the Kazakh pact was finalized, Mr. Clinton’s charitable foundation received its own windfall: a $31.3 million donation from Mr. Giustra that had remained a secret until he acknowledged it last month. The gift, combined with Mr. Giustra’s more recent and public pledge to give the William J. Clinton Foundation an additional $100 million, secured Mr. Giustra a place in Mr. Clinton’s inner circle, an exclusive club of wealthy entrepreneurs in which friendship with the former president has its privileges.

(Password-free link to the NY Times article here.)

I wasn’t going to watch the debate tonight because a) I already know who I’m voting for and b) I’m a total loser and the season premiere of Lost is on, but I may DVR it just to see if Anderson Cooper brings this up. Of course, after he hits on super important stuff like “The Snub.”

p.s. This will be my one and only post during the primary cycle highlighting potential shady $$$ dealings by the Clintons.  Consider it a friendly reminder to the Hillshills that Obama’s “boneheaded” (his description) interactions with Rezco is relatively small potatoes compared to what reporters might find in the Billary bin. You may want to reconsider your Freeper-like dancing-in-your-own-feces routine when it comes to digging through Obama’s underpants drawer. Instant karma’s going to get you.

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Labor of love

Betty Cracker on John Edwards dropping out of the presidential race:

Notice how [Hillary Clinton] appeals to Edwards’ supporters, not to Edwards himself. Edwards will endorse Obama—soon—and probably in exchange for the AG spot should Obama win the presidency. The only question is, will it matter.

I believe Betty’s right about the endorsement and I agree that Obama will probably offer him a plum role in his admin (if he hasn’t already), but I think telling Edwards he’ll empower him to be the most influential and important Secretary of Labor ever might be the best angle for both of them. I mean that with all sincerity.  Edwards could turn that mostly ceremonial and lackluster position into something monumental. It seems like a logical fit to me.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Snub

You’ll realize political lamesmanship has reached a level of stupidity (and inexplicable desperation) that is mind-boggling after you check out the rabid anti-Obama Hillshills, including the normally thoughtful Tom Watson, analyzing (and reanalyzing) Barack’s alleged “snub” of Hillary before the State of the Union address.  This guy sums up how I feel about this slap-fight-at-recess immaturity in a pretty funny way:

I thought the grownups were going to be in charge again. Now excuse me while I get back to drawing the REO Speedwagon logo on my notebook before homeroom is over…

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All-Rudy Giuliani Day at Rumproast!!! #6:  *poof*

Well, it looks like a lot of people in Florida took their broke votes home. The 50-state strategy that became the one-state strategy is now officially THE DUMBEST FUCKING STRATEGY IN THE WORLD:

Sen. John McCain won Florida’s Republican primary on Tuesday, driving Rudy Giuliani from the race and taking a critical victory over Mitt Romney in the battle for momentum before the race for the GOP presidential nomination turns to Super Tuesday.

Giuliani will end his campaign and endorse McCain on Wednesday at the Reagan library in Simi Valley, Calif., a senior member of his campaign told NBC News late Tuesday.

The terrorists’ was against us, as Rudy likes to call it, just took its latest victim.  Never forget ... the laughter.

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All-Rudy Giuliani Day at Rumproast!!! #5: Refuse to lose

You can’t spell REFUSE without R-U-D-Y!!!

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All-Rudy Giuliani Day at Rumproast!!! #4:  Nobody looks sexier in a yarmulke than Rudy!

Nobody! They should rename them Giulianis!!!

(click hotness for more boner-making!!!)

It increases his handsomeness. Manly and homo-making!! Resuscitate Podhoretz! He faints from the sexy!!!



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All-Rudy Giuliani Day at Rumproast!!! #3:  Rudy is money!!!

He’s money! He’s like cash, cold and hard. If you ain’t down with Rudy, take yo’broke vote home!!! 9/!!

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All-Rudy Giuliani Day at Rumproast!!! #2:  Rudy (hearts) people and people (heart) Rudy!

You know cops and firemen fucking love love LOVE Rudy to death, but did you know that bus drivers love love LOVE the fucking shit out of him, too?  They do!!! And he loves them, too!!!

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All-Rudy Giuliani Day at Rumproast!!! #1:  “If you ain’t down with Rudy take yo’broke vote home!”

Since today probably spells the end to one of the worst.political.campaigns.ever., we’re going to commit the whole day to whumping that vicious prick Rudy Giuliani over the head while we still can.  So let’s start with that rousing and snicker-worthy pro-Rudy anthem “President” ... everybody ... sing it:

Global Warming, it won’t matter
if we get bombed and all get splattered.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Oscar Picks 2008

If there’s anything I’m more obsessed about than US politics or UConn basketball, it’s Academy Award picks because I am reliably SO FUCKING GOOD at picking the winners (I’m loathed at a regular Oscar party with betting that I attend annually).  It looks like I may have some bloggy competition going with my pal Pale Dave in that category (good cripes, he knows way too much about the costume design category) .  Dave, consider this a challenge.  It’s you and me, mano y mano before February 24th. Let’s do this.

UPDATE (2/23/08): My final Oscar picks are here.

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The Boomerang Candidate

One thing that rabid anti-Obama Hillshills like Taylor Marsh and Larry Johnson should realize (besides the fact that there’s more than one hair stylist in the world) is that Barack isn’t just another teflon candidate, he’s the first real Boomerang Candidate. If you hurl shit at him, you’ll find a landslide of it heading back in your direction and most of it won’t be coming directly from him. And that political phenomenon isn’t going away any time soon (including during the general election, if he makes it that far). The media, including several rightwing pundits I never in a million years would have imagined going puppy-eyed for someone as liberal as Obama, are in the tank for him, much more so than they are for St. Maverick, and unless he’s got a skyscraper-sized skeleton or two hiding his closet (which I doubt) or he pulls a Bill and starts wagging his finger at journalists (once again, which I doubt), there’s nothing that’s going to pry that boomerang effect away from him in ‘08. I’ve seen a lot of concern trolling directed at Obama and his followers indicating that we have no idea what the Republicans will throw at him in November. They proclaim that his love affair with the media will eventually wear off and they’ll go all Sweeney Todd on the Chosen One. It ain’t gonna happen.

Take South Carolina for example.  He was up against not one but two of the best political minds of our generation, both of whom were still juiced up from a surprise victory in New Hampshire and a strong level of support from Democrats, including myself, who thought the media was piling on Hillary a bit too much post-Iowa.  After a relatively quiet win in Nevada they strolled into South Carolina down in the polls but up to their necks in overconfidence.  They unleashed The Machine, an awesome and ugly thing, and went to work lowering expectations and trying to muddy up Obamamania with Rottwilliam Jefferson Clinton clumsily leading the charge. They thought they had teed it up perfectly; a loss for Barack would be a very bad loss and a win was ultimately a loss because all of his votes would have come from a swarthy swath of Brother and Sister Souljahs, clearly laying bare the inevitability of his ultimate doom on Supercalifragilistic Tuesday when whitey would rule the roost.

And then Obama beat the Clintons like a pair of mewling political simpletons in South Carolina.  He crushed them, blowing away Hillary by more than a 2:1 margin and leaving Bill looking like a post-beatdown Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story—a laughable, bloodied fool. And then Barack deftly orated all over their sorry asses in his victory speech, smothering both of them (and their entire operation) under a comforting blanket of change and hope and unity that was laced with some of the most inventive velvety venom ever unleashed in the political realm. It was expert gamesmanship and a definitive warning to everyone, pols and pundits alike, that Obama’s not some naïve flash-in-the-pan dreamboat who will be ground up by the vast right-wing conspiracy in the general election, but a savvy political player and a real threat in ’08.

He’s the Boomerang Candidate. Go ahead, fling it. I dare you. You’ll be sorry you did.

JUST IN: Toni Morrison, who famously dubbed Bill Clinton “the first black president,” is endorsing Obama today along with Ted Kennedy.

MORE: Not the greatest quality, but this is the first video of Big Teddy’s endorsement I could find.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Sunday Selector: January 27th, 2008

It’s the politics-free, all-ukulele addition of the Selector featuring Scotland’s Gus & Fin! (Hat tip to the lovely Miss Mira.)

Gary Numan & Tubeway Army’s “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

It wasn’t supposed to end this way…

Jake and Khalid

Two of the happiest moments in my life occurred in 1999. The best of those was when I married my wonderful wife Chris in front of family and friends on a scorching July day on a classed-up barge docked by the Brooklyn Bridge. The other great moment unfolded in a tiny Fort Greene studio apartment that was crammed with several of my college pals as we watched our beloved Connecticut Huskies beat the repulsive Duke Blue Devils in the NCAA basketball championship game. When the game ended we were all jumping up and down so much you could actually feel the geriatric wood floors flexing from the stress. We laughed, we cried, we high-fived like fools, we ran to the rooftop garden and screamed at the top of our lungs. It was a great night that turned into a great drunken morning (and a really bad next day at work).

Fast forward to 2008 and it’s been a bit of a chore to be a Huskies fan of late. The 2006-07 season ended with a very young Huskies squad finishing a dismal 6-10 in the Big East during the regular season and, ultimately, not getting invited to either the NCAA or NIT tournaments. This year started out poorly as well, but UConn has been on a short, impressive run.  First they clobbered 13th-ranked Marquette and then beat formidable Cincinnati on their home court. Today they took on the Indiana Hoosiers and this is why I didn’t want to watch:

  • Indiana is currently ranked #7 in the nation and had a thirteen-game winning streak going into today’s game.  UConn is unranked and had a two-game winning streak going into today’s game.
  • The game was taking place in Indiana’s Assembly Hall and the Hoosiers had a 29-game home winning streak going into today’s game.
  • And if that wasn’t bad enough ... UConn coach Jim Calhoun indefinitely suspended starting shooting guard Jerome Dyson and bench guard (and occasional spark plug) Doug Wiggins.

It wasn’t supposed to end this way…

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In the previous post I said I was going to avoid politics for the next few days.  I forgot I only had a few more days to kick Rudy in ground zero:

“He strikes me as weird,” said Donald Croll, a retired engineer who attended a Giuliani rally in Sun City. He frowned at the memory of Mr. Giuliani appearing in drag at a New York event and divorcing his second wife while having an affair with the woman who became his third. Said Mr. Croll: “I’ve had two wives, but my first one died of cancer.”

Ouch. Read the whole thing.

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