Monday, August 18, 2008

Stuff like this makes it all worthwhile…

Keith Olbermann or one of his staff writers probably initially saw it featured on Daily Kos, but it looks like our “PUMA Conference 08” post might have provided some fodder for Olbermann’s “Special Comment” tonight:

And Senator Clinton’s supporters have now relocated themselves to such a degree that her eighteen million voices first recounted themselves as two million and then were unable to get even 250 people to show up for their meeting.

[Hat tip to my lovely wife Chris for catching it]

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PUMA Power

The Confluence’s Riverdaughter boasted two days ago:

FYI- The most read post on The Confluence is Puma Power.  It’s been viewed 22,305 times. 22,306. 22,307…

The “PUMA Power” post has been up since June 18th and is also treated as a top navigational element on her blog (top right tab).

Hey, I also appreciate PUMA Power!

FYI- The most read post on Rumproast is the only-four-day-old The Truth about PUMA Conference 08.  It’s been viewed 19,576 times. 19,577, 19,578…


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PUMA PAC’s Darragh Murphy lies on Hardball as Just Say No Deal’s Will Bower conveniently falls mute

They just can’t help themselves…

RELATED: Judging from the comments at the PUMA PAC blog, dedicated lifelong Democrat Darragh Murphy’s latest “PROWL” assignment for her flying monkeys included emailing newspapers to defend that swiftboating shithead Jerome Corsi against charges that his book The Obama Nation is a steaming pile of innacurate crap. I guess it’s understandable why commenter Doria would write:

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Cone O’ Doom

Like many Floridians, I know how to make coffee on a grill. I hope I don’t have an opportunity to re-use that skill for the first time since 2004 over the next few days. But the hurricane forecast Cone O’ Doom has the Cracker Compound squarely in its cross-hairs at the moment. In the interim, a few random things that piss me off:

McSame attending hurricane briefings.

“The good news is, obviously, no state is better prepared or organized to deal with whatever comes this way than the state of Florida,” McCain told reporters after his briefing.

McCain has long criticized the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s reaction to Hurricane Katrina, which inundated New Orleans and much of the Gulf Coast.  He blamed poor leadership in the storm’s aftermath.

Bullshit. McCain was yukking it up and engaging in a Marie Antoinettish bout of cake-brandishing with Chimpy on the day Katrina drowned New Orleans. How the fuck would he know how prepared Florida is for a hurricane? Because Governor Sunlamp told him so?

I was at the grocery store yesterday to lay in a week’s supply of beer, and it was like the fall of Saigon. I had to use my shopping cart as a battering ram to plow through the crowds of panicky retirees fighting over the few remaining jugs of water. Jesus H. Christ filling celestial sandbags, you’d think they didn’t have perfectly good tubs and swimming pools at home.

US-Cuba relations prevent Hurricane Hunter planes from flying over Cuba to assess the storm.

Prior to the Bush administration’s ramped up hostility toward Cuba (a blatant pander to the elderly exile vote in South Florida), Hurricane Hunter planes were allowed to fly over Cuba to assess hurricanes. They shared all information obtained with the Cuban government. According to the Weather Channel, now they are restricted, so it’s tough for them to get a fix on storm strength and motion.

Yeah, the government of Cuba sucks, but is it really more oppressive and awful than, say Saudi Arabia, where women are barred from driving and voting and are required to scuttle around under drop cloths in public? Nice priorities, Chimpy.

No Country for Old Men.

Okay, I’m a HUGE Coen Brothers fan. I finally got my mitts on the DVD and watched it last night when I couldn’t sleep. I just have two questions: What the fuck? What the figgety fucking FUCK?


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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Listen to Rumproast’s Kevin K. tonight on BlogTalkRadio’s “Subliminal Radio”

Hey, kinda late notice, but I’ll be on BlogTalkRadio tonight with “Subliminal Radio” host Ripley from Whiskey Fire and Zen Cabin at 9:00PM ET (with another “surprise” guest*). I suppose we’ll be talking about those people and other stuff, too. You can check it out here and, if you want to call in (please do), the phone number is (646) 915-9912.

* Okay, it’s been confirmed.  The other guest will be ass-kicker extraordinaire Christina of Yes to Democracy/The ANTI-PUMA.

UPDATE: You can access an archive of the show directly here.

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Tropic Thunder


Interesting movie ... picks up speed and had me rolling pretty hard at the end. This is one where your own movie experiences and familiarity with Hollywood probably help or hurt. Stiller follows the typical Hollywood war movie formula, but uses creative absurdities and parody to give a sub-layer of humor that I’m not sure everyone got. If you’re expecting the laughs to come only out of the dialog and surface images, you would probably label the movie as just OK. If you perceive the parodies at various points, it might make you laugh out loud. My date didn’t enjoy it as much as I did, but she thought I looked pretty funny giggling throughout. Ben Stiller, Matthew McConaughey, Robert Downey, and Tom Cruise were all quite excellent in their roles. Anyone else see it?

MORE: Ben Stiller’s appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ~ scene with Robert Downey, Jr.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

McCain Caught Pastorbaiting


Hat tip to Hullabaloo commenter pseudonymous in nc for the funny.

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Vetting A Potential O-Veep

David Sirota has a nice rundown on why Evan Bayh’s Iraq war cheerleading should keep him from the becoming the O-Veep. In the same post, Sirota politely describes as a partisan tool and explains why partisan tools can undermine important movements. Peace movements, for example. He goes on to conclude that Evan Bayh as a vice presidential candidate would weaken Obama’s popular anti-war position. I agree.

I’d like to suggest one other movement that could be at risk if Obama selects the passionless DLC veteran as his running mate: affordable healthcare. Why would Bayh be tempted to stand in the way of healthcare reform? Because much of his wealth comes from his wife’s activity as a professional corporate Board sitter:

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Conservative PhDs With Published Manifestos


[Hat tip: Frank James at The Swamp]

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Attention Seeking Behavior

Cello looks at the meaning of the word “virtual.”

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Things To Laugh About, According To The Dishonorable John McCain

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee was asked by a reporter if he had a response to the best-selling “Obama Nation” by Jerome Corsi
Among Corsi’s claims: “Obama wants to will all the white blood out of himself so he can become pure black.”
McCain stepped toward the reporter, and the journalist repeated the question: “The Jerome Corsi book? That book, ‘Obama Nation,’ Jerome Corsi ... “

The senator replied, “Gotta keep your sense of humor,” and the media were escorted from the room as scheduled at the end of a breakfast meeting.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

You might be a racist if…

Nothing stirs up the PU-m-asses like a suggestion that their irrational antipathy toward Senator Obama might be rooted in racism. Now, I realize not all PUMAs are racists. Some are merely whiny sore losers who are too dumb to realize another four years of disastrous GOP rule is too high a price to pay to assuage their hurt fee-wings.

Others appear to be borderline personality disorder types who bonded with Senator Clinton to such an unhealthy degree that she might consider extending Secret Service protection to any pet rabbits inhabiting the Clinton household. Still others are GOP operatives playing the first two categories for chumps.

But no matter which subset they fall into, there’s a reason the subject of racism comes up when PUMA rears its butt-ugly head: Some notable PUMAs appear to be motivated by racism, and the rest blithely tolerate it. For those who are genuinely confused, here’s a Jeff Fox-worthy guide (thanks, K):


You cheered Harriet Christian’s incoherent rant at the DNC meeting, in which she chastised the assembled party leaders for nominating an “inadequate black male.” If you linked approvingly to her vid (what PUMA blog didn’t?)  and have no problem with her throwing the qualifier “black” into the mix, you must think Obama’s skin color is relevant to his qualifications. Guess what? That means you’re a racist.

You refer to Obama as the “Affirmative Action” candidate. Sure, you might use the excuse that you just think he’s under-qualified. Nothing inherently wrong with that sentiment. But if you extol the virtues of Hillary Clinton, who actually has less total legislative experience than Obama, if you had nothing at all to say about the qualifications of John Edwards, a former one-term Senator, it’s reasonable to wonder why you’re suddenly so concerned with Obama’s experience. And why bring up the Affirmative Action bugaboo like a Limbaugh-trained Dittohead? Sounds like it could be a race thing.

You have no problem with racist snobs speaking for your cause. For example, is it okay with you that one of your TV spokeswomen’s prior claim to fame was impersonating a 67-year-old black woman on the internets as part of a larger effort to forestall an invasion of dusky Sally Hemings descendents at her lily-white Monticello Association gathering? You’ve got no problem with that? Well, you just might be a racist.

You honestly can’t see anything wrong with Bill Clinton conflating Jesse Jackson’s South Carolina primary victory with Obama’s or Hillary Clinton’s boast about having the support of “hard-working Americans, white Americans.” Now, I’m not suggesting that either Clinton is a racist. I personally don’t think they are. But they were engaged in some mighty slick race-based dog-whistling at various times. If you can’t see that, you’re either so accustomed to the marginalization of African American achievements that denigrating comments just sail right over your head or you’re so very, very naïve that you shouldn’t leave home without an armed escort. (If the latter, please contact me immediately about some incredibly valuable waterfront land opportunities here in Florida. Only $2,000 an acre—and a mere 2 feet to the surface!)

And finally, if you make common cause with racist assholes like your fellow PUMAs outed here, here, here, here and here without telling them to shut their bigoted pie holes, you might be a racist.


So, PUMAs, how’d you do? Are you a racist? If so, remember, as they say at Just Say No Deal, if you thought you were alone, you’re wrong. The PUMA posse might be pathetically small, and I foresee a huge catfight once you chumps realize Murphy and Bower punked you for donations that won’t retire Hillary’s debt, hire a single bus to haul your ass to Denver or produce a film my 5th grader couldn’t top with a web cam production featuring an all-dog cast. It might get pretty ugly.
But there’s no need to fret about the loss of a like-minded community once the last PUMA hairball has been coughed up. If you’re motivated by racism or merely undisturbed by it as so many of your fellow PUMAs are, just google “wh*te power,” and you’ll find more friends than you can shake a stick at.

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Baracky II

Yes, it’s every bit as good, if not better, than the original...

[Hat tip iceberg wedge]

SOMEWHAT RELATED: The second sequel to Bobby Hacker’s ultra-filthy “Cars” (careful -at- work) is getting released tomorrow. First sequel here. Get out your fucking checkbook!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hardball’s David Schuster devours PUMA leaders Will Bower and Darragh Murphy

I love the smell of charbroiled PUMA in the evening…


Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.


MORE: It looks like Tommy Christopher and Christina may have done themselves a little educatin’ yesterday…

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The Truth about PUMA Conference 08 ... You Can’t Spell “Conference” Without “C-O-N”

Back on July 15th the PUMAs announced, via The Confluence, that they were holding a pre-convention “PUMA Conference 08” in Washington, D.C. at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, home of the now-infamous, temper-tantrum-laden RBC meeting and “rally.” The PUMAs threw together a clunky conference web site ( version) containing limited (and hilarious) info and a registration form to sign up for the conference. This is what was initially promised on the front page:

Dear PUMAs,

The 2008 PUMA Conference Committee is ready to ROAR with these incredible conference deals! For the amazing price of $250, you will receive the following:

  • Lodging at a FIVE STAR hotel – the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C. for THREE nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
  • Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Lunch on Saturday.
  • AND it also includes the price of the conference itself.

Mind boggling, crazy good isn’t it?

After the first 250 people register at the $250 price, IT IS GONE. As we are under tight time constraints with the hotel for numbers and commitment at this time, once you register there will be NO refunds. (Please reread that sentence before you register.)

If we do not have 250 registrants, we will be refunding monies MINUS the PayPal Fee (approximately $7.50).

And there it sat for several weeks until, with no fanfare at all, the front page blurb above was replaced with a curt:

Dear PUMAs,
We have now closed registration.
We will be emailing attendees with final arrangements Sunday and Monday, so check your email.

Email us with any questions at

READY?  So are we!  Meet you in D.C!
~  PUMA Conference Committee

The implication being that they’d hit the 250 mark and the conference at the Wardman was SO FUCKING ON!  Well, not quite.  There was scant chatter in the PUMAsphere about the conference following the closing of registration, which was pretty odd considering what a big deal they all made about the announcement of it in the first place. It wasn’t until I heard the August 6th broadcast of the “No We Won’t” BlogTalkRadio show that it became clear to me that there was a good reason for the self-imposed silence regarding the conference. Like so many other PUMA initiatives (the poorly-attended RBC “Count Every Vote” rally, retiring Hillary’s debt, etc.), the conference was an epic failure. Listen to this short MP3 clip as alleged “Friends of Hillary” staffer “Paul Johnson” asks the show’s hosts, Sheri Tag and PUMA co-founder Will Bower, how many people will be in DC for the conference. Stammer ... stammer ... time for the next caller! [You can listen to the full show here—Paul’s call starts at the 55 minute mark]

So the next day I decided to call the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel and see if the conference was still taking place there.  Sure enough, the sales office told me there were only two conferences being held there that weekend and neither of them had anything to do with PUMAs or Just Say No Deal. I thought that was both mind boggling and crazy, but I had to split for the west coast and didn’t have time to dig any deeper. I guess HuffPo’s Diane Tucker didn’t call the Wardman in advance because she ended up wandering the halls of the hotel looking for the conference on Saturday:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—More than 250 diehard Hillary supporters were scheduled to meet this weekend at the Marriott Wardman Hotel here to plan their convention strategy. The group’s online spokesperson said that the meeting, “PUMA Conference 2008,” was “closed to media of any kind.” [...]

Is PUMA really prepared to be part of a McCain victory?

Seeking the answer to that question, I roamed the halls of the Marriott Wardman Hotel Saturday looking for the PUMA Conference, doing my best Michael Moore “Roger and Me” impersonation. “No PUMA conference is registered here,” they told me at the front desk. They allegedly told a Hearst reporter the same thing a day earlier. There are no reports yet on what PUMA may be cooking up for the conventions.

Today I received this email from Bower: “The conference was moved to a new location. We made an agreement with all our participants that we would treat the proceedings as confidential. There was a great deal of information that was generated that our members want to disseminate to their colleagues in their own way.”

The implication being that they had to move the conference to a top-secret location because there were dark forces out there that were working to infiltrate and expose the movement and tear it down.  The truth? The overwhelming and unstoppable PUMA coalition that Bowers and other selected-not-elected leaders have repeatedly claimed numbers in the 2-2.5 million members range could only get together sixty people for the “conference” and, because they didn’t meet the 250 registrant requirement imposed by the Wardman, they had to move the conference to ... get this ... the Country Inn next to Dulles Airport in Sterling, VA. Is it any wonder they got way secretive and polished up their double agent decoder rings before this monumental event? Their “conference,” which was scheduled to be held at a picture-perfect symbolic location in the heart of our nation’s capital (the press woulda loved it!), had to be moved due to poor attendance numbers to a crappy, middle-of-nowhere airport hotel located approximately 30 miles away from D.C. proper. The PUMAs, who thrive on media exposure and initially pitched the conference as an irresistible PR lure, didn’t want to keep the press away because of confidentiality concerns, they needed to keep the media away to avoid absolute embarrassment.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m going to throw several thousand of them your way using some photos I found online from the “conference.” Behold the PUMAwesomeness of it all:

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