Friday, November 21, 2008

Joe the turkey guy

Another focal point ...

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Posted by poputonian on 11/21/08 at 06:03 PM

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Tim Geithner, President of New York Federal Reserve Bank, Likely Choice for Treasury Secretary

And the Dow rose by nearly 500 in the last hour on the news. so some folks are happy about the choice.  He seems to be a solid pick despite the “stigma” of having been part of the old Clinton team.  Steve Benen references a couple of good discussions of the guy from Noam Scheiber and Robert Kuttner.  In particular he has called for a lot stronger regulation of those stinky derivatives:

Perhaps most importantly, Kuttner noted a speech Geithner delivered to the Economic Club of New York last June, calling for a far-tougher regulatory policy to alter “the level and concentration of risk-taking across the financial system.” He got quite specific, saying regulators “need to make it much more difficult for institutions with little capital and little supervision to underwrite mortgages.” Reassuringly, Kuttner described the remarks as “a blueprint for fundamental overhaul,” which is what’s necessary given the need for a new financial architecture.

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Live from row two

Music from Rumproast Clips on Vimeo.

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This morning’s gym listenin’ ....

...Big Black‘s Songs About Fucking. It worked.  Perfectly.

I’m only posting this because yesterday’s music thread made me realize how much happier I am chatting about music these days than bloviating about politics. I need a break. After that grueling and seemingly endless election cycle we all just survived, I’d much rather talk about Pussy Galore and the Dead Kennedys than argue about the imagined motives, rumored cabinet picks and alleged unchange-iness of a president who isn’t going to take office for two more months.

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Posted by Kevin K. on 11/21/08 at 12:56 PM

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vastleft bugfucker watch: the final collector’s edition

Each day, we see how many items Google finds that include the words: “vastleft” and “bugfucker.”

11/21/08: 122
11/20/08: 131
11/19/08: 69
11/18/08: 50
11/17/08: 24
11/16/08: 23

About vbw (scroll to bottom)...


First of all, I’d like to thank my research assistant vastleft for expertly tabulating the vastleft bugfucker watch tally for yesterday (midway down this thread) because I totally forgot to do it. Secondly, I’d like to thank the Senior Humanpeoples of the Mighty Rumproast Rib Shack (sorry, the term “Senior Fellows” is horribly sexist) for engaging in a sometimes extremely tense five-hour-long meeting to determine whether to keep the vastleft bugfucker watch going or not.  Had Harold Ickes not shown up at the end to lay some motherfucking “fair reflection” on us I don’t think we would have made it out of there alive. And last but not least I’d like to thank Correntewire commenter amberglow, who had a problem wrapping their head around the term “bugfucker,” for delivering what may be the most unintentionally funny blog comment of 2008:

i’ve never even heard it as an insult before—how is it even possible?

That made shoveling life-giving martyrdom into vastleft’s slop bucket totally worth it. Long live PB 2.0! Embrace the bugfuckery!

Posted by Kevin K. on 11/21/08 at 08:28 AM

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Please, just kill me now

Off-camera the line was hundreds long. One turkey after another waited patiently for slow death rather than listen to Sarah Palin’s extremely grating voice. You have to hear it to believe it.

I wonder if the smell of fresh blood in the air improved the taste of that Starbucks?

[Film courtesy of Big Hairy Balls, Unlimited.]

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Sarah Palin hires Alaskan public relations firm

The high speed news wire reported overnight that Sarah Palin has retained prominent Alaskan public relations firm Big Hairy Balls, Unlimited to shape her public image over the next four years. Apparently, the deal was finalized over a cup of latte at the Wasilla Starbucks.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Something Definitely Worth Getting Pissed off About

From Josh Marshall:

We’re focusing today on Mack “MackDaddy” Whittle, longtime CEO of South Financial Group, who pushed up his retirement last month so he could cash out with a $18 million Golden Parachute just before sending his bank hat in hand to the Feds to get $347 million in choice Grade A Prime bailout money.

You don’t have to know too much about complex derivatives or even simple accounting to know that all dollars are fungible. So the more money out to Whittle is more money needed from the taxpayer to keep South Financial Group on its feet.

But we also know Whittle isn’t the only one who’s pulled something like this. And we want to put together a list of everyone who has. It doesn’t have to be precisely like this. Gazillion dollar corporate retreats while you’ve turned your company over to the Treasury Department’s corporate ICU will do fine as well.

So let us know all the examples you can think of. 

In the only good news, he tells us in an update that the shareholders are suing to get their money back.

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This right here… some funny, funny shit. And make sure you check below the fold for some radio fun at the PUMAs’ expense going down in Houston tonight.

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Posted by Kevin K. on 11/20/08 at 06:13 PM

Show me that bile again*

Crappy 80s child actor turned crappy Evangeliban grown-up thespian Kirk Cameron discusses wholesome family films and opines about gay marriage on the Bill-O show:

Bill-O gushes about Cameron’s latest mega-hit with the Christianist set, Fireproof, which took in an astonishing 33% of the take garnered by a movie about talking Chihuahuas and 15% of the weekly haul of a cartoon featuring zoo animals on the lam.

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Posted by Betty Cracker on 11/20/08 at 05:39 PM

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Rumproast: Your #1 source for what will be happening tomorrow

If you want to find out what will be happening tomorrow, your first stop should be It’s true because the Googles told me so.

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Sturm und Drang in those Intertubes! (w/ update)

image  image image

And all over little Joe Lieberman.

There are two types of people in this world:  those who put people into two categories and those who don’t.  I’m in the latter group . . . oh wait. . . . whuuutt?

Start over.  There are two types of liberal bloggers in the bloggosphere:  those who cry gloom, doom and oh noes on a regular basis about every frackkin thing that Obama does and those who hold the first group’s little hands, sooth their fevered brows and read them a good night story.  After all the histeria* over such an insignificant fu**er as Joe Lieberdouche, I’m beginning to wonder if you guys are even going to make it until the inauguration or will we find the Internets littered with the bodies of spazzed out bloggers, hands clutching hearts and little x’s for eyes?

Let’s recap some recent (like really recent) history. (hystory? Never mind.)  Despite hearing every other day throughout the entire campaign that Obama was blowing it, Obama was a wimp, Obama was totally screwing up the campaign, Obama should be ripping Sarah Palin to bits, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, what does Obama go and do?  He went and FREAKING WON!!!!1111!!!!  Yes, he W.O.N.  And not some pissy little squeaker of a win either – it was a definitive win, it was an in-your-face, get oudda here, kind of win.  So you guys were wrong.

* Newspell craftily crafted by vastleft

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Posted by marindenver on 11/20/08 at 02:00 PM

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Things that make me hate myself #168

This morning when I was at the gym I thought about how much I would have enjoyed listening to Black Flag’s Slip It In while I was lifting weights. Then I thought about how much I hated Henry Rollins when I saw him backstage doing pushups before a Black Flag show back in the mid 80’s. Then I thought about how much I hated myself.

It’s tough being me.

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Posted by Kevin K. on 11/20/08 at 09:56 AM

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Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano tapped as Secretary of Homeland Security

I know our own Betty Cracker is a big fan of Napolitano and I really like what I’ve read about her, so bravo.  Both NPR and Politico are reporting that she’s been offered and will accept the gig.

All in all, I’m pretty happy about how Obama has been filling out his cabinet so far.  You?

Posted by Kevin K. on 11/20/08 at 09:30 AM

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lincoln was no partisan

(Alternate title: Lieberplaque)

Since Obama is talking about the wisdom of Lincoln and his willingness to appoint political rivals to his cabinet, perhaps it’s useful to look at what some have said was a major deficit of Lincoln’s:  his inability to quickly dispense with those who weren’t serving the mission.

You see, there’s a story (controversial among historians) that, in its condensed version, goes something like this: The Civil War would have ended in 1862—and hundreds of thousands of dead young men would have been spared—if Lincoln hadn’t been so slow in relieving General McClellan of his command.

McClellan, a self-absorbed prick, did things his way, which usually meant not engaging the troops in a battle, even when prudent tactics called for one.  So instead of an early and decisive victory, there was a protracted war in which thousands upon thousands of Americans subsequently, and unnecessarily, fell to their death.

In the presidential election of 1864, McClellan ran against the man who had made him commander of the Army.

Hey, but in the end it all worked out.


It’s true that a few cheeseburgers won’t kill you, but is it necessary to dump all that artery clogging fat into your body? If Congress is the system, and the Democrats are now the lifeblood, Lieberman is the plaque.

Bring on the lipitor.

And who is ingratiating whom by keeping the worthless AIPAC tool around? Is this the message to AIPAC, that they’re still in charge?

Finally, HumboldtBlue did a little venting yesterday and I love him for it. I didn’t for one second take all his words literally. Some were spot on, but mostly his comment was an emotive bluster, which is precisely what these little communities are for. Who among us doesn’t do the same thing?

Then I read two other bloggers assert that Humboldt’s comment almost caused them to permanently leave the left blogosphere.

Wow, they put more energy into rebuking Humboldt than Obama put into dealing with Lieberman.

And Lieberman came within one cartoon character of being Joe the Running Mate—for the other side.

Maybe, just maybe, we’re all taking ourselves a bit too seriously.

Posted by poputonian on 11/19/08 at 04:07 PM

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