Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ashley Todd attacked *again*!!!

No, not really. But now that I’ve got your attention, let’s take a look at a story from yesterday…

Someone forgot to tell these meatheads
racism ended when Obama was elected.

Some of you may remember the attack on Ali Kamara on November 4th by racist Staten Island meatheads wielding baseball bats and shouting “Obama!” The national media and Matt Drudge, who relentlessly pushed the Ashley Todd “mutilation” hoax, studiously avoided covering the horrible incident. Well, yesterday, the story got worse:

Two white Staten Island teens already facing hate crime charges for attacking a Muslim teen the night Barack Obama was elected have been linked to another bias attack that left another victim in a coma.

Ralph Nicolleti and Bryan Garaventa were arrested last month for beating 17-year-old Ali Kamara with a baseball bat as they shouted “Obama!” on Election Night, according to state prosecutors.

Investigators from the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force and the FBI have recently gathered evidence tying the pair to an assault several hours later that left a supermarket manager, Ronald Forte, in a coma for days, sources said. He was run down by a car, they said. The federal charges will pack more serious penalties than the two 17-year-olds are facing in state court, sources said. [...]

Ronald Forte, 38, the father of five children, was wearing a hooded sweatshirt because it was raining on the morning of Nov. 5 when he was spotted by Nicolleti and Garaventa, according to sources.

The pair was allegedly trolling a predominately black and Hispanic Staten Island neighborhood looking for victims, sources said.

They targeted Forte because with his head covered with the hood, they thought he was a black man. Forte was run down and left in the gutter on Blackfort Ave. around 2:30 a.m.

He suffered massive head trauma and was in a coma for several weeks. He was released from the hospital late last week but may have suffered permanent brain damage and uses a walker to get around. He has no memory of what happened.

Outside of the NYC area, no one is covering this story and it’s just barely getting any attention here. I guess racism really isn’t an issue anymore. Pheew. That was so easy!

MORE: Here’s a report from CBS 2 in NYC, including a video of an interview with Forte and his mother.  According to the accompanying article, police believe Nicolleti and Garaventa got out of their car and beat Forte as he lied bleeding in the street. I hope they throw the book at these scumbags HARD.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Busted!!1!1! A Pre-Christmas Story

My 10-year-old daughter is living proof of the old adage that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: She’s every bit as sneaky as I am, and just as eager to spoil carefully orchestrated surprises. But knowing this gives me the advantage of being able to anticipate her moves and thwart them. (God, I can’t wait until she hits puberty! What fun we’ll have!)

Anyhoo, she desperately wants a Wii for Christmas and has been making that known to everyone who will listen for the past six months at least. Well, she’s getting one, but I am just as determined for it to be a surprise as she is to find out what she’s getting in advance.

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“Politico Must Be Bombed To Hell, Right Now”

Wonkette’s Jim Newell is a very funny man.

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Fun Facts About Going to the Gym at 6:30 in the Morning #27

Working out when you’re still partially drunk from the night before looks a lot better on paper.

That concludes this morning’s edition of Fun Facts About Going to the Gym at 6:30 in the Morning.

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Welcome to My Study Christmas

I’ve been waiting forever for a new “Welcome to My Study,” the single greatest thing on the YouTubes, so I guess this’ll do until 2009 when Mitchell promises some more episodes. You can watch the previous ones here.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Rick Warren?  An Open Letter to President Elect Obama

Dear Mr. President Elect:

First of all, huge congratulations on your historic and decisive victory!  I have been a big supporter of yours since the first time I heard you speak, a few years back, shortly after you became a Senator.  You ran a terrific, effective and well organized campaign and you have a message that resonated with millions of us.  I was proud to donate money and volunteer time to help you win.

So far your transition team has been doing great work and for the most part I would award A grades to your choices for Cabinet positions and other jobs.  It makes me happy and confident to see you surround yourself with smart and independent thinking people (as opposed to, ahem, the outgoing President).  And it makes me almost giddy with happiness to hear you say that you want to bring real science back into the White house and into government.  All of these are changes I can definitely believe in!  So that has made it all the more puzzling to me to try and figure out why, oh why, have you selected Rick Warren to give the invocation at your inauguration. 

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Rick Warren and Melissa Etheridge

This Daily Kos diary made me feel a little better about the whole Rick Warren mess, but your mileage may vary. I’ve often thought simple interactions like this can be more productive than rowdy protests (like the planned mass booing of Warren discussed here), but being a white male heterosexual that’s a fairly easy stance for me to take about just about anything having to do with me being any one of those three things (or something like that). Give the diary a once-over and let me know what you think. Booing or wooing, what’s it gonna be?

[Open Left link via Mithras]

MORE: Allan has a different perspective in the comments and an idea I can get behind. A much better idea than the booing.

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Jay Nordlinger
I smell stink.

Poor Jay Nordlinger endured “a little stink bomb” at Carnegie Hall Friday night:

One reason I became a conservative, many years ago, is that the Left in my hometown — Ann Arbor, Mich. — insisted on politicizing everything. There was never any respite from politics. There was no “safe zone.” Politics was infused into everything — and it was one kind of politics, of course: Left.

This sort of “creeped me out,” to use a modern expression. [...]

Shortly into the concert, the conductor turns to the audience and speaks about “the holidays.” This year, he says, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are overlapping with Christmas. (According to what I can find, Kwanzaa begins on December 26, but never mind.) Then we have New Year’s Day. And “on January 20, there will be a new beginning for our country.” The crowd, of course, erupts into cheers. Then he says, “I see I’m not the only one who’s ready.”

They can’t help themselves, can they? They can’t help preening, saying, in effect, “See how virtuous I am? My politics are correct. I am a fully paid-up member of the herd — nothing independent-minded about me.” I have seen this in Carnegie Hall before (as elsewhere): The conductor, or someone else, makes a partisan political statement, releasing a little stink bomb that smells up the entire evening, no matter how good the music is. [...]

I suppose that conservatives, somewhere, act like that conductor, injecting politics where it doesn’t belong, transgressing against public decorum (and simply displaying bad manners). I have not witnessed it, though.

I’m not sure what’s more laughable in that post, the fact that his wingnut blind spot is so fucking wide that he’s never “witnessed” the Right “politicizing everything” or that he thinks the phrase “creeped me out” is a modern expression. I think it’s a draw.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Things that are absolute certainties #247

We saw The Wrestler today (yes, Mickey Rourke is every bit as good in it as everyone is saying) so it is an absolute certainty that I will be driving my lovely wife Chris insane for the next week or so by regurgitating the line “I’m just an old broken-down piece of meat” ad nauseam.

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Reliving the Denver Rise

I mentioned in comments in the Open Thread that I have previously unpublished photos of the great PUMA Rise rally held here in Denver during the Dem Convention.  I think they never got posted because Sarah Palin came along and kind of took over the news.  I said I could post these now if any interest but after looking at them and reading my notes I realized we definitely need to preserve this event for posterity. 

For a little background, the PUMAs scheduled a rally to honor Hillary which they called the Rise.  Another group, 18 Million Voices, or something like that, was doing one the day after called Rise, Hillary, Rise so I assume the PUMAs just wanted to make theirs sound a little cooler.  Anyway, it was scheduled for Cheesman Park to begin at 4:00 with a symbolic roll call vote in which members, holding signs of the different states, would stand up and cast their votes for Hill.  (Cheeseman Park, btw, is miles from the Pepsi Center and downtown where the good stuff was going on.  The loser groups got put at Cheesman and a couple other way outlier parks.)  Not wanting to miss a second of it, especially the roll call, my daughter and I arrived promptly at 4:00 p.m.  Pics and my narrative summary after the fold.

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Scholarly Roaster

This eloquent lady once visited the shop here (see comments), and now look what she’s done. This two minute intro first, please:

The envelope please:

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Introducing Rumproast’s New Poet Laureate: WearingHobosFaces

I am proud to affix the title of Rumproast’s Official Poet Laureate to our very own WearingHobosFaces.  You can read the back story here. I hope this is the first of many contributions to Rumproast from this talented artiste-poète.

woodman, spare that nymph
by WearingHobosFaces

cut me off at my roots
bind me
drag me home
stand me in a corner, shivering
top my head with a star
drape my naked body with spangles and beads
take snapshots of my glistening shame
so your friends can ogle and laugh.

I am tannenbaum
I am woman
I am all abused things.

my sap stains your carpet like tears
my needles turn brittle and fall
like certain female politicians I once admired.

yet my vulnerability is also my shield
does that surprise you, evil non-tree man?
you will have your way with me
but my tree-ness is my own.

I will neither cry nor bend,
even three weeks from now
when you tire of me
and pitch my tinsel-tattered carcass in the street, like a Soho whore.

“I” am a tree
But “we” are a forest
cut us down, yet we grow back
and some of us have guns
you have been warned.

insert angry kitten jpeg here
insert angry kitten jpeg here

Consider this your daily open thread.  Here’s something else to talk about if you need it. [link via StrangeAppar8us]

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Rumproasters’ Holiday Photo Fest—UPDATED

I’ll update this again tomorrow.  Still waiting for a menorah or something non-Christiany. Keep ‘em comin’...

Here’s the Wedge’s tree:

Side note from Kevin K.: I helped decorate this at their tree-trimming party, so that explains why it’s absolutely perfect. Just in case you were wonderin’.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Here’s Some Awesome: R.E.M Calls The Election For Obama, Who It Turns Out Is A Total Plagarist!!!

Just stumbled across this video. It’s R.E.M (my favorite band!) on Election Night in Chile, reporting to the crowd that Barack Obama has been elected president. They then go into the song “I Believe,” from their 1986 album Life’s Rich Pageant. (one of my favorite albums!)

And, um, the chorus from the song, written 22 years ago, is:

I believe my shirt is wearing thin
And change is what I believe in

Whoa. Unless David Axelrod ghostwrote Michael Stipe’s lyrics, it seems like this is another example of Barack Obama being a total plagarist! What say you PUMAs? Is it the end of the world, as you know it, Larry Johnson? Everybody hurts, Darragh Murphy, sometimes. Did Jeremiah Wright make you lose your religion Riverdaughter?

Anyway, here’s the video:

Leave your R.E.MObamaPUMA puns in the comments. Or just your favorite R.E.M song!

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Bush Bails out Auto Makers - Continues Slow Slide into United Socialist States of America

Motivated, no doubt, by how his newly re-energized “legacy” would look if two of the last three domestic automakers plunged headlong into bankruptcy before he could get the hell out of Dodge Washington, Prez Bush has engineered a bailout.  To the tune of $17.4 billion big ones.  $13.4 B down and $4.0 B payable February or thereabouts assuming they get Congress to free up the other $350 B of the Big Bailout money (“free” being the operative word here.) 

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the massive gas guzzling SUV auto makers’ bailout is not entirely free though.  It is a loan and the guvmint will acquire non-voting warrants (yes, potential ownership in the companies, comrades).  The companies have until March 31 to develop plans to show they are “viable” and can continue to operate.  Otherwise the loans will be called and, presumably, we’ll be down to Ford as the Last American Auto Manufacturer standing.  The whole thing is not hugely dissimilar to the failed Congressional bailout except that gutting the United Auto Workers is optional, not mandatory. 

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