Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nobody Nose Howl Long He’ll Keep Doing This

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Heave ho

Fuck you and your weird-ass eyebrow

Tim Kaine has got to go.

For the record, I’m much more upset that the head of the DNC is considering banning stem-cell research in his home state than I am about the vanity license plates. I watched my father wither away from Parkinson’s disease so I have zero patience for this small-minded, anti-science bullshit coming from the chair of the Democratic party.

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Crisis of Wingnuttery

These “moran” teabaggers really are quite comical when they question other people’s intelligence with their horribly misspelled signs.  First we had this and now we have this:

Crisis of Competnce

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Cliff Dive

Professional bedwetter Cliff May, who has been wrong about everything, defended Dick Cheney on Hardball yesterday by claiming that Sy Hersh has been wrong about everything.  Yeah, that’s funny. Ha Ha kinda funny. But still not as funny as this.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Michele Bachmann Ramps up Crazy Meter to 11!!!!

And considering how high it was before (remember her call to investigate her fellow Members of Congress for signs of UnAmerican activity?) now it’s, like, really, really high.

Last week she introduced a bill calling for a Constitutional amendment that would prohibit the administration from replacing the dollar with any form of international currency.  This despite no plans by the administration to do so and Congressional testimony to that effect.  (Our gaffe-meister of a Treasury Secretary had previously indicated that he was open to a proposal by the governor of China’s central bank to increase the use of the International Monetary Fund’s special drawing rights.  The you-know-who crowd immediately jumped on this as an indication that Geithner and Obama want to REPLACE THE DOLLAR WITH CHINESE FUNNY MONEY!!!!!!  Obama, Geithner and Ben Bernanke have all rejected this idea categorically.)

Last week she called for REVOLUTION in America to stop Obama from taking us down the road of “economic Marxism”.

Now here she is on Hannity saying we need to “suit up” and fight for our country!  There is an embarrassing (for her although she doesn’t realize it) segment showing her at a recent Congressional hearing where she demands that Geithner point to exactly where in the Constitution any of his authority comes from.  He responds, looking confused (as was I), that the Constitution gives Congress the authority to make laws and establish positions such as his.  But she keeps hammering on where is it in the Constituion!  Back to the interview, she states that Congress passes laws that are unconstitutional.  Hannity also provides a WTF moment when he accuses Geithner of being the architect of the AIG bonuses! 

(via Wonkette)

Wow, just . . . wow.  Between the “Late Night Term Paper We’re Pretending is a Budget” presented last week, Michael Steele’s ongoing antics (the latest of which were documented today by Betty Cracker) and this kind of stuff I srsly hope someone is taking notes for a new sit com.  “Those Darn Republicans!” or something like that.

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Dear GOP:

Can Michael Steele be your chairman forever and ever?

Thank you.


Betty Cracker

Posted by Betty Cracker on 03/30/09 at 11:56 AM

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Orliad, Book 2

This week was a very busy week for Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.
Yesterday, March 25, 2009, she pounded the pavement in DC.
03-28-2009 04;27;52AM

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You said “crazy lady,” not me

It’s been a while since I checked out That’s Me Barking at Parked Cars...

We live on a lane with less than 10 houses. We have lived here the longest. I am known as that crazy lady who doesn’t want anyone to “speed” down our very narrow, one-car lane. Actually, one neighbor thinks I am nuts about this and I say fine with me (I love my pets and kids and DO expect people to drive slowly).

Anyway, we have a new neighbor moving here in June. They are moving up from California. I met them when they were looking at the house next door. I can already tell I am going to love them, they seem like fun people. One of them is a writer. I googled this person’s name and I found Obamabot language written by this writer. I am okay with this because I have a feeling that we are going to have a great relationship and I will be right there when the Kool-Aid evaporates from their blood. Besides, when the house went on the market I put my Hillary signs up in my front windows. I wanted everyone to know just what kind of neighbor they were going to have.

My guess is that we will become good friends who never talk about politics, but who love to share wine. Did I mention that my beer drinking family is surrounded by wine snobs. Hey—-maybe I can convert them over to some of the good brews we have around here. Yes, I am a member of the Washington Beer Lover’s Association! Besides, beer has to taste better than Kool-Aid!

My guess is that after a few weeks the new neighbors’ shades will always be drawn and their house will be back on the market before the year is through.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Puppy Mills Flourish in Unexpected Setting

Some of you may know that my daughter is an active volunteer with an organization, National Milldog Rescue, that actively seeks to not only rescue and rehabilitate dogs who have been abused through the puppy mill system but also to put the irresponsible breeders out of business for good. This is Lily, the rescued-from-a-mill Italian greyhound who Theresa Strader, the organization’s founder, adopted, fell in love with and became the inspiration for the organization.  Lily’s story is heartbreaking, you can read about it here, but she suffered severe disfigurement as a result of the abuse she suffered and her life was greatly shortened.


ABC’s Nightline just featured a story on puppy mill operations in, of all places, Amish country.  Apparently this area has more puppy mills per square mile than any other part of the country.  The puppies basically represent livestock in their opinion, and don’t really merit being treated any different than chickens in a coop (and I am NOT advocating for that treatment for chickens either - only free range eggs eaten here!)  The farmer being interviewed felt letting the dogs run around on a large version of a gerbil wheel now and then is the equivalent of getting exercise outside.  And, unfortunately, the piece did not get into the numerous health problems that puppies in this environment suffer.  However they did also document the rescue, from a different breeder, of a beautiful female golden retriever, totally broken down, with open sores,  and no longer able to be bred.  These people need to spend a few years in a cage themselves and see what it would do to them.

h/t kcindenver


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Public Servant, Private Citizen. Discuss, referencing thumping shmuckiness.

Meet Mike Doogan, another of Alaska’s proud Public Servants. He used to be a journalist. Perhaps that is why Alaska’s premier political blogger, AK Muckraker of Mudflats, infuriated him so much that he outed her.


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Saturday Morning Music: Elisa Flynn’s “Timber”

My good buddy Elisa Flynn just finished shooting a low-budget video for a song from her latest (and terrific) album Songs About Birds & Ghosts and it came out really, really well. She’s going to be submitting it to the folks from 99 Dollar Music Videos who recently brought us that wonderful La Strada video. Check it out and then let Elisa know how much you liked it over at YouTube. That would be super swell of you.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Quote of the Day: Jerome Blanchett

From The Patriot News:

I’m smooth.

Ummm, no, really, you’re not.

[Hat tip Jeff C. via my wife Chris]

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Worst Cover

Or Worst Cover Ever?
I am seriously concerned for the future of music.

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Republican Road to Recovery ... FIXED

This is all wrong ... FIXED:

Republican Road to Recovery

UPDATE: Of course, Fark was all over this. [hat tip Pumalicious!]

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Obligatory “Boy, Obama really let me down!” post

Okay, here goes…

I can’t believe Obama made that joke about internet users being a bunch of goofy pot heads.  That was very disrespectful and makes me really, really angry. The internet is a very serious place full of very serious people talking about very serious things. I wish Mike Gravel was president. He never would have done that, plus he likes the peyote. There, I feel better now.

That concludes today’s edition of “Boy, Obama really let me down!”...

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