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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Watch where you swing that feather; I’m trying to maintain my balance over here

Huh. That’s weird. It’s been a whole day since the news broke, but these two thoughtful essayists have yet to use the story about the Muslim convert who opened fire outside a military recruiting center and killed a soldier as a jumping-off point for further inquiry into whether, in a pluralistic society, homicide can be be seen as justifiable when committed against those who provide a service abhorrent to a certain religiopolitical subset of the populace. I mean, you’d think another shooting by a murderous zealot coming so close on the heels of Tiller’s slaying would present an obvious parallel and a chance to delve deeper into the issue, but maybe not.

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St. Vitus’ Dance

Remember ghoulish freakazoid Gingi “Vitus” Edmonds? She’s a so-called Christian and pro-lifer who was last called out here for using the occasion of a tragic plane crash that killed several small children and their parents to slam their grieving grandparents.

Since Edmonds so crassly used that incident as a political football, doing a sack dance on the smoking wreckage of a plane in which an infant, two 3-year-olds, a 4-year-old, a 5-year-old, a 7-year-old and a 9-year-old child had died, I figured she’d be in full cheerleader mode at the news of the murder of Dr. George Tiller. She did not disappoint:

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Picture yourself in a boat on a river with Tangerine Dream and celestial choirs

Heard a good interview with Iggy Pop on NPR’s “Fresh Air” yesterday.  You can listen to it here. This was my favorite part (apologies to the younguns who may not get the funny…):

TERRY GROSS: You said during one of these near-death experiences you heard the celestial choirs and the music was insipid. Can you tell us more about what you heard? I mean, As a musician and as a punk rocker it’s kind of interesting to hear.

IGGY POP: It sorta sounded ... it sounded like a Tangerine Dream album actually.

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Conservatives Seek to Close the Gay Marriage Loophole

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The current GOP is like the worst game of dodgeball you could possibly imagine because both teams are stocked with nothing but dorks and all they can manage to do is awkwardly attempt to throw the ball at their opponents while yelling zingers like “No, you suck!”

I love this game!

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Will Congress Admit Role in Enabling GM Disaster?

General Motors filed for bankruptcy today.  The management of GM has received a great deal of criticism, most of it well deserved, for their role in this disaster.  The company continued to churn out large, gas guzzling cars and SUV’s despite the concerns of consumers and environmentalists and despite high sales volume of more fuel efficient cars being sold by foreign automakers.

With banks offering seemingly limitless, practically free, credit the last few years and having no motivation to discontinue production of high priced, fuel inefficient cars, the company also apparently had no motivation to control costs and operate a lean machine that was positioned to weather economic fluctuations and downturns.

So when the economy went south and credit dried up the inevitable happened and now here we are with the choice between an excruciatingly painful bankruptcy or a truly disastrous liquidation of the company.

So will Congress take some responsibility for their significant role in enabling this disaster through the massive tax breaks provided to SUV purchasers over the years?

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A day late, 350 or so dullards short

Yesterday we totally forgot to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the “Count Every Sour Grape” rally (and RBC meeting) in DC. One of the organizers of the, ahem, “event” Cristi Adkins (who went on to great things—here and here) wrote one of the worst press releases ever for it and announced on Fox News (surprise!) that “10,000 marchers” were expected.  Of course, only about 350 people turned out (including LaRouchians with their funny slavery cartoons), disenfranchised Democrats with impeachable credentials asked lying crack weeble Larry S!nclair for his autograph,  Harold Ickes said “fair reflection” over and over (declining to explain WTF he meant when Robert Wexler asked him), a spittlebug spoke for the first time ever, a cartoon character came to life, a goose laid a golden egg, and, somewhere along the way, democracy died. The end.

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Google Ads test

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Refresh & Reload: Guided by Voices’ “Bee Thousand”

Guided by Voices—“I Am a Scientist”

Every now and then you on throw on an album you used to like/love and then kick yourself in the head for abandoning it.  In the case of Guided by Voices’ Bee Thousand, it wasn’t quite that the release had worn out its welcome in my life (it’s pretty indisputably a lo-fi classic), it was more that GBV had.  I thought that their whole sound had been ground to the bone (they had become “samey”) and it seemed like they were releasing something new every 47 seconds (they weren’t—it just seemed that way to me).  Long and short, I hadn’t listened to Bee Thousand in years until a few days ago and motherfucker is it a great album.  I’m listening to it again right now.  I may even throw on Alien Lanes after it. I wish you could all be listening to it with me now.

What wonderful albums have you rediscovered lately?  Anything you’ve dusted off in the last couple of months that you wish you’d blown the cobwebs off of a lot sooner?

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Help me out here.

Who do I believe - The Global Humanitarian Forum, who sound like a bunch of unscrupulous scoundrels, or Burger King, who are obviously down-home folks?

Oh for the days of George W, when everything was so much clearer.

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