Saturday, July 25, 2009

Every Debate Has Two Sides

We Blew Away MoveOn!

With about 36 hours to organize and no paid staff (unlike the other side), we dominated in front of Sen. Cornyn’s office today (July 23rd); about 200 conservatives opposing maybe 20 MoveOn people; it was fantastic!  Everyone was polite; we always are.  As for the other side, if you were outnumbered 10 to 1 by believers in the 2nd Amendment, wouldn’t you be? :) .  Channel 5 was there, along with other press; they’ll try to slant things more evenly, but it will be hard to do.

Many thanks for the great work of Que Colman and Jim Bright to make this happen, plus Ken Emmanual for the callout of the troops from the Dallas Tea Party.  Others too numerous to mention to thank for their efforts, so THANK YOU ALL for giving us this public victory over government HealthUNCare.

Almost 2,000 get free care on first day of Wise clinic

WISE — Universal health care coverage compressed into a county fairgrounds is staging its 10th anniversary this weekend in Wise County.

The 10th annual Remote Area Medical (RAM) Health Expedition opened to an army of people seeking free medical, dental and eye care services at the Wise County Fairgrounds on Friday. Gates open at 6 a.m. through Sunday to serve the health needs of thousands of people.

“We had given out 1,600 numbers by 5 a.m. this morning, more than ever before because this year we were able to expand the capacity of our dental services areas,” said Health Wagon Executive Director Teresa Gardner. “That was our daily limit for dental and eye care, but we’re still taking medical (only) patients as they come to the gate, and they’re still coming.”

“Ten years ago we probably weren’t as big as what you see today. But in recent years it just keeps growing. Indications are this year’s event will be as big as last year, and possibly even bigger,” said Knoxville-based RAM founder Stan Brock. Last year nearly 5,800 patient encounters served up more than $1.9 million worth of health services.

The healing fields - Alexandra Garcia from concentra award on Vimeo.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Mark Sanford - Trailblazer

There was a time in the not too distant past when “I’ve decided to spend more time with my family,” was Republispeak for Retreat! Retreat!

Once a Grand Old Partyer uttered those fateful words, you knew it was only a matter of days before he’d scurry away from the hot glare of the camera lights and all those unpleasant questions about the goat. And the big tub of margarine.

Sure, it must be hard to give up on all the power, the perks. But given the choice between heading for the hills or sticking around to face more questions about the three disabled Girl Scouts and the feather dusters, you’d have it away on your toes. Also.

It’s a shame none of the scandal-plagued fRighties ever asked super genius and dedicated [skirt] hiker Governor Mark Sanford (R-Gentina) what he’d do if he’d been caught frolicking in a pool of Jell-O with half a dozen ostriches and the cast from Cats. He could have told them how to keep their jobs, but not do their jobs because ... They need to spend more time with their families [via The Sun News*]:

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Amy Siskind Says The New Agenda Doesn’t Endorse What It Posts, So What’s The Problem?

What have we here?

Amy Siskind’s self-proclaimed “apolitical” feminist group the New Agenda got thoroughly spanked by some of its own members when it prominently featured a profile of Minnesotan neo-McCarthyite Michelle Bachmann, titled “Michelle Bachmann for Congress.”

Anne-Marie on July 20th, 2009 7:09 pm
Oh, I just read some stuff on Bachmann on Wikipedia, and yeah, I can see why some people would have issues with her.

Wanting to investigate members of Congress for anti-Americanism seems a little much.

OMG! This site is turning into Freeperville. Michele Bachmann?!?

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Teachable moment

A grown-up:

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

A puling toddler:

Any questions?


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Not a Very Rosy Scenario for Sarah Palin

From Team Sarah:

Sarah Palin’s opponents like to throw things at her. They throw slanders at her, they throw trick questions at her, they even throw frivolous ethics complaints at her, but we need to let Sarah know: “No matter what the jackals are throwing at you, Sarah, we are throwing roses!”

On the day Sarah Palin becomes a private citizen, July 26th, we want to make sure she knows how much Team Sarah loves and appreciates her for the hard work, integrity, and VALUES she represents and FIGHTS FOR everyday. What better way to say “We love you and support you” then to send bouquets of roses? What better way to show the world that support for Sarah Palin HAS NEVER BEEN STRONGER?!

Errr, hmmmm, well, not exactly:

As she packs up the Alaska governor’s mansion and pushes back against the latest ethics brouhaha, Sarah Palin’s got other problems: A more negative public image than she held during the 2008 campaign – and broader questions about her grasp of complex issues.

Just 40 percent of Americans in this ABC News/Washington Post poll hold a favorable opinion of Palin overall, down from a high of 58 percent shortly after she joined the GOP presidential ticket. More than half, 53 percent, now view her unfavorably.

The tide also runs against Palin on two basic personal attributes. Fifty-seven percent don’t think she “understands complex issues,” 8 points higher than last fall and a serious handicap in perceived qualification for high office. Fifty-four percent also don’t see her as a strong leader; her 40 percent rating for leadership lags, for comparison, 31 points behind Obama’s.

Now they’re throwing bad poll numbers at Sarah! More roses! More roses! Team Sarah activate!

MORE: Full poll results here (PDF) and coverage from WaPo here.

UPDATE: Yay! Picnics! (hat tip Tom65)

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Thank You, White People! [UPDATED]

I’d like to personally thank Morning Joe‘s Mika Brzezinski and Mike Barnicle for valiantly making the case a few minutes ago that being accused of racism is a far worse thing than being a victim of racism. It’s about damn time!

Thank you, white people!

UPDATE: Here’s some of the foolishness from this morning. Enjoy Mike Barnicle White Guy Theater as he reenacts the arrest (starting @ the 5:30 mark). Give this guy his Tony now…


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The Voice: An Ode to National Public Radio

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Orly Taitz!!! Get your Orly Taitz here!!!

Orly Taitz

Our own Mrs. Polly has turned out some great posts (featuring her stellar original artwork) about batshit birther attorney Orly Taitz over the past several months and since Ms. Taitz is getting a lot of exposure lately, including a masterful takedown on last night’s Daily Show, I figured I’d compile links to her Orly Taitz posts in one place for easy consumption.  Enjoy.

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Free Mohammed Jawad Redux

Kool-Aid wearing off ... Unhappy with My Messiah ... Must say something…

This is absolute crap. Obama and Holder had better do the right (and very obvious) thing here.  So far they haven’t.  Not by a long shot:

The Obama administration has until Friday to decide whether to continue to defend the six-year imprisonment of an Afghan at the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, who was a teenager when he came into American hands.

The decision was prompted by Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle of Federal District Court, who last week criticized the government’s case against the detainee as “an outrage” that was “riddled with holes.” Judge Huvelle’s comments, made at a hearing in district court in Washington, were not reported at the time.

The detainee, Mohammed Jawad, has drawn international attention because of questions about his treatment as one of the youngest prisoners at Guantánamo.

Judge Huvelle expressed fury at the government for “dragging this out for no good reason” after “your case fell apart,” according to a transcript of the hearing.

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Better than Velvet Elvis

Not to horn in on Instaputz territory, but it’s necessary to note that some wingnut bloggers are bewailing the ejection of a “Free Market Warrior” kiosk from a North Carolina mall, including Karl Rove’s favorite blogger.

Why is it necessary to note this utterly predictable kerfluffle? Because it provides an opportunity to mock some of the merchandise Free Market Warrior offers, such as this:


And to compare it unfavorably to this:


Seriously, do people really purchase such items? (I mean the “GOP President Jigsaw Puzzle,” of course—not the iconic “Dogs Playing Poker” painting, which is prominently displayed in all God-fearing homes.)

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Paul Krugman on Obama: “[I]t’s really good to see how much he gets it.”

From one of Obama’s harshest critics on the left:

I found Obama’s health care presentation so impressive — so much command of the issues — that it had me worried. If I really like a politicians’ speech, isn’t that an indication that he lacks the popular touch? (A couple of points off for “incentivize” — what ever happened to “encourage”? — but never mind.)

Seriously, it’s really good to see how much he gets it.

As you can imagine, this will probably drive the tiny tribe of sneering anti-Obama Hillary Kucinich supporters, who won’t stop relitigating the primaries, 100% batshit crazy. Day = made. Good morning, sun.

MORE: Make sure you check out Krugman’s well-placed smackdown of Howie Fineman in the update. Ouch.  So very shrill.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama’s presser

It’s a good thing Obama didn’t talk about anything important in his press conference tonight. Lynn Sweet derailed the whole goddamned thing by asking about the Gates arrest.


UPDATE: As Steve M at No More Mister Nice Blog notes, the conventional wisdom among the press corp is now etched in stone, as typified by Politico hack Ben Smith:

He never detailed his own plan, or named a single victim of America’s broken system, and he spoke largely in the abstractions of blue pills, red pills, and legislative processes.

Jesus God, did we watch the same press conference? Obama didn’t provide details like a prescription formulary and dependent beneficiary criteria—because the plan is still being hashed out! And what about this?

So let me be clear: This isn’t about me. I have great health insurance, and so does every Member of Congress. This debate is about the letters I read when I sit in the Oval Office every day, and the stories I hear at town hall meetings. This is about the woman in Colorado who paid $700 a month to her insurance company only to find out that they wouldn’t pay a dime for her cancer treatment – who had to use up her retirement funds to save her own life. This is about the middle-class college graduate from Maryland whose health insurance expired when he changed jobs, and woke up from emergency surgery with $10,000 in debt.

Those sound like examples of specific victims of the broken system to me. Does Smith want Social Security numbers and addresses? Maybe. But what he and the rest of the press corp really seem to crave is performance art. They don’t give a shit about policy. They want carrier landings and flight suits. God help us.

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Wednesday Evening Music: Obits’ “Pine On”

Sorry about all of the vids today, but, c’mon, upside-down mouth puppets. You can tell everyone you saw this sure-to-go-viral video first. You’re welcome.

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“Just Tax”: The Death of Autotune

Post title and video via Ezra Klein.  My favorite part is “Google it.” Wingnut Matt Damon, take it away…

UPDATE: I take it back.  My favorite part is when Wingnut Matt Damon gets punched in the face.

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Matt Taibbi vs. Goldman Sachs consultant on NPR’s “On Point”

Give yourself forty-five minutes and listen to last night’s broadcast of NPR’s “On Point.” Seriously.  You’re not going to believe the analogy Goldman Sachs consultant Charles “Charlie” Ellis comes up with to explain away the anger directed at Goldman. It’s truly astounding. Taibbi slices and dices nicely (well, actually, not so nicely). Favorite quote (from host Tom Ashbrook): “Goldman Sachs is smarter than my furniture, though.”

MORE: Direct download here if you want to listen to it on an MP3 player.

UPDATE: StrangeAppar8us nutshelled Ellis’ argument perfectly in the comments…

Shorter Ellis: “Guns don’t kill people. People who carelessly walk into bullets kill people.”

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