Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Food prøn: Revolting snack food edition


Okay, I saw this hanging on the snack display at our nearby bodega, and I had to buy it to show Mr. Cracker. It was only a dollar, and he wouldn’t have believed it without visual evidence.

No, I didn’t try it! God no. Dried fucking shrimp that appear to be coated in an amberish powder. Shells, legs, eyeballs and all. And a plastic package of sauce in which to dip them.

Does your local store sell anything more heinous than that? Bring it.

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Morans by the Numbers


I’ve been pointed to some interesting numbers by Dave Weigel over at The Washington Independent. Apparently, 45% of Arkansans don’t believe (or have doubts) that Barack Obama was born in Murka according to a Public Policy Polling report released today.

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That horrible thudding noise you heard yesterday was irony being bludgeoned to death

Glenn Beck on his radio show yesterday responding to the smackdown he recently received from The Daily Show:

Did you ever stop to think that maybe Jon Stewart just looks into the camera and doesn’t bother trying to make sense of his arguments? I mean, you know, not because he’s a comedian but because he’s 100% sure his audience wouldn’t put a second thought into what he’s saying?

Posted by Kevin K. on 08/25/09 at 12:21 PM

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And the winner is…


Competition was fierce this week for the coveted Order of the Whinging Wingnut. Powertool John “Assrocket” Hinderaker made a bold play for the honor, opining thusly on the recently released CIA report on “controversial” interrogation techniques:

Having read the CIA report in its entirety, I am struck once again by how humane our treatment of captured terrorists was intended to be, and generally was. The handful of incidents highlighted by press accounts of the report came to light precisely because they were reported as deviations from the treatment of detainees that had been authorized by DOJ lawyers.


The two incidents deemed most serious were the threatening of Abd Al-Nashiri with a loaded handgun and with a power drill…This same debriefer also threatened Al-Nashiri by saying that “We could get your mother in here.” It is worth noting that he said he wanted Al-Nashiri to infer, based on the debriefer’s accent and the threat that he made, that he (the debriefer) was from a Middle Eastern security service that has the reputation of using such tactics. The implication was that Al-Nashiri was well aware that the Americans would do no such thing.

Yep, nothing says “humane” like implying that your government will outsource mother-torture to third-party goons to avoid prosecution. If that doesn’t inspire a Precious Moments figurine, I don’t know what will. But in the final analysis, Assrocket’s post just wasn’t weepy enough.

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Arguing for Idiots

Posted by YAFB on 08/25/09 at 10:31 AM

I’m baaaaack

Creepy storefront mannequin in Missoula, MT (photo cred: my lovely wife Chris)

Thanks a bunch to the Rumproast co-blogging crew for keeping the joint hopping while I took a blissfully Internet-free trip out to Montana to visit the in-laws. Unfortunately, the day after we landed I was clobbered with the worst cold I’ve had in many years, so I didn’t get to do all of the boating, hiking and swimming I was looking forward to, but I still had a nice time full of good eating, great company and phenomenal views. I’m going to take it easy today as I still did a lot of running around in Montana regardless of my pretty nasty condition and desperately need some horizontal time.  Blogging in general should be fairly spotty from me clean through Labor Day due to real life responsibilities, so hopefully the other front-pagers can make up for my slackitude in the short-term.

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Operation Scare Grandma

Michael Steele, the figurehead chairman of the GOP, is still pushing the “ice flo” meme.

I think I liked it better when SNL did it:

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Tuesday Morning Music: The Antlers’ “Two”

Posted by Kevin K. on 08/25/09 at 08:01 AM

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, damned if you will or will not have done

Suburban Guerrilla:

And you know what? As Taibbi lambastes Obama for how he handled this “reform” process, I’m reminded of the fawning piece he wrote about Obama during last year’s primaries. Thanks, Matt, you owe us!

There have been any number of criticisms leveled at Taibbi, mostly since he came to prominence with his anti-Goldman crusade, but faulting him for his lack of access to the Dead Zone? That is some next-level lefty backbiting right there.

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Stay safe

From The Darwin Awards

Knitting has always struck me as being beset with hazards.

On the other hand, what worries me is how those two bloggers managed to meet their demise.

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Posted by YAFB on 08/24/09 at 02:00 PM

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Could Eric Holder be Putting the “Justice” Back into the Justice Department? (UPDATED X 2)

From the New York Times this morning.


The Justice Department’s ethics office has recommended reversing the Bush administration and reopening nearly a dozen prisoner-abuse cases, potentially exposing Central Intelligence Agency employees and contractors to prosecution for brutal treatment of terrorism suspects, according to a person officially briefed on the matter.

The recommendation by the Office of Professional Responsibility, presented to Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in recent weeks, comes as the Justice Department is about to disclose on Monday voluminous details on prisoner abuse that were gathered in 2004 by the C.I.A.’s inspector general but have never been released.

Sources for the article speculate that it is highly likely that Holder will appoint a special prosecutor to re-open about half of the cases that were originally shuttered by the Bush administration’s “justice” department.

The Office of Professional Responsibility is essentially the ethics watchdog for the department.  President Obama had previously signalled that he did not want to backtrack on these issues and possibly sidetrack his present agenda.  However the the fact that the recommendation comes from the OPR makes it fairly compelling.

The cases involve alleged abuse of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan, not detainees at Guantanamo or other secret CIA locations.  However, taking this first step could certainly indicate a willingness to tackle that sticky issue next.

UPDATE:  Somewhat related:  Greg Sargent is reporting that the CIA will release torture documents today from 2004 and 2005.  It’s believed that these are the docs Dick Cheney requested be released last spring that would conclusively prove that torture was effective.  Sargent has a different opinion:

What this means: The debate over whether torture worked is going to flare up in a big way today — and there may be a strong blast of evidence knocking down Cheney’s claims.

UPDATE 2:  As expected, Attorney General Holder has now named federal prosecutor John Durham to take up the investigation of the cases.  In addition White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton said that “the White House would unequivocally support the Justice Department’s decision on any prosecutions and investigations into allegations of abuse”.  When pressed for clarification he added “I’m saying that the president thinks that the decision of who to investigate and to prosecute is in his (Holder’s)  hands.”

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All it needs is a troupe of leprechauns

What seems like an age ago, some may remember a discussion on Rumproast that veered into the subject of the standard of British street furniture. At the time, I offered Loch Lomondside’s extremely impressive Stoneymollan Roundabout as a supreme example of our collective oeuvre.

The Gateway to the Highlands

To encourage such creativity, a government initiative is doling out grants to dress up our streets and highways. One recent addition is situated in Poole in Dorset, on England’s south coast. It has cost £25,000 to date, and is as yet incomplete. The artist who designed it, when interviewed, said his inspiration was “rock being deposited at turns much as objects are in a river.” Councillor Judy Butt, Chair of Poole’s Public Arts Working Group (stop sniggering at the back), said that “while art was subjective, the installation and quality should be of a high standard.”

Photo of this exquisitely crafted monument after the fold.

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You must chill! I have framed your debate!

I don’t wanna toot my own horn here, but I just singlehandedly solved the health care crisis and pulled America back from the precipice.

See, it’s all in how you frame the issue. The last few weeks have seen a flurry of activity on the framification front, giving those of us on the left terms to wield such as “robust public option.” All well and good, but we seem to have forgotten that, in today’s media climate, appealing to the youth vote is absolutely imperative. As this demographic was widely credited with giving Obama the presidency, it seems odd that it would be so easily overlooked here, but I get that; health care isn’t an issue one immediately associates with Generation Tweet or whatever it is they call themselves. I myself only connect the two when I come across a particularly vicious faceplant on YouTube. Also, are they breakdancing still?

We can’t cede this battle to ossified establishment thinking, for that way lies sure progressive defeat. After the jump, my can’t-lose proposal for a new frameography that positively oozes “young,” “fresh,” and “hip.”


Here it is:

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Monday Morning Music: Andy Irvine’s “Never Tire of the Road”

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Hannity Doesn’t Rule out Run for President

Via Thers.

Stunning but true.  Well, at least it’s being reported by WorldKookooDaily so who knows.  And here’s the clincher:

God always intended for Hannity to be a douchebag, and he’s fulfilled that destiny. So you never know. Besides, as News Max points out,

Hannity would make a formidable candidate, with the likability of Reagan, good looks and strong convictions. He’s also a polished communicator and knows the issues inside out.

Hee hee. But the best part is this:

Later in the program, a member of the audience asked what the host thought of a Hannity-Palin ticket.

The studio audience erupted in applause.

Hannity asked: “Would any of you really want me to run?”

Loud applause followed.

Hannity/Palin 2012.  Maybe there is a god after all.

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