Sunday, September 27, 2009

QotD (Sunday Football edition)

Courtesy of commenter Jessican at BJ:

Washington, once again, bailed out Detroit. The socialism never ends.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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Howard Dean on Health Reform: “Reality Will Always Trump Fear And Anger”

Lindsey Beyerstein of Obsidian Wings and the New Media Consortium pounced on Dr. Dean at the 92nd Street Y for this interview:

Howard Dean on Health Care Reform: Daily Pulse Video Exclusive from Lindsay Beyerstein on Vimeo.

Dean sees budget reconciliation as the way to pass the bill, and expanding Medicare as a way to implement the public option quickly, and as it so happens, happily in time for the 2010 elections. It is at least one interview that won’t make you want to hurl yourself on the sidewalk and weep.

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Blogging vs. Football

Sorry, the Jets (or the NY Titans?) win. By a landslide.

Consider this an NFL open thread for the three other Roasters who follow the NFL.

UPDATE: Jets for the win, as Mark Sanchez becomes the first rookie QB to start 3-0. Only thing that beats that was Brett Favre’s amazing game-winning 32-yard pass with two seconds left, which I got to see live after switching over from the Jets’ win. I love this game.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Michele Bachmann: “Defunding the left is going to be so easy”

David Weigel is in St. Louis to cover the How to Take Back America Conference.  Here are some excerpts from his report on Michele Bachmann’s appearance:

Taking the stage, Bachmann thanked [presenter Phyllis] Schlafly, calling her an inspiration as a mother who transitioned into conservative politics, and said she considered the conference “a farewell party for ACORN!” The community organization group, she said, was the first, not the last, weak link in the liberal establishment. [...]

Bachmann touched on the priorities of Republicans if they retook Congress in 2010, to “pass repealer bill after repealer bill,” to prevent the creation of a one-world currency, and to pull the government back from the “36 percent of private business profits” that she claimed it now controlled. And she said Michigan residents were “depressed enough” without Gitmo prisoners being relocated to state facilities where they could inspire more terrorists.

“This is where they learn conversion to Islam!” said Bachmann. “In the prisons!”

After the speech, Bachmann had only a few minutes to sign autographs and collect a stack of CDs and books from fans who’d followed her into the lobby. I caught up to her as she headed outside and asked if she had any response to the murder of a Kentucky census worker, having noticed that the Census, a constant target for Bachmann, did not figure into her speech. Bachmann recoiled a little at the question and turned to enter her limo.

“Thank you so much!” she said.

RELATED: In case you missed it, Weigel was on NPR’s Fresh Air this week.  You can check it out here.

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Wake Up!

After listening to TransFat McDoublewide sawing away (thanks YAFB!), I had to clean out my ears with this. Enjoy!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Quote (and Post Title) of the Day

Thers on the Texas Death Panels:

Funny, ain’t it, how people screeching about completely imaginary, hypothetical abuses of government power in regards to healthcare won’t be troubled even a little bit by this extremely clear instance of state officials essentially conspiring to murder an innocent man.

I originally saw the New Yorker article about the murder, as did Thers, via Scott at LG&M.

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Your Semi-Daily Serving of Biscuit

Yes, Biscuit is still cute and adorable. Here she is on one of her favorite perches, our yellow antique kitchen stool:


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Friday Morning Music: Girls’ “Lust For Life” (live)

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Order of the Whinging Wingnut: Fictional Shirtless Heroes in Leather Vests Edition

Remember last week when Kanye West beat the shit out of Taylor Swift on a school bus* and triggered Blackpocalypse fears for scads of Sansabelt-soiling wingnuts? As noted last week, wingnut blogger Dan Riehl was moved by Swift’s plight to share a harrowing story about encountering impudent schoolchildren on the subway while making his way home from the 9/12 Burning White Man Teabagpolooza.

And according to Riehl, he could have, like, totally kicked their asses, too, yuh huh. In this edition of Whinging Wingnut, we offer a musical exploration of the gap between how an incident is remembered and what actually happened. And we do it with shirtless heroes in leather vests battling the forces of darkness to get home via public transportation. Enjoy:

*Shamelessly stolen from T-Bogg 

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Cracker Barrel racist Troy Dale West hit with upgraded charges and held without bond

Good news from CBS 2 in Atlanta:

A grand jury took just thirty minutes Wednesday to upgrade the charges against Troy West, the man accused of beating a woman in front of her 7-year-old daughter outside a Cracker Barrel restaurant, from three misdemeanors to a list of felonies.

At a hearing where the new charges were announced, a judge ordered West taken into custody and held without bond. He had been free on $5,000 on the misdemeanor charges.

The grand jury indicted West on new, felony charges of aggravated assault, false imprisonment, battery and disorderly conduct.

After the Sept. 9 attack, police arrested West on two misdemeanor battery charges and a felony charge of cruelty to children. A judge reduced the latter charge to a misdemeanor.

Shocked by the alleged attack and the minor charges against West, Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson took the case to the grand jury, asking for the more serious charges against West. Lawson has promised to handle West’s prosecution herself.

It looks like those dreaded community activists were responsible for getting the district attorney to up the charges against West (video here).  If you’d like to watch West, who cleans up real nice (except for the ponytail), in the courtroom and watch the DA walk the new charges up to the judge in the middle of the sentencing, you can check it out here.

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The Murder of Census Worker Bill Sparkman: Deep Breaths, Progosphere

As much as I’d like to blame the horrible murder of census worker Bill Sparkman on manipulative soul-suckers like Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann, everyone should pay special attention to this paragraph regarding the area of Kentucky where Sparkman’s body was found:

Investigators are saying little about the crime, but some people wonder if his death in the remote part of southeastern Kentucky known for its meth labs and hidden marijuana fields had less to do with his job than simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I’d advise everyone to chill out until more facts come in. This could have absolutely nothing to do with teabaggery.

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Thursday Morning Music: Eels’ “That Look You Give That Guy” (with Padma Lakshmi)

RELATED: Any Top Chef fans here? What do you think about this season? Please provide *SPOILER ALERT* warnings if discussing last night’s show.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A star in our midst


Kudos to our beloved Mrs. Polly, some of whose artistic renditions are featured in Orange County Weekly‘s The Top Five Artistic Depictions of Orly Taitz!

Update: Past masterpieces here.

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Defending our Inalienable Right to Chugalug Soda

Anyone else a little tired of this ad?

It’s being run by a group calling itself Americans Against Food Taxes.  Very disinterested sounding, don’t you think?  After all, hardworking Americans should not have to pay taxes on food!*  Who are these Americans Against Food Taxes making up this coalition anyway?  Ummm, mostly looks like, um, grocers and soft drink makers and soft drink distributors and, um, grocers and, well, hmm.  Not so disinterested after all. 

The biggest offense in this ad, IMO, and a couple of related ones, is implying that sodas and sugary fruit drinks are an important element in our diet as opposed to being simply a delivery system for boatloads of high fructose corn syrup.  Which has been implicated in high rates of weight gain and type 2 diabetes.  Particularly in children and young adolescents.

As yet, no actual “sugar tax” is on the table.  But, Commercial Lady, how’s this for an alternative?  Try having your family drink water, seltzer or low fat milk instead.  Cut them back on the Twinkies and Ho-ho’s while you’re at it.  Also.

*  Except when they do.  Many states and municipalities collect sales taxes on food and beverages sold through restaurants and fast food outlets and some collect sales taxes on food sold at grocery stores.

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“Grassy Knoll” Guh-Daffy: Barking Loon

Jeebus H. Oliver Stone, Moammar Gaddafi is nuttier than a glue-sniffing ferret on a skateboard. Check it out:

He needs to team up with Orly Taitz pronto, and we’ll finally get to the bottom of everything from who sank the USS Maine to who stole the Sphinx’s nose.

[H/T: The Raw Story; cross-posted at Betty Cracker]

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