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Glenn Beck “Zoo Radio” Phoenix TV Ad from 1986 with a Monkey!

Ha ha, “no gimmicks,” just hilarious jokes about miscarriages! [via Runnin’ Scared]

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Palin pallin’ around with lobbyists


So against all recent form, Sarah Palin made her appearance at the CLSA conference in Hong Kong.

For their money, delegates got a 90-minute speech (oh bliss), followed by a question-and-answer session. Some delegates reportedly bailed out before the 90 minutes were up. According to AP:

Palin spoke out against government intervention in the economy. “We got into this mess because of government interference in the first place,” Palin said, according to the Wall Street Journal. “We’re not interested in government fixes, we’re interested in freedom,” she added.

She also praised the conservative economic policies of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, according to another attendee who declined to be named because he didn’t want to be seen as speaking on behalf of his company.

She claimed that if taxes were cut and the capital gains tax and estate tax eliminated, the world would “watch the U.S. economy roar back to life.”

Palin argued that many average Americans are uncomfortable with health care reforms that infringe on private enterprise, Chris Palmer, an American fund manager for Gartmore Investment Ltd., told reporters

Reactions were apparently mixed.

AP reported:

Two US delegates left early, according to AFP, with one saying “it was awful, we couldn’t stand it any longer.” He declined to be identified.

“As fund managers we want to hear about the United States as a whole, not just about Alaska,” one told AFP. “And she criticized Obama a lot but offered no solutions.”

CNN quoted:

“I can’t say I was actually impressed,” said Mel Goode, a business developer from New York who lives in Hong Kong. “She speaks well—a broad spectrum of what her beliefs are, family views.

“She didn’t get (into) anything too harsh ... just kept it, five children, my husband’s here, we believe in what Asia’s doing, America has a way to go to get itself back together, Reaganism.”

“I was quite impressed by her knowledge. It seemed like she did her homework now, this time around.”

The “homework,” according to Ben Smith, was supervised by major-league lobbyist and one-time Iraq advisor to Donald Rumsfeld Randy Scheunemann, the McCain campaign’s foreign policy advisor who so successfuly coached Palin for the Vice-Presidential debate:

Scheunemann [has] been a sharp critic of many aspects of Obama’s approach, most recently scoffing at what he described as a “unilateral preemptive concession” to Russia on missile defense bases in Eastern Europe. Scheunemann, an early supporter of the Iraq war, is prominent in the hawkish, internationalist, neo-conservative wing of the party’s foreign policy thought, and his place beside Palin also offers a bit of a clue as to the direction in which her vaguely-defined foreign policy views are likely to develop. Two other Republican policy hands, , worked on the speech as well, I’m told: AEI China expert Dan Blumenthal and D.C. lawyer Kim Daniels.

Scheunemann’s major claim to fame is his board membership of the Project for the New American Century. But his career has a few other highlights. As President of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, Scheunemann had a close association with disgraced Iraqi exile Ahmad Chalabi, once the darling of the neocon drive to war in Iraq:

Chalabi is a controversial figure for many reasons. In the lead-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, under his guidance the INC, with the assistance of lobbying powerhouse BKSH & Associates, provided a major portion of the information on which U.S. Intelligence based its condemnation of Saddam Hussein, including reports of weapons of mass destruction and alleged ties to al-Qaeda. Nearly all, if not all, of this information has turned out to be of questionable accuracy. That, combined with the fact that Chalabi subsequently boasted about the impact that their alleged falsifications in an interview with the British Sunday Telegraph, led to a falling out between him and the United States.

Scheunemann’s lobbying firm also works for the Government of Georgia - a relationship which caused some controversy during last year’s elections.

China Expert Dan Blumenthal is a resident fellow at conservative thinktank the American Enterprise Institute:

AEI scholars are considered to be some of the leading architects of the second Bush administration’s public policy. More than twenty AEI scholars and fellows served either in a Bush administration policy post or on one of the government’s many panels and commissions.

Prominent attorney Kim Daniels works for the Thomas More Law Center, whose “About US” page says:

The Thomas More Law Center is a not-for-profit public interest law firm dedicated to the defense and promotion of the religious freedom of Christians, time-honored family values, and the sanctity of human life. Our purpose is to be the sword and shield for people of faith, providing legal representation without charge to defend and protect Christians and their religious beliefs in the public square. We achieve this goal principally through litigation, seeking out significant cases, consistent with our mission, where our expertise can be of service to others.


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NEWS FLASH: McCain thinks MORE troops required!!!

Top story on Google News right now:


Umm, when the hell isn’t McCain demanding more troops? He blurts out “more troops!” in between bites of cereal in the morning and he’ll be muttering it on his death bed. It’s not news, it’s a tic.

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Wednesday Morning Music: The Flaming Lips’ “I Can Be a Frog”

Odd (and new) little semi-animated video from the Lips featuring a girl in a bikini imitating critters (and other things) and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O providing the sound effects. [via Pitchfork]

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Peter Daou Twitter Poetry: “irreplaceable souls”


Twitter emo poetry by Peter Daou, part of a (just barely) continuing series:

irreplaceable souls

Of all the great losses
        that death brings,

I feel it most
        with jazz greats:

Bill Evans,

irreplaceable souls

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I knew Glenn Beck was a loathsome scumbag…

...but even I didn’t believe he was this much of a loathsome scumbag:

The animosity between [Glenn] Beck and [Phoenix radio rival Bruce] Kelly continued to deepen. When Beck and [co-host Tim] Hattrick produced a local version of Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” for Halloween—a recurring motif in Beck’s life and career—Kelly told a local reporter that the bit was a stupid rip-off of a syndicated gag. The slight outraged Beck, who got his revenge with what may rank as one of the cruelest bits in the history of morning radio. “A couple days after Kelly’s wife, Terry, had a miscarriage, Beck called her live on the air and says, ‘We hear you had a miscarriage,’ ” remembers Brad Miller, a former Y95 DJ and Clear Channel programmer. “When Terry said, ‘Yes,’ Beck proceeded to joke about how Bruce [Kelly] apparently can’t do anything right—about he can’t even have a baby.”

If I was Bruce Kelly, I would have tracked him down and beat him to death.  What a miserable, cold-hearted son of a bitch.

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Lifecycle of a Birfer Lawsuit

Tweeted by the fantastic Tes from Politijab via a pretty neat blog, Glad You Asked:


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Bill Clinton to bloggers: Public option not required for health care reform

I’m guessing the pro-Hillary deadenders, who think the only way to prove you’re a real progressive these days is to constantly shit all over Obama (especially when it comes to his handling of health care reform) won’t highlight this, so here’s a report, via a DailyKos diary, about a meeting the Big Dog had with bloggers last night here in NYC. I guess Peter Daou forgot to put a stamp on my invitation. ;)

Bill Clinton is hugely supportive of the public option, as a critical way to reduce costs. But . . .he is also seems firmly in the camp of the “we must pass something” crowd.

He discussed why he thinks Obama should be willing to pass a health bill without a public option, Clinton remembered the hard-line stance he took on gun control, saying, “I don’t want my party to do what they did in ‘94. We took on the NRA and they took 15 of our guys out.”

He also said there are too many people who have “totally foolish hang-ups over the public option”. I assumed this to mean, people who are opposed are holding unreasonable positions.  I am making this assumption because later in the conversation he said, “I favor a public option not limited to the uninsured because this will secure more price restraint”.  [...]

Couple of other point he made on healthcare.

  1. A Public Option is the gold standard (my words again, but his sentiment).  But “if President Obama can’t get the votes in the Senate for a public option, we still need to pass a bill which will achieve savings”. We need to get “the principle of universal coverage in place, once you establish that, Republicans will have to help us. Every year, Congress will have to make it better. There will then be countervailing pressures on the special interests.”
  2. If a healthcare bill is not a “net negative” we should pass it. But we must “fight like crazy” to make it as good as we can.
  3. “I would absolutely put it through reconciliation, if necessary”

Marcy Wheeler has more.

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Value Voter Summit speaker: “Abortions would be done in the public square”

Can’t believe this hasn’t gotten more attention…

At the Value Voter Summit anti-abortion activist Lila Rose announced that “this might sound a little strange” and went on to say that she thought abortions should be performed in the public square “until we were so sick and tired of seeing them that we would do away with the injustice altogether.” [via RH Reality Check—hat tip Jeremy T.]

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Spring Break in Havana


Encouraging news on the freedom to travel front: It appears a bill to overturn the 50-year-old ban on travel to Cuba has a snowflake’s chance in hell of passing the House this year, which means the odds are greatly improved:

Legislation to end a ban on Americans traveling to Cuba has enough support in the U.S. House of Representatives to win approval by year-end, said Representative Sam Farr, a California Democrat.

The bill to let U.S. citizens resume travel to the Caribbean island except in times of war or cases in which they face imminent danger has 181 votes in the House and needs 218 to pass, said Farr, a co-sponsor of the legislation.

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Tuesday Morning Music (Torture): A soul-stirring tribute to Whitney Houston by blondboyful21

Here’s a new twist on the Morning Music series that, if successful, should drive away at least 62% of the regular visitors to Rumproast.

John starts out with an earnest defense of Whitney Houston for her past indiscretions (“we all make mistakes”) and then unleashes a “tribute” to Whitney in the form of a karaoke version of her new single “I Look To You” that ranks as one of the biggest mistakes ever uploaded to YouTube. The video’s totally out-of-sync with the vocals, but once you hear them you’ll realize that it really doesn’t matter. I couldn’t stop laughing. Your mileage may vary. Good luck.

SOMEWHAT RELATED: I’m getting a lot of emails about Tom Delay on Dancing With the Stars and, yes, it was nearly as awful as this video (and much more frightening).  Feel free to discuss it in the comments. FYI, I was giving my lovely wife Chris the Tom Delay butt shake at the gym all morning.  She is so gonna have sex with me tonight!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Orly Arguments

I’m really concerned about the soldiers in Iraq. In addition to the craptastic not at all funness of combat, they might fall into the hands of Capt. Connie Rhodes, a doctor who can’t spot a bull-moose 4-alarm whackadoodle at .3 cm. Lord knows what will happen when she’s confronted by a shrapnel wound.

Here’s what her possibly ex-lawyer* is up to, today [via TPM]:

I don’t know if this letter came from her, since she is in Iraq now and the Office -max [sic] store from where it came, states that they don’t send faxes for customers. The signature on her notarized letter from Kansas and this letter looks different.

A plot! Orly will sue the corporatist lackey running dog OfficeMax on behalf of her client who still loves her very dearly and can’t wait to pay her legal fees!

It appears Connie was pressured by the military.

And another plot! Orly will sue the vile stinky Communist military on behalf of her client who sends Orly letters and roses every day and will add some extra zeroes to her check because Orly is the best lawyer ever and the only hope of the American people.

Regardless, whether it is her or not, there is no ground for accusations.

And even if Dr. Rhodes did write the letter, she must have quickly changed her mind when she realized that breaking off relations with Orly would deprive her of the pleasure of writing checks to Orly Taitz DDS Esq!

The most important question is still on the table: why would the judge levy $10,000 in sanctions instead of instructing Obama to produce a real Hospital birth certificate with a name of the hospital name of the doctor and signatures , so we can locate this birthing [sic] file? Why go to such extend [sic]?

Why? So Rhodes could keep sending money to Orly of course! That’s what the real letter from Rhodes said. Orly will insist Land produce the official hospital signed certificate of live vault copy letter. And send the bill to Rhodes.

QotD goes to memzilla over at Wonkette:

If and when Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are hauled before the International Court of the Hague for war crimes, I want Orly Taitz to defend them.


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Has Anyone EVER Won a War in Afghanistan?

I guess I’d feel a lot less concerned about this if anyone from the Pentagon or the government would concisely define what they perceive to be “success” in Afghanistan.  Because to me it’s starting to look like deja vous all over again.

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Investment Alert


Former US vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin is expected to speak about US foreign policy and China in her first keynote speech outside North America, Hong Kong organisers said on Monday.


“We have asked her to address US foreign policy, to discuss her views on governance, healthcare, and of course, China,” Jonathan Slone, chief executive officer of the Asia-focused brokerage, said in an interview with AFP.


But CLSA, an arm of French bank Credit Agricole, decided to close Palin’s session to the media after the former Alaska governor indicated that she would have to adjust her speech if reporters were present, Slone said.

“We are very pleased with her attitude towards us. Sarah could have come here and made a media circus,” he said.

“But we said to her, ‘Look, we want you to give the most information to our clients. Do you feel comfortable doing that with the press around?’

“She said, ‘If I do that with the press in the room, I will have to say different things.’”

Slone said they decided to close the event to media because the primary objective of the annual forum was to let their clients get hold of as much industry-related information from the speakers as possible.

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G. Gordon Liddy: What a joke, indeed

Via Twitter:


Ladies and gentleman, fashion icon G. Gordon Liddy…

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