Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just like Bush

President Barack Obama salutes as a carry team carries the transfer case containing the remains of Army Sgt. Dale R. Griffin of Terre Haute, Ind., who died in Afghanistan according to the Department of Defense, during a dignified transfer at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Del., Thursday, Oct. 29, 2009. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

MORE: Here and here.

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Thursday Morning Music: McCarthy Trenching’s “The Most Attractive Disguise”

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eek Week Day 7: Return of the Revenge of The Son of the Bride of Eek Week Day 1: The Nitpickening

Welcome back to the increasingly threadbare Eek Week series as it shambles toward its merciful conclusion!

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I don’t know what’s best about the Human Garbage Index….

...that it’s a flat-out fabulous idea or that people are already giving TS shit in the comments about the selections and the rankings (even though there are no rules).

It’s because of moments like this that I fucking love the poliblogosphere almost as much as I hate it.

Posted by Kevin K. on 10/28/09 at 03:39 PM

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Is Amy Siskind of The New Agenda a “liar-liar”?


Or just “stupid-stupid”? I’m going with the former after reading the breathtakingly dishonest and delusional screed currently front-paged at The New Agenda blog.

Sometimes I think the best way to deal with raving nincompoops like Siskind is to ignore them. After all, is she really any more relevant than the floridly delusional twits who still believe Hillary Clinton speaks to them in pantsuit-code and avidly reads their shitty blogs for special birthday greetings?

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Posted by Betty Cracker on 10/28/09 at 01:17 PM

Please make a note of it

Paul Krugman will now be referred to as “the formerly-liberal perfesser.” Updated PB 2.0 manuals will be distributed in the morning. Thank you.

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We Are Douchebags

So many applications for this…

(careful at work—profanity)

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CNN has actually embedded a reporter with the EPIC FAIL that is Tea Party Express II…

Here’s why CNN thinks it’s newsworthy. Check out the massive turnout for tea party in Fresno on Monday (video—top right). My favorite part in the local news report occurs at around the 40 second mark when the guy in the black shirt with no one else around him looks over his shoulder to see who else is there.  Answer: NOBODY. Except for CNN.

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Posted by Kevin K. on 10/28/09 at 07:58 AM

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Wednesday Morning Music: Yo La Tengo’s “I’m on My Way”

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Sarah Palin is no longer the worst thing to come from Alaska

Ladies and gentleman, Angoon, AK’s Eagles N Ravens [via Rappers That Suck]...

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eek Week Day 6: Aw, c’mon, 6? How’m I s’posed to tie the number 6 into a horror theme?

Welcome back to Gil Mann’s Undersea Castle ot Terror, where fear’s depths are plumbed and the electronics, as it turns out, are water-resistant, not -proof, but that’s cool, we just go over a friend’s place to watch stuff and type up posts. So technically welcome to Frank’s. And we’re not really talking about movies today anyway; no, today we’re going to perform an autopsy of the conservative corpse in a torrid little tale we call…

Before You Die You See the Wing

Mwa Ha ha! Foolish right-wingers, they never even see their comeuppance comeupping.

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Fox, meet henhouse

Holy god, did Obama ever shit in his hat when he called out Fox News! Per NewsBusters:

If the Obama administration’s attack on Fox News was designed to diminish the cable network’s influence, the White House has failed miserably.

In fact, since Anita Dunn’s now infamous appearance on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” when she claimed Fox isn’t a real news network, the cabler has seen HUGE gains in overall viewing AND in the important demographic aged 25 to 54.

If this is Obama’s effectiveness attacking a cable network, we should all be concerned about his ability to protect our nation from REAL enemies.

Ooookay. We know that, unlike any other cable news network or the American public in general, the majority of Fox News viewers are Republicans.  So what are these majority-Republican viewers hearing on Fox News?

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Posted by Betty Cracker on 10/27/09 at 11:11 AM

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Quote of the Day: Atrios

From Eschaton on Afghanistan and Iraq:

We can only leave when everyone in the country is happy for us to stay.

That sums the whole mess up perfectly.

Posted by Kevin K. on 10/27/09 at 10:27 AM

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Keith Olbermann’s Worst Person in the World: Rush Limbaugh gets punk’d by Obama’s thesis

Kind of old news, but worth it to see the video of Rush wildly gesticulating, even when he’s “backpeddling like a bear on a unicycle.” Bonus points for calling Limbaugh a “chowderhead” (a criminally underused term of derision) and comparing him to Orly Taitz…

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

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Tuesday Morning Music: Unknown 80’s NYC Public Access Guy’s “You’re My Dream Girl”

I was going to post something by Yo La Tengo, but this is so much better.  Warning: abrupt ending.  You WILL be bummed.

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