Monday, October 26, 2009

Eek Week Day Five: Revenge of the Son of the Bride of Eek Week Day One: The Phone It Innening

Well, if I had an A game, this would not be the day I’d be bringing it, but workload and migraine be damned—I said I’d post something horror-related every day leading up to Halloween, and I would never lie to you, as you are neither my employer nor a potential second date. Today’s hastily-chosen subject:

Scenes from Horror Movies that are Scarier than the Scenes Said Horror Movies are Known For

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Your Evening Biscuit

Getting a lot of complaints about not posting any additional pics of our kitten Biscuit.  Still adorable, still cute, still tons o’ fun (good cripes, I can’t convey how much joy she gave us tonight with a simple prop like a paper bag*)...


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3:15 ET today. Thank god. I’m suffocating from all of the speculation.

UPDATE: Presser is about to start. Open thread!

MORE: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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Attack of the Grievance-Hoarding Emo Blogger

This is my gift to Gil Mann, the Keeper of the Rumproast All Hallows Magic Lantern, and our fearless guide to things that go Quelle surprise! in the night.

Trick or treat, Eek-Boy.

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Yet another idea I wish I had come up with ... This cracked me up:

Yes, this dude did remix that Jeremih song and call it Breakfast Sex. And yes, he is rapping about huevos rancheros and leche.


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Bob Somerby gets an Instalanche for “spanking” Rachel Maddow!

A late congrats to Our Own Monotonous Crank! You’re incomparable! Spank spank!

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Rudy = FAIL

The best thing about all of the chatter about Rudy Giuliani running for NY governor, which I don’t think is going to happen, is that we get to relive THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED IN 2008 over and over and over again:

One of the most spectacular failures in presidential-primary history concluded on January 30, 2008. That was the day Rudy Giuliani, fresh from his 15 percent, third-place showing in the Florida Republican primary, appeared next to John McCain and announced he was dropping out and endorsing his former rival as the best man for the job. “Obviously, I thought I was that person,” Rudy said at the time. “The voters made another choice.”

No one—not John McCain, not Bill Clinton—walked away from the 2008 presidential campaign as diminished as Rudy Giuliani. He entered the campaign with one of the most valuable brands in American politics and drove it straight into a tree. It’s hard to chronicle all the embarrassments: the Kerik indictment, the stories about taxpayer funds spent for his then-girlfriend Judith Nathan’s security; that bizarre cell-phone call he took from Nathan during a 2007 speech to the NRA.

And then there was his cockamamy campaign strategy, in which he sat out the Iowa caucuses, skipping a contest that riveted the world for a month, and competed halfheartedly in New Hampshire and South Carolina. By the time he made his infamous last stand in Florida, hoping that weeks of appearances at NASCAR tracks and Little Havana parades could make up for the ground he’d lost, it was too late.


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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eek Week Day the 13th: The Final Chapter, in that it’s the fourth one and nowhere near final

(Note to readers: the discussion spurred by yesterday’s Eek Week entry got me in a Foggy kinda mood. The following piece assumes familiarity on the part of the audience with both John Carpenter’s The Fog and Errol Morris’s The Fog of War for maximum humorous effect)

(Note to readers familiar with both films: The following piece assumes a rather low bar on the part of the audience for what constitutes “humorous”)

(Note to readers familiar with both films who possess a rather low bar for what constitutes “humorous”: LET’S DO THIS)

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...the Jets are playing.

If you don’t care about football, spend some time reading the brutally honest, Gonzo review stylings of Andrew “Stagger Lee” L., the best thing to happen to Yelp since they landed that domain name. He reviews just about everything from Tennessee flea markets to Brooklyn Central Booking to Long Island Railroad (he accidentally gets trapped in a locked-down station in a drunken stupor) to random neighborhood oddballs. Well worth a glance (and a chuckle).

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Little Bitsy FTW!

Little Bitsy was the winner of week 12 in the Cutest Dog Competition! Woo hoo!  She’s now a semi-finalist and you can vote for her here. [via Balloon Juice]

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eek Week Day 3D: Son of the Bride of Eek Week Day One: The You’re Not My Real Daddening

Nobody reads blogs on Saturday, right? ‘Cause i’m rarin’ to punt over here.

Today’s Eek Week entry will focus on unjustly maligned horror films more than deserving of a second chance. I was going to also point out some widely-ignored flaws in some of the genre’s accepted masterpieces and maybe even take down some classics that don’t deserve their status, but let’s just get the happy crappy outta the way, nobody’ll read it, and I can start drinking early.

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Weblog Awards Update

A few things have changed since we last posted about the 2009 Weblog Awards. The nominations will now begin on October 29th (Thursday) and Rumproast currently qualifies for the Best Very Large Blog category with a Technorati authority rating of a whopping 606. I’m not crazy about competing in that category, but, then again, ha ha, it could be an ass-kicking good time.

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Saturday (Late) Morning Music: Bowerbirds’ “Teeth” & “Northern Lights”

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Eek Week Day Two: Bride of Eek Week Day One, in that it’s shorter and less stupidly confrontational

(Note: one joke in the penultimate sentence of the first paragraph aside, this Eek Week entry, unlike yesterday’s installment, doesn’t even make a half-assed nod in the direction of this blog’s mission statement. It’s just straight-up horror, no politics involved. It’s like the opposite of… oh wait, there’s no such thing as the opposite of that.)

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Coolest. Protest. Ever.

Those wild, wacky, wonderful Billionaires for Wealthcare struck again today, crashing an AHIP conference. Hilarity—and melody!—ensued:

Guerrilla musical, huh? Genius. Pure genius.

[H/T: Rachel Maddow show]

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