Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Florida GOP boss ousted by teabaggers


Jim Greer, Florida GOP Chair and ally of current FL governor and senate candidate Charlie Crist, resigned today:

On a conference call with reporters just now, Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer officially announced his resignation, effective on February 20. He took the opportunity to tear into his right-wing critics for wanting a smaller party and accused them of pulling apart the GOP itself in order to take him out.

Crist and allies like Greer have been under attack by teabagger darling and Crist senate seat rival Marco Rubio. So is Greer some sort of namby-pamby New England-style RINO? Nope—he’s the same Greer who caused a nationwide furor by going nutso at the prospect of the president addressing school children this past fall:

As the father of four children, I am absolutely appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to spread President Obama’s socialist ideology. The idea that school children across our nation will be forced to watch the President justify his plans for government-run health care, banks, and automobile companies, increasing taxes on those who create jobs, and racking up more debt than any other President, is not only infuriating, but goes against beliefs of the majority of Americans, while bypassing American parents through an invasive abuse of power.

Remember, Greer—GREER!—isn’t wingnutty enough for Rubio and crew. Jeebus save us…

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MADtv looks into crystal ball and presents Darlene McBride’s “Take Back America” Tour

Not sure of the exact date this aired on MADtv, but pretty sure it was in the late 90’s. Very prescient. Kinda reminds you of something, don’t it? [hat tip justlen]

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Things I Learned from My Progressive Betters #39

According to two bloggers at The Smirking Chimp, Barack Obama is a “little prick.” Yay progressives!

First we have Hofstra’s very mad professor and the teabirther’s useful tool David Michael Green:

Hey did you hear about the iconic African-American guy who plays golf, and whose relationship with the public is in a free-fall lately?

No, as a matter of fact - I’m not talking about Tiger Woods.

You know, I’ve really been trying not to write an article every other week about all the things I don’t like about Barack Obama.

But the little prick is making it very hard.

Like any good progressive, I’ve gone from admiration to hope to disappointment to anger when it comes to this president. Now I’m fast getting to rage.

How much rage? I find myself thinking that the thing I want most from the 2010 elections is for his party to get absolutely clobbered, even if that means a repeat of 1994. And that what I most want from 2012 is for him to be utterly humiliated, even if that means President Palin at the helm. That much rage.

Dude, you’ve slipped far past rage and have settled into profound psychosis. Get help. (NOTE TO OUR READERS: If you have children, DO NOT SEND THEM TO HOFSTRA.)

And then we have the irrepressible progressive prop comic Perry Logan:

I knew Obama was a fraud during the primaries. Like many others, I tried to warn my dimmer progressive colleagues they were being bamboozled. But even I thought the guy was a Democrat. I just thought he was a creepy, bad Democrat who stood somewhat to the right of Dick Cheney on most issues. The people who thought he was da bomb were mostly Clintophobes [sic], the bottom feeders of U.S. politics.

And I say that with love. :)

Every progressive, Democrat, and liberal in the United States should be calling for Obama’s immediate resignation right now.

Listen, I love the little pr*ck like a brother, but Obama is a trainwreck. He is at least eighty lightyears to the right of Bill Clinton and is well on his way to destroying the Democratic Party. Hard to believe some progressives actually fought dirty for this guy.

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Tuesday doggy bloggy


Look at the size of that puppy on the right! She’s seven months old now and nearly as large as her mom already.

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Can you have 1937 both ways?

Paul Krugman wrote a well reasoned, if somewhat depressing, op-ed in the NY Times today invoking the lessons of 1937 i.e. believing the economy is recovering faster than it is and neglecting to take the steps to keep things moving.

The next G.D.P. report is likely to show solid growth in late 2009. There will be lots of bullish commentary — and the calls we’re already hearing for an end to stimulus, for reversing the steps the government and the Federal Reserve took to prop up the economy, will grow even louder.

But if those calls are heeded, we’ll be repeating the great mistake of 1937, when the Fed and the Roosevelt administration decided that the Great Depression was over, that it was time for the economy to throw away its crutches. Spending was cut back, monetary policy was tightened — and the economy promptly plunged back into the depths.

He argues rather convincingly that some of the reports coming out (increase in manufacturing, etc.) are statistical blips and should not be considered as a reason to discontinue stimulus efforts.  Which he believes are already on the way to being discontinued.  He may or may not be right.  (Japan made the same mistakes in the mid-90’s.)  But the points are well taken.

Almost inextricable, however, is this response to Krugman’s piece.  I mean I know we’re not dealing with a real top-of-the-line intellectual thinker here but how did the Commies and the Nazis get involved?

Moscow was staging show trials and executions, Nazi Germany was staging its dress rehearsal in Spain while Hitler finetuned his “Lebensraum” policy and warmed up the Holocaust with a spiralling series of restrictions on Jews and other minorities, Japan was busy raping Nanking, and Neville Chamberlain became prime minister. Lots of Americans, including large parts of the body politic, assumed none of that was their problem. Nothing they needed to worry about behind their oceans, anyway. In 1937, the Democratic president of the United States didn’t fully get it yet, either, though shortly he would, and would rise to become a major figure in world history for his stalwart and even ruthless struggle against dire threats to freedom both before and after the United States entered the war.

What. does. any. of. this. have. to. do. with. theeconomystupid?

But let’s throw global warming in there for good measure while we’re at it.  Shorter Crittendon:  “If Obama would just bomb Iran, none of this would have happened!”

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The arrival of Y2010 switches Mittbott to “ON” position


And you thought the ‘tweens & teens might be a dull decade in comparison to the tragicomic aughties! But like an animatronic groundhog issuing forth from his Punxsutawney-based battery charger, the quasi-lifelike android known as Mitt Romney emitted a short burst of static and prepared to hit the campaign trail on a No Apologies book tour, which portends endless mirth and entertainment.

The tour started out with an apology of sorts—an effort to quash unflattering comparisons with Governor Moosemunch’s magnum opus and the attendant hullabaloo:

“Inevitably there are going to be comparisons with the Sarah Palin book,’’ said Eric Fehrnstrom, a Romney spokesman. “We’re not going to match her crowd size or sales. These are two different people with different ways of expressing themselves.’’

No doubt. Palin might be a vicious, pea-brained, whining wingnut with a Queen Esther complex, but even most of her enemies assume she’s a human being, and to her supporters, she’s a human being who has transformed into a religious icon—a Moose-Slaying Madonna whose Word is the ultimate Shield of Faith against unbelieving heathen hordes. Romney’s effort is unlikely to send thrills up the legs of anyone aside from Hugh Hewitt. (And the less said about those particular appendages, the better. Some of us are still dealing with hangovers.)

Still, the title of Romney’s upcoming book is calculated to provoke, as foreshadowed in an interview Romney did on the Hannity show this past summer, in which Romney attempted to emulate human wingnut resentment toward Obama’s “Hey, I’m not George W. Bush!” tour of Europe and the Middle East, which was marked by stunning, soul-shattering admissions that America is not perfect:

HANNITY: All right. Let’s talk about this apology tour. You were at the Heritage Foundation and basically blasted the president for this ongoing apology tour. Is this what we’re going to get now in the next four days?

ROMNEY: I sure hope not. I hope he listened to my comments and those that you’re making and that other people have made. Actually the Britain’s paper, The Guardian, said that this American president has been more critical of his own country while on foreign soil than any American president in history.

That’s not a distinction you want at any time. But particularly now with the North Koreans pursuing their weapons of mass destruction, with Iran, belligerently pursuing their nuclear ambition. With all that’s happening in the world, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and Somalia and across the world, you want an American president who is confident and determined in our protection of freedom, and in the fact that America is a great nation and that we have sacrificed more than any other nation to help other people reclaim freedom, and given all of that, these constant apologies, I think, are quite troublesome.

“Quite troublesome” is the Romnoid version of “godless commie pinko foreign Muslim supremacist goat-fucker.” It will be fascinating to see what other epithets Romney .2012 employs to try to co-opt the teabaggers, particularly since he’ll be forced to spin his Massachusetts health care reform effort as something wholly apart from the Democrats’ reform bill and without a shred of socialism and government takeover in sight despite numerous similarities.

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“America Rising”: Angry, Ratfucking Wingnut Typeface Can’t Decide What It Hates Most

Man, that is one pissed-off font. So pissed-off that it hates Corporatism and Socialism simultaneously. It also hates “Leftists,” “Liberals” and “Liberal Policies,” although not necessarily in that order. Deep down, I’m pretty sure it hates itself for being such an easily deluded character-set.

And you just know that font represents all of us regretful Democrats who feel betrayed by Obama, Reid and Pelosi, because it tells us so. And it says “We” right up front, just to be clear. Plus, it uses authentic Democrat-on-Democrat attack-words like “Tax,” “Spend” and “Redistribute.” Like it or not, everything in this video has the Ring of Truth.

Nothing illustrates “disaffected single-payer health care advocate” like images of Old Glory, deranged Town Hall Meeting crashers and militant Red Staters with Gadsden flags.

And nothing says “unstoppable, big-money grassroots revolution” like floating type-treatments, still-frame images and shareware editing effects set to a generic library music knock-off of Carmina Burana, you betcha.

Freepers, PUMAs and their affiliated deep-cover Yankee Dandy Whacknoodle sleeper cells are giving themselves chills by posting this in high rotation and “making it go viral.” However, mysterious Youtube “blocks” and inept downloaders have notorious shit-stirrers like Dan Riehl speculating that the video file is “under attack” by “Obots,” who apparently have total control of online media, just like the Jews.

If, like me, you can’t sleep at night because you’re wracked with guilt for supporting Obama despite the Greek Chorus of Wise Voices who TRIED TO WARN YOU and TOLD YOU SO…watch this video now, and watch it repeatedly. I guarantee you’ll be fast asleep and dreaming about puppies before the PUMAs are done watching Matlock

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Quote of the (Yester)day

From Roy Edroso:

Hate to tell ya, buddy, but we don’t see the pink elephants or the leprechaun that tells you to burn things, either.

Go read.

UPDATE: A new blog is born. So much material to be had.

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Weblog Awards Canceled

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. We will cherish our memories forever.

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Things I Learned from Correntewhiner #27

Apparently Ani DiFranco is a sexist pig. Good to know.

Perhaps she was an Obama supporter. It seems to instantly qualify you as a vicious misogynist in The Land of the Perpetually Aggrieved. I hope they write that into the final proposal for the Just-Us Party.

p.s. Is there any blogger who comes up with lamer rebuttals than Lambert Strether 2.0?  (Another example here.) The answer, according to this D-lister (ha!), is obviously “n-o-o-o-o-o.”

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

John McCain Beats Out Palin to Scuttle Scott Brown’s Run for MA Senate Seat

John McCain delivers the Kiss of Death to Naked Teabagger Scott Brown.

McCain went public with his endorsement while Sarah Palin, whom many Conservatives Militant Secessionists had hoped would work her “NY-23 Magic” on the underdog Conservative candidate, was still snow-machining into the New Year under the Full Red Moon on her homeworld of Planet Denali.

One of them had to do it, eventually. A Palin endorsement—while burnishing Palin’s 2012 conservo-cred—would have rendered Brown, the only Republican in the race, almost radioactively Teabaggy in a state that was proud of hosting the original Tea Party before the concept was co-opted by crazed Obamaphobes and Kennedy-haters. 

However, by exercising his first-strike capability, McCain has practically assured a GOP loss in a contest that is widely considered unwinnable by odds-makers on both sides (viz. Nate Silver and Real Clear Politics) and has already been abandoned by the national GOP.

Better yet—from a GOP strategy standpoint—McCain’s pre-emptive move has cast any subsequent Palin endorsement of Brown as a decidedly un-Roguey “me-too” suck-up to a man she whacked in the face with the stitched binding of her recent autobimbography, I’d Be VP Now If McQueeg Hadn’t Been Such a Senile Pussy.

I hate to give either McCain or the GOP points for intelligence, but it appears the lessons of the Hoffman debacle have not been lost on them. Plus, you just know Johnny McVengeance has been itching for a chance to stick it to Governor Ingrate.

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Britster Christian

Jeebus christ.

UPDATE: Here’s the video…

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Is college football going all emo-pants?*


Gorging on holiday bowl games, I couldn’t help but notice a trend: Coaches fired or on the hot seat for hurting players’ fee-fees. Mike Leach at Texas Tech got shit-canned because he made player Adam James sit in a tool shed or something, which Leach denies. I have no idea what actually transpired, but James’ father is the über-smarmy Craig James, so I tend to believe Leach’s version.

Then Kansas coach Mark Mangino got the boot for being abusive:

Former Kansas wide receiver Raymond Brown, a senior last season, said Mangino would often “say personal, hurtful, embarrassing things in front of people.”

Fer chrissake. I bet he never called any of them fat slobs.

Jim Leavitt, coach of the USF Bulls, is currently under investigation for smacking a player around. The player’s father and several others were pushing the story, which they’ve backed off from somewhat, but it remains a major controversy and threatens the career and reputation of the guy who built the USF program.

The legendary coach at my alma mater, Urban Meyer, hasn’t been accused of abusing players, but he has revealed himself to be somewhat of a head case this drama-filled week. Dealing with overgrown babies in the program is undoubtedly one of stressors that goes along with getting paid $4M a year to coach the Gators.

Poor Meyer would probably be painting sand dollars in a padded room if it weren’t for the great Tim Tebow, who I’m certain not only never gave Meyer a moment’s worry but could talk Satan into wearing John 3:16 on his eye black and selling Vegas to fund a Filipino orphanage.

Anyway, I’m wondering if Bear Bryant would make it in today’s college football emo-fest. The Junction Boys would probably hire Gloria Allred and sue the poor bastard.

*Credit for the phrase “emo-pants” goes to John Cole

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Friday, January 01, 2010

Rumproast 2010: New Year’s Day Hangover Hugs & Kisses

If you can look at this graphic without wincing, you didn’t have enough to drink.

WAKEY, WAKEY! It’s the first day of 2010 (or “XX0X” in the Old Rumpic Calendar). And no matter how early it is, Teh Stupid has already been upright, blogging and making fools of themselves on FoxNews for at least an hour.

Sure, it hurts to move. And, yes, you’re wearing the clothes you swapped with a junkie at the Greyhound Station. But, gosh darn it, staring at the toilet and making kitty-hairball gacking noises isn’t going to move the Overton Window, dictate the acceptable limits of Online Progressive Dialogue or unsled Sarah Palin’s Idiotarod to the White House in 2012.

Kevin K. has given us this safe, nurturing, trigger-free platform from which to unleash Psionic Waves of 4th-Generation Asymmetric Snark against the Evil Outernet of Unassimilated Nobots and Nutters. But, as a poor but wise man once observed, these rats ain’t gonna fuck themselves.

Let’s brush off the peanut shells, fish the butts out of our beer mugs and squint blearily into the blazing dawn of the Decade of Rumproast! Deus Lo Volt!

Oh, and BTW, I really love you guys. *hic*

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We Are Hereby Resolved To Have A Hopey New Year!

    Hopey New Year!

The corks have popped, the confetti’s thrown, the revels have faded into the watery grey light of a January morning. Is it not time to take stock, to assess where we may have gone off the rails, to try to set matters aright, to resolve to make amends and start anew? There are, after all, certain members of the blogosphere who have been done hard by, and have expressed an interest in letting bygones be bygones, if their offenders would only apologise.

That’s all. Not such a much. Just a little apology. Little one.


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