Thursday, February 25, 2010

President Obama’s Health Care Summit Open Thread

There’s no way in hell we’re gonna live blog a six-hour-long thingee, but here’s an open thread for Roasters to comment about it. You can watch live streams of the throat-ramming summit at C-Span, MSNBC or the Sunlight Foundation. Rep. Anthony Weiner will be liveblogging it here [new link].  Drop any other links you think would be helpful in the comments.

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Chanting at the Urn: Muffled Echoes Greet High Priestess of Facebook Messaging

Remember all the recent media coverage of Sarah Palin’s Facebook pronouncements on Wisconsin Congressional candidate Sean Duffy? Global warming? The death of Alexander Haig? Team USA’s Olympic hockey win against Canada? Or today’s Healthcare Summit Meeting?

Me neither.

When even “perfume on a pig” draws nothing but eye-rolls and charity chuckles, you know the gods have stopped listening. 

[Gratitude for the inspiration—and the illustration—to David Macaulay’s deathless Motel of the Mysteries.]

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Crazy like a (naked, truck-driving) fox


At first glance, it might appear to have been a mistake for Massachusetts Senator Cosmo TruckNutz to wrap his sinewy arms around Obama’s socialist jobs bill on Monday. As chronicled here, formerly smitten teabaggy fans went berserk on the senator’s Facebook page—to the point where his post on the topic had to be removed.

But the vote was actually a brilliant move. Why? Because the ensuing brouhaha served as a distraction for the potentially far more damaging revelations about Brown that came out on the same day in this New York Times piece.

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“A wholly-owned subsidiary of the insurance industry”

I think Representative Weiner is getting a bit weary of obstructionism.

[H/T: TPM]

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Crescent Rolled: NASA’s Ares Rocket Program Totally in the Tank for Obama, Islam

...just like the damned Missile Defense Agency logo. Fuckin’ geometric shapes are taking over America and laughing at WE THE PEOPLE, dude.

What are they gonna say about Frank Gaffney? What are they gonna say? That he was a kind man? That he was a wise man? That he had plans, man? That he had wisdom? Bullshit, man! 

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Blair House Project: Republicans are afraid Obama is going to ram “it” down their throats!

Hold the flashlight up to your face ... OBAMACARE PENIS ATTACK!!! AIYEEEEEEEEE!

[via the NRCC ... yes, they really, really made this.]

Posted by Kevin K. on 02/24/10 at 06:35 PM

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...Where One Woman, Flying Low into the Sun, Might Just Get Through

Well, it’s that time again. And again. And again. And again.

Is Weigel right? Or will Hillary jam the throttle and go auguring into the conning tower of the USS Mulligan, in a last-ditch Hail-Mary run against Obama, Palin and/or an Insane Teabagger TBA? Inquiring minds are obviously bored to paste-eating distraction with C-SPAN and the Olympics.

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This is getting fucking snowdiculous:

The same storm that brought a gentle snowfall across Texas on Tuesday will reach the Northeast in the form of an atmospheric monster with damaging winds, blinding snow, torrential rain, huge waves and flooding.

In the hardest-hit areas, it will seem more like a “snowacane,” as a mere blizzard may not adequately describe conditions of this soon-to-be powerful nor’easter.

Massive Rumproast Bonus Points to anyone who comes up with something better than “Snowtorious B.I.G.” from the last storm in the comments.

Posted by Kevin K. on 02/24/10 at 01:44 PM

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Breitbart: “I’ll Give You DYNA-BAG POWER to Crush the ‘Institutional Left’...IN JUST 21 DAYS!!!”

Enraged, gamma ray-infused Meta-Loon and New-Media-of-the-Absurd info-mogul Andrew Breitbart recently appeared on FoxNews’ reality shitcom “Red Eye,” where he announced to fellow Wingnut bilge-bellows Greg Gutfeld that he wanted to “go down on in history” as the man who would rain ultimate destruction on “the Institutional Left” about three weeks, give or take, weather permitting. 

And, no, he didn’t actually reveal his dreaded Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique for busting the balls of Radical Liberalism. But, judging from the clips of his offstage rampage at CPAC, it seems likely to involve continuing to be a self-promoting, confrontational hosebag/bully.

[H/T to Matt Yglesias, via Betty Cracker and Kevin K.]

PS: More Breitbart Fun-Blogging Photo Source is available here.

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The Revolution *Will* Be Televised

Yesterday I wrote that I thought the teabaggers were a huge gift to the left, primarily because I think they’re going to wreak havoc on the GOP machine and push forward less-electable, far-right candidates in upcoming elections, but I’m not naive and fully realize that the “movement” is getting primarily sympathetic spin from Our Stupid Media.  That’s a HUGE problem. Teabaggers are being portrayed as CONCERNED CITIZENS (the anti-war protesters clearly weren’t) and Driftglass has posted an excellent takedown of an egregious fluff job that the Wingnut Warriors were treated to yesterday courtesy of Chicago’s PBS affiliate. Give it a perusal and then watch the video of the stacked PBS roundtable here.

Unfortunately, aside from showcasing how fundamentally nutty, mean and ill-informed teabaggers are via the blogosphere (and occasionally through pubs like the NYT), I don’t have a good solution as to how to alter the media’s faulty (and dangerous) positive portrayal of this movement. You?

p.s. If you need a palette cleanser after that you can listen to Dave Weigel’s excellent interview last night about CPAC and the teabaggers from Fresh Air.

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Yet Another Reason to Hate The Daily Beast


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Wednesday Morning Music: Smog’s “Rock Bottom Riser”

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One Hand, No Flashlight: Luminous TP Heralds Brave New World of Halloween Pranks, Crotch-Stuffing

Sure, it’s eight bucks a roll if you buy it, and it’s going to be hard as hell to steal after sundown. But it’s the realization of one of mankind’s oldest dreams…although I don’t remember precisely which one. 

Truly, we live in wondrous times.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Leader Boehner:  We’re Going to Crash Health Reform Party

Yes, John Boehner announced today that Republicans intend to “crash the party” that Obama’s putting on this Thursday.

OK cool.  But, um.  Soooo.  Didn’t President Obama very explicitly invite the Repubs to the Health Care Summit?  So, I mean, how do you crash a party you’re invited to?  Boehner goes on to say that they haven’t actually accepted any invitation yet.

Boehner explained that leaders are waiting for a response from White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to a letter they sent earlier this month that asked a series of questions on the bipartisan summit.

“It’s our intent to be there on Thursday. We’re waiting on a response and we’re hopeful that we’ll receive one soon,” Boehner explained.

So is not RSVP’ing, then showing up anyway, the new “party crashing”?  But there’s no point in trying to decipher what he meant by any of this.  It’s just more Republican silliness, joshing and shoving each other and shifting from one foot to the next because, truthfully, they don’t know how to handle this whole summit idea.

Dan Pfeiffer, writing on the White House website, couldn’t resist thumbing his nose a little over the failure of the Repubs to post their comprehensive solutions to the health care crisis.  To which they responded “We did!  We posted this!”  Like, about, last October or something.  And it’s the House Republicans *plan*, Senate Repubs not involved.  But anyway it’s not as LONG as the stupid Dem/Pelosi Wicked Takeover plan. 

Um, what’s that?  You say “long” isn’t the issue any more?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  Now the Democrats plan is too short.  Freaking bunch of Goldilocks, I swear.

But the people who brought us this health care plan are complaining that the White House proposal is too short?

  * Number one: let families and businesses buy health insurance across state lines.
  * Number two: allow individuals, small businesses, and trade associations to pool together and acquire health insurance at lower prices, the same way large corporations and labor unions do.
  * Number three: give states the tools to create their own innovative reforms that lower health care costs.
  * Number four: end junk lawsuits that contribute to higher health care costs by increasing the number of tests and procedures that physicians sometimes order not because they think it’s good medicine, but because they are afraid of being sued.

That plan’s palm sized, is what it is.

Expect lots more of this before Thursday.  Bring popcorn.

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Tuesday Evening Music (Documentary): Gil Scott-Heron’s “On Being New Here”

An 11-minute-long documentary on the making of Gil Scott-Heron‘s wonderful new album I’m New Here that we wrote about a couple of weeks ago...

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