Friday, March 26, 2010

Jesus wept.


Iconic Pope-photo ripper and rocker Sinéad O’Connor wrote an interesting piece for the WaPo on the Catholic Church’s burgeoning pedophilia scandal and its profound effect on Ireland. Bill Donohue wonders why Ireland—Ireland, fercrissake!—is pissing on the Pope.

Donohue warns that he’s had enough, damn it—“this is the last straw”—and he will be settling some hash in next Tuesday’s NYT. Those damn hearing-impaired kids in Wisconsin and little whiners in Munich need to get off the Pope’s lawn already.

[H/T: D Johnston for the Donohue YouTube]

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finally, Some Flames of Voter Anger Michele Bachmann Declines to Fan

It’s like they run her head through a bulk degausser every night at bedtime so the tapes are blank when she wakes up in the morning. Is it possible that this woman is even less self-aware than Sarah Palin?

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Three Up, Three Down, Obama Retires the Side

House. Senate. House. Eephus pitch, slider, fast ball.

HCR Reconciliation whiffs past the last bat, 220-207.

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The Party of No Ideas

My apologies to any Nazi readers.

Hat tip to Mr. Gimme.

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George Soros Ponders the Next Phase of America’s Deconstruction

Obviously, George is a “Big Picture” kind of guy, but Victor Davis Hanson fills in the details.

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Truth in advertising


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Sour Grapes and Poison Pills: GOP Launches First Attack Over Votes on Bad-Faith “Gotcha” Amendments

Republican Senators knew that the reconciliation vote on HCR was foreordained, so they did what Conservatives always do in the face of humiliating defeat—they turned lemons into monkey-poop.

Because Democrats hoped to pass the bill without revisions in order to avoid a re-vote in the House, Republicans floated 32 “Whoopee Cushion” prank amendments for the express purpose of forcing the Dems into casting “No” votes on eminently-smearable, campaign-ad-ready issues like (but surprisingly not including) a binding resolution to release Christ instead of Barrabas.    . 

Today, the National Republican Senatorial Committee posted its first predictable “shame on you” release feigning shocked indignation over Washington Sen. Patty Murray’s vote to block an amendment proposed by Sen. Tom Coburn that included a provision prohibiting “coverage of Viagra and other ED medications to convicted child molesters, rapists, and sex offenders.”

“Patty Murray’s decision to allow individuals convicted of child molestation, rape, or other forms of sexual assault to obtain taxpayer-funded drugs like Viagra is disgusting and disturbing,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokeswoman Amber Marchand. “Once again, Murray put partisan politics before her constituents, and showed Washingtonians that she’s beholden to the extreme left. We’re confident that voters will hold Senator Murray accountable for this revolting vote in November.”

In the end, all of the booby-trapped amendments were voted down, although it turns out the HCR bill will require a second-look by the House this evening to resolve minor parliamentary challenges. And while we can expect the Pubbies to make campaign hay out of every defeated Amendment to Save the Drowning Puppies and Return Mothra’s Egg, the growing momentum for passage of the Democracy Restoration Act gives me hope that the loss of a few outraged independents and bumper-sticker voters will be more than offset by the fortuitious onstreaming of four million newly-reenfranchised ex-felons who (hopefully) like Viagra and hate puppies.

UPDATE: The Moonie Times is workin’ the crazy hard and fast. “Apparently, saving the House from an embarrassing vote was more important than protecting the public from chemically empowered predators.” Hey, now!

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Best. Hannity. Interview. Ever.

Go watch and laugh (but careful at work due to excessive, chaw-soaked cussin’).

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“Not that Virginia is a telephone…”

The NRCC has put together a stirring tribute to their favorite loopy bird-lady Virginia Foxx who won some meaningless award with—surprise!—Ronald Reagan’s name affixed to it.  Supposedly one of the best things she ever did was make fun of David Olbey’s pencil (ha ha, foolish documenter of important things!) to drive home a point that makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. Or maybe it’s an example of that “common sense” they keep yammering about. You check it out at about the 2:40 mark and tell me. Apparently she made Olbey’s pencils shake which, of course, means that she is a witch.

She never sleeps, she is not a telephone, and she hates the fucking shit out of pencils. Congrats to Virginia Foxx, winner of something!

UPDATE: They should have included this footage…

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I bet Senator Cosmo TruckNutz von Zoolander regrets his decision to pick on Rachel Maddow:

Try lying about a Fox spokesmodel next time, Hottie McFail.

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Thursday Morning Music: Delaney Davidson’s “Homeward Bound”

BONUS CUT: Delaney Davidson’s “Around the World”...

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Wonderfulness of Yourself, Sir

The coolest adult of my pre-teen youth has hipstered on

I feel bad for the generations that only knew him in his later career as a caricature villain or a Zuckerish parody of his I Spy Beat-Generation 007. And while most obits will likely focus on the the historicity of his partnering with Bill Cosby in the first black/white network “buddy” team, real culture wonks will be huddled around their flatscreens tonight to watch him skulking with balletic grace through the ornate labyrinth of the Bradbury Building in Harlan Ellison’s brooding, pre-CyberPunk fugue on technology, damnation and lonely redemption, “Demon With a Glass Hand.”

Thanks, Bob, for making Dad let me stay up late.     

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Cranky McCain Plays Politics with Safety of Westerners


Mark Udall, one of Colorado’s Democratic senators, had scheduled a committee meeting Tuesday to discuss Udall’s proposed bill to protect communities in the Rocky Mountain west from the pine bark beetle invasion. 

For a little background - partly as a result of overgrown forests and partly as a result of a serious drought in the area a few years back, the Rocky Mountains has suffered a serious infestation of pine bark beetles.  The upshot of an infestation is that pine trees, primarily lodge poles which are extremely prevalent in the Rockies, are killed dead in a year.  Estimates are that this epidemic will eventually kill around 90% of the lodge poles.  This has many consequences including greatly increased fire danger for the few years that the dead trees hold dry pine needles, loss of habitat for wildlife and danger from falling trees blown over by the wind, to name just a few.

John McCain was Udall’s partner on the legislation and, in fact, visited Colorado last summer to review the devastated areas with Udall.

But, UH-OH, McDiapers haz a cranky now because the mean old Dems got health care through.  So he invoked a little used Senate rule requiring unanimous consent to hold a committee meeting after 2:00 pm and withheld his consent.  Because the livelihood and lives of Western Americans are nothing in the face of his enormous pique.

Oh, and the time of Colorado State Senator Dan Gibbs who flew to Washington especially to testify was not worth a tinker’s damn either. 

This is the guy that some people actually thought should be president.

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Hottie McWho?


Senator Cosmo TruckNutz von Zoolander is learning what it’s like to be Vanilla Ice:

“We start to wonder whether we helped a RINO (Republican in name only) get into office,” said Tea Party activist Jeffrey McQueen. “If it wasn’t for the Tea Party movement, Scott Brown wouldn’t have gotten that seat. We expect to see a true conservative in there.”

“The luster has worn off,” former Republican operative and research fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution Bill Whalen said, adding that Brown staked his campaign on health care and many Republicans don’t know where he stands on other issues. “His election was supposed to spell the death knell of health-care reform,” Whalen said. “If anything, it pushed the president to redouble his efforts. (Brown) seems far less of a player than he was a couple months ago.”

Democratic strategist Michael P. Shea added: “He’s in a tough spot. He’s got to placate these people who are off the deep end and at the same time try to build a record that he can run on in two years. “The honeymoon is over.”

Ouch, baby. Just ouch.

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Bedtime for Reaganetics

Yeah, it’s a premature assessment, but it’s definitely a satisfying graphic from HuffPo…and a provocative read from David Leonhardt at the New York Times

I’ll miss Alan Holdsworth’s licks on the first UK album, the Vapors’ “Turning Japanese,” Stan Ridgway’s “Mexican Radio” and both sides of Todd Rundgren’s “Healing,” but if we can finally (or even partially) turn our collective back on the L. Ron Hubbard of B-movie sci-fi economics, classist cowboy Otherism and Starship Trooper foreign policy, I’ll happily surrender the ‘80s to the archives of the Absolute Elsewhere.

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