Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Music: Harlem’s “Friendly Ghost”

BONUS TRACK: Harlem’s “Gay Human Bones”...

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Posted by Kevin K. on 04/24/10 at 10:24 AM

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Embracing Chickenomics


Betty Cracker provided some guidance to converting $$ to chickens under Sue Lowden’s proposed Chickens for Checkups solution to healthcare costs.

Now the guesswork has been taken out of the process at the Lowden Plan website with its “medical procedure to chicken” converter.

Need an appendectomy?  Only 1,018 chickens!  And a flu shot can be had for a mere 5 chickens.  Other procedures might take you into the realm of goats and cattle.  Unfortunately you will be on your own for those conversions.  A cautioning note or two has also been posted:

Chickens should be secured in your trunk or truckbed if possible. Any chickens riding in the passenger compartment on the way to the doctor must wear seat belts.  Chickens should not drive you to the doctor, if you are unable to drive you should dial 911 for an ambulance. Ambulances may not accept chickens for payment, you should have at least 4 goats or an adult pig for such cases. Your healthcare provider may not accept chickens for payment, but many accept other livestock. The Chicken Calculator can not convert medical procedures to sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, cows, llamas, ostriches, etc.  Check with your local livestock association for current exchange rates and providers.

Resources for doctors on managing their chicken farms are also provided.  All in all truly one stop shopping for New Lowden Economics.

via TPM

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Marco of Zero

I’ve been saying that Marco Rubio is a smarter (and prettier) version of Palin, but now I’m not so sure...


With it looking increasingly like Rubio’s got the Repub nomination locked up and that he’s going to be running for Senator in a 3-way race against Crist and Meek, it’s pretty idiotic not to realize that right now it’s best to hide your Dick.

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/23/10 at 02:26 PM

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Site of the Day: The Restoration Of Stephen Baldwin

No commentary required.  Just go look and guffaw. [from TheFABlife via _ccm]

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/23/10 at 12:21 PM

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Birth And Consequences: Traitriot Doctor Court-Martialed

Wingnuttiness is Treasonlicious!

Finally, the Department of Defense has noticed that questioning the legitimacy of the Commander In Chief is not healthy for Warmaking in these United States, and has done something about it: court-martialed a Birther for dereliction of duty and refusing an order, as reported by Talking Points Memo.

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Posted by Mrs. Polly on 04/23/10 at 11:39 AM

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Maru the Cat is having fun with boxes again!!!

I dare you not to laugh when Maru is walking around with the tiny box on his head…

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/23/10 at 11:08 AM

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Dust-up at The Corner requires air freshener

Well, the dust-up at NRO’s The Corner appears to be fizzling. Jonah Goldberg farted out an uncharacteristically apt reply:

Lord knows, I’ve let fly around here far more often than he has.

Don’t we know it. I’d hate to have to pay their Febreze bill.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 04/23/10 at 09:34 AM

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Lie of Newt

The likely field of 2012 GOP presidential contenders is the weakest in years, comprising babbling crackpots, drooling morons and loathsome chameleons. This fact isn’t lost on Newt Gingrich, whose most notable characteristics are breathtaking hypocrisy, self-regard and an irresistible urge to overplay his hand.

Whether indulging in an affair with a much-younger woman while simultaneously criticizing Bill Clinton’s morals, badgering his first wife about divorce terms while she was recovering from cancer surgery, contributing to historic GOP House losses by being a corrupt, self-aggrandizing asshole, one factor remains constant on Planet Newt: When he looks in a mirror, Gingrich doesn’t see an infantile, discredited jackass staring back—he sees a future president.

So it looks like Newt’ll make a run this time, since the field sucks so badly that even an odious, failed toad like himself wouldn’t immediately be laughed off the stage. He lays out his platform in a WaPo editorial today. It’s an amplification of the platform he’s been running on ever since he recognized in the Teatards an acceptable host body* for his virulent ambition.

Gingrich argues that our centrist, bipartisanship-promoting president is aggressively turning America into a “secular-socialist machine.” He leaves no tired trope unstated nor biased source un-cited, and he hypocritically slams others for doing the same shit his own party and alleged political heroes did in the past with his blessing. In other words, it’s Friday, and the sun rose in the east this morning.

[H/T: James Wolcott for that smart turn of phrase, though applied to a different neocon hack.]

Posted by Betty Cracker on 04/23/10 at 08:33 AM

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Around the World in 80 Seconds

[via sublimeguile]

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/23/10 at 07:47 AM

Contest: Free pair of tickets to see Jason Collett & Zeus tonight at the Mercury Lounge, NYC

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Look Upon My Werks, Ye Mihgty, and Depsair!

Throw out your keyboards. The Institutional Left is no match for the virtuoso snarkosity of Sarah Palin’s online defenders.

I saw this last week when it first appeared (#50), but I failed to bookmark it. Thanks, Googlebama!

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Crist on Darth Cheney’s Rubio endorsement: Meh

C’mon, Charlie—run! Make K-Lo cry.

[H/T: The Corner]

Posted by Betty Cracker on 04/22/10 at 01:56 PM

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College Baseball Imitates the Dem 2008 Primary and Aftermath

Twenty seconds to make an absolutely astounding play against the presumptive winner, and more than twice that long to argue about it. Backstory here.

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 04/22/10 at 01:04 PM

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Obama’s first 2012 campaign ad

Hell, could be a DNC ad for 2010, too…

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/22/10 at 12:51 PM

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The most boring video game trick ever

This clip from the 1989 video Secret Video Game Tricks, Codes and Strategies, Vol. 2 cracked me up (make it stop! make it stop!). YMMV.

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/22/10 at 12:02 PM

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