Monday, May 31, 2010

Two Wars. Gulf Coast Dying. NATO in Peril. But Drudge Bulldogs Speech Rainout

MEDIA ALERT: Pissed-Off Black Man Hates Rain, Can’t Control Weather. Cheney Aids Silent on “Suspicious” Cloudburst. Netanyahu Calls Lincoln National Cemetery Speech “Ill-Timed Lethal Overreaction” That Threatens Global Peace, Clouds Prospects for Permanent Mid-East Accord. Pirates Whiff Cubs 1-0.

That is all.

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Bibi Netanyahu: Why, Yes—I’m Out of My Fucking Mind. Why Do You Ask?

Free suggestion to Bibi—title your forthcoming autobiography Going Pariah.

There are easier ways to get out of a meeting with Obama.

This is all over the Toobz. Foreign Policy has a snapshot take on the ramifications. Juan Cole also weighs in.

Infrared IDF war-porn courtesy of Russia Today, because that’s where we socialists get all our news.

UPDATE: Bonus Fun Bullshit Spin from the always-entertaining DEBKAfile:

Released finally 12 hours after the event, IDF video shots do not show how soldiers armed with paint balls and pistols managed to kill more than 10 pro-Palestinian activists (The final figure is still not clear. Ankara reports 15 Turkish dead) and injure at least 34 aboard the Turkish Marmora. Of 6 injured soldiers, two are in critical condition.

IDF troops rappel from helicopters onto the deck of a blockade-running ship, armed only with paint-ball guns and Care-Bears? BUT, DAMMIT, THAT’S JUST WHAT THEY’D BE EXPECTING!!!

UPDATE 2: PJM laments “unavoidable PR fallout from the deaths of at least 14 activists.” Board of Caterpillar, Inc. prays that bulldozers were not involved in the flotilla strike.

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A Day for Elegies: “All of Our Lives Were Intertwined”

You go Googling for Edgar Lee Masters, and you never know where you’ll end up. This seemed about right for a day of reflection on war, sacrifice, loss, the persistence of memory and the neverending obligation of the living to pick up, keep on…and make Death work for that boat-token.

(And, yes, I fucked up my own headline quote. But at least I’m not going to claim I did it on-purpose as a wry slam at sloppy journalism.)

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Happy Fair Reflection Day!!!!

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Here We Go: Energy Investment Banker Urges Nuking the Deepwater Horizon Well

I don’t know anything about Matt Simmons, except that he’s a proponent of Peak Oil, the main cog in energy investment giant Simmons & Company...and altogether rather bearish about the prospects of any combination of conventional and alternative energy keeping pace with global demand, barring dramatic reductions in consumption.

A brief bio blurb on the respected, Pennwell-published Oil & Gas Financial Journal (linked above), suggests that he’s not someone to dismiss out-of-hand:

Matthew R. Simmons is chairman and CEO of Simmons & Company International, one of the largest investment banks serving the energy industry. He is also a prominent oil industry insider, having served as energy adviser to President George W. Bush, and is a member of the National Petroleum Council and the Council on Foreign Relations. In 2005, he authored the book Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy, which examined oil reserve decline rates and the unreliability of Middle East oil reserves

As hopes for a swift, “conventional” solution to the Gulf oil spill roller-coaster around (and the dragnet for “outside-the-box” answers has widened), Simmons is receiving Web-wide attention for his pronouncement in a Friday Bloomberg News interview that Obama should seize control of BP America, put the military in charge of the Deepwater operation and attempt to seal the leaking well-head with a small, tactical nuclear explosion…citing successful Russian initiatives to nuke leaking wells between 1966 and 1981.

Problem: All the stories describing Soviet nuke-fixes seem to trace back to this article in former-Russian-propaganda-organ-turned popular-tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda. (If you don’t read Cyrillic, don’t bother.)  Some also casually reference a report by Kevin O’Flynn, a staffwriter for the Moscow Times, although all I can find is a “phonetic transcript” of a PRI interview with O’Flynn in which he is quoted as saying:

Not actually oil leaks, but they did deal with gas leaks in that way. Soviet Union, from 1965 to 1988, they used nuclear strikes in peaceful manner more than 100 times.  And on five occasions, on those huge gas leaks, they set off atomic bombs underground, which basically moved the earth so that the leak was crushed and the gas stopped leaking out.

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Sunday Afternoon Music: Botswana’s Amazing Guitarist ... Ronnie Moipolai

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Vulcan-in-Chief Slammed by Emo NYT


The sniffing, pearl-clutching Villagers over at the New York Times (bastion of spot-on reflection anymore) weigh in on President Cardboard Obama’s “Worst Week Evah!!!” - his Katrina, his Bhopal, his Watergate.

First, from the well of outrage, empathy and spontaneous emotionality, Ms. Maureen Dowd:

President Spock’s behavior is illogical.


At a press conference, Obama said Malia had asked him, as he shaved, “Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?” (That hole should be plugged with a junk-shot of Glenn Beck, who crudely mocked the adorable Malia.) Oddly, the good father who wrote so poignantly about growing up without a daddy scorns the paternal aspect of the presidency.

In the campaign, Obama’s fight flagged to the point that his donors openly upbraided him. In the Oval, he waited too long to express outrage and offer leadership on A.I.G., the banks, the bonuses, the job loss and mortgage fears, the Christmas underwear bomber, the death panel scare tactics, the ugly name-calling of Tea Party protesters.

Too often it feels as though Barry is watching from a balcony, reluctant to enter the fray until the clamor of the crowd forces him to come down. The pattern is perverse. The man whose presidency is rooted in his ability to inspire withholds that inspiration when it is most needed.

“Scorns the paternal aspect of the presidency”?  I didn’t elect a damned daddy, I voted for a President, woman!

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I guess the “H” in Jesus H. Christ stands for “Heath”

Oh my, this song really happened…


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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shorter Erick Erickson: Fuck You If You Can’t Take a Stupid, Unethical Meta-Joke

Betty Cracker has been following the unfolding Will Folks/Nikki Haley proto-scandal, most recently here. It’s an unseemly soap-opera of implied sexual shenanigans between a right-wing blogger and the GOP candidate for Governor of South Carolina.

What “scandal” there is consists of an ugly mess of unproven allegations and innuendos, which could only be made worse by the interventions of crusading Conservative nutsack Erick Erickson—a CNN commentator and proprietor of

On Thursday, Erickson ran a Drudge-strobe post titled BREAKING: We Know Who Did It, which cryptically suggested that Erickson possessed proof-certain that blogger Will Folks had been paid by Haley’s opponents to claim that he and Haley had engaged in an “inappropriate physical relationship” while Haley was married. Erickson closed the post with the ominous admonition to “Tune in later for the answer.” FoxNews cited Erickson’s claim in a report on the brewing weirdness here.

On Friday, Erickson posted a follow-up titled Naming Names, which rather conspicuously didn’t name any names, and left it to his commenters to speculate that Erick was intentionally spoofing the style and “slow-leak” technique that Will Folks had employed in his proof-deficient claim of an affair with Haley, and several teasing-but-inconclusive follow-ups. One commenter defended Erickson thusly:

Erick’s not trying to be like Will Folks. He’s trying to be like Andrew Brietbart. (And doing a rather good job.) The way those ACORN videos were released last fall, like Chinese water torture, was pure genius.

Another commenter noted (curiously, since this is a Right-on-Right “crime story”):

This is a classic tactic employed by Rush Limbaugh that leaves the left screaming. Illustrating absurdity by being absurd really draws out how apoplectic the left can get when they feel they’re being made fun of..

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RIP Dennis Hopper [UPDATED w/ video tribute]

Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper passed away today at the age of 74 from prostate cancer.  So many great roles. So very sad to see him go.

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You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry


A lot of people are angry at Obama for not getting angry about the Gulf oil spill. Charles Blow at the NYT wrote a really dumb column about it. Joan Walsh at Salon wrote a really good column about it:

On MSNBC Friday morning I watched former Rep. David Bonior, last seen peddling John Edwards to Democrats, complain about Obama’s cool. “He’s got to get emotional.”


We’re a silly people sometimes. Let me amend that: Our Beltway opinion makers, the folks the great Digby named “the Villagers,” are a silly people. They want our president to be our daddy. They need Daddy to emote, to be a SNAP — a sensitive new age president. But also an angry, avenging daddy.

James Carville illustrated the Village freak-out over Obama’s non-freak-out about as well as anyone possibly could:


But despite the ocean of pixels expended on the topic of Obama’s emotional tepidity, I think just about everyone is missing a key point, something our own Oblomova astutely pointed out during a previous firestorm over Obama’s lack of fire: It’s a risky thing for a black dude to show anger.

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Episode Three: The Candidate Speaks!


In Episodes One and Two of Sweet Savage South Carolina Surrender, wingnut scamp Will Folks (blogger and occasional GOP political consultant) confessed that he and married GOP goober-natorial front-runner Nikki Haley (aka “Palmetto Palin”) had once engaged in a torrid “inappropriate physical relationship.” Folks claims he was prompted to spill his guts to preempt political operatives from opposing GOP campaigns who were set to drop the bombshell—complete with a “compromising” photo.

Haley, who was surging ahead in the polls and had just picked up the coveted Palin endorsement, issued a categorical denial. She implied she barely knew the guy, and her campaign denounced him as a lying cad. Palin herself weighed in via Facebook (of course):

South Carolina: don’t let some blogger make any accusation against your Nikki if the guy doesn’t even have the guts or the integrity to speak further on such a significant claim.

Palin topped that middle school twaddle with a dollop of the usual “lamestream media” and “liberal” foamy fluff, even though all the players in our drama are 100% certified grade-A wingnuts.

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Actual Newspaper Cover: “Puppies Can Thank Obama”

Ha ha! Our all-powerful Kenyan Messiahdent can even turn puppies into Kool-Aid-slurping Obots (Odogs?)!

Saw this local neighborhood rag on the street and had to share. I swear, this is real! Click the image to enlarge.

Puppies Can Thank Obama

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Cocktail Corner: The Leland Palmer


I don’t normally drink gin; for me, even the best brands have an off-putting household-cleanser undertone. However, when I saw the photo that accompanied the recipe for this cocktail in Bon Appétit, it looked so cool and refreshing I wanted to dive right in.

I whipped up a batch last night, and it was as good as advertised. It was kind of a pain in the ass to make, what with juicing lemons and grapefruit, brewing tea, etc.

Honestly, you could probably get about the same effect using your favorite tea and a decent quality store-bought lemonade. That’s most likely how I’ll make it next time. But the idea of a cocktail based on the classic Arnold Palmer (tea and lemonade) is a keeper and just the thing for a hot day.

Recipe below the fold and at the above link. Cheers!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

“Sit on My Face, and Tell Me That You Love Me”

No, it’s not a Monty Python thread. But that’s the absolute least heinous headline I could come up with.

Marine tattoos Sarah’s likeness on his butt.

Image below the fold, barring a popular-vote referendum to move it topside.

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