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BREAKING: Despite Fence, McGinniss Posts First Covert Surveillance Video of Palin Compound!

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AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Butch Nazi Homos (Not the Girly Ones) Killed the Jews

The American Family Association opposes repeal of DADT because Black Hitler Hussein might clone Rock Hudson’s frozen stem cells to create an army of Not-Screamingly-Obvious Savage Killing Machines Who Loved “Friends” But Thought “Joey” Was Kind of Lame.

AFA’s been emailing alerts on DADT like crazy. They claim that allowing gays to serve openly will corrode military esprit and undermine national security. But it’s obvious that what really has them white-knuckled is the prospect of losing the armed services as a captive franchise market for Fast-Food Evangelicism.

This change of tone from the leaders of the military argues powerfully that they are beginning to hear from rank-and-file members of the military who know that allowing homosexual service members in our armed forces will decimate military morale, damage unit cohesion, inhibit rather than enhance military readiness, hamper recruitment and retention, and virtually bring to an end the military careers of Christian officers and chaplains.

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Not surprising, I guess, but Glenn Beck is a despicable hypocrite

Glenn Beck interviewing Sarah Palin today about author Joe McGinniss moving next door to her [audio here]:

GLENN: I have to tell you, though, Sarah, that I mean, here’s a guy doing a book on your family that is now able to look into Piper’s bedroom. You know he’s — the only reason, I mean, he’s a voyeur. The only reason why he moved there is to be either a peeping Tom and watch your family over the fence or be, watch the comings and goings of your family. I mean, I have to tell you, there is a difference between fighting a battle and saying, you know, look, I disagree with you and we’ll be on the battlefield of ideas. This is harassment. This is stalking and harassment. There’s a difference. Leave my family, leave people’s families alone.


GLENN: I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever — I made this when it was, when it was Bill Clinton. You don’t go after Chelsea Clinton.


GLENN: You don’t talk about the Bush kids. Now, the minute they get into politics, that’s a different story. You leave the families alone. We’ve never done anything but protect the families and question why the White House would bring their children into political debate. Leave the families alone.

You know what’s coming next, right?

The animosity between [Glenn] Beck and [Phoenix radio rival Bruce] Kelly continued to deepen. When Beck and [co-host Tim] Hattrick produced a local version of Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” for Halloween—a recurring motif in Beck’s life and career—Kelly told a local reporter that the bit was a stupid rip-off of a syndicated gag. The slight outraged Beck, who got his revenge with what may rank as one of the cruelest bits in the history of morning radio. “A couple days after Kelly’s wife, Terry, had a miscarriage, Beck called her live on the air and says, ‘We hear you had a miscarriage,’ ” remembers Brad Miller, a former Y95 DJ and Clear Channel programmer. “When Terry said, ‘Yes,’ Beck proceeded to joke about how Bruce [Kelly] apparently can’t do anything right—about he can’t even have a baby.”

I guess dead children and grieving wives are cool, though. How does this guy not walk around punching himself in the face all day? [audio link via Dave Weigel]

UPDATE: Media Matters has more on Beck’s hypocrisy. And it should be made crystal clear that McGinniss has done absolutely nothing to Palin’s children.

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BULLETIN: Sarah Palin has already installed her pedophile-protection fence!!! [PICTURE]

Like her political career, it’s up in the air:

Sarah Palin vs. Joe McGinniss fence

If I was a millionaire, I’d send Joe McGinniss a jetpack. Can you imagine what Palin’s Facebook post would be like if she saw Joe hovering above the fence using something like this?

[pic via the Palin’s adorable pet Greta who’s referring to McGinniss as the “Wasilla Stalker”]

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Proof that Obama Really Hates Our Troops and America


King Hussein Obama will not be in Washington, DC on Monday to observe Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery.  Instead, he’ll be doing honors from another national cemetery - the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery south of Chicago.  The Usurper-in-Chief had made plans to spend part of the weekend home in Chicago - home of thugs, thieves, political machines and fake birth certificate holders.

Needless to say, Patriots are up-in-arms over this blatant lack of respect for every serviceman/woman to have died in our conflicts.  What they overlooking, however, is that not every President has always stiltingly moved a festooned wreath 5 or 6 feet.  Not even St. Ronnie of Reagan!

1983: Reagan attended summit meeting; Defense Department official Thayer laid wreath at Arlington. Deputy Secretary of Defense W. Paul Thayer laid a wreath at Arlington Cemetery during the Memorial Day ceremony in 1983, according to a May 31, 1983, Washington Post article (accessed via Nexis). The AP reported that President Reagan attended a “summit meeting in Williamsburg, Va., with leaders of the industrialized democracies.”

1992: George H.W. Bush allowed VP Quayle to lay wreath. In 1992, Vice President Dan Quayle laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, according to a May 26, 1992, Boston Globe article (accessed via the Nexis database). The Globe reported that President George H.W. Bush attended a wreath-laying ceremony and made brief remarks at an American Legion hall in Kennebunkport, Maine, where he also played a round of golf.

Veterans Day 2007: Cheney attends ceremony to pay tribute at Arlington as Bush remained in Texas. On November 11, 2007, the AP reported that “President Bush honored U.S. troops past and present at a tearful ceremony Sunday for four Texans who died there.” The AP further reported that “Vice President Dick Cheney went to Arlington to pay tribute to Iraq veterans.”


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Newell Pastures

Jim Newell is one of the funniest bastards on the innertubes and he’s been a great pal to Rumproast. I’m gonna miss him at Wonkette, but wish him all the best at Gawker, which is allegedly a “web site” that people feel compelled to visit. I guess I’m going to have to start. Fuck.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

“Space Ranger” Rand Paul Jettisons Campaign Staff in Bid to Achieve Lunar Orbit

This article calls it “bolstering.” But then, “jettison” is probably a dootie-word when you’re herding all of your loyal, tireless revolutionistas into the airlock.

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The Keg Party [NSFW!]

I finally found the guy who can actually bring the teabaggers and the manic progressives together to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK. Norquist, Hamsher, and Schlafly really need The Kid from Brooklyn (aka “the bigman”) to co-sign their next letter. He’s completely nailed the best co-mingling of their issues that could ever be achieved:

“Tea will make you pee, but beer will make you fucking piss! And now I’m fucking pissed!” Seriously, no one on either side has come up with a better slogan than that. Sign the bigman up!

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Tax Increase on “Carried Interest” Creates Howls of Anguish from Poor Widdle Venture Capitalists

As part of the current tax act making its way through Congress, one that would extend unemployment and COBRA benefits among other things, is a revenue provision that would change the way that so-called carried interests of hedge fund managers and venture capitalists are taxed.

Hedge funds and venture capital operations are set up as limited partnerships so that profits (and losses) are passed through to the investors and reported on their individual tax returns.  The managers of these partnerships have been taking advantage for some time of a tax provision which provides that if you receive a profits interest in a partnership for future management services to be provided, and you don’t actually put any money or property into the venture yourself, then down the road, assuming profits are realized, they are taxed to you as capital gains.  Long term capital gains if the property was held for more than a year.

What does this mean?  It means that what is essentially compensation to the managers, and fairly hefty compensation at that since the managers’ share is usually around 20% of the entire profit, is not taxed to them the way compensation would be to you or I.  Capital gains are taxed at a maximum of 15% for federal purposes and are not subject to social security or Medicare taxes.*  I mean even Wall Street trader bonuses don’t get this kind of a deal.

Not surprisingly Congress, and other commentators, see this as a loophole and have been seeking for some time to close it.  And now seem on the verge of doing so, although they are softening the blow by some phase-ins and an ultimate blended rate (pussies.)

One problem with tax loopholes, of course, is that when they’ve been around for a while the beneficiaries of these loopholes come to feel entitled to them.  So let the wailing and rending of garments and gnashing of teeth begin.

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Code Pink to BP: “We Will, We Will Bjork You”  [NSFW]

When science fails, take off your clothes and do that thing with the feathers.

A group of costumed and semi-nude protesters marched onto the grounds of BP’s U.S. headquarters in west Houston Monday morning, calling for the company to be held accountable for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and for the government to act.

The protesters, numbering almost 50, were organized by women’s activist group Codepink. Waving banners and clanging pots, the group, escorted by three Houston police cars, marched from nearby Transocean offices to just outside the BP building.

Some of the protesters were almost entirely nude save for bits of tape and strategically placed signs. It was to represent the “naked truth” of BP’s involvement in the spill. Others were dressed as fish or birds and then doused in fake oil by a man wearing a BP logo and glasses in the shape of dollar signs.

It has often occurred to me that the Axis would have won WWII, if the Icelanders hadn’t discovered Performance Art first.

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Every liberal wants to have nasty pedophile sex with Sarah Palin’s daughters

Granted, it is semi-creepy that Joe McGinniss rented a house right next to the Palin compound in Wasilla while he’s writing a book about her, but her response to it is downright psychotic:

Here he is – about 15 feet away on the neighbor’s rented deck overlooking my children’s play area and my kitchen window. [...]

Wonder what kind of material he’ll gather while overlooking Piper’s bedroom, my little garden, and the family’s swimming hole?

If this woman is ever elected president, I’m encasing myself in a lead barrel and drowning myself in my own tears. [via TBogg]

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Palmetto State SNOWjob


As everyone now knows, Dixie Republicans are like a race of amoral bunny-people, mindlessly boinking one another while denouncing Democrats for failing to live up to biblical standards of morality. When they get caught, they issue denials until irrefutable evidence emerges. Then they provide a tearful confession and get Jesus in a big way. It’s as predictable as the goddamned sunrise.

Who knows why they’re like this? Could be the heat. But the point is, it happens all the time, and, as my colleague Kevin noted yesterday, no one with a lick of sense would wade into an unfolding Deep South GOP sex scandal tossing categorical statements around, much less issue a Mean Girls-style Facebook edict on the topic like Sarah Palin did. 

Still, some folks are astonishingly credulous—a fact that makes Sarah Palin’s entire career possible. And it’s not just her simple-minded Facebook fans:

If Palin is going to make such a strong statement here, we have to believe that the Haley team truly believes that no further evidence is going to surface, despite what Folks implied in his original post (he claimed that he was coming forward with his confession to head off the inevitable proof that was going to come out).

Jeebus. I’m guessing that guy hasn’t been covering the Dixie GOP beat for very long. The odds that “further evidence” will emerge are pretty high, even if the “gentleman” in question is a wingnut cad.

And late last night, the wingnut cad taunted governor wannabe Haley, whom he says calls herself the “Texting Queen,” to release what he describes as their “voluminous” correspondence:

All we can tell you for now is that the record of correspondence between the two of them began on November 20, 2005 – with an email sent at 8:33 a.m. from Haley’s State House email address [REDACTED] to Will Folks’ personal address [REDACTED] in which Haley complimented Folks on an article he had written praising her gubernatorial ambitions.

We know … how ironic is that?

That four-and-a-half year record of correspondence ended on Saturday, May 22, 2010 – three days ago – with a text message sent from Folks’ cell phone to Haley’s cell phone at 1:04 p.m. alerting her to the fact that he had been placed in a position where he felt that he had no choice but to address the rumors regarding their relationship on his website.

Those are the bookends … but what happened in the interim?

A lot … stay tuned …

We will, Duplicitous Dixie Douchebag. We will.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Does Michele Bachmann Fear “Sudden Tea Party Death Syndrome”?

You be the judge, but her comments to the Minneapolis Star Tribune sure sound like someone who’s slowly, cautiously backing away from a flaming bag of dog-poop.

On the electoral impact of the Tea Party:

“There’s been a tremendous energy and confluence of people that have come together…a lot of those [Tea Party members] have been absorbing themselves into the Republican Party base...there’s been a tremendous joining up together of both the Republican Party and the Tea Party…in my opinion, I see maybe a 70 percent level of agreement on issues [between Republican and Tea Party members]...but that’s enough.”

TRANSLATION: “Absorbed” into the hated, spineless, RINO GOP…just like the Borg. Normal party-line Republicans, not those musket-wielding Birther lunatics who, you know, follow me around and stuff.

On Rand Paul:

“I’m not commenting on Rand Paul,” said Bachmann, speaking to reporters at the State Capitol. “I’ve got to focus on my race.”

TRANSLATION: Eeeew, ick, fuck! Don’t you DARE try to link me with that Crypto-Loonatarian UFO embryo implant. Gov. Moosemunch brought him to the dance, not me. Here’s her number in Wasilla, if you want to know what the fuck is up with that shit.

Maybe I’m dreaming. Or maybe Bachmann has her high-beams on, and already sees the “Bridge Out” sign on the Road to Retaking America.

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Rep. Patrick Murphy vs. Ill-Mannered, Loudmouthed, Teabaggin’ Loons

Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA) was holding one-on-one meetings with constituents this weekend and crazed teabaggers showed up and demanded a TOWN MEETING!!!!!! Or a TOWN HALL!!!!!!!! But not a “town hall meeting.” No. Using that many words to describe something is unpatriotic.

These over-amplified, attention-starved dimwits obviously don’t want a dialogue with Murphy, they want to draw and quarter him.  And that uncomfortable-looking dildo who ambles in at the 5:30 mark is his Republican opponent Mike Fitzpatrick. But it’s not a political stunt, he’s just a concerned citizen. Really. They all are.

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Sarah Palin is acting very presidential again!

Sarah Palin, before waiting for all of the facts to come in (mavericky!), decided to upchuck the following into her Facebook talking box:

Well, whaddya know? South Carolina’s conservative candidate, Nikki Haley, recently zipped to the front of the line in her state’s race for governor; and lo and behold, now accusations of an affair surface.

Nikki categorically denies the accusation that was spewed out there by a political blogger who has the gall to throw the stone, but then quickly duck and hide and proclaim he would not comment further on the issue. Quite convenient. [..]

South Carolina: don’t let some blogger make any accusation against your Nikki if the guy doesn’t even have the guts or the integrity to speak further on such a significant claim. And don’t believe anything a liberal rag claims or suggests unless the reporter involved has the integrity and the facts to report to you so you can make up your own mind. For traditional media to rely on an accusation via some blog entry is almost laughable, but I know the seriousness of it because that’s exactly what my family and colleagues have had to put up with, every single day, for the past couple of years.

As I said to Nikki this morning, “Hang in there. I’ve been there. Any lies told about you will strengthen your resolve to clean up political and media corruption. You and your supporters will grow stronger through things like this.”

Reaching her from Wasilla, I then joked with Nikki that I was calling her from one of the many locations the lamestream media claims I moved to. (Let’s see, I think the last I heard I was living in the Hamptons, or was it Montana? No, supposedly L.A. is where they claim I moved when I “left Todd” in their idiotic reports.)

Ha ha, the “lamestream media” got all U-Haul and shit on Sarah Palin and have been moving her ALL OVER the lower 48s with their “idiotic reports”! EVERY SINGLE DAY! That’s, like, so idiotic! And now she has to defend Darling Nikki because it’s “almost laughable” (almost!) that a reporter from a “liberal rag” only relied on a “blog entry” to write an article about the alleged affair, except, you know, he didn’t:

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