Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Boehner’s bender?


Two seemingly unrelated news items: On Monday, Republican House Leader John Boehner told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review the following:

There’s a political rebellion brewing, and I don’t think we’ve seen anything like it since 1776.

We need to raise the retirement age to 70.

This [the financial reform bill] is killing an ant with a nuclear weapon.

One Wednesday, former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough called Boehner a tosspot:

So many Republicans tell me that this is a guy that is not the hardest worker in the world. Every Republican I talk to says that John Boehner, by five or six at night, you can see him at bars.

Coincidence? I think not.

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Wonder Woman Gets A New Look (Finally)


After more than 60 years of fighting crime in a bathing suit WW gets a makeover!

Although Wonder Woman was one of my fave cartoon heroes growing up, I confess I haven’t paid her much attention in recent (recent being about 40) years.  So I’m glad to see she’s finally getting a modern touch with just the right element of glam.

Alas, if this so-called doctor gets her way female super-heroes may be a thing of the past.  I really just have no words.

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Here, maybe these will hold you:

Recommend whatever else you want in the comments.

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Wednesday Morning Music: Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings’ “I Learned The Hard Way”

Live on KCRW…

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The talented Senator Franken

Al Franken is not just a kick-ass liberal who booted a useless right-wing suit out of the Senate—he is a man of many talents: comedian, author and statesman. He’s also a doodler.

While Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions harangued Elena Kagan about being a soldier-hating commie lesbo, Franken drew a sketch of the wingnut blowhard from Alabama. The image was captured on camera:


After the cameras withdrew, Franken made further alterations:*


Al Franken, ladies and gents: Renaissance man.

[*He had a little help.]

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Who’s Pushing Obama’s Buttons?

I’m worried about my President.

Lately, it’s become more and more of a challenge to follow the reticulated ley lines that trace back from the Oval Office to the sundry Aghartan Temples, Lovecraftian Sarcophagi, Floating Aerial Death-Dromes, Vril-Powered Crystal Pyramids, Nazi Regeneration Chambers and gated Georgetown mansions from whence are jerked the invisible wires that animate America’s First Marxist/Corporatist/Muslim/Zionist/Anti-Semitic/Demopub/Republicrat/ Anarchist/Racist-on-Both-Sides/Crypto-Reaganite Cypher-in-Chief.

But just whose water is our homuncular Head-of-State carrying? Zontar? J. R. “Bob” Dobbs? The Bohemian Grovers? The Franklin Mint?

More importantly, how many distinct, warring Control Entities can one fragile Host Mind sustain before the left and right hemispheres of the brain start chasing each other ‘round and ‘round like two slabs of calves’ liver in a blender, and Obama nukes Disney World?

A bit of Googling unmasks a slew candidates for Master Controller (MCPOTUS), but yields no consensus:

Who Owns Obama?  (Zionist Jews, Blacks, the Youth Vote and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Which, when I think about it, is sort of the Ginger Baker’s Air Force of mismatched political sidemen.)

The Man Who Controls Barack Obama  (William Ayres and, by extension, the Ghost of ‘60s Radicalism, a.k.a. any Liberal over 50 and any non-observant Jew under 5’ 10”.)

Who Controls Obama the Most; the CIA, Israel, Goldman Sachs, or Rahm Emanuel/Teleprompter?  (TelePrompTer narrowly edges out the Jews and write-in MCPOTUS Michelle O.)

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Life Imitates Bad Art (or Vice-Versa): Al Gore’s “Treat Box”

Apologies. I don’t mean to self-promote, but Limbaugh was just reviewing some of the details of Al Gore’s alleged Were-Poodle escapade with a masseuse in Portland, and brought up an apparently infamous revelation from the police report regarding the logistics of Liberal love-making.

Byron York provides this narrative:

She wanted to end the session, but Gore “wrapped me in an inescapable embrace” and “caressed my back and buttocks and breasts.” She tried to get away—in the process calling Gore a “crazed sex poodle”—but the former vice president was too strong for her.

A little later, she said, Gore produced a bottle of brandy and mentioned there were condoms in the “treat box” provided by the hotel. “He then forced an open mouth kiss on me,” she said.

...which makes me wonder if I should reclassify this passage from my fictitious fictional blockbuster Who Blog in Darkness as “non-fiction,” “automatic writing,” “remote viewing,” “docudrama” or just “shamelessly derivative”:

“Have you ever been with a real woman before?” Raven asked, cooingly.

“Fuck if I know,” I answered, with a look of brooding, mannish intensity. “But I keep condoms in that Mentos tin, as Chairman Mao instructed.”

Not even published, and already clichéd. Ecclesiastes was right.

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We’re all very busy… you’re going to have to entertain yourselves by checking out one of the dumbest rivalries in the history of the internets: The New Agenda’s Amy Siskind (and her commenters) vs. Human Event’s Jason Mattera. It’s kinda like what a war between Andrew Dice Clay and Monty Python’s Hell’s Grannies would be like if everyone was huffing ether and repeatedly running headfirst into brick walls. Or something. I mean, you try to explain how some of the brainiacs from TNA seem to think Jason Mattera is a disillusioned Democrat or what in the hell this means:

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Tuesday Morning Music: Oh Land’s “Still Here”

Saw Oh Land Sunday night at the FREEwilly music showcase at Brooklyn Bowl. The former ballerina from Copenhagen (now living in Williamsburg) was charming and put on an entertaining one-woman show (plus she was rocking a totally awesome wolf head hat).

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Rick Barber Has a New Campaign Ad & It Has a Hidden Bonus Track!!!!

If you thought his last one was weird ... wow.

Steve M. has more...

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“This most exceptional country in the nation…” [UPDATED]

This is what happens when Palin is forced to elaborate on a bumper sticker slogan: A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing…

The speech was delivered, appropriately, from the Oil Palace in Texas. The sound values are too crappy to make out the audience’s reaction to having this load of nonsense dumped onto their heads. But since it was a paying gig, we can safely surmise they clapped like trained seals.

[H/T: Bob Cesca]

UPDATE: Two seconds of truth slip out!

[H/T: Kevin K]

Posted by Betty Cracker on 06/28/10 at 06:46 AM

Sen. Robert Byrd Dead at 92

Tom Coburn finally gets his wish.

Time has a short, early obit.

WaPo has much more history and context here.

NYTimes. ABC.

Twitter, the spit valve on the Sad Trombone of Humanity head shunt on the Hive-Brain of the Internet, collects the hate-filled discharge.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

I voted for Obama, and all I got was…

To fulfill our weekly Democratic fluffery quota, let’s also note (with the usual caveats) that the hopey-changy thing is workin’ out pretty good for ya. Maddow does the run-down here:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

And since no serving of Democratic fluffery would be complete without a side of wingnut scare-mongering, let’s turn our thoughts to the tangerine-colored entity hoping to take Nancy’s Smashing Gavel and one of his biggest fans:


That headline is just wrong on so many levels, and K-Lo recycled it yesterday, kind of.

I met William F. Buckley once. He was a crypto-fascist and ghastly snob as advertised, but an erudite crypto-fascist and ghastly snob. It’s a wonder he doesn’t rise up from his grave and snatch K-Lo bald-headed.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nancy Pelosi: Jedi Knight


I sure hope the Dems hang onto the House next November. Not solely because the Republicans are hysterical lunatics, but because Nancy Pelosi is the most effective Speaker of the House in at least a generation or two.


Pelosi is a big fucking deal, but as we’ve noted, she doesn’t get the love she deserves. Gail Collins rectified that some with this column in yesterday’s NYT.

I’ll never forget the sight of Pelosi linking arms with John Lewis and other House colleagues and fearlessly wading (giant gavel in hand) into a swarm of angry teatards. She confidently passed through that reenactment of the Hutt Family Reunion, serene in the knowledge that any attempt to strike her down would only increase her strength. The Force is with her.

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Ghana: Yam-Worshipping Enemies of Christ and the Constitution

Really, I read it here.

1-1 as I type. God help us crush all non-American athletic teams, because we’re so fucking exceptional and shit.

UPDATE: 30 more minutes of this boring crap? The Devil does exist.

UPDATE 2: Aiiiiyyyeeee! It’s 2-1! Save us, Sarah!

UPDATE 3: Soccer: The Liberal Plot to Destroy America

UPDATE 4: Why are baseballs made of human skin and not animal skin?

UPDATE 5: Fewer Panels for All: Innovative 2010 World Cup ball design is product of collectivist, wealth-redistributing Adidas.


UPDATE 7: Could gene-doping be the key to US World Cup victory in 2014?

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