Saturday, July 31, 2010

Steele cuts Breitbart

Sorry music fans. Commenter majii brings sad news: You’ll have to wait a while for the Steele Breitbart rendition of “Why Can’t We be Friends?”

The RNC has postponed a fundraiser next month in California that was to feature party chairman Michael Steele alongside Andrew Breitbart.

No one is saying why. But, it would be irresponsible not to speculate and we’re very responsible around here:

1. Steele threatened to release the 8x10 color glossies of high-level Repugs cavorting with domesticated ruminants when he found out about the gig.


2. Breitbart is holding out for a duet with acceptable brown person and fellow victim Clarence Thomas.


3. There’s a limit to what the citizens of Beverly Hills will waste their cash on and dinner with these schmucks is well past the limit.

Post your speculations and wild conspiracy theories below. The person who provides the best one will win a Dream Date with Levi Johnston and/or Bristol Palin, as they’re both apparently single again.

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Look, There’s One! Uni-Tea Tweetpic Proves It!

Tea Partier Captures Rainbow Diversity!

The dazzling mosaic of colors! The enthusiasm! The pageantry! I really love the Palio, and hope to visit Italy someday and see it. Meantime, here’s this sad, sad first look, courtesy of a genuine We The Peeeepull, at Breitbart’s sad, sad agglomeration of overheated activists, hopes shriveled like a pitted prune in the sun. What’s Breitbart got to say on that thing of his? Or any of those things of his? Well, no Uni-Tea pictures are posted. Odd that a journalist of Breitbart’s caliber wouldn’t be able to throw up a few, just as a tease.

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Today Is A Very Special Day In Rhinebeck…

Riff-raff In Rhinebeck

It’s the last day to catch a live performance of the Rocky Horror Show!  by Richard O’ Brien. We see you shiver! With antici….......

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Friday, July 30, 2010

NAACP = The Negro Assault Against Clarence’s Person

That spavined attention whore who runs Big BowelMovement is still huffing glue (via BJ):

I’d have a long discussion with her, and I’d tell her that I’m not one of these people in this country that thinks racism doesn’t exist. And that I’m not one of these people who says that she hasn’t suffered from racism. And that the scars of her racism aren’t warranted. But I’d also tell her that my passion in life and my political trajectory from left to right was born from watching the Clarence Thomas hearings. I didn’t understand how he NAACP sat on its hands while privileged white gentlemen hammered him mercilessly and humiliated him and the media and the NAACP allowed for it to happen.

(You’ll have to forgive Andy for getting Anita Hill confused with Clarence Thomas. Not only has epoxy snorting worked a number on his synapses, but they all ... Well, you know.)

And Clarence isn’t the only victim! M. Lightfart has also been cut and he’s bleeding ... But he hasn’t noticed because someone let him get his hands on a big can of contact cement:

As difficult as it probably was for her, it’s been difficult for me as well, especially to hear her hurl an accusation of racism at me, when my motivation is absolutely pure and is driven by a desire for this country to move beyond its horrid racist past.

To a wonderful racist future!

If this goat’s fud winds up in court Orly Taitz will have to up her game to hang on to the Crazy Courtroom Critter crown.

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Teabaggers are *not* racist!

Progs/libs/Dems, please stop polluting our political discourse with your incessant and unfair R-bombs! Just watch this video and you’ll see that the teabaggers care about America and the negroes!

BTW, I found this at

Team Sarah --
(click image to enlarge)

America by heart, indeed.

RELATED: What Thers said.

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Sarah Palin Appearing At Borders! Er, THE Border.

Borderline Personality

Serious Presidential Candidate and Wall Enthusiast BumpIt McCarthy issued more policy Tweets yesterday, slamming the President for appearing on the View instead of running to the border shooting off his pistoleros, the way she is going to, sometime soon!

President w/no time to visit porous US/Mexican border to offer help to those risking life to secure us,but lotso’ time to chat on The View?

I’m headed to border in near future… let’s see how quickly his travel schedule will allow that border visit after all.

The Kwittin’ Image’s run for the border might have been precipitated by her interview on illegal immigration where Bill O’ Reilly openly made lotso fun of her ignorance, or maybe that other interview where Bill O’ Reilly was just astounded by her ignorance. But perhaps St. Ronald Reagan’s AK-o-lite just wants to be president so she can wall up the U. S. of A. just like Ronnie told Putin he wanted to! In some respect.

Well, the Dutch did it! And wasn’t Reagan Dutch?

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Thought for the Day, July 30 2010

If Obama ever wants Fox News to cover one of his policy speeches in depth rather than cutting away to any old shit instead, he should deliver it on The View.

This has been Thought for the Day, July 30 2010.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Peter Schiff Roshambos Linda McMahon for Connecticut GOP Senate Nomination

Financial author/consultant Peter Schiff’s latest attack on multimillionaire former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon is a pretty cheap shot…but you can see where he got his inspiration.

Both of them are polling well behind Democratic candidate Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut’s long-serving Attorney General, with Schiff scoring weakest among the three GOP contenders. In the end, it’s probably Blumenthal’s race to lose, but it’s nice to see Schiff helping out by building an ad that makes both himself and McMahon look like the sort of people who sabotage carnival rides for laughs. 

Incidentally, 2010 is still the “Year of the GOP Woman”...although it’s becoming harder and harder to remember why.

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Debate techniques of the damned

I believe this one is called Minimization and Denial.

Exhibit A:

I have read the Court’s decision. Three people are not a “mob.” A mob is defined as a “large crowd.” So there was no “mob action” because there was no mob. Second, the Supreme Court specifically said the Sheriff and his deputy and a local policeman acted “under color of law.” Which means they had legal authority.*

Exhibit B:

Buchenwald, on the other hand, while atrocious beyond normal human understanding, was merely a slave labor camp, and not historically abnormal in a time of war. The people who died there did so under the stress of work and disease, rather than as a deliberate attempt to wipe them off the planet.† Which, of course, says much more about human nature and history than it does about the Nazis.

Unless there’s a debate technique called Say Any Old Shit About Those People.

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“Mongrelgate,” My Ass: Who Among Us Didn’t Cry When Old Yeller Died?

When Bill Murray called Americans “mutts,” we all laughed and felt better about ourselves. But, 30 years later, a biracial POTUS catches hell for making the same point using different words.

Lighten up, United States of Francis.

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The New Land’s End Catalog is Here! The New Land’s End Catalog is Here!

Oh, wait. Fuck. Never mind.

AP gets a first look at the final cover art for SP’s forthcoming book, America By Heart. Here’s the Harper Collins promo blurb at Amazon:

Framed by her strong belief in the importance of family, faith, and patriotism, the book ranges widely over American history, culture, and current affairs, and reflects on the key values—both national and spiritual-that have been such a profound part of Governor Palin’s life and continue to inform her vision of America’s future. Written in her own refreshingly candid voice, AMERICA BY HEART will include selections from classic and contemporary readings that have moved her-from the nation’s founding documents to great speeches, sermons, letters, literature and poetry, biography, and even some of her favorite songs and movies. Here, too, are portraits of some of the extraordinary men and women she admires and who embody her deep love of country, her strong rootedness in faith, and her profound love and appreciation of family. She will also draw from personal experience to amplify these timely (and timeless) themes—themes that are sure to inspire her numerous fans and readers all across the country.

America By Heart will be released on November 23, just in time to make millions of Christmas trees thank Jesus they weren’t born pulp&paper-grade Scandinavian birches. Lynn Vincent, SP’s co-author on Going Rogue, was not involved in this project, which was primarily written by dead historical figures and the Muse of Fair Use. 

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Oh my: Breitbartocalypse Now - Sherrod to Sue Breitbart’s Ass [Updated]

No doubt in cahoots with the filthy liberal scum at The View who, according to Rush Limbaugh, by now must have calluses on the calluses on their knees, Shirley Sherrod has chosen today to announce that she does want a piece of Breitbart, kthx.

And unlike Breitbart’s disclaimer of his avowed quest to destroy libraldumb, it doesn’t sound like she’s kidding:

Speaking Thursday at the National Association of Black Journalists convention, Sherrod said she would “definitely” sue over the video that took her remarks out of context.


Sherrod said she had not received an apology from Breitbart and no longer wanted one.

“He had to know that he was targeting me,” she said.

The queue of people Sherrod has yet to receive an apology from is lengthy:

“It wasn’t all media. It was Fox,” Sherrod says in commenting on President Obama’s remarks on The View blaming the media in part for the story. She says she also continues to get a few harassing phone calls over the incident. Sherrod says she still has not heard from Cheryl Cook, the USDA official who called her on the road and pressed her to resign. She says she would like to hear from Cook and that there are many problems at the agency that need to be addressed that people of color there have brought to her attention.

And where is the customary bluster from the astroturfing wingnut buffoon who set this whole farce off?

Breitbart did not immediately respond to calls or e-mails seeking comment.

Well, let’s thank the FSM for small mercies.

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This is just a little taste of the delicious vox populism shortly (15 minutes) to be on display on ABC. Anybody up for a live-blogging?

How dare he appear on daytime television? He’s supposed to talk only to serious news organisations, or at least S. E. Cupp of the Daily News! Oh, the dignity, the dignity!


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Thursday Morning Music: Spike Jones and a bunch of cats

Also. If you have any open-thready hopey-changey type stuff to share, this might be a good place to do it.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hayward Steps Down Citing HIMSELF As A Victim Of BP Oil Spill


Wow.  Just wow.

“This is a very sad day for me personally,” Hayward told a conference call.

“Whether it is fair or unfair is not the point. I became the public face and was demonised and vilified. BP cannot move on in the US with me as its leader.”

Hayward added: “Sometimes you step off the pavement and get hit by a bus.”

Yeah, and sometimes you go to work on an unsafe oil rig drilling an unsafe well and you get blown to bits. 

And sometimes you get on your fishing boat to earn a living and get hit by waves of black oil polluting your water and ruining your livelihood.

And sometimes you look at your empty restaurants and beaches and get hit by waves of fear that the people will never come back.

And sometimes you see image after image of dead wildlife covered with that oil and get hit by waves of sadness and revulsion.

Life’s a bitch, Tony.  Wish I could feel sorry for you.

Posted by marindenver on 07/28/10 at 06:38 PM

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