Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Zedonk Sports Cutest Stocking Legs Evah!


A relatively rare zebra-donkey hybrid was born at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Florida a few days ago.  With a sweet donkey face and utterly adorable striped stocking legs, this has got to be one of the cutest things around.  I want one!!

UPDATED to provide a link and clarify that the wildlife refuge is actually in GA, not FL.

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The Great Wall of Rupert

Back in November last year, I indulged in a spot of preemptive gloating over Rupert Murdoch’s grand strategy to charge for access to what passes for online content at the WSJ, The Times, and other titles in his bloated empire.

It’s only three weeks in, but the results of the paywall so far have been, let’s say, interesting:

The London Times threw up its paywall a few weeks ago; an analysis by The Guardian finds its traffic has gone down nearly 90 percent.

But some results have surpassed expectations, according to this snippet from dirt-digging British satirical magazine Private Eye:

And lo, the paywall on the Times and Sunday Times websites came to pass. Not, as predicted by News International, in May, nor June, but instead upon that red letter day that is Friday 2 July.

And very effective it is, too. So effective, in fact, that even staff on the Times found themselves unable to access the website from their own office free of charge. A plan to issue vouchers giving free access to all employees had been forgotten, and hacks arriving for the early shift on launch day were forced to get out their credit cards and laboriously set up direct debits before they could actually get on to the website to update it.

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Hillary Clinton: Reliable Tool of the GOP Smear-Masters

They used her to kill Universal Health Care (both times). They used her to beat up her husband. They used her to undermine anti-war Liberals. They used her to demonize powerful women. They used her to bash “entitled Eastern elitists.” They used her to burnish the dull and pitted public images of John McCain and Newt Gingrich. They’ve used her to argue that US foreign policy since 2009 is weak, disjointed, directionless and Israel-phobic. They’ve used her “Alinsky connection” to cast even the most uncontroversial Liberal initiatives as “radicalism.” And now, they’re using her to help enfeebled RINOs and febrile Tea Partiers run against the Obama Administration in the 2010 mid-terms.

After a decade or two, you think they’d come up with a new gimmick. But at this point, it’s so routine, so predictable and such a venerable electoral tradition that it’s like watching a dear old drunken friend run over your dog in the driveway at Christmas—just like he does every year, right before he knocks over the tree and pees in the punch bowl.

Some “Liberals” (and you can guess which ones) are giddy at the sight of Hillary being used, yet again, to kick them in the ass and steal their candy.

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Toy Story 3: Inception

I’ve seen both of these movies!!!! Yay for me! [via Oliver]

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Enough with the preemptive handwringing already…


A week ago today, Obama signed the financial regulation bill. Seven days later, he still hasn’t nominated Elizabeth Warren to head up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau!

There are only three possibilities for this inexcusable delay:

1.) Obama hates girls
2.) Obama is using Warren as a hippie-punching bag 
3.) Obama is Wall Street’s poodle

I love Elizabeth Warren. I think she’s a no-brainer choice for the job she invented. If the GOP wants a confirmation fight, I can’t think of a better nominee to reveal who the real Wall Street poodles are.

It is right and proper to advocate for Warren. Sign Bernie Sanders’ petition! But this preemptive freak-out over the mere possibility that Obama might nominate someone else is getting stupid. (I guess people are just on a hair-trigger since Obama has failed to deliver on so many other progressive hopes, like the Ledbetter Act, a health care bill, financial reform, Iraq draw-down, etc.)

I’ll be angry and disappointed if Warren doesn’t get nominated for the job. But I think I’ll wait until Obama actually, you know, doesn’t nominate her to call him a wymyn-hatin’, hippie-punching, Wall Street poodle-man.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 07/28/10 at 07:27 AM

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tea Party Quickly Becoming Toon Party

Just a couple of quick items suggesting that the past tense of “tea” is “toon”:

♦ In the latest independent public poll, Alaska US Senator Lisa Murkowski leads Palin-endorsed, Tea Party Express-backed challenger Joe Miller 62%-30%.

Rasmussen has John McCain up 53%-30% over Tea Party candidate J.D. Hayworth in the Arizona GOP Senate Primary.

♦ Scary Tea Party nominee Sharron Angle is bungling what should have been a guaranteed take-down of Nevada Senator Harry Reid. Meanwhile, Reid could be about to get a big boost from the NRA.

♦ Insane former candidate for POTUS Tom Tancredo has totally screwed Colorado’s Tea Party organizations, first by demanding that scandal-tainted conservatives Scott McInnis and challenger Dan Maes commit to dropping out of the Colorado Gubernatorial race after the GOP Primary on August 10 if the winner’s poll numbers still trail Dem candidate John Hickenlooper’s, and then by announcing his decision to make a vote-splitting Third Party run for Governor after both GOP contenders told him to go eat some shit.


♦ Sarah Palin’s “Mama Grizzly” endorsement of New Hampshire GOP Candidate for US Senate Kelly Ayotte may be dragging Ayotte down in the polls.

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Remember, they’re just trying to protect the chiiillllllldrennnnnn

Maggie Gallagher’s anti-gay bigot celebration RV tour flushes out some truly unique “opposite marriage” fans like this gentleman:


Oh, but they’re not about hate, gracious heavens, no!

Gallagher likes to demand that LBGT organizations denounce protesters who “bully” the anti-gay bigots Gallagher whistles out of the woodwork. If you’d like to sign a petition calling on Gallagher to denounce NOM supporters who advocate murder, here it is.

Christ, I wish these assholes would choke on a sack of cajun-fried dicks.

[H/T: Bilerico]

Posted by Betty Cracker on 07/27/10 at 11:46 AM

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Pride and Pugilism

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Monday, July 26, 2010

“Precious” Palin Uncovers Journolist Plot to Not Run with Trig Conspiracy Story

It’s official: There is simply no depth to which Sarah Palin will not sink in order to cast herself as a helpless victim of Pure Evil—even if that means utterly misrepresenting the Truth and hoping none of her End-Times Patriot Nihilist cult-members will take two seconds to check her shoddy homework. 

It’s tough to fittingly describe these numerous members of the mainstream media who actively engaged in the debate about this conspiracy back when I was first introduced as John McCain’s running mate,

Try “thoughtful” and, in the end, “decent journalistic professionals” who found the allegations both unsubstantiated and ethically repugnant, you bullying, gutless, shit-brained. self-righteous tit.

and it’s impossible to legitimize any “prominent” media publication that continues to traffic in this bizarre narrative today. if any “media publications,” prominent or otherwise, were actually engaged in perpetuating that story, you self-pitying, worthless caricature of a cartoon human.

Consider this a prosthetic extension of Betty’s post, below. Leave your comments downstairs, and give Betty some love for busting Snooki’s tiny, hairless balls for Crying Wolf yet again at a time when the world desperately needs serious public figures, rather than showboating tabloid celebrities who don’t give a flying fuck about America, as long as the checks keep cashing.

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Meat Shield Chronicles

Sarah Palin is on the Facebook thingie again, this time noting that it’s “ironic” that the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act falls on the same day Tucker Carlson’s Daily Douchebag released a batch of JournoList emails on the Trig birfer conspiracy.

Palin links to the JournoList emails, but either she didn’t read (or understand) them herself or she’s hoping none of her Facebook friends will peruse them. I say this because, if anything, the emails exculpate the “liberal media” from narrative Palin is trying to weave: That these ravening hordes of conservative-hating hacks would stop at nothing to bring Palin down, even if it meant peddling falsehoods about innocent children.

The emails certainly don’t contain anything nasty or disrespectful about Trig as Palin’s juxtaposition of the email release with the ADA anniversary implies. In fact, one of the participants mildly scolds another for using the phrase “Downs child:”

A note to journolisters who may not be aware of this: “Downs child” is NOT an appropriate or sensitive way to refer to Palin’s son, who has Down Syndrome. Please use “people-first” language here. I’m not at all a fan of Palin, either, but as liberals and decent human beings, we should be respectful in how we refer to people with disabilities.

Since Carlson is selectively releasing JournoList emails, we can be sure that Daily Douchebagginses pored over the cache to find the most damning possible quotes. However, the overall impression I got was that practically everyone agreed the story was too outlandish or politically toxic to touch. The only thing mildly scandalous was the extent to which a group of self-professed liberals processed all information through the prism of how it would affect the Obama campaign. And on that, well, duh.

Palin characterizes the JournoList dump as a “Journey into the Media’s Heart of Darkness.” Journey into the “Spleen of Dullness” is much closer to the mark. Ho-hum. But like Breitbart, Palin counts on her audience to swallow her assertions uncritically and not check the sources. It’s usually a pretty safe bet.

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RNC Fund Raising Event To Feature . . . Andrew Breitbart??


After Breitbart’s spectacular expose fail over Shirley Sherrod’s supposed evil bigotry you’d think the Repubs might want to distance themselves from him a bit.

Think again my friends.  Not only are they not distancing themselves, they are apparently embracing his brand of *journalism* by having him be a featured player at an upcoming swanky fund raising event in Beverly Hills, CA.

According to the invitation, which TPM was able to get a copy of, for a mere $5,000 contribution you too can attend a Welcome Reception on Thursday featuring none other than Chairman Michael Steele and Andrew Breitbart.

Well, why not, anyway?  While most normal people were pretty much aghast over the treatment of Sherrod by not only Breitbart and his flying monkeys but also the mainstream media and her boss and all his flying monkeys, the conservative crowd doesn’t seem to want to let go of her.

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Ten-Second Psychotherapy for Non-Creative-Class Progressives

Just having one of those days, while I endeavor to find some looming controversy that’s actually topical in 2010, rather than two years ago.

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Revenge of the birds


Shitstorm cuts gig short:

Kings of Leon were forced to cancel a show last week after being showered with pigeon droppings. The flock of avian music critics brought the St Louis concert to a cooing halt after just three songs. “You may enjoy being shit on,” explained the band’s drummer, “but we don’t.”


“We tried to play,” Followill explained. “It was ridiculous.” According to the band’s manager, Andy Mendelsohn, Followill was hit “several times during the first two songs”, and on the third number, droppings “landed near his mouth”. “They couldn’t deal any longer,” Mendelsohn said. “It’s not only disgusting – it’s a toxic health hazard.”

Why couldn’t this have been the Jonas Brothers?

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Blister in the Sun


(Image by Eleni Tsami)

I understand there’s this massive world-wide heat wave turning giant chunks of the planet’s surface into a suffocating, uninhabitable hellscape. In Florida, we call this condition “July,” but I can understand why people might find it alarming in areas where air-conditioning used to be optional.

As for the collapse of will to do anything about climate change in the US Senate due to lock-step opposition by Republicans and Blue Dogs, NYT columnist Ross Douthat admits that “conservatives who dismiss climate change as a hoax are making a spectacle of their ignorance.”

But Douthat observes they have good reason to oppose remedies like cap and trade since all climate change solutions seem to involve icky, vaguely commie notions like “regulation” and “collective action on a global scale.” Maybe doing nothing is the better part of valor?

[Y]ou can see why conservatives might lean toward the wisdom of inaction. Not every danger has a regulatory solution, and sometimes it makes sense to wait, get richer, and then try to muddle through.

I’m sure the higher per capita income will be a comfort to our great-great grandchildren, the heat-tolerant mutants living in climate controlled caverns. Why, it’ll be just like Mall of America!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The fReichtards howl, they’re on the prowl…

They really are the stupidest motherfuckers ever.

In what could be deemed an act of war against the sovereign borders of the United States, Mexican drug cartels have seized control of at least two American ranches inside the U.S. territory near Laredo, Texas.

Two sources inside the Laredo Police Department confirmed the incident is unfolding and they would continue to coordinate with U.S. Border Patrol today. “We consider this an act of war,” said one police officer on the ground near the scene. There is a news blackout of this incident at this time and the sources inside Laredo PD spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Word broke late last night that Laredo police have requested help from the federal government regarding the incursion by the Los Zetas. It appears that the ranch owners have escaped without incident but their ranches remain in the hands of the blood thirsty cartels.

It will surprise exactly no one that this story is being pushed on Andy Breitbart’s Big Peace and ... pretty much no where else. Even Cornfidiot Wankee doesn’t buy it, but many of his commenters Want to Believe.

Meanwhile, giant ants could stomp through Laredo and the cops wouldn’t know about it because the Skid Mark Brigade is jamming the lines.

You can click through TBogg if you want front row seats to the current drool-a-thon. If you’ve had your daily supply of idiocy, read this instead.*

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