Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Morning Music: Gil Scott-Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Will One of the Bush’s be Headed to N. Korea for a Rescue Next?

I have to say when I saw this earlier I was not only thankful that the poor guy got out of N. Korea in one piece, but also wondered if Kim Jong-il & Co. were just trying to lure over former U.S. presidents for photo ops.

Someone at the State Department was thinking on the same lines.


Per TPM P.J. Crowley is chief spokesman at the State Department.  LOL.

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My Treasured Denver Memories, Day 3-4.

Since tomorrow is probably going to be wall-to-wall blogging about Glenn Beck’s Rubestock Festival in DC, I decided to skip Joe Biden’s convention speech and fast-forward to that fleeting Golden Hour of Wediditude that divided the Waning Light of the Bush Era from the Suffocating Nightfall of Palinism…if only for half a news-cycle.

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“Real life sucks losers dry…”


I guess Alaska just wasn’t big enough for the two of them.

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Friday Morning Music: Old Folk, New Folk

A couple of weeks ago, in a chat with Mrs. Polly about the terrible UK tabloid the Daily Mail, I mentioned Dan and Dan’s “Daily Mail Song.” Here it is again for those who don’t always scour our comments for such things.

That vid’s understandably long gone viral (do also check out Dan and Dan’s blog for some more low-key British humor, BTW). Which got me to musing about memes and the similarities between today’s Web and days gone but not forgotten, when song—and, loosely, “folk” song—served a similar purpose in spreading news, opinions, and reactions.

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Mel Gibson headlines Women’s Equality Day celebration


SENECA FALLS, NEW YORK – AUGUST 26, 2010: Citing inspiration from Glenn Beck’s upcoming rally to take back the civil rights movement for white people, actor Mel Gibson marked the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment yesterday in the bucolic town where the women’s suffrage movement began.

Joined onstage by singer Chris Brown and auto body repairman Joey Buttafuoco, Gibson praised the passage of the legislation that “gave bitches the right to vote.” His later remarks seemed to suggest Gibson was confused about women’s enfranchisement, since he cited their votes in People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” contest rather than participation in official elections. 

The crowd, largely clad in American flag-themed clothing and resting in frayed lawn chairs, waved signs depicting President Obama in a variety of costumes, including a witch doctor, a Nazi and a Red Army general.

Gibson, when asked about his feminist credentials, directed a reporter to a woman he called “Sister Inviolatta,” who was actually NRO editor Kathryn Jean Lopez. Ms. Lopez said Gibson’s depiction of the “Mother of our Lord” in torture-porn film The Passion of the Christ qualified Gibson to lead the women’s rights movement.

Lopez impatiently dismissed queries about Gibson’s domestic violence issues, insisting that his portrayal of the Virgin Mary in the film did more for feminism than “Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Pocohantas, Lucretia Mott, Lucy Stone, Sacagawea, Susan B. Anthony and Princess Diana all rolled into one with sprinkles on top.”

The event ended on a sour note, however, when a planned address by OJ Simpson could not be conducted due to technical difficulties with the jail conference center video link-up.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Note to John Derbyshire: It’s Called “Google”

Heh. Under the headline “Taking Over the Streets?” Derbyshire at NRO publishes photos from an email fan which the writer avers are “an accurate picture of every Friday afternoon in several locations throughout New York City where there are mosques with a large number of Muslims that cannot fit into the mosque.” Rather than verify the images up-front, he milks their Wholly Speculative Outrage Content, then leaves it to his readers to do his journalism for him:

If this kind of obstruction of roads and sidewalks is really going on in Nurse Bloomberg’s city — where a restaurateur can get a four-digit fine for placing a chair on the sidewalk without the proper permit — it’s a disgrace. But give me the facts, someone, please.

Fortunately, co-Cornerite Yuval Levin hipped him to an online Snopes debunking that correctly identifies the images as scenes from NYC’s annual Muslim Day Parade. However, a quick Google search of Muslim+Prayer+New York would have led him to a June 23 rant by Arch Islamofreakoutista Pam Geller, without having to rely on a well-known source of Liberal Disinformation

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My Treasured Denver Memories, Day 2

Two years ago tonight, I wasn’t on Rumproast, so I can only conclude I was shaving the cats, out stealing yard signs or teaching my weekly ACORN class in Physical Intimidation & Document Forgery. But had I known Hillary Clinton was about to deliver the most impassioned endorsement of Barack Obama by any respected public figure, ever, I’d have popped a tape in the VCR and set the Signal Decoder to “Orange.”

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Palin to AFL-CIO Chief: I Know You Are But What Am I? [Neener-Neener] [Blorg] [Fart] [Giggle]

Richard Trumka had some tough words for Alaska’s Miss Pre-Teen Pretender in a preview of his planned remarks to the Alaska AFL-CIO Biennial Convention.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is calling Sarah Palin “almost a parody of herself” who will “go down in history like McCarthy” in a speech in Alaska today.

Note to Sarah: When someone accuses you of being a parody of yourself, don’t react by by being a parody of yourself.

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Snowflake Snooki vs. Hottie McAwesome

Palin disses Scott Brown—and the citizens of Massachusetts—on Fox News:

Peopled by sheeple, the Bay State simply lacks the tundric values of independence, intelligence, etc., and is therefore not part of Real America.

So much for the starburst dream-team of Palin-Brown in 2012. I’m pretty sure this precludes a 50-state sweep too.

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They haz a meme

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin will speak at the Lincoln Memorial this Saturday on the anniversary of the date when Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech at that very same spot.

It’s totally a coincidence that Beck scheduled his “Restoring Honor” rally on that date and at that place. He’s just trying to reclaim the civil rights movement. Black people don’t own MLK, you know.

Now, MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech is perhaps the most inspiring, soaring rhetoric ever produced in the history of this country. That makes it a tough act to follow, even 47 years later.

Are Beck and Palin up to the challenge? Let’s compare and contrast:

I dunno. Somehow I think MLK will still kinda own that venue—even after Saturday.

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Public Health Advisory: Quitterrhea

The NIH has issued a public health advisory about yet another outbreak of the persistent opportunistic contagious inflammatory disease quitterrhea among vulnerable populations.

The etiology of quitterrhea is well understood. The causative bacterium, Wackaloonia me-me-memensis McCain, is spread by contact with exudate from an agent infected with Twitterrhea. This can be exacerbated by repeated exposure to the closely associated logorrhea.

If untreated, it may lead to relatively shortlived, unfocused outbreaks of blogorrhea, which can be remedied successfully by liberal application of topical preparations.

Researchers continue to track the disease vectors, and there is evidence of a buildup of resistance among those subject to prolonged exposure.

In an informal briefing, an NIH spokesperson reported yesterday: “We’d be more worried, but all the evidence is that this strain of Wackaloonia has one fatal flaw in its genetic makeup. Its half-life among the general population is relatively short.”

When asked to clarify this in lay terms, she said: “Well, at a certain point in the development of each episode, it just seems to give up and go dormant until it moves on to its next set of victims.”

Unrelated: Brainerd diarrhea.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Food prøn: French onion soup


Homemade French onion soup! It’s not hard, but it is time consuming. It’s relatively inexpensive (except for the fancy cheese). Here’s how I make it:

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My Treasured Denver Memories, Day 1

Two years ago today, I was too preoccupied with countering the pathetic thrusts and parries of my online enemies to focus on the irresistible unfoldment of pageantous Destiny that was the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver.

Despite the subsequent massive upgrades to my blogospheric access and the mysterious bags of swag that appear on my front stoop every time I post an Approved Meme on Rumproast, I will always regret that I was unable to be fully immersed and “in the moment” that week when History washed out of our TV screens on an EMP of Hope & Change. Yet, like Victory itself, the Internet Memory is immortal—and we can, in brief flashes at least, relive the highlights of those Four Magical Days That Changed Everything. Yes we can.

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Baked Alaska and Floriduh

I think Tbogg is onto something here. Citing Palin’s hand-picked protégé Joe Miller’s relentless pimping of his rugged outdoorsy-ness, moose-bloodlust, etc., Tbogg says:

We get it. You’re an outdoorsman and you’re all macho and shit with your manscaped beard, but, seriously, after the last couple of years of listening to that babbling snowbilly grifter natter on about your Alabama-with-a-snowpack hellstate, we’re kinda of Alaska’d out about the Great White North and we wish you guys would just take our tax dollars and shut the fuck up about your bullshit last frontier self-sufficiency.

Yep.  And yet, I pity the Alaskans not named Joe W. Miller and Sarah Palin, for they are being stereotyped by the Snowflake Snooki Moose-Killin’, Salmon-Slayin’ Minstrel Show.

I know what it’s like to have your state thrust onto the national political stage because of the antics of a handful of dumbasses. No one who lived in Florida during the 2000 election recount will ever forget the shame of “Floriduh”—the officials staring at hanging chads in slack-jawed amazement, the Condo Commandos accidentally voting for Pat Buchanan, etc.

I feel your pain, Alaska.

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