Monday, October 04, 2010

Ultraviolent Eco-Video Reveals Shocking Truth That Gillian Anderson Is Still Working

Warning: Kinda gross, in a Grand Guignol sort of way.

I was going to ignore this, since it’s not a particularly effective application of blood squibs and dark comedy, but it has Glenn Beck fairly exercised, and the wingnut blogs have seized on it as a naked warning that Eco-Fascism is coming to ravish your women and steal your canned food.

The video was produced by a UK-based environmental initiative called 10:10, which has been urging individuals and businesses to cut carbon emissions by 10% in 2010. They have already pulled the video and apologized for hiring brilliant dialogist Richard Curtis to write the script, but signing someone other than Terry Gilliam to direct the extremely delicate death-meat-humor portions of the onscreen action.

Consider this a companion to Betty’s post below, since Glenn’s not real thrilled with that Donald Duck remix, either. 

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Donald Duck vs. Glenn Beck

Absolutely brilliant mash-up:

[H/T: Sully]

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Gus & Fin: T-Rex’s “Get It On”

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

I Hope Glenn Beck Has Jesus On His Speed-Dial

Oh, wait—I forgot, Jesus was a Socialist, too.

This is today’s One Nation Working Together rally in DC, as selectively composed by Tea Party puppetmasters Americans for Prosperity, who are—momentarily, it seems—unconcerned about Blacks, Gays, Unions, Teachers, Jews, Environmentalists, Code Pink and Hollywood.

Great tune, though—I think it’s the theme from Rocky III.

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Dale Peterson Says Vote for Nathan Deal Or I’ll Shoot You in the Nutsack

Our old pal Dale Peterson rides again, despite having been politically annihilated in his bid to become Georgia’s Alabama’s Secretary of Agriculture. Even in Electoral Death, he has retained a certain Teabaggy fromage du pied that makes him a must-have iconic accessory for every Boss Hoggian candidate who needs to demonstrate that he has a chin-whisker more Cowboy Credibility than the other corrupt Billy Bob in the race.

[Thanks to meepmeep09 in comments for reminding me that Dale’s from Alabama, which makes this an act of Interstate Political Meddling à la Sarah Palin. That suggests to me that this is less about beating “King” Roy Barnes in Georgia than it is about establishing Dale Peterson as the “Face of Teabaggery” in the Deep South, and maybe landing him one of them fancy nature shows on cable TV. 

Run for office, lose famously, then turn your flamboyant losertude into a franchise. It’s the new American Dream.]

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Christine O’Donnell: Postmodern Performance Artist


I’ll admit it: Christine O’Donnell had me fooled. She blends in pretty well with this year’s sleuth of Grizzly Mamas, mouthing similar “noun + verb + Constitution” sentences, paying the obligatory homage to Palin, building the same cuckoo-Queen Esther narrative around her quixotic quest for office.

She seems somewhat kookier than her fellow teabagger candidates. In retrospect, that should have been a red flag: It ain’t easy to out-crazy the likes of Sharron Angle!

But, ironically, it was her résumé cock-ups—something that ostensibly detracted from her credibility—that convinced me instead that she may be the most avant-garde performance artist since Andy Kaufman.

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Open Thread: Snake-Treading Festival in DC

The One Nation Working Together rally at the Washington Monument statue of the Bearded Dude in the Barca-Lounger kicks off at noon today, and will be live-streamed on C-SPAN.

Glenn Beck says this is going to be a blood-curdling assemblage of Commies, Lesbians, Dark People, Peaceniks, Hollywood Subversives and Human-Hating Greenies…so if everyone who attends isn’t sucked up into a Pillar of Fire, you can be pretty sure there is no God.

UPDATE: American Thinker thoughtfully (giggity!) reminds us that this is a march of Inauthentic Americansi.e., the “socialist group-thinkers, moochers, and no-accounts [who will] vote a month from now so that they can continue their mad-dog raiding of the producers’ profits and tighten the big-government stranglehold on authentic America.” Which is to say that this rally consists entirely of “They the Un-People” types who have no place in the Tea Party’s Utopian Nation of Self-Made Millionaires With Guns.

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Friday, October 01, 2010


These Boots Were Made For Sulking

Welcome to the True Progressive Tempest in a Green Teapot! We won’t stand for it! Vote out the traitorous compromisers and let the policies fall where they may! You think the Tea Party has split the Republicans? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Wait till the new Teabrained Congress convenes and see how well our progressive agenda does! Oh, and by the way, could somebody please tell me why I’m outraged today?     


I have been a huge supporter of yours ever since the Healthcare fiasco. I have stood up for you and the other ‘professional leftists’ at every turn in my political quest. I have a question concerning Rahm. The O-bots and apologists all seem to proclaim he saved the Auto-Industry and has worked tirelessly to help unions. I don’t believe that baloney for one second, but I can’t seem to find anything to back my gut reactions. There’s that new book where Rahm was quoted as saying, “F#ck the UAW” but that’s all. If anyone else on the thread has information on my inquiry, feel free to jump in.


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Failure to Launch

So come up to the lab. And see what’s on the slab. I see you shiver with antici…pation:


And then? Oh figgety fuck!


In summary: Roar!

PS: The Chicago dentist who donated to the Hillary ’08 campaign and then demanded his money back and then used video editing to transform poor Hillary’s perfectly adequate smile into a terrifying Jaws grill is mixed up in this.

[H/T: Balloon Juice via Meepmeep09]

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