Wednesday, October 27, 2010

By Popular Demand—Pat Toomey, the Manchurian Senator

For everyone down in Betty’s thread who feels like they’ve been holding off a win by hypocritical “Club for Growth” nutcase Pat Toomey for 20 years. This spot and its companion are on high rotation here in perpetually-distressed Western PA.

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Nil, Baby, Nil: New Gov Study Cuts Alaska National Petroleum Reserve Estimates by 90%

The US Geological survey says there’s not as much oil as they thought back in 2002. There’s still a decent amount of natural gas, but no pipeline infrastructure to transport it. Oh, well.

According to USGS, the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPRA) contains approximately 896 million barrels of undiscovered, “technically recoverable” oil, down from the earlier estimate of 10.6 billion barrels. In contrast, the current low-end estimate for recoverable oil in ANWR’s “1002” tract and northeastern coastal areas, prepared in 1998, is 5.7 billion barrels, using what I presume are the same methods that dramatically overstated the NPRA reserves in 2002. 

In any event, it appears that if every last drop of undiscovered oil in the NPRA could be instantly sucked out of the ground, it would be able to suppy the total petroleum needs of the United States (20 million barrels/day) for 45 days. Take THAT, Lower 48!

Fun Facts:

♦  The US Strategic Oil Reserve, which consists of four man-made underground storage caverns in and around the US Gulf States, holds up to 727 million barrels of oil.
♦  Alaska’s top two export commodities, by dollar value, are zinc ores and frozen fish filets.
♦  Iraq has estimated oil reserves north of 112 billion barrels.
♦  The United States is the world’s third-largest oil producer, behind Saudi Arabia and Russia.
♦  Resigned Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a well-known TV celebrity.
♦  The irrational fear of clowns is known as “Coulrophobia.”

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Tea-O-Pee: Cold Comfort Edition

Many of its key players having fled to the NFL (including Touchdown Jeebus), my college football team is in the midst of a “rebuilding” year. We’ve lost three games so far this season.


That’s a bitter pill for us spoiled fans to swallow. We became accustomed to contending for—and winning—conference and national championships. But that’s how it works in sports.

And in this one respect, at least, that’s how it works in politics too. Everyone is saying the Dems are going to get wiped out next Tuesday—pick your metaphor: a wave, a tsunami, etc.

According to the people who are paid to prognosticate about such things, the losses will be on par with those suffered by the Dems in Bill Clinton’s first term. Don’t expect that to dampen the schadenfreude of the “Hillary Would Have Done Better” and “The Big Dawg Is Gawd” crowd. As we’ve seen, historical perspective is not their strong suit.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If you despise Pamela Geller as much as I despise Pamela Geller… really, really need to read this.

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Appeals Court to Alan Keyes: Birther Case Dismissed, Now Reimburse Obama’s Costs

It’s never “over,” but this one’s especially satisfying, because Keyes is such a dick.

SPECIAL BONUS: This is video of Phil Berg’s much-publicized “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” national rally in DC on Saturday:

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Obssessing on Big Boobs: Richard Cohen Edtion

        When I Was Young And Boobi-I Mean Boorish

So who doesn’t?
Some of us in our youth may have made unfortunate remarks,even been rather boorish, and forgotten to mention that fact in our columns, but, COME ON!

The WaPo’s exquisitely befuddled Richard Cohen can’t understand why we don’t just forget Anita Hill already and move on—this Lilian McEwan’s coming forward with her Clarence Thomas story **yawn** : 

The revelations—so banal as to comprise a virtual exoneration

You see that? So commonplace as to be hardly worth the bother, happens all the time (particularly in workplaces presided over by priapic semi-married bosses), no news here, move along.

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More Conservative Woman-Hate

50 feet tall and crazy! How dare they? This is an affront to every Liberal who isn’t already in love with Sarah Palin. When, oh when, will male politicians be parodied as insane monsters?

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Rand Paul Supporters Are Not a Rabid Mob, I Swear

Fox41 in Louisville filed this story. TPM has updates.

Sympathy from the usual suspects is here. Most compassionate line so far:

You sure that’s a woman? I’m not even sure it’s human.

Things like this redouble my commitment to sitting out the midterms, just to send a message to the Democrats that if they refuse to stomp on women’s heads, We the People can damn well empower folks who do stomp on women’s heads simply by not voting.

UPDATE FROM TPM: Stomper identified as Rand Paul Bourbon County campaign coordinator.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Meg Whitman is California Dreamin’ - Of the Days When Jerry Brown was Governor!

So first Meg Whitman puts up this ad which TPM titles “I know you might not like me but please vote for me”.

Thirty years ago, she says, when she first moved to California, it was a place worth coming to and she and her family lived out the California dream!

Anyone want to take a guess who was governor then?


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The view from the bottom of the shoe


Atlantic business and economics editor Megan McArdle gets metaphorically curb-stomped quite frequently because she often posts stupid shit. She doesn’t like it:

For me, this resonates with my growing disgust at the level of anger in the blogosphere. I don’t mean irritation, pointed jibes, or even spirited discussion; I mean an aggressive revelling in rage. I notice it much more on left wing sites, but that’s because I basically refuse to read angry right-wing sites, so I don’t know what’s going on there.

Well, yeah, if you only read angry leftwing sites, it makes sense you’d notice more anger coming from that side. Just like if you only sniffed your right armpit, it would make perfect sense to assume the left one is BO-free. She goes on:

Call me a vaporing language nanny, but I thought it was pretty creepy when Jon Chait described another liberal journalist, Michael Kinsley, another journalist [sic], as “curb stomping” economist Greg Mankiw for, yes, daring to suggest that higher marginal tax rates might have incentive effects.  Woo-hoo!

Okay: You’re a vaporing language nanny. And also dishonest, because Mankiw didn’t merely suggest that higher marginal tax rates might have incentive effects; he cooked up bogus numbers to justify the continuation of tax policies designed to make working stiffs pay a higher portion of their earnings than corporate fat cats.

But all quibbling aside, it’s easy to avoid a metaphorical curb-stomping: Just don’t post stupid shit.

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Self-inflicted butthurt

Wow. I am surprised by this surprising news [via CQP]:

Three long-shot African-American Republican House candidates are fuming at national party leaders for not doing enough to help get them elected.

This isn’t an article from The Onion, but I understand why you’d think that.

“I think the Republican Party is going to damage themselves with the African-American community,” [Lisa Creeden, campaign manager for Chuck Smith] said.

Oh dear. And we all know how hard the GOP works to maintain good relations with all minorities.

“The effort to reach out to the African-American community will pay out in future elections. If they drop the ball now, they will have to start all over again,” she added.

Let’s see: Poutrage prone and realityphobic. Yup, she’s a Republican!


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Corkscrews: Is there anything they can’t do?

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

It’s time to play Bag Libs™!

You’ve always wanted to write like a firebagger, but you didn’t know how to achieve that stunning mix of seething anger, logic-defying rhetoric and mind-boggling incoherence. Well, it’s easy with Bag Libs™*!

Just supply an appropriate word for each item on the following list, and then insert them into the handy template after the jump. You’ll be all set to impress your friends, neighbors and relatives with your custom made Firebagger manifesto!

Place Name: _______________________
Noun: _______________________
Plural Noun: _______________________
Adverb: _______________________
Mythical Animal: _______________________
Verb that ends in –ing: ______________
Plural Noun: _______________________
Verb: _______________________
Adjective: _______________________
Adverb: _______________________
Verb: _______________________
Verb: _______________________
Plural Body Part: _______________________
Number: _______________________
Adjective: _______________________
Adjective: _______________________

(Note: Bag Libs™ is not responsible for loss of friends, neighbors, relatives, blood or teeth.)


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A walk in The Trossachs

It was one of those beautiful days we get too few of in autumn, where a high-pressure zone lingers over the British Isles and brings cold, crisp, dry, sunny weather that just grabs you by the lapels and says, “Get out there!” So we piled into the car and headed up towards an area called The Trossachs, just an hour or so’s drive north of Glasgow, but no less remarkable for that.

We headed for a hill we’ve walked a few times before called Ben A’an (Gaelic for “the small mountain”), noted among some of our hillwalking friends (jokingly, I promise) as “an easy day for a lady.” And that title is probably well earned, as this area was opened up for exploration by relatively wealthy tourists and daytrippers during the Victorian era, when Romanticism and improving transportation drew many to explore the wilds, and try to tame some of them. These hills have been very well trodden over the years.

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Not-So-Strange Bagfellows

Kevin Drum had this one pegged, more or less, right out of the gate.

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