Sunday, October 24, 2010

Progressive Dems Welcome Republican Takeover in November

...because then we’ll get Single-Payer Medicare-for-All, end the wars and finally take care of working-class Americans—plus, lots of face-paint and skipping!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Joe Arpaio: You Have the Right to Remain Sexified

Prison briefs are the new gel bracelet.

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DOD Responds to Looming Threat of Ground-Based, High-Mileage, Low-Emission Electric Cars

Behold the diesel-fueled, Wankel-powered “Flying Humvee”—which not even a tech-wonk like me can believe is actually in development by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Either the DOD believes an armored, airborne mall-barge is the key to taking out Bin Laden, or some aspiring SecDef hopes to present a future President Palin with a super-studly platform for hunting Chevy Volts from the sky.

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Limbaugh Hopes Disaffected Dems Will Sit Out Midterms to “Help” Bull Dyke Hildabeast

In 2008, Rush Limbaugh launched “Operation Chaos,” which urged Republicans to switch parties and prank-vote Hillary Clinton in the later Dem state primaries in order to “keep her in the race, to keep that party at war with itself.”

This time, he’s reaching out to suicidal Dems, in the hope that they’ll do the job Republicans can’t i.e., set the stage for a catastrophic primary bid by his favorite Democratic punching bag in 2012.

Fortunately, no Liberal is dumb enough to do Rush’s bidding and help hand him two years of easy monologues about “Hitlery,” “the Hildabeast,” Monica, Chinese campaign money, HillaryCare, Vince Foster, Obama’s “failed” foreign policy and Hillary’s “lesbian” fondness for pantsuits and Huma. But you have to admit that—as concern trolling goes—this demonstrates a profound appreciation of what motivates his targeted victims.

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Evil succubus inhales life force from adorable pup!


Actually, she just autographed it, which is kind of weird. But then she gave it a kiss, which demonstrates that even horrible, horrible people aren’t immune to the charm of fluffy puppies.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Everything!

According to Bishop Ussher, Creation occurred on the nightfall preceding October 23, 4004 BC—which makes the Universe exactly 6,014 years old as of tonight.

It only feels like 14 billion because other people are such a pain in the ass.

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And Don’t Call Me Shirley

Oh Stewardess, Do You Speak Bigot?

      Shnooks On A Plane

Surely NPR wouldn’t refuse to renew the contract of a “Senior Analyst” just because he breaks out in a cold sweat if fellow passengers are wearing too much yardage—they could have anything in there! We’ve seen this movie before!

Poor NPR. How could they have ever seen this coming? Now they’ll have to look long and hard before they find another analyst of Williams’ perspicuity and personal magnetism. Perhaps they should hire Shirley Sherrod, because firing Juan Williams is exactly like firing Shirley Sherrod—even though Williams’ statements were the last in a series of questionable incidents that had bothered NPR for a long time, and Sherrod was summarily fired without review after being deliberately, and falsely, smeared. Still, in the heated, lightless atmosphere of partisan smoke-bomb throwing, “firing,” “black,” and “first amendment” just need to be in any kind of proximity to each other, don’t they? They don’t need to be in some kind of logical order. It’s not like we’re looking for the fire exit, are we?         

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Buck Continues to Try to Have his TeaBag and Drink It Too - Today’s Topic:  Global Warming

So here’s what Ken Buck said (via The Coloradoan):

“Sen. Inhofe was the first person to stand up and say this global warming is the greatest hoax that has been perpetrated. The evidence just keeps supporting his view, and more and more people’s view, of what’s going on.”

Direct quote.  So to me this sounds like Ken Buck also believes that global warming is a great big hoax, no?  No, not if you’re a Buck-pedaler.  From the Denver Post:

“Ken did not say global warming is a hoax. He pointed out what Inhofe said,” said Buck spokesman Owen Loftus. “Ken believes there is global warming but thinks the evidence points to it being natural rather than man-made.”

C’mon, he didn’t say Inhofe says that the evidence just keeps supporting Inhofe’s view, Ken Buck said that the evidence just keeps supporting Inhofe’s view.  And that more and more people had this view.

But as we’re learning, running after Buck with a bucket of water to douse the fires he leaves behind him is just part of Loftus’ job.

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Sarah Palin Practices for Lifetime of Mall Openings

Plastic banner. Two guys in “Town Crier” suits. Short canned speech. A couple hundred people. No major candidates attending. All she needs is a “Grand Opening” sash and a pair of oversized ceremonial scissors, and she could be the next Burt Ward.

Meanwhile, here’s President Obama and Sen. Patty Murray yesterday at the University of Washington. Behold the “enthusiasm gap,” ye Obots, and despair:

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Is it LowTea?

Nah, just Fox News shilling for the teatards again:


Stupid old eltist Harry Reid thinks voters are dumbasses. The only way they can prove they are too smart, not like everybody says, not dumb is to elect a lady who’s afraid someone will establish Sharia law in her underpants and who thinks every other Mexican looks like Hop Sing or Céline Dion. That’ll show dumb old Harry Reid!

UPDATE: But wait—there’s more!

This time from rage-o-holic NJ Guv Chris Christie:


The transcript didn’t say whether or not Christie called Obama a “fat-assed loud mouth.” But sources report Sarah Palin accused Elizabeth Warren of being an empty-headed shrew. And pop icon Lady Gaga denounced Rachel Maddow for her outlandishly over-the-top outfits.

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The Devil and Miss Nooners


In one important respect, Peggy Noonan is even more loathsome than the typical GOP hack: Unlike many of her dimwitted brethren who man the other paddles in the GOP scribe galley, Noonan has occasional flashes of lucidity.

It was Noonan in an accidental open-mic incident who called bullshit on McCain’s deeply cynical elevation of Snow-Machine Snooki to the national stage, observing that it was a choice rooted in a desire to create a “narrative” and would thus backfire.

But she soon overcame that unwelcome attack of clarity and put her hands to the oar that propelled the listing Straight Talk Express in circles and then to the bottom of the deep blue sea. Perhaps she closed her eyes and thought of the Gipper.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your Evening Schadenfreude

Oh, I do love me some winger-on-winger mudwrestling, just as a change from watching the American left going at it 24/7. And there’s plenty to enjoy at the moment.

Here’s Tea Party founder Karl Denninger in an interview, railing against the co-option and betrayal of the Original Tea Party™ by a number of the usual career wingnut suspects, prefaced by a truly choice rant from Dylan Ratigan that will no doubt have Snowbilly Snooki wearing out her Blackberry keyboard overnight.

(Warning: Contains Palin)

Denninger reprises and expands his arguments in a blog post, which I recommend for a variety of reasons. It begins well with the title, “To The Tea Party: Go Screw Yourself,” and doesn’t lose much steam after that, but is mainly notable for one of the more Monty Pythonish passages that I’ve seen come out of the American right to date:

Notice what’s missing from this mission statement and principles: Any mention of why I and others led people to mail tea bags to Congress and our President in the first place: rampant theft of over taxpayer money propping up FAILED private businesses.

Notice what’s missing from this discourse is any mention of the Koch Brothers, FreedomWorks (currently having its own problems), or any of the other factors that may have led to the lack of focus on corporate power that’s so upset Denninger. Maybe that’ll come down the line.

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Latino Republican Rat Fucker Puts Up Ad in Nevada Telling Hispanics “Don’t Vote”

Shocking.  via ColoradoPols.

The ad is apparently the work of a “group” called Latinos4Reform.  Checking out the website provided at the end of the ad provides no information except an e-mail address and two other similar videos, one of them in Spanish.  But the English version is the one apparently getting quite a bit of airplay in Nevada.  The ads urge Latino voters to not vote in the upcoming election because they have been betrayed by the Democrats over immigration reform.  The ads don’t say “vote for someone else” they say “don’t vote”!  In short the ads encourage Latino voters to disenfranchise themselves!  One major outlet, Univision, a Spanish language channel, has pulled the ads and a number of Latino organizations have denounced them.

Also check out Lawrence O’Donnell’s smackdown of Robert de Posada, president of Latinos4Reform, at the ColoradoPols page.  O’Donnell points out that de Posada has long ties to Republican groups, did not support Obama in the election, therefore could hardly be “betrayed” by him and, in short, is just trying to get Sharron Angle elected to the Senate.  Works for me.  And there is nothing to suggest that Latinos are one issue voters and that this ad will really convince anyone not to vote.  But it’s galling that somebody would take the level of sleazy campaign ads to this level.  November 2 can’t come fast enough!

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Zombie H.L. Mencken

Elitist Timothy Noah enrages teabaggers with
his affluent Martha’s Vineyard t-shirt. Red
cape! Red cape! Aiyeeeeeeee!

This takedown by Wonkette’s Jack Stuef about Very Serious Timothy Noah’s tsk-tsking of the upcoming Stewart/Colbert rally in DC is a thing of beauty. Good christ, I am soooooo fucking tired of humorless and wrongheaded lefty scolds like Timmy.

In a related note, who’s going? I’d love to hang in a crappy DC bar (or twelve) with some of my fellow snarky blog dwellers Friday or Saturday night. Leave a comment here or send an email through the “Contact/Tips” link to the right.

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Thursday dog blog

I’m really busy, but here’s a pair of flat-headed dogs to look at:


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