Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ratings for SPAlaska Drop 40% in First Week; Most Viewers Infirm or Near Death

Looks like she has the same viewer demographic as The Lawrence Welk Show….which is to say, the Tea Party Movement.

Please Sarah—buy a bubble machine and pitch Geritol. America will only love you more!

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Separated at birth?


Speaking of the Chairman of the Common Sense Club (really, that’s what he calls himself—not Zippy, Hennen!), he was on the Ed Show last night and provided a perfect demonstration of why that show sucks. In defending the latest dollop of stupid that dropped out of Michele Bachmann’s gob, Hennen twice said that people are restive because of the “double-digit inflation rate.”

Maybe he was having Carter Administration flashbacks. Maybe he meant the unemployment rate is in double digits, which, while not technically accurate, is at least within shouting distance of reality. But anyway, he repeated a gigantic falsehood in CAPITAL LETTERS AND BOLD FONT, and neither Ed nor back-up liberal Ms. Flanders called him on it.

Jeebus, that kind of thing irritates me.

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Phoenix Fox News Team Soon to Be Replaced by Reruns of “M.A.N.T.I.S.”

Phoenix Channel 10 news crew not at all following the corporate line on Sarah Palin’s book tour launch. Release the Rupert!

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Self awareness, lack thereof…

One of the Silly People over at the Conservatives4Palin website accuses lugubrious Bush operative David Frum of horning in on C4P’s stalker shtick, only in a bad way:


This from a site with a banner illustration featuring the backside of a colossus Palin standing astride an Alaskan mountain range and the US Capitol!

In other paucity-of-self-awareness news, WaPo’s Sally Quinn takes to her “On Faith” column to express umbrage at the effrontery of outfits like C4P for violating the spirit of the “Dancing with the Stars” principle of one-nitwit-five-votes-per-line to engineer a victory for Palin’s club-footed offspring:

I never remember all Ten Commandments off the top of my head, but there should be one that says, “Thou shalt not cheat while voting on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’” Polls have shown that the majority of tea party members are conservative Christians. Are these Christians who are voting 300 times and not using valid email addresses? Doesn’t it offend their sense of fairness, if not ethics and morals?

Having zero self-awareness, Quinn didn’t realize she’d fatally undermined her point by admitting this earlier in the piece:

My husband and I are “DWTS” fanatics.  We plan our social life around it, often regretting invitations that fall on the night of the show. Only in emergencies would we try to TiVo. Not only that, but I vote.  Under the show’s rules, you’re allowed to vote five times on one line. I have six lines at home and my cell, so I vote as many times as I can for my favorite. This season, I’m voting for Jennifer Grey all the way.

She probably enlists her staff to execute those calls, so it’s totally not cheating.

Me, I’m with our Founding Father Kevin K in hoping Bristol Palin wins it all. The fact that this nation is rapidly devolving into a banana republic with the richest gobbling up ever-larger shares of the pie flies over the heads of our countrymen. The spectacle of a former half-term governor of a petro-socialist state preaching self-reliance doesn’t faze them. Perhaps the blatant theft of a meaningless reality show crown will finally rouse these patriots.

[H/T: Instaputz]

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Miller Demands Hand Job

According to Joe the Unemployed Lawyer, the way ballots were counted violated state law and the Constitution because the final tally showed he didn’t win. He also wants the long-form vault copy birth certificate of every person who voted for Murkowski.

Just kidding! I think [via AssPress]:

Alaska’s bitterly contested Senate election went to state court Monday when Republican Joe Miller sued the state over the way write-in ballots for his GOP rival have been counted.

Miller is trying to stop the state from using discretion in determining voter intent on write-in ballots cast for Sen. Lisa Murkowski.


The Miller campaign has said he wants a hand count after a court rules on the standard by which ballots should be judged.

Meanwhile, Miller’s campaign has been going through voter rolls to try to match the number of people signed up to vote with votes cast in certain precincts to ensure there was no voter fraud or other irregularities. The campaign has provided affidavits, generally from supporters, that have cited irregularities like an unsecured ballot box, ballots sorted by candidate and signatures that appear similar — the last of which could be due to voters receiving requested, allowable aid in filling out ballots.

The lawsuit says the state has ignored state law requirements implemented to prevent voting fraud and uphold the integrity of the process, “thereby casting serious doubt on the returns from certain precincts.”

Read the story and tell me the phrases such as Kitchen Sink, Sore Loser and Acrid Stench of Desperation don’t spring to mind.

But things could still swing Miller’s way, especially since he is getting a lot of support from the GOP.

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Separated at birth?


Axelrod photo from a shockingly fair and balanced piece on the Axe-Man and his family’s struggles with his daughter’s severe case of epilepsy at Fox News. Many of the Fox News commenters are, of course, horrible, horrible people.

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Monday Morning Music: Fun Lovin’ Criminals’  “Smoke Em”

I’ve loved these guys ever since they first hit the charts in the UK, where for some reason they’ve been much more popular than in their native land.

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Alaskalypse Now!

Goodness, this sounds like FANTASTIC TOILET READING:

SARAH PALIN APOCALYPSE AMERICANA is a political thriller based on a scenario that could become tomorrow’s headlines. It is January 21, 2013 and Sarah Palin, once ridiculed by the political and media establishment, is inaugurated as America’s 45th president. That is the basis of Sheldon Filger’s latest book, which explores the first months of a future Palin presidency.

And, ZOMG, it’s written by the COSMIC KING OF TOILET READING!:

Sheldon Filger’s other books and articles involve subjects as diverse as politics, economics, nuclear terrorism and female sensuality. His chilling book, KING OF BOMBS, is a novel about nuclear terrorism. His blistering critique of American politics, HILLARY CLINTON NUDE, warned back in 2006 that a terrible global economic crisis would strike, crippling the American economy. Other books include EROTIC BOOK and GLOBAL ECONOMIC FORECAST 2010-2015: RECESSION INTO DEPRESSION.

Arianna must be PROUD AS FUCK:

Filger, who has previously published books on politics, economics and the threat of global terrorism, is a frequent blogger with the Huffington Post.

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Serious Music for Serious Times

Will have to be provided by a Serious Person. From me, you get this.

[Pulled and re-released so someone will ease off the Waah!-Waah! pedal. Fart!]

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sleep Tight, ‘Roasters

...secure in the knowledge that rough wingnuts in designer suits stand ready to do violence on your behalf.

Don’t ask me where I found this. You don’t want to know.

PS: Everyone should go listen to HTP’s music video above, and then come back and stare at this picture. I swear your head will grow two sizes.

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From coffee to tea


I’m tired of Sarah Palin too, but she keeps saying stupid things, so we must soldier on. In an exclusive “sneak peek” into her forthcoming dumb book, Palin once again unveils a Ronald Reagan quote she says “perfectly expresses our need to preserve and protect American values”—a quote she also used during the 2008 VP debate:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States when men were free.”

—Ronald Reagan

President Reagan’s call for us to fight for, protect, and pass on to future generations the sources and meaning of our freedom is both a political and a personal call; it is a challenge, both for our country and for us individually. I take this challenge seriously.

I’m sure she does—how seriously we will soon learn. But nowhere in the excerpt did Palin acknowledge the context of Reagan’s inspirational words. Wingnut hack Jonah Goldberg also failed to provide the context when he invoked those very words to inveigh against health care reform last year, as I noted at the time:

The piece Goldberg calls “still fresh today” was a 10-minute anti-Medicare propaganda bit released on an “album” (prehistoric sound file recorded on vinyl to you dewy young thangs) in 1961. The piece was sponsored by the American Medical Association and dubbed “Operation Coffee Cup.” It was aimed at the wives of AMA members, female physicians being rarer than hen’s teeth in those days.

The AMA bigwigs hoped to harness Reagan’s suave delivery and aw-shucks patriotism to bowl over clutches of doctors’ wives at coffee-klatch listening parties, raising an army of alarmed women in pillbox hats, pearls and Chanel suits who would sally forth to crush the socialist horror of…Medicare.

So to assess the trajectory of our national conversation, nearly 50 years ago, a man some dismissed as an “amiable dunce” mongered fear of Medicare while encouraging consumption of coffee. Today, a woman some view as Reagan’s political heir—a dunce, to be sure, but not at all “amiable”—uses those very same words to scaremonger about centrist, corporate friendly health care reform, among other things, while encouraging consumption of another form of caffeinated beverage. I don’t think we’re evolving.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Love will tear us apart again

Barbara Bush on the possibility Sarah Palin might run for president*:

“I sat next to her once. Thought she was beautiful. And she’s very happy in Alaska, and I hope she’ll stay there.”

Dan Reheil on Barbara Bush on the possibility Sarah Palin might run for president†:

Barbara Bush Should Shut-Up [sic]

This annoys the hell out of me, because I’m not some rabid Palinista. Crap like this from Barbara Bush leaves one no alternative but to respond to it. What, does she have another son, or a grand kid lined up for the job of President? Reagan handed your husband his, despite some misgivings, and he blew it, Barbara.

Apparently I’m the only person who doesn’t see this as a stinging refutiation of Palin.  However, I am a mere DFHH. Carnivorous Conservative Dan is quite irate. And based on his post and the comments that follow, this is further proof GOP hasn’t placed a realRepublican in the White House since 1984. Who am I to argue?


*Dear media types: Asking people what they think about Palin running for president is like asking people what they think about manticore invasions. Knock it off.

†Yes, it links to his blog.

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Lisa Murkowski: One Republican Woman from Alaska Who WON’T Quit

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

“They tell me that this cannot be done, that this is a futile effort.  Well, perhaps it’s time they met one Republican woman who won’t quit on Alaska.”

Meanwhile, Joe Miller declares: I have not yet begun to lose.

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BREAKING NEWS: Taylor Marsh is wrong! Again!


Help me, y’all: I just can’t quit Marsh, even though criticizing her “analysis” is akin to firing a spear gun into a transparent barrel occupied by a single, exceptionally slow, doormat-sized flounder. It’s hardly sporting, so I promise to try to stop looking. After today:

It’s frustrating to be the only one pointing to facts regarding Sarah Palin on this one, especially since my politics are on the exact opposite side as hers. However, everyone from Joe to Mika to Aaron Sorkin to everyone on the Left keeps saying what a comeuppance to Sarah it was that Lisa Murkowski & Alaskans refudiated Sarah Palin by voting against Joe Miller in the general election.

It’s not Palin’s fault that Murkowski pulled a Lieberman in the general after she was soundly defeated in the primaries by Miller. It’s also not Palin’s fault that Joe Miller turned out to be a frickin’ idiot, tweeting arrogantly before he’d won the general that he appreciated being welcome in DC. Or the fact that Miller hired bodyguards that ended up in a scandal because his peeps handcuffed a reporter without any cause.

Oh, but it is her fault, Ms. Marsh. This is how it works: You’re supposed to vet the candidates you endorse. That’s always true but it is particularly so when you are instrumental to their rise rather than endorsing an already established candidate. Everybody else in Alaska seems to have realized Miller was an asshole, including former employers.

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Saturday Afternoon Music: Ronnie from Botswana’s “Panya Panya”

Posted by Kevin K. on 11/20/10 at 01:15 PM

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