Monday, January 31, 2011

What the Jangle-Angle Did Next*

Betty C. has already noted Sharron Angle might do a number of things besides run for President of the United States. However, no one could have possibly foreseen what Obtuse would get up to on Friday, 21 Jan. [via J.M.G.]:

Sharron will be sharing her beauty and makeup challenges during the campaign and how she overcame them!
She had confidence that she would look great with 14 -16 hour days & with numerous appearances daily…so can you!

Swear to God.

Attendees of this event got to see first hand how The Many Angled One stayed pretty during numerous appearances daily.

By not actually appearing :

We opened the event with ... a great live testimony from virtual guest Sharron Angle, former Republican member of Nevada Assembly and recent candidate for U.S. Senate.

... Yeah. Words fail. I’d have to make up a language comprised of armpit farts and whoop-whoop noises to provide further comment on this ... this ... [fwaap, fwop! Whooop!]

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First Reports That Mubarak May Cede Power

Here and here.

Both stories could be bogus and/or wishful thinking. If they’re true, you read it here first. If not, this post will disappear and be replaced with an obscure music video.

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Another Activist Lawyer-in-Black-Robes Declares Health Care Reform “Unconstitutional”

Once again, Conservatives use their degenerate Reagan-appointed patsies on the Federal Bench to subvert the Law and violate the will of We the People, dagnabbit.

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It’s Berlusconi Time!: Emergency Bunga Bunga Party Post

Sorry, but KK’s Taylor Marsh vlog is so speed-date-gone-wrong creepy that I had to crack open the Patrón Breakfast Reserva and remind myself how real Pragmatic Liberals get down.

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Taylor Marsh’s Latest Vlog

Well, I got nothing, but figured we needed to run something up the flag pole, so here’s the latest vlog from professional blogger/Pat Benetar impersonator/radiopodcast host Taylor Marsh. Enjoy the boogie oogie oogies, you snarky bastards!

p.s. Sure, what the hell, open thread this like a mofo. Let us know if you blogroll the ‘Roast and would like the favor returned.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Zappa Does Egypt

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 01/30/11 at 08:16 PM

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Will Palin Endorse Eddie McOwskey in 2012?

I was scanning Snooki’s Facebook page to sample the Sarahverse’s reactions to the Egypt crisis when I came across this intriguing post:

I hadn’t heard of McOwskey before, but his Facebook link led me to a campaign home page, where I discovered that he ran in last year’s hotly-contested race for “Governors of New Jerseys” and is currently a candidate “for every open election in the United States.”

I hope Sarah gets the message. God knows she could use some new best friends and a fresh, engaging, only-modestly-freakish protégé to wick off the stink of Miller, Angle and O’Donnell. And just imagine what fun Eddie could be as an approximate-spelling-accepted write-in challenger to Lisa Murkowski in 2016! 

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Pharoah Dreams of Egypt

Pharoah Sanders: tenor and alto saxophone, piccolo, voice; Sonny Sharrock: guitar; Dave Burrell: piano; Henry Grimes: bass; Roger Blank: drums; Nat Bettis: percussion.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

600 rabbis walk into a bar

Glenn Beck is on the TV, eating chalk, dry-humping his blackboard and flapping his face hole about the Holocaust.

The rabbis say to the bartender “Turn that crap down. We can’t enjoy a drink while the Human Bubo is taking a dump all over history.”

Joel Cheatwood and Roger Ailes stop molesting rats behind the bar and scream “It’s a liberal Jewish plot by liberal über-Jew George Soros!”

The End.

Posted by Hunger Tallest Palin on 01/28/11 at 10:55 PM

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Repubs Show Commitment to Jobs Creation by Redefining *Rape* for Abortion Funding Purposes

Jobs, schmobs, American public.  The Republicans have a much more important agenda and now that they’ve (in their minds) repealed health care reform it’s time to move to the next highest priority on their list.  Redefining rape for purposes of federal abortion funding !

And, no, they’re not making it more liberal.  No, INDEEDY!  Citing the high priority of this issue, the Rethugs have introduced the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” with 173 sponsors.  Mainly, duh, Republicans. 

But we already have laws preventing federal funds from being used for abortions, you say.  With exceptions for rape, incest and health of the mother, of course.  Silly reader!  We have laws preventing federal funds from being used for abortions with exceptions for rape, incest and health of the mother but U R DEFINING RAPE AND INCEST RONG!!!

Contrary to what you thought you believed dear readers, rape is not rape unless it’s forcible rape!  And incest is not incest unless u r under 18!  All others need not apply.  Note especially that statutory rape is not really, truly rape (unless, of course, it’s your uncle doing you).  Neither, for that matter is date rape, rape of a drunk or drugged person or, best of all, rape of women with “limited mental capacity”.  He didn’t rough you up and break your nose?  Sorry, sister slut!  Carry that baby to term.

The proposed law has other odious provisions such as not allowing for non-sanctioned abortions-due-to-rape to be paid for from HSA’s!  Or deducted on your tax return!  Yay!  We’re well on our way back to the days of keepin’ em barefoot and pregnant with this here Republican Congress, thanks to, well, you know who y’are.

Posted by marindenver on 01/28/11 at 07:55 PM

Mubarak Speaks: Your Freedom to Riot is Proof I’m Not Repressing You

Well, that’s what it sounded like, anyway. Plus, he’s dissolving the government, except for the part that’s named “Hosni Mubarak.”

[UPDATE:] RCP has the video.

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 01/28/11 at 05:37 PM

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Big Trouble in Little Egypt

Not looking so good over there. A curfew is about to go into effect has been imposed, but protesters are defying it. Mubarak has ordered the military to reinforce police on the ground.

Here’s a useful gang-feed of Twitter bursts.

Al Jazeera streaming coverage is here. The network has just been ordered to get its camera crews off the streets.

[UPDATE:] The headquarters of the ruling NDP party in downtown Cairo is on fire.

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Other things Sharron Angle might do

Very Important News from Iowa:

Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle of Nevada …wouldn’t say that she was running for president…but she wouldn’t say that she wasn’t.

It’s a good thing the media are following Angle’s every move. Don’t let her recent failure to dislodge an incumbent who is less loved in Nevada than genital herpes lull you into thinking Angle is no longer relevant politically.

Here are the top three other things Sharron Angle hasn’t ruled out:

1) Teaming up with Joe Miller on a nationwide tour of “Tea Party Losers on Ice:”


2) Employing “Second Amendment remedies” to deal with a spider infestation in her condo:


3) Traveling to Mexico City to kick off “Asian Heritage Appreciation Week:”


These possibilities are even more likely than Angle pursuing a presidential bid. I hope the media keep us informed of any developments.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 01/28/11 at 08:38 AM

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sarah Palin’s America

Give a free man a potato, and watch Exceptionalism happen!

Open thread.

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More about that hammock…


Representative Paul Ryan, who fears that “we will transform our social safety net into a hammock, which lulls able-bodied people into lives of complacency and dependency,” suffered the tragic loss of his father when young Ryan was 16 years old. The presumably able-bodied Ryan used his father’s Social Security benefits to attend college.

Ryan’s literary hero, Atlas Shrugged author Ayn Rand, wrote interminable diatribes against the evils of collectivism and statism while collecting Social Security checks.

It’s not the heat; it’s the hypocrisy.

[H/T: Instaputz]

Posted by Betty Cracker on 01/27/11 at 11:32 AM

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