Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Death of Metaphor

Supporters of alleged document-leaker Bradley Manning totally don’t convey the concept of “stripped of rights” in front of Sen. Diane Feinstein’s San Francisco office. (via the UK Register)

Suggested discussion topic: At what point do creative or “shocking” protest gimmicks become self-defeating?

Challenge: Please don’t make me close comments by cruelly snarking on women who look better naked than I ever will. Don’t be mean. We don’t have to be mean.

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Glenn Beck Uncovers Plot to Destroy America Through Mortgage Strikes and Street Theater

According to journalistic shithole The Blaze, this is a tape of remarks by Steven Lerner — a “former SEIU official” — addressing a forum at Pace University in New York. Sounds to me like an aspirational agenda to scare the hell out of Monster Banks and give them a solid bottom-line reason to stop fucking people over and voluntarily work to ameliorate some of the human and economic carnage they cheerfully created. For Beck, of course, it’s just another opportunity to sell overpriced gold novelties and beat up on 79-year-old social justice activist Frances Fox Piven...who’s become his Lex-Luthor-du-jour now that he’s found out George Soros actually fights back.

The folks that control this country care about one thing: How the stock market goes, what the bond market does, how the bonuses go. We have a very simple strategy:

  * How do we bring down the stock market?
  * How do we bring down their bonuses?
  * How do we interfere with their ability to be rich?

Hey, I’d buy that for a dollar. But Beck wants you to call the FBI to demand that they investigate Mr. Lerner because, you know, this is dangerous fucking talk.

(Steve M., as always, does the homework I was too lazy to do.)

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Attention must be paid


Remember that deranged Bible-humper in Gainesville, FL, Pastor Terry Jones, who threatened to torch a Koran to protest the not-mosque at not-Ground Zero until someone bought him off with an Aries K car or something? Here’s what he said last September:

We will definitely not burn the Quran, no. Not today, not ever.

Even though we have not burned one Quran, we have gotten over 100 death threats. We feel that God is telling us to stop…

But Jones was jonesing for some more of that sweet sweet worldwide media attention, so he decided to disregard God’s September instructions and go with the Koran burning after all.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

In Memoriam: Pinetop Perkins (1913-2011)

NYT obit here.

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Palin Drives to Bethlehem, Turns Around at Checkpoint, Leaves

Did no one tell her that the Stable and the Wise Men are in Palestine?

Her white van was seen driving up to the main checkpoint between Jerusalem and Bethlehem Monday afternoon, but neither she nor her husband, Todd, exited the vehicle or spoke with Israeli soldiers guarding the checkpoint. Her car was stopped just outside the 25-foot wall that runs alongside the checkpoint.

Israeli officials said she had not coordinated her visit with Palestinian authorities, though any person possessing a U.S. passport can enter Bethlehem after showing their identification to the soldiers.

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Department of LOLZ

Florida’s Governor Bat Boy was booed mercilessly as he threw out the first pitch at a Tampa spring training game:

He throws like a girl too.

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Pelosi briefly hospitalized in Rome


Sounds like she’s okay, though. Get well soon, Smashing Nancy.

Meanwhile, commenters at Glenn Beck’s Blaze site are horrible, horrible assholes. They probably imagine that they’re good Christians too.

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Krugman kicks Greenspan in the junk


After the economy imploded in 2008, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve and erstwhile Ayn Rand boy-toy Alan Greenspan was hauled before Congress to explain what went wrong with the credit default swap shell game. He said:

Those of us who have looked to the self-interest of lending institutions to protect shareholders’ equity, myself included, are in a state of shocked disbelief.

Greenspan has now recovered from that shock sufficiently to author a screed blaming gubmint activism for the sluggish pace of the economic recovery. This was too much for Professor Krugman:

Greenspan writes in characteristic form: other people may have their models, but he’s the wise oracle who knows the deep mysteries of human behavior, who can discern patterns based on his ineffable knowledge of economic psychology and history.

Sorry, but he doesn’t get to do that any more. 2011 is not 2006. Greenspan is an ex-Maestro; his reputation is pushing up the daisies, it’s gone to meet its maker, it’s joined the choir invisible.

He’s no longer the Man Who Knows; he’s the man who presided over an economy careening to the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression — and who saw no evil, heard no evil, refused to do anything about subprime, insisted that derivatives made the financial system more stable, denied not only that there was a national housing bubble but that such a bubble was even possible.

If he wants to redeem himself through hard and serious reflection about how he got it so wrong, fine — and I’d be interested in listening. If he thinks he can still lecture us from his pedestal of wisdom, he’s wasting our time.

In other words, STFU. Well said, Professor Krugman.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Palin Mistakes Wailing Wall for Jesus, Brags She Has Israeli Flags “All Over the Place”

From the Jerusalem Post, the selected wit and wisdom of America’s Back-Seat Driver™:

On her visit to the Wailing Wall:

“It’s overwhelming to be able to see and touch the cornerstone of our faith.”

On her abiding love of Flag and Country:

Palin, who was wearing a large Star of David, told Danon that she had flags of Israel “on my desk, in my home, all over the place” and that she would carry around a flag she bought in Israel.

Regarding the ongoing tensions over competing Israeli and Palestinian claims to the Temple Mount:

“Why are you apologizing all the time?” Palin asked her guides.

(Note: While I cite that line as an example of weightless bravura schmoozing, Colonel Mustard informs us that it is a “Eureka!” moment in History-began-this-morning situational clarity.)

Palin was accompanied on her tour of historic Jersualem by World Likud Chairman and Obama critic Danny Danon, who was impressed by her cheerful dismissal of Palestinian grievances:

“She didn’t go into diplomatic issues, but I can clearly say from the questions she asked in relation to our conflict here with the Muslims in these holy sites that she knows that we are right and that the Muslims are just claiming things for provocation and they’re not right,” Danon said.

After suggesting in her keynote speech at yesterday’s India Today Conclave that India and the US should marginalize Pakistan and team up to keep China from getting frisky, I’m surprised she didn’t strap on an IDF helmet, jump behind an anti-aircraft gun and pose for a photo-op while denouncing US aid to Palestine as “the simmering lobster-pot of slow death by appeasement.” But, hey—time flies when you’re freelancing low-brow foreign policy for fun and profit, and you can’t squeeze everything into one afternoon.

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Everyone shut up. Let the musicians talk.

A teaser for La 3ra Raiz (The 3d Root) - Morocco.

The film’s website.

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Food PØrn: Homemade Corned Beef Hash


Okay, I’m the first to admit it looks very much like dog vomit. But it’s a delicious way to dispense with your leftover St. Patrick’s Day feast. Here’s how it’s done:


Leftover corned beef
Leftover potatoes
Olive oil
Salt & pepper


Dice up a small yellow onion (I suppose any kind would do) and sauté it in a skillet in about a tablespoon or so of olive oil over medium high heat.

Meanwhile, dice up the leftover corned beef and potatoes that you cooked on St. Patrick’s Day. When the onion is tender, toss in the corned beef and potatoes, stirring frequently until lightly browned. Add paprika, salt and pepper to taste. Serve.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

What They Do* [Updated]

How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless ex-running mate who is duller than a box of hair [via J.M.G.]:

After her speech, Palin sat down for a Q and A session with India Today Editor-in-Chief and Session Chairman Aroon Purie, during which she blamed McCain for losing 2008, among other mildly amusing indications that she is running for President in 2012. When asked why she lost 2008, Palin snapped, “I wasn’t the top of the ticket!”

Mr. Purie didn’t know he was speaking to Shebilly Who Must Be Obeyed. Hilarity Ensued. Also:

Purie asks her what she would do with India in regards to Pakistan. “We can’t go back to that hyphenated days of, no we need to and can work together in working with Pakistan, and we have our issues there, too, and in a sense we do, but we need to work with Pakistan, but that’s one of those issues that we need to work on, as we strengthen our allies, there…”

Bwahahaha! Thanks Sen. McCain!

*For the groove impaired.

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Not very cease-fiery


According to MSNBC, Libyan forces loyal to Mad Mo are moving on Benghazi despite declaring a cease-fire yesterday and in defiance of Western saber-rattling. The fighter jet above was shot down over Benghazi Saturday.

Not-so-trenchant foreign policy analysis: We should’ve sat this one out. Oh, and zikes!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Wisconsin Judge Temporarily Blocks Wisconsin Collective-Bargaining Law


TPM has good coverage. More here.

This is the same judge who previously refused to order protesting Madison teachers back to work.

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Libya Calls for Cease-Fire

So I guess they won’t be shooting down all commercial air traffic over the Mediterranean after all, but what now?

And What Would John McCain Do?

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