Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Nothing makes my sap quicken like a good, old-fashioned story about three gals, a mountain and a pipeline that never got built.

Nonetheless, I’m SOOOO glad I didn’t donate a hundred bucks to SarahPAC for a $23 DVD that went on sale today for 44% off at Walmart...especially since it seems like a lot of Sarah fans who paid the big bucks months ago only got their copies yesterday:

I got my copy yesterday in the mail from SarahPAC. It was like Christmas.

I got my DVD yesterday.  I heard that great chat with Todd and Bannon last night.  He knows how to talk without any stumbles or mumbles.  It’s great to have such an unassuming guy who is not at all afraid of making the facts crystal clear about history and his complete support of Sarah Palin and their family. 

Run Sarah Run!

I paid $100 to receive my DVD one day before Wal-Mart.  I hope that Sarah gets in…  after waiting so long for my DVD.

I guess you really can’t destroy an American spirit…or the undead hopes of zombie fans who know for a fact that Snooki is running, precisely because she’s not.

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Mitt Romney: Selective Scold


Revealing himself as more craven than Jon Huntsman, Herman Cain, and even Tim Pawlenty, who have all belatedly condemned the booing of soldier Stephen Hill by some in the last GOP primary debate audience for the transgression of serving while gay, in a Wall Street Journal interview published today, Mitt Romney declares that it’s inappropriate for him to engage with audience members when he takes exception to their reactions:

“Now I have not made it my practice to scold the audience and say, ‘I disagree with this person. I agree with that person.’ Because it goes a lot of different directions.”

You probably know what’s coming. Is this an inviolable rule for Mitt?

Romney Heckled by Angry Iowa Crowd Chanting ‘Wall Street Greed’

In his second visit to Iowa, Mitt Romney was heckled at the Iowa State Fair by crowd members he dismissed as non-supporters.

As members of the audience began chanting “Wall Street greed” today, Romney vowed not to raise taxes on anyone—including businesses.

“Corporations are people, my friend,” he said. “Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people.”

After a shouting match with another questioner who asked what he would do to strengthen Social Security, Romney pointed angrily at the audience and asked them to let him answer.

“My guess is they won’t be voting for me. That’s fine,” he said, before stepping off a small speaking podium. “We have a lot of people running for office.”

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President Shaka Zulu Mofo Shakur X

BULLETIN: Andrew “Why Are You Calling Me a Homo?” Breitbart has discovered that, in 2007, candidate Barack Obama participated in a rally commemorating the 1965 civil rights march in Selma, at which members of the New Black Panthers Party were also in attendance.

Bill and Hillary were also there, as was John Edwards…and, I presume, a shitload of Black people who weren’t wearing berets and urban-chic fake fatigues.

Breitbart can’t help but cry “Ooga-booga!” over a Black presidential candidate appearing at a Black civil rights event surrounded by Black people. Someone alert the media. This could be “big.”

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Open Mouth, Plant Face

When I want insightful political commentary, I always ask a guy who once fell 442 feet onto his head.

ESPN — which holds the World Record for hiring and firing offensive on-air talent — predictably responded by pulling Bocephus’ theme music from its Monday Night Football open. 

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Monday, October 03, 2011

SNL on Internet Trollery

Hauled straight from the proverbial basement!

[H/T: HuffPo]

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

America Has Never Been Racist -OR- Rick Perry Caught Between a Rock and a Head Place

[Photo: Proof that American racial attitudes have improved over time.]

I’ve been on deadlines, but apparently one of the tastier scandals of the weekend has been Rick Perry’s “Niggerhead” controversy, which is either a harmless example of America’s rich history of casual-yet-brutally-offensive ethnic slurs, or a big stick with which to beat your primary opponent, depending.

More links at Gawker, Slate, MSNBC  and The Village Voice. It’s a free-for-all.

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Sarah Palin, Honorary Yenta

On Friday, Chicago Magazine posted an interview with recent Breitbart hire Joel Pollack. In it, Andy’s new in-house counsel and editor said some things about Freelance Busybody Sarah Palin that are just so transcendentally stupid that no commentary is required:

Sarah Palin is treated as Jews have been treated for generations: no matter what she does, she’s wrong. She’s either too religious or not religious enough; she’s a housewife who can’t function as governor, or she’s the governor who doesn’t take care of her domestic duties. All the things are thrown at her in the same way that Jews were targeted. She’s identified herself [with Israel] and has shown empathy for the things that the Jewish community cares about in a way that I think has yet to achieve the right recognition. She sent out a picture recently to supporters—not Jewish supporters, but her general supporters — and it’s a picture of her in front of the Statue of Liberty and she’s wearing a Jewish star. Maybe not since the Puritans founded America and gave biblical names to each other has there ever been such a positive identification with Jewish symbolism, so I like to joke that Sarah Palin will be the first Jewish president.

Indeed, America was founded by Jews in buckled hats, who had for centuries been persecuted in nation after nation for their inability to juggle both routine household maintenance and ribbon-cutting ceremonies. And now comes the Sarahcaust, because bigoted Liberals believe every anti-grizzlitic smear published in The Protocols of the Elders of Wasilla.

See? It’s just like 1939…only with snow machines and dark rumors of slaughtered Christian halibut.

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And another one bites the dust

The attrition rate among the vast crop of GOP presidential candidates is only rivaled by that among their staff, what with Gingrich and Bachmann losing large chunks of their hired help in the last couple of months.

The latest to be afflicted is Herman “Herb” Cain:

Des Moines, Iowa (CNN) - The communications director for Herman Cain’s presidential campaign has resigned, CNN has learned.

Ellen Carmichael told CNN on Saturday her decision is firm but not yet finalized.

“I have resigned but the paperwork’s not final,” Carmichael said.

Carmichael explained her decision is a personal one and that she’s pursuing other professional opportunities. She also said that her assistant, Francis Boustany, is also leaving for professional reasons.

All parties claim the split is amicable, though there are rumors otherwise. The Cain team’s replacement is ex-Defense Department spoke from the Rumsfeld era J.D. Gordon, whose résumé is, uh, colorful:

While in the Pentagon, he served as the Press Team Leader for Operations, Policy & Intelligence and was responsible for Western Hemisphere Affairs and U.S. Southern Command; Asia-Pacific Security Affairs and U.S. Pacific Command; and Detainee Affairs. In this capacity, he was DoD’s principal spokesman for all facets of Guantanamo detention operations and detainee-related litigation, to include lead media escort and on-scene spokesman for military commissions, the war crime trials for alleged Al Qaeda and Taliban combatants and supporters.

Gordon has reportedly already been helping out with Cain’s communications strategy. I’m not clear how much the recent change in tone of messaging from the Cain campaign is down to his influence and how much is just Herman Cain being Herman Cain.

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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Saturday Evening Woah! Auroras, Wildfires, Whistlers and Choruses

Long-time Rumproasters will already know that I’m a sucker for auroras. We’ve been lucky enough to see them up here near Glasgow from time to time, though the recent increase in solar activity hasn’t coincided with decent viewing conditions. So I was chuffed to see this timelapse vid of the Aurora Australis from the International Space Station doing the rounds, as I’ve often wondered what the 2D view we see from Earth looks like from a 3D perspective. It’s quite poignant, as at the end, when we enter relative darkness, you can see the glow of countless Australian wildfires lighting up the outback. I don’t know why people insist on adding soundtracks to these vids. This vid is exceptional as it doesn’t have one, but you can join me after the fold if you like, where the aurora provides its own sonic accompaniment.

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Live From WallStock! NYPD Driftnets Scoop Up A NYT Reporter

      Blurry Pollys-eye view of the NYPD Going Hippie-Hunting

Our tough-talking police commissioner, Raymond Kelly, when he isn’t aiming his fire at enemy aircraft, has a devil-may-care attitude where jury-awarded compensation is concerned, and a distinct fondness for orange construction netting, as New York Times reporter Natasha Lennard discovered today when she became the dolphin in a bridgeful of penned-in protesters.

It’s been mighty exciting these past two weeks here at the Polly digs in lower Manhattan, but being able to witness the expression of free speech being quashed from our very own balcony is the sort of fantasy a girl can hardly believe could ever be fulfilled, and yet it happened!

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Desperate Repubs Turn to Huckabee for Salvation


I love the smell of desperation in the morning.  Especially when it’s accompanied by just a soupçon of Perry flop sweat.

Yes, Reuters is reporting that “conservative activists” are pleading with Mike Huckabee to mount a white stallion and be their savior.  Despite the fact that he pooh-poohed the idea in an interview with Fox News, “sources” say he’s thinking about it.  He’s also apparently thinking about the fact that he’d have to raise a bundle of money in a very short time so I’m betting that an announcement will not be forthcoming.

And speaking of someone else who’s *not running*, four pundits  recently weighed in on the pressing subject of whether or not Chris Christie is “too fat” to be president.  I kid you not.  The consensus?  “Maybe.  Maybe not.”

In other news of Republican people who are not running for president, Sarah Palin has extended her self imposed deadline of September 30 for *making a decision*.  As it’s been said here and elsewhere “grifters gotta grift”.  Those hapless marks won’t keep clicking that donate button at SarahPac without a little suspense to keep the adrenaline levels up.

Poor Repubs.  They’re running out of time.  Who can they tap next?  What do you guys think?

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Saturday Morning Music: V.M. Bhatt’s “Meeting By The River”

The instrument Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt is playing is his own invention, the Mohan veena. This piece is more commonly known as a duet with Ry Cooder, but here Bhatt goes it alone with just tabla accompaniment.

You know the drill. You want an open thread? Go ahead. Make our day.

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