Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Watch my tail lights fade

Joe “None so blind” Paterno and PSU president Graham “The Spaniel” Spanier now both have time to write their memoirs [via L,G & $]:

Both football coach Joe Paterno and president Graham Spanier are out at Penn State in the wake of a disturbing child sex abuse scandal involving former assistant coach.

Paterno said in a statement Wednesday that he would retire after the season, but the university’s board of trustees met Wednesday night and decided Paterno would not be allowed to continue as coach. Assistant coach Tom Bradley has been named interim coach.

Spanier chose to resign Wednesday and will be replaced temporarily by provost Rodney Erickson.

Here’s hoping these two gentlemen*, the others who helped cover for Sandusky as well as Sandusky himself all live long lives so they can watch as everything they own is taken from them to pay for the victims’ settlements.

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Another Republican Debate Already? Getcher GOP Michigan Debate Liveblog Here!

So, can we get an over and under on how fast Cain’s sexual harassment transgressions get brought up?  Further discussion:  Will everyone pile on or will those for whom the shoe might also fit stay out of the fray *cough* Newt *cough*?

Debate open thread - go at it.

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Gingrich Doesn’t Like CBO Analysis of Health Care Reform - Proposes Shooting the Messenger

In case anyone didn’t pay much attention last Saturday night (like me) tthere was a debate between Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain which was billed as a Lincoln-Douglas type affair (no comment).  The topics of the debate were Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and how fast can we get rid of them all (OK, I made up the last part but still . . .)

The Newster’s curious comparison of the health care industry to buying a burger at McD’s has already been reported on here.

It appears that one other comment by Newt stuck out a little on the crazy factor scale.  He doesn’t like the way the non-partisan CBO scored the health care reform act so he wants to just get rid of the CBO!  True.  Here is an actual quote:

“If you are serious about real health reform, you must abolish the Congressional Budget Office because it lies,” Gingrich said at a Saturday debate with embattled pizza entrepreneur Herman Cain. “Every hospital will tell you that if you get the family and patient involved, it is better and less expensive. The Congressional Budget Office refuses to see this as a savings. It wants more bureaucracy and less patient involvement.”

Disregarding the fact that most of this comment does not even make sense (every hospital will tell you that?) where the heck is he even going with the idea that if you don’t like what the score keeper says you just off the score keeper?

Cain/Gingrich 2012.  Doubly Not Ready for Prime Time.

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Teabag Rep serves a mug of STFU to constituents at “Cup of Joe with Joe” event

I know y’all will find this shocking, but deadbeat-dad IL (R) Congressman Joe Walsh is a total dick:

Shorter Walsh for those who won’t leave the boat: “The financial crisis happened because the government encouraged home ownership, so leave the banks aloooooonnnnneee! Because shut up, that’s why!”

Gyad, what a braying jackass. God knows the competition for Most Clueless Asshole in US Politics is mighty fierce, but Walsh certainly makes a strong case for his candidacy by shrieking at and threatening to remove perfectly civil constituents at his sparsely attended event. I hope his district has the good sense to toss him out on his ass at the very next opportunity.

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Premature Pontification


In a Washington Examiner opinion piece last Sunday, wingnut blogger and public-sector-employee-Galt-wannabe Glenn Harland Reynolds noted the defeat of a ballot initiative for a state tax increase proposal to fund Colorado schools and drew the following conclusion:


Never mind all those smelly Occupy hippies: The tea party peeps had moved from the Glenn Beck rally phase directly into large-scale organizing, and by golly, were the forces of socialism going to pay a heavy price.  Among his other thoughts on the topic, Reynolds offered this gem, which is somewhat odd coming from a state university employee:

If education is so great, after all, why are so many educated people unemployed and camping out in public parks?

Indeedy. The world needs ditch-diggers too, and educated people being unable to find jobs is directly attributable to their foolish choices to major in stuff like Queer Studies. The fact that Wall Street operatives pissed away approximately $7 trillion in national wealth in 2008 is totally irrelevant.

Anyhoo, Reynolds was foolish enough to take the results of a single state ballot asking voters to raise their own taxes as a 2012 bellwether. I wonder what he made of last night’s overwhelming repudiation of Ohio Governor Kasich’s union-busting law? Let’s take a look!


That’s it? Oh well. Maybe he’ll have more to say on Sunday.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Election Night Shocker: Americans prefer first responders and teachers to greedy Teahadists

Nice job Ohioans. Ohioites? Whatever. Now if you’ll just do something about that genital wart in the governor’s mansion I’ll take the state off my Nuke from Orbit list.

In a political blow to GOP Gov. John Kasich, voters handily rejected the law, which would have limited the bargaining abilities of 350,000 unionized public workers. With more than a quarter of the votes counted late Tuesday, 63 percent of votes were to reject the law.

Kasich congratulated his opponents and said he would spend time contemplating how best to take the state forward.

“I’ve heard their voices, I understand their decision and, frankly, I respect what people have to say in an effort like this,” he said. “And as a result of that, it requires me to take a deep breath, you know, and to spend some time reflecting on what happened here ^before I go back to sucking Koch.”

In other completely puzzling election news, voters in Maine said Give it back! to same-day voter registration. Those crazy Maineacs. Thanks to their puzzling obsession with this “voting” thing, the state will have to change its name to Kweertucky.

Finally, the people of Mississippi indicated they’re tired of all the ignorant hick jokes by saying No thanks, to a proposed 1 sperm + 1 egg = 1 Human Being law. Ya’ll need to select another sub-Mason/Dixon line state at which to cast your Dumb Sutherner scorn for a while.

In conclusion, the U.S.A. continues to suck a bit less than we are regularly tempted to believe.

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Issa Calls For Investigations Into ACORN’s Role in Occupy Wall Street (No, I’m Not Kidding)

image image

Man, they just can’t quit the boogey man that is ACORN.  In October Fox News breathlessly reported that ACORN, well not really ACORN, but an organization calling itself New York Communities for Change (NYCC), was behind Occupy Wall Street!!1!  And it really WAS ACORN because, you know, some of the same jack booted thugs who worked for ACORN now work for NYCC!

Citing multiple (well maybe a couple of) anonymous sources, they reported that NYCC staffers were raising money for various causes and that some of the money raised was pooled with other money the organization already had and some of THAT money was somehow supporting Occupy Wall Street.  In some fashion.  Mostly, it appears, by paying salaries of NYCC staff who were at the protests.  Protesting.  Because they work for an organization that, uh, protests social injustices.

Failing to raise the desired amount of media and public outrage over this scandal, the dedicated staffers of Fox tried again  earlier this month, rehashing the original claims and reporting that NYCC, now justifiably upset that their organization had become the target of Fox’s need for a new exposé had fired a couple of people and instituted new security procedures.  NYCC also issued the following statement:

New York Communities for Change participates in protests, direct action, social activism and campaigns that promote social and economic justice.  We see FOX as the enemy to those efforts.  For the record, this is consistent with Fox attacks on Van Jones, Shirley Sherrod, George Soros, Citizen Action, Planned Parenthood and all those who stand for social justice.  Once again, FOX entertainment poses as FOX News. Once again, FOX makes a series of false, unsubstantiated claims and accusations which have no basis in fact. Once again, through a series of sources FOX structures a story which is nothing but a series of lies.

But Fox did manage to hook one big fish with their large, shiny hand tied fly.

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Herman Cain’s “I never!” news conference scheduled for 3 PM ET


Well, this should be good:

“When I made the statement that I’m done talking about this, I’m talking about the firestorm last week,” Mr. Cain told Jimmy Kimmel on his late-night comedy show on ABC. “But no, we are gonna talk about this one and I am gonna talk about it at a press conference.”

And Mr. Cain said on the show that he now plans to address any future accusations that emerge.

“I will talk about any and all future firestorms, because here’s one thing people don’t know about Herman Cain: I’m in it to win it.” he said.

I love it when public figures refer to themselves in the third person. Will post updates of the conference in progress if feasible. In the meantime, please consider this an open thread.

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Still mostly 50+, white Republicans.

An MSNBC reporter follows up on yesterday’s news, looking in on several tea partiers they profiled last year to witness the political evolution of the members of this totally spontaneous, diverse, non-Astroturfed group of heartland patriots. Surprisingly, they’re all still older, white Republicans!


Another startling development: They still don’t like President Obama. And they’re not too keen on those smelly Occupy hippies stealing their limelight either. I’m so glad MSNBC saw fit to run this item above the fold. You just can’t find that kind of hard-hitting feature anywhere else.

PS: Erick Son of Erick says that Mitt Romney will be the nominee, which means “conservatism dies and Barack Obama wins.” From your lips to God’s ears, Son of Erick!

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Possibly the most unfortunate book title. Ever.


Former Penn State defensive coordinator and accused child rapist Jerry Sandusky wrote an autobiography 10 years ago that was entitled “Touched.” Really.

As more details emerge about the scandal engulfing the Penn State football program, it’s becoming pretty clear that the sorry bastards who were in charge of the university and the program allowed a pedophile to roam the campus. Every damn one of them should be fired. Including Joe Paterno.

I’m a big college football fan, but not without misgivings. It bothers me that university programs make so much money while exploiting student athletes, most of whom will never have a shot at the next level or even a decent education. It bothers me that so much focus and money are directed at athletics rather than academics.

But all of that is small potatoes compared to the horror that was happening at Penn State for god knows how many years now. It would be nice to think it couldn’t happen elsewhere. But that would be another lie.

Nothing good ever comes out of a situation like this. But is it too late to back up and put college athletics and the flawed men who govern it back into their rightful place, which is surely a notch or two below God himself? Is it too late to reverse the mindset that could enable several grown men—men employed by a program that is widely lauded for its uncommonly honorable approach to athletics—to ignore a hideous crime because reporting it might give the program a black eye? Yeah, I guess it is too late.

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Monday, November 07, 2011

The McDoctor will see you now

McAsshole presents his McHealthcare McPlan [via Charles Pierce h/t BJ]:

Onstage Saturday, [Newt] Gingrich seized the opportunity to show off his mastery of policy matters. He spoke with ease about the intricacies of health policy, saying the nation’s health system should be less bureaucratic and more consumer-friendly.

“Think about going to McDonald’s,” Gingrich said.

Yep. That’s a direct quote from this McFucker. No one will blame you if you stop reading right now, watch this very odd little video and go about your business.

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Gloria Allred and 4th Cain sexual harassment victim hold 1:30 PM (ET) news conference—UPDATED x2

Another shoe drops. Luckily for Cain, the GOP has decided that sexual harassment is just a kooky theory, much like evolution and climate change.

UPDATED AND BUMPED: Just saw the conference. Wow. If what the accuser says is true—and she and Allred passed out sworn statements from corroborating witnesses—Cain is guilty of gross sexual harassment, not just an off-color joke. The woman alleges that Cain groped her, and when she objected, he said something to the effect of, “You want a job, don’t you?”

Sheesh. Will post vid when it’s available. One possible lucky break for Cain: a verdict was reached in the trial of Jacko’s quack doctor…

UPDATED X 2: A snippet of video:

Also too, the victim, Sharon Bialek, is a registered Republican and a tea party supporter. Of course, her political affiliation won’t stop Cain’s wingnut defenders from calling her a liberal slut. I hope her granite counters are tidy.

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I’ll have what they’re having…

“That fecking squirrel is a NINJA dude, dude!”

[H/T: Sully]

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A random Irishman explains the Wall Street mess—UPDATED

NSFW, because really, can this topic be addressed without swearing?

Also: fuckshites! Word of the day.

[H/T: BuzzFeed]

UPDATE: Comrade Mary in comments identifies the “random Irishman” as the multi-talented Denis Ryan, a Halifax investment banker, entrepreneur, musician and all-around funny guy. Ryan apparently stands by the sentiments expressed, and we thank him for introducing us to the word “fuckshites.”

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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Shortest but Most Intense Firework Show Ever!

The Scottish Highland seaside town of Oban gives a great annual fireworks show for Bonfire Night. It usually lasts longer than 60 seconds. Not this year, as a technical hitch meant they were all set off at once!

Update: From the YouTube comments:

PYRO1 can confirm that they have offered to provide their client, Argyll & Bute Council, and the people of Oban, with another display, free of charge. It has been agreed that this will take place in Oban Bay for the whole town to see on the final night of the inaugural Winter Festival on Sunday 27th November.
pyro1fireworks 4 hours ago

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