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Scott Brown, Seer Of Things

The Wrath Of Scott

Scott Brown can see the DNA paddling within the very bloodstreams of his enemies, so why isn’t Elizabeth Warren’s sporting little feathers and nose-paint like an authentic Injun chromosome would? Not that Scott condones his chief-of-staff capering about uttering war-whoops and displaying his vast knowledge of traditional Native American ceremonial steps at one of Warren’s rallies. But it’s her fault for enticing his otherwise sensitive staff into making damn fools of themselves in uploadable splendor while Brown’s numbers are slipping away faster than a party of Cherokee on medicine hat paints.

Don’t wrestle too hard coming up with something for my silly image, when you can visit my esteemed co-bloggers Yet Another Freaking Brit and Vixen Strangely. They’ve actually thought about this. I’m just too pained to ponder. And on a semi-related note, why can’t Republicans stagger their clownshows so that humble satirists can get a decent night of shut-eye?

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Brown and Mustard’s Classy Hatchet Jobs on Elizabeth Warren

Things are getting more than a little silly in Massachusetts at the moment, where brave culture warrior Scott Brown, having been tricked into facing Elizabeth Warren in verbal combat by Harry Reid a few days ago, kicked off the debate he couldn’t wriggle out of by insisting that Warren couldn’t possibly be of Cherokee lineage because, “Just look at her.”

As Vixen Strangely covered earlier, Warren lost no time in turning these unfounded allegations to her advantage with a neat ad:

Now Boston-based WCVB’s News Center 5 has some choice video to share:

Sen. Scott Brown staffers caught on video chanting Indian war whoops, making tomahawk chops
Rally video surfaces after campaigns release ads about Warren’s heritage

Staffers for Sen. Scott Brown chanted Indian “war whoops” and made “tomahawk chops” during a rally for the Republican senator this week in Boston.

In a video posted on YouTube, Brown’s staffers are seen holding campaign signs near the Erie Pub, chanting and making tomahawk chops, presumably in reference to Elizabeth Warren’s claims of Cherokee heritage.

Brown’s Deputy Chief of Staff Greg Casey and Constituent Service Counsel Jack Richard, State Director Jerry McDermott, special assistant Jennifer Franks and GOP operative Brad Garrett are pictured in the video, NewsCenter 5’s Janet Wu confirmed.

Brown’s reaction?

“It is certainly something that I don’t condone,” said Brown when asked about the video.

Hmm. OK so far.

“The real offense is that [Warren] said she was white and then checked the box saying she is Native American, and then she changed her profile in the law directory once she made her tenure.”

Thanks, Mr. Hasbeen Hottie. I’m so glad we’re now all clear where the real offense lies.

But if there’s poo to be flung in furtherance of a wingnut cause, Col. Mustard and his cavalry are ever ready to ride to the rescue. Jacobson’s doubling down on his widely derided and debunked allegations of yesterday that Warren contravened state regulations by taking on federal law work with another desperate face-saving post today that’s short on fact and long on insinuation:

No, Mass. Board of Bar Overseers has not exonerated Elizabeth Warren

I’m sure this will end well. Probably with a tearful post from Col. Mustard decrying the continuing lack of civility in political discourse from liberals.

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FLASH: Tea Partier Not Racist Hardly

This I seen: Glimpsed from a Megabus coming out of Pennsylvania, Sunday. The bumper sticker says:


Sorry I brought it up, brother Patriot! Love what you’ve done with your ride, though generally I prefer them free, like the rest of us Halfrican fans.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Ad hom and Ipse Dixit: Scott Brown Looks Like Some Piece of Work, Now

So, Scott Brown ran this ad:

The first thing he said during their debate was that she clearly did not look like she had native American ancestry. It’s astonishing that someone would rely so thoroughly on an attack on Dr. Warren’s credibility-especially if it could be shown that her recollection is true, and her family can trace back to a Native American ancestor  Which it looks like they can.

This lets her retaliate that Sen Brown is attacking her family.

Wow. He’s a jackass. Maybe he might have wanted to stick to the issues?

Naaaahahahhahahah. Pro-tip to future campaigns—as fake scandals and YouTube and Twitter conversations get mainstreamed, any smear should be pre-fact-checked. It might even be preferable to run campaigns on substance than attempting a smear—because of blowback..

I’m just saying.

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Someone Left the Cake Out in the Rain


The wheels are coming off the RomneyBus and there’s not a tow truck in sight so most of the passengers are either a) gibbering incoherently b) praying for a miracle or c) plotting their escape without incurring grievous bodily harm.  Democrats are rubber-necking but not all that surprised.

I don’t believe it ever does to overanalyze crazy talk.  Just cataloguing it is usually enough to make the point that “crazy is as crazy does.”  I can’t say that I blame the nutters because I know that entertaining even a remote possibility of their candidate winning the 2012 election turns my brain into a flopped souffle swimming in squid sauce.  If the prospect of another Obama term does that to Republicans, I can fully understand their current dementia.

Surely, by this stage of the presidential campaigns, most Republicans expected that their candidate would be cruising toward victory . . . which means that they vastly overestimated their candidate’s viability or underestimated his opponent or a lethal mix of both.  At any rate, I never expected, under any circumstances, how wildly the usually buttoned-down GOP would react.  We’re ten days away from the beginning of the 2012 Presidential Debates which are, more and more, shaping up to be “Romney’s Last Stand.”  Keeping that, and the fact that there are only 40-some days left to campaign, here is a compilation of this weekend’s “quiet riot” of serious people and serious people surrogates on the Right . . .

The ever-hilarious mean-girl, Ann Coulter, checked in with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos for a little race-baiting and to share a bit her own homespun civil rights manifesto.  Ann has taken it upon herself to warn her friends in the black community that Obama has dumped them for latinos because, well, there are more latinos than blacks, now.

Coulter:  We don’t owe the homeless, we don’t owe the feminists, we don’t owe women who are desirous of having abortions or gays who want to get married to one another. That’s what ‘civil rights’ have become for much of the left.”

Stephanopoulos: “Immigrant rights are not civil rights?”

Coulter: “No, I think civil rights are for blacks. What have we done to the immigrants? We owe black people something, we have a legacy of slavery. Immigrants haven’t even been in this country.

Any questions?

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Romney/Ryan Housing Plan: Them That’s Got Shall Get; Them That’s Not Shall Lose


OK.  Show of hands . . . who out there has read the “hot off the presses” Romney/Ryan policy plan, inspirationally entitled: Securing the American Dream and The Future of Housing Policy?

What’s that you say? . . .  you didn’t even know about it?  Well, maybe that’s because politicians and Wall Street have a long tradition of dumping bad news, lame-ass statements and damaging revelations into the late-Friday afternoon news cycle.  The reasoning behind this Old-Media custom is that such things will get the least possible amount of attention when tossed into the TGIF outbox.

So it is that Team Romney, in their infinite wisdom, first dumped the Romney-Returns, then, at 4 pm, the Romney Housing Plan “white paper.”  Clearly, they believed that the “white paper” was the lamer of the two.  And they’d be right, for a change.  (I suspect they believe that the tax dump was a masterstroke of genius, with its under-reported largesse and would overshadow the silliness of the Housing Plan.)

The “white paper,” and I use the term with a smirk is, basically a blown-out vintage blog post that, in true Team Romney fashion, says nothing in seven pages or less . . . and shows little signs of any attempt to spin it into “something.”  I guess it’s a shortcoming of my liberal education that I expect things that call themselves “white papers” or “policy plans” to have some substance and/or contain some clarifying facts and explanations . . . maybe that’s just me?  Since the campaign has allegedly reset itself to provide greater detail of the RomneyVision, I expect that there are many more “white papers” in our immediate future.  Oh well . . .

The Romney/Ryan Housing Plan is 50% whingeing about Obama’s “failed poloicies,” Dodd-Frank and the Macs (Fannie and Freddie); 40% platitudes (see title for example) and 10% plan to continue everything in Obama’s housing policy, so far, and take credit for it in four years.

I have to admit that the R/R Plan is a welcome evolution from Romney’s previous position on the housing crisis which was:

don’t try and stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom . . .

And this little nugget of tough love:

I think the idea of helping people refinance homes to stay in them is one that’s worth further consideration, but I’m not signing on until I find out who’s going to pay and who’s going to get bailed out and that’s not something which we know all the answers to yet.

Those comments were made by Romney, late last year, during the Republican primary.  They were delivered with typical Romney tact, sensitivity and fellow-feeling to an audience in Las Vegas, NV, one of the states hardest hit by the housing crisis. In fact, Nevada had the highest foreclosure rate in the nation for 56 consecutive months, according to data from RealtyTrac. More than 80 percent of Nevada homeowners are underwater, owing more on their mortgage than their home is worth.

On that occasion, The Las Vegas Sun’s J. Patrick Coolihan noted, Romney completely failed to address this critical part of the nation’s economic problem:

Conspicuously absent from the Romney plan is anything about housing. Construction spending has led us out of just about every recession since World War II. But because there was so much overbuilding — especially in Las Vegas — construction is dormant. And because nationally there are 4 million mortgages seriously delinquent or in foreclosure, construction will remain flat for years. Romney has nothing to say about this.

Indeed, Romney never mentioned housing or foreclosures during his speech, and makes only a passing reference to “millions of homes [that] have been lost to foreclosure” in his economic plan document, without suggesting any remedy.

Anyone who is busy giving Romney the benefit of the doubt on his recent “47%” revelation ought to do a little digging and discover that the same callous disregard for families losing their homes, through no fault of their own, is part of a recurring plot line in the Romney narrative which ascribes monetary difficulties to a lack of moral fiber. 

But I digress . . .

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Reflections on Upper Class Marriage

This post is inspired by two of my favorite humorists. The first of these humorists, Substance McGravitas, left a comment on my blog regarding Ann Romney:

Also Ann Romney internal dialogue: “Is marrying scum so bad? I got a pony!”

The second of these humorists, Ogden Nash, was master of the short form poem:

Reflections on Ice-Breaking
by Ogden Nash
Is Dandy
But liquor
Is quicker.

Inspired by these two rapscallions, I hereby present, Reflections on Upper Class Marriage:

Wed a phony,
Get a pony.

Please, post any similar couplets that come to mind in the comments.  Hilarity is sure to ensue.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Being Fair to Mitt: Because it’s Only Right.


I’ve been feeling just a little bit guilty about my (well, I wasn’t alone) rush to judgement over the possible man-tan issue regarding Mitt Romney at the Univision Forum.  In the interest of being fair, because I understand that’s how the real journalists do it, I’m going to offer, not a correction per se, but an airing of the other side:

From Univision’s perspective, Salinas said both candidates got a fair hearing in the end. She also sought to quash a bizarre internet rumor that began circulating after the first forum asserting that Romney, whose skin looked unusually tan on camera, used makeup to look “more Latino” for the audience.

“He used the same makeup person I use, and we asked her if he requested darker makeup,” Salinas said. “She said, ‘No he didn’t request anything.’ Apparently, he was just a little sunburned.”

So, I think if we were fact-checking this, I would have to call the evidence “inconclusive”. That explanation was way down at the end of a piece regarding how Romney packed the forum with people who weren’t students in order to make a better showing:

But after exhausting the few conservative groups on campus, the Romney camp realized there weren’t enough sympathetic students to fill the stands on their night — so they told the network and university that if they weren’t given an exemption to the students-only rule, they might have to “reschedule.”

The organizers relented. One Democrat with ties to the Obama campaign noted that Rudy Fernandez, the university official charged with coordinating the forums, is a member of Romney’s Hispanic steering committee. Fernandez did not respond to BuzzFeed’s questions about whether he gave preferential treatment to Romney’s campaign.

In any case, Romney’s team was allowed to bus in rowdy activists from around southern Florida in order to fill the extra seats at their town hall.

He also had a bit of a “temper tantrum” when his intro didn’t go the way he wanted, and insisted that he be re-taped.

So, to set the record straight, we don’t know that Mitt Romney really spray-tanned himself to blend in at the forum. He found a friendlier audience instead.

Whew. I feel better, now.

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The Suckitude of Life (and Open Thread!)

Some of you were kind enough to inquire after my poultry and home renovations. The chickens are doing well, though I think they’re sick of all the rain we’ve been having. Here’s one of my Australorps:


The crappy phone camera doesn’t do justice to her beautiful, iridescent plumage. She needs Tim F.’s photography skills, but she’s stuck with me. My Aussies aren’t laying yet (they mature more slowly than the reds), but I have four layers online who are far outpacing our egg needs.

We’re giving many eggs away to neighbors, friends and family and still have plenty left over for breakfast, quiches, etc. In fact, I think I have three dozen in my fridge right now.

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Won’t Somebody Pity the Plutocrat’s Poor Wife?

These days, it’s not easy being the wife of a plutocratic sociopath who is seeking a political office.  Consider the plight of Ann Romney…

Ann’s husband Willard has had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.  To compound matters, this was supposed to be the week of Mitt’s glorious reboot.  Mitt’s reboot week was derailed by a video surreptitiously recorded at a $50,000/head fundraiser, no doubt by a scurrilous, low-class server.  Just imagine, a perfidious prole had the temerity to violate the confidentiality of quiet rooms, the Seal of the Boardroom as sacred as that of the confessional!  Poor Ann had to take time from her busy schedule to inform the slack-jawed troglodytes that Mitt doesn’t hold them in the disdain that they so truly deserve.

To compound matters, even though she’d never admit it in public, Ann can’t be happy about her husband’s lack of confidence in her appeal to human beings.  One can’t let a trivial thing like self-respect crack one’s “Stepford wife” facade.  If she can convince herself that Mitt doesn’t disdain the poor, she can convince herself that Mitt doesn’t disdain her.

As if things weren’t bad enough, she also had to chide other Republicans, who should feel lucky that one so one Mighty and Strong would deign to run under the mantle of the GOP.  Here’s a word of advice to stupid Peggy Noonan- just drink and drink until Mitt becomes indistinguishable from the Sainted Ronnie Raygun.  You owe it to Mitt, you antiquated hack.

If the media and the GOP establishment don’t knuckle under and kiss Mitt’s ass in public, Queen Ann’s revenge is not going to be pretty.  Already, things are building to a head- she’s got so much smoke billowing out of her nostrils that she forced a charter plane to land prematurely

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Friday, September 21, 2012

When You’re Hot You’re Hot, When You’re Not, You’re Mitt

Wait, wait.  Before I get into the whole Romney mishegas more than I want to—but as much as I have to, being a political blogger, can I just start with the running mate story?  M’kay. Here’s a perfectly well-programmed Randroid getting booed for lying in front of people who are old enough to know better than he probably ever will:

I understand his own mama was in the audience. and some of the seniors walked out on his ass. Somehow, Lyin’ Ryan and his mam benefited from government survivor benefits just enough for him to want to fiddle with them to make them dependent on market forces and less available to people who could use them.  Obama is leading Romney in Wisconsin per the polls.  That’s all I have to say about all that.

But when I’m not mentioning that Romney relied on a rock star privatization/supply side ideologue to be his running mate to give him a boost with a base that distrusts him—why don’t I point out that they still don’t love him enough to refrain from talking shit about him?  Because Herman Cain just did:

“Stupid people are ruining America, and we’ve got to take it back,” he said.

Cain told members of the media after the speech that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s recent “47 percent” comment was a “non-story” being blown out of proportion by the media. But Cain said he would have been doing better if he was the nominee, saying that he’d probably have a “substantial lead” on President Barack Obama at this point.

“The reason is quite simple: I have some depth to my ideas,” he said.

Yeah. The guy who gave us the “999” plan and said he wouldn’t sign any bill more than three pages long, believes he has more depth to his ideas.  Because, of course, he would handle the Libya situation that much better.  And of course he wouldn’t be as especially crass in his language about the poor in America.  By which I mean—seriously, whatever. The Hermanator isn’t running for president—Mitt is.

So, I think that Romney had a Friday doc-dump of his 2011 return and a notarized statement about his previous 20 years of returns is one ginormous subject-changing.30-second over the pants handjob. I expect there to be more educated opinions than mine, but I would say that even if he paid taxes as attested, he did release the info when he said he wouldn’t—didn’t he? Huh? Right. And folks are picking over it, such as it is, huh? Also right.

Does it distract from whether he’s still a bloody awful candidate with a rotten campaign going on?  Not especially. It’s like proof of it.  Cheers.

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Rewards for a Job Well Done

Say you’re an arrogant asshole who is spectacularly mismanaging an organization. You’re buying an $87,000 area rug while your company goes down in flames, blowing massive holes in innocent bystanders’ life savings and demanding mind-boggling bailouts to keep your astounding incompetence and greed from pauperizing the entire planet forever. That can only mean it’s BONUS time!

The Marquis de Mittens really is bringing this fabled job creator ethos to the political realm: Just as the wingnut lamentations about his campaign’s incompetence reached an earsplitting crescendo, we learn that the consortium of hapless clods who are driving the clown car received bonus checks:

Mitt Romney’s campaign handed out more than $200,000 in bonuses last month to senior staffers, according to new disclosure records filed Thursday.

Keep in mind that the Mittens campaign is all about combatting the “culture of dependency” by separating indolent lay-abouts from le dole. Hahahahaha! The end.

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Romney in Disguise (with Diamonds)


President Bill Clinton sat down for a chat with Jon Stewart, on The Daily Show, Thursday night.  Stewart congratulated Clinton for a job well done—using facts, and all.  The gist of what Clinton had to say was that Republicans are running an ideology-driven campaign short on specific policy details.  I’m not convinced of that, however.

First, I don’t believe that Mitt Romney is an idealogue of any stripe.  I think that he’s a pragmatist, an opportunist and a capitalist.  I believe that the Candidate Romney whom we see, today, is a man who exploited an opportunity to play an idealogue on TV.  Furthermore, I think that if Romney ascribes to any “ideology” it is a much more moderate one than today’s Republican base requires. Mitt Romney simply didn’t have the internal fortitude, conviction or stamina to run as himself and to transform his party, which is badly in need of transformation.  Instead he transformed his ideals.

Those are the reasons that I believe Mitt Romney is losing and will continue to lose the 2012 Presidential election and my guess is that he knows that and wishes it were over, already.

Republicans might have made something of themselves, after the debacle of the George W. Bush administration, had the election of America’s first black president not collided with (or spawned) the rise of the implacably hard-right TEA Party movement.  The TEA Party, itself, may be fading but the aberration of the 2010 mid-term Republican wave is still haunting us with a Do-Nothing Congress by keeping Republican political hubris on life support.

Given the field of presidential nominees that the GOP presented for the 2012 election, Romney was forced to make a hard-right turn in order to stay in the running.  What Romney and Co. underestimated was their ability to “pull an Etch-a-Sketch,” reset that position and still hold onto social conservatives in the base.  A candidate, like Romney, might be tempted, by data, to court hispanic votes because they are the wave of the future but, if one loses the white, nativist vote to do it? . . . well, that’s a wash, isn’t it? 

Romney has spent his life leading (and winning) by being a smart, cool, calculating customer.  Unfortunately “smart, cool calculating customers” don’t play well to today’s GOP base.  Fanaticism is much more the order of the day.

Another problem that I detect in Romney is the same kind of “living in Daddy’s-shadow” that George W. Bush operated within.  I don’t think Dubya ever really came to terms with his “daddy demons.”  And coping with his has turned Mitt into an uber-Father figure (in his own mind) and the paternalism that he projects, on the campaign trail, could be deadly.  It explains so much, though—the lack of policy detail, the secretiveness about his financial matters, the condescending tone and the smirks that suggest that only, he, Mitt Romney, understands how the world really works.  Romney’s “tough love” take on the “47%”—the desire to push all of those dependents out of the nest and see which ones fly . . . ? demonstrate how deeply Romney feels his singularity.

The fact that Romney takes Paul Ryan as a running mate, then sits on him like a mouthy teenager, demonstrates Romney’s discomfort with letting others share in or shape his role.  Much has been said about Team Romney’s ineptitude at campaigning but I’m beginning to wonder.  Romney could very well be the kind of candidate that has a campaign team because he’s expected to, but refuses to take their advice, because—Mitt always knows best.  Like many a CEO who hires the best and brightest (and most expensive) outside consultants to tackle thorny internal problems, then sends them packing because “they just don’t understand our culture” which translates to, “They just don’t like us, they’re jealous, etc. I won’t take their advice.”

The most recent Romney-speak to bubble to the surface—the fact that he feels eminently qualified to “change Washington from the inside” is pathetically laughable coming from a man who very obviously can’t manage his personal image, or campaign, effectively.  The Romney campaign has been nothing if not an exercise in allowing party demands to direct the candidate’s course.  In other words, if Romney can’t stand up to his own political party how is he going to lead the country and hold his own with foreign friends and enemies?

Rod Dreher of The American Conservative has, in my opinion, nailed what is ailing conservatives, in general, for some time now, and specifically, the current Romney campaign:

Should Romney lose, is there any doubt that many in Conservative Tribe will convince themselves that he went down because he failed to be sufficiently conservative — that is, because he wasn’t loyal enough to the tribe and its religion (which is to say, its ideology)? Because it cannot be the case that there is anything wrong with the ideology.

As someone at The New Republic (Chait?) wrote a few years back, for the tribe, conservatism (as they conceive it) cannot fail; it can only be failed, by “house cons” and other wimps, backstabbers, quislings, and suchlike.  This mental habit is one of my least favorite things about American conservatism, in part because it makes learning from defeat impossible. But it is one of the most durable. Even if Romney implodes in November, it will survive, and even get stronger.

Likewise, Daniel Larison, assesses that:

.. .  the most damaging blunders that the campaign made all year were the result of mindlessly repeating ideological fictions (e.g., “apology tour,” that 47% don’t pay taxes and are therefore government dependents), and there will be some truth to that, too. The campaign has been such a confused mess and has tried to be so many different, mutually contradictory things at once that each interpretation will have some merit, which suggests that there will be little or no consensus on “what went wrong.

To my mind, the problem boils down to the Republican Party trying to be something that it is not; especially, at the moment, Mitt Romney being something that he is not.  Paul Ryan actually fills the bill, rather admirably, for the extreme right-wing, which is also the reason he’ll never be elected president (unless he grows out of his current ideological short pants).  But, for now, Romney can’t be that and he won’t allow Ryan to be that, either.  Or, as Larison puts it: ” . . . the Republicans put forward a nominee who embodies much of what is wrong with the GOP and the movement conservative right. The nominee also appears to have poor political skills and judgment.”

But, then the question becomes, how has the GOP come to be in such, and stay in such, straits?

Odd, as it may seem, I find myself wondering, more and more, what kind of president George W. Bush might have been without the transformative events of 9/11?  Would he have been able to curb the frightening apparatchiks that surrounded him? . . . toward the end of his term, it appeared that he might have been.  And, if Bush the Younger had been a very different, even unremarkable GOP president, what would the Republican Party be like, today?  Or was its development arrested in the 1980’s, never to evolve further?

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fish, barrel ... Aw heck, you know the drill by now

Did you feel a shift in the force earlier in the day? No, it wasn’t just Paul Ryan wailing, “Hey, where the heck did he go?” as Tim Pawlenty baled out from the Romney campaign to spend more time with money, followed by the whimper: “... Can I come too?

Mittens has a new gamechanger, and BY GOLLY HE’S GOING TO STUMP IT. And the borg rejoice. From CNN’s politicalticker:

Romney opens new line of attack against Obama

The president today threw in the white flag of surrender again. He said he can’t change Washington from inside, he can only change it from outside,” Romney thundered to an audience of several thousand in Sarasota. “Well, we’re going to give him that chance in November. He’s going outside!”

Romney said he “couldn’t believe it” when he heard reports the “president of change” had said Washington needed to be changed from the outside.

“Isn’t that amazing? No wonder he’s had such a hard time over the last four years,” Romney said. “His first two years he had a Democratic House, Democratic Senate, he got to do whatever the heck he wanted to, but he says he can’t change it from the inside. Well, I will.”

*Sigh* Roll tape from 2008:

[vid from BuzzFeed]


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Pining for the Fjords

Has the Romney campaign joined the bleedin’ choir invisible?


Is it an ex-campaign?


It ain’t over til it’s over, but Jeebus, notorious tosspot Peggy Noonan called for an intervention! Which is like receiving an offer for elocution and deportment lessons from the Honey Boo Boo clan!

I shamelessly purloined the copy for the illustrations above from Rumproast commenters HumboldtBlue and Lowkey, respectively. But I suspect you clever little wood-sprites can come up with additional rejoinders to the question: How dead is Romney’s campaign?

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