Friday, March 29, 2013

The Gentleman From Alaska Does His Bit For GOP Outreach


The ink was barely dry on Prince Rebus’ Growth and Opportunity Project plan when 21-term Rep. Don Young (R-The Last Frontier) screwed the pooch on Alaskan talk radio, sharing a little homespun story about his boyhood on his daddy’s ranch which sometimes employed “50-60 wetbacks” to pick ‘maters.

For those of you who are younger than dirt, the term “wetback” was an old-fashioned pejorative for Mexicans who got their “backs wet” swimming across the Rio Grande for an illegal entry into the Land of Milk and Honey.

Subsequently, of course, some aide who helps the 79-year-old Congressman think, clued him to the fact that the term “wetback” has been replaced in the GOP lexicon by the less-fraught, more outreach-y terms “Latino/Latina” and “Hispanic.”  Whereupon, the bewildered Congressman cued up the standard GOP non-apology for his use of a racist epithet in a purely non-racist way:

During a sit down interview with Ketchikan Public Radio this week, I used a term that was commonly used during my days growing up on a farm in Central California.  I know that this term is not used in the same way nowadays and I meant no disrespect.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thank God Easter Only Comes Once a Year

There’s so much seasonal WTF in this clip from FilmOn TV Networks (via Battlecam TV) which is going viral.

There’s a fairly graphic trailer near the beginning for their stunt at the weekend, when they plan to crucify a guy identified by a usually reliable source (Daily Mail) as Robert Garrison, “a 30-year-old sado-masochist from Florida,” so presumably as long they’ve found some card-carrying sadists to do the nailing, everybody’s cool with that.

Then there’s the increasingly tetchy mobile unit interview between Joe Fioranelli of FilmOn TV and David Phelps—which, for the by now no doubt growing increasingly nervous, I’ll excerpt below, but sounds like it’s an outtake from SNL.

As the scene begins, Phelps—who starts off the interview as grumpy as Hell, and doesn’t get any sweeter as it progresses—kicks off with the charming opener, “I’m David Phelps. And God hates fags. If you hear nothing else I say, I need that message to get out.” Then Fiorelli cites biblical reasons for some skepticism about Jesus’ heterosexuality, which doesn’t go any way toward making make him Phelps’ BFF.

Phelps: This is a mockery. It’s been a mockery from the very beginning. Is this what you plan for your mock crucifixion as well?
Fioranelli: It’s not a mock crucifixion, we’re actually crucifying the guy. I mean, he is actually gay.
Phelps: Do you have any idea, do you have any idea what it is to receive the payment for your sins from a wrathful, an angry God? Romans 12 says He will pile it on your head like hot coals from a fire. ... May God bring His wrath in a way that all will know it comes from Him.

Things don’t get any better from there on in for Phelps as he makes a bid to abandon the interview, and the fate that awaits him may have made him pray for a visitation from a nice cozy bushel of hot coals. Whatever, he will verily have been in no doubt that It hath come from Him, who moveth in mysterious ways.

For at this point (at 1:30 for the impatient), yea, a 500-pound stark naked ex-wrestler MC by the name of Billy the Fridge emerges from the closet (imagery!) where he’s been waiting and lurches ominously toward Phelps.

Phelps: What do you want?

Now, in the circumstances, most of us might agree that’s not the sort of leading question you want to be asking. Never mind, since Billy ignores it anyway.


At this point Phelps makes an extremely rapid getaway through the door, with Billy in hot, hot pursuit. Over to the Mail again:

An eye-witness later claimed that he saw Phelps being pursued down the street outside the mobile studio by a naked fat man.

Rob Cutler, from Topeka, Kansas, where the church is based, said: ‘I was amazed, first I see David run out of a motor home and the next thing I know he’s been sat on by this giant naked man who is screaming “who’s your daddy now Davey?”’

The way the Phelpses have been bailing out of the hitherto lucrative family cult over the past few years, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Davey—his cherry now well and truly popped, possibly along with some vital organs—and Billy are an item. Happy Easter.

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Sharia Gonna Get You If You Don’t Look Out!


When Tennessee legislators first got a look at the $16 million renovation of their beloved State House in Nashville, imagine how shocked and awed they were to find a Muslim ritual footbath, where a utility sink used to be, right in the Men’s room outside the House Chamber.  Appalled, legislators launched an immediate in-House investigation calling on Senate Clerk Russell Humphrey to get to the bottom of how such an item had crept into the renovation plan, without their approval.

According to Humphrey:

There was concern about why it had been modified.

Republican Sen. Bill Ketron, (R-Murfreesboro) confirmed that he had spoken to Humphrey about whether there were “religious reasons” for the new sink after the issue was raised by Rep. Judd Matheny, (R-Tullahoma).

[Matheny denied that he was involved in raising questions about the basin.]

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In Venality Veritas

Every once in a while, a political figure says something which hints at a deeper meaning which is usually kept under wraps.  One such unintended “tell” is **ACK** Chief Justice **GAG** John Roberts’ indication today that the shifting attitudes in gay marriage are due to, get this, a well-funded lobbying effort by gay-rights activists.  In a question to lawyer Roberta Kaplan, Roberts demonstrates his roots as a right-wing corporatist hack:

“I suppose the sea change has a lot to do with the political force and effectiveness of people representing, supporting your side of the case?  As far as I can tell, political figures are falling over themselves to endorse your side of the case.”

Roberts seems to be unable to fathom a societal change taking place without the influence of hacks and flacks like himself.  He sees the involvement of lobbyists in a movement that is driven by grassroots efforts.  The groundswell of support for gay rights in general and same-sex marriage in particular is due to the fact that more and more gay people are out, and that more and more straight people have come to the realization that they have gay friends and family members.

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Cue the Lions

I’ve been fascinated by some of the overwrought “revolution!” language that the usual Christian right trolls are using regarding the case against Prop 8 being considered by SCOTUS. It’s not that I’m comfortable that the pendulum has swung so far that there’s little resistance to marriage equality—it’s that I just don’t see that many people be invested enough to start a civil war over it. Regular folks just aren’t thinking about gay folks getting married all the time. It doesn’t really impact them because, well, it just doesn’t. Gay people getting married doesn’t raise anyone’s taxes or take away any right that any has previously enjoyed.

Which is why I find this analogy from NOM’s president, Brian Brown, so especially creepy:

I think we’re going to win these cases. But say the worst happens and we lose in a broad way – that means that the Court somehow does a Roe, aRoe v. Wade, on marriage and says that all these state constitutional amendments are overturned, gay marriage is now a constitutional right – well, we’re going to press forward on a Federal Marriage Amendment. We’ve always supported a Federal Marriage Amendment, and there’s a lot of misconceptions about it. Some people try and argue, ‘Well, this is against federalism.’ No, our founders gave us a system where we can amend the Constitution. We shouldn’t have to do this, we shouldn’t have to worry about activist judges, you know, making up out of thin air a constitutional right that obviously none of our founders found there and no one found there until quite recently. But if we do, for us, the Federal Marriage Amendment is a way that people can stand up and say, ‘Enough is enough.’ We need a solution in this country, we cannot be, as Lincoln said, half slave, half free. We can’t have a country on key moral questions where we’re just, where we don’t have a solution. And if the Court forces a solution, the way we’ll amend that is through the Federal Marriage Amendment.

“Half slave, half free.” I can kind of understand wanting to do a Lincoln quote-pull because Lincoln, you know, was kind of a big deal. It’s just funny that Brown seems to think that people living in the states where marriage equality is recognized would be morally the people living in the “slave states”.  Because those poor beset-upon long-suffering religious people would lack the freedom to…


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Monday, March 25, 2013

Planet Claire

So, Claire McCaskill announced her support for marriage equality this weekend. Brave move from a Senator in a red state? Craven bandwagon-jumping?

McCaskill can be exasperatingly Blue Doggy, but I think she deserves credit for openly supporting marriage equality, even if she’s hardly the first Dem out of the gate. Consider that she would have almost surely lost in 2012 to dead-eyed loon Todd Akin if he hadn’t been stricken with that peculiar strain of Rape Commentary Tourette’s that plagued last year’s crop of GOP candidates.

Even if the announcement is less than a profile in courage, it’s still a victory. Good for McCaskill.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Balloon Juiceocalypse Refuge Open Thread


We have a working server, we have bandwidth, we have archives, we have popcorn, and we have sympathy with folks from our sister blog as it goes through this traumatic transformation.

Make yourselves at home if you can’t find a warmer corner of the intertubes to hang out in. No gouging, no biting, no goolie shots.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Secret Plot by Gingrich and Santorum Almost Derailed Romney’s Candidacy?


Really this is one of those stories where you don’t know whether to laugh or cry ROTFLMAO.

According to Joshua Green at Bloomberg BusinessWeek, heading into the Michigan primary, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, who at that point still had some sort of chance in the race, hatched a plot to combine forces and run Romney off the road:

As Mitt Romney struggled in the weeks leading up to the Michigan primary, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum nearly agreed to form a joint “Unity Ticket” to consolidate conservative support and topple Romney. “We were close,” former Representative Bob Walker, a Gingrich ally, says. “Everybody thought there was an opportunity.” “It would have sent shock waves through the establishment and the Romney campaign,” says John Brabender, Santorum’s chief strategist.

“Oh noes” we are supposed to say in retrospect!  Such a stupendous charismatic pair as Serial Adulterer Newt and Colossal Dick* Santorum could totally have upset OBamz apple cart and WHERE WOULD WE ALL BE TODAY!! 

Well, we know it didn’t happen and Romney pulled out a squeaker win in Michigan.  The coalition collapsed and, as much as anything, from the stupendous weight of their own egos.

But the negotiations collapsed in acrimony because Gingrich and Santorum could not agree on who would get to be president. “In the end,” Gingrich says, “it was just too hard to negotiate.”

And the rest of us were denied the spectacle of a truly great clown show of a campaign, surpassing even that of Grandpa Grumps and Klondike Barbie.  If only.

*Thanks to Charlie Pierce for the oh-so-apt moniker.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt


When Republicans picked themselves up off the mat following November’s electoral surprises it became pretty clear that the GOP, like Mitt Romney, were caught flat-footed without a game-plan—they were that sure that they’d win the White House plus a super-majority in Congress.  Through the magic of gerrymandering, the GOP managed to retain its majority in the House and comforted themselves with the odd notion that their House majority represented a voter mandate for split government [really]. 

By January, 2013, a time when Republicans expected to be gleefully carrying out Romney’s Day One Agenda—repealing Obamacare, cutting taxes, passing the Ryan budget and otherwise hacking and slashing their way to glory—Republican leadership were, instead, scrabbling for small points of leverage to continue their program of creating drag on the recovery and discrediting President Obama.

Since Democrats had shored up their majority in the Senate, it looked like it would be up to the House to score any Republican goals and the “big games” would be the fiscal cliff, the sequester and the debt ceiling.  As the party was still on life-support and might have over-estimated any leverage they actually had, the first two came and went with little ado.  Next up is the debt ceiling and, lo and behold, this week both Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have started rumbling about that.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Well played, @robdelaney

Via Salon:


Speaking of blood-gargling ghouls, the sociopaths at the NRA are doing an end-zone dance since Harry Reid had to withdraw the assault weapons ban portion of the Senate gun bill due to lack of support.

It’s infuriating as hell, and it’s entirely possible that our craven political and media class will step over the bullet-ridden bodies of 20 first graders to maintain the status quo instead of enacting the sane gun control measures that a majority of Americans want.

Still, I’m not as pessimistic as Steve M, not in the long term. The role of guns in American culture is declining, not fast enough to suit many of us, but the trajectory is clear.

Yes, it’s crazy-making that we allow bug-eyed lunatics backed by soulless plutocrats to drive our ship of state and tend not to stage a mutiny and make course corrections until we’ve foundered on the clearly visible rocks and lost a significant portion of the passengers. But that’s how we roll. 

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Houston, We Have a Problem!  “Tedious Ted” Cruz


Can it really be only ten weeks since Texas’ own Mr Big Stuff glided into the US Senate on his leathery little wings?  It seems like decades since Ted Cruz has even taken a breath.  I can’t believe I’m actually writing about him—again, but, Lordy, he’s a mother lode of monstrosity in a world teeming with monsters.

Cruz’ latest feat was to make a Senate ceremonial resolution on Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week all about Ted Cruz.  And, no, Ted Cruz, does not have MS.  Such resolutions, representing the unsexy side of a senator’s job, are mundane, bipartisan, uncontentious bits of feel-good legislative business that help Americans stay connected to their government.  Things like Black History Month and the 10 Year Anniversary of the loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia come to life via such resolutions.  99.9% of such resolutions pass via “unanimous consent,” the Senate’s fast track for noncontroversial legislation.

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Hillary Clinton Comes Out… favor of marriage equality:

Good for her.

Andrew Stiles at NRO implies that Secretary Clinton is dancing for donations from gay puppet-masters:

Big Money Backs Clinton on Gay Marriage
Former secretary of state and potential 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton announced her support for gay marriage on Monday in a video posted online by the Human Rights Campaign, one of the Democratic party’s most prolific campaign donors over the years.

The Human Rights Campaign has contributed more than $10 million to Democrats since 1990, and has spent more than $21 million on lobbying since 1998, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which describes the group as a “heavy hitter” in federal elections.

On what planet does $10 million in campaign contributions over 23 years qualify as “big money?” Hell, Sheldon Adelson shook $20 mill out of his sofa cushions for Gingrich’s Quixotic primary run before going on to spend serious cash on the actual nominee. And he’s just one dude in one election cycle.

The consensus for marriage equality is accelerating, thanks to the Democrats, notably President Obama. Conservatives like the nitwits at NRO still can’t quite believe this is happening, so they’re casting about for alternate explanations.

Republicans who have the most well-developed sense of political self-preservation will climb off the bigot bus toot sweet, leaving sad busybodies like NOM’s Brian Brown holding a pile of white sheets and “God Hates Fags” signs.

It’s a joy to behold.

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Monday, March 18, 2013



Ermagerd. Sworn off Palin for more than a few years, then two consecutive posts in a couple of days. The shame, the shame. What provoked this?

Well, on Saturday we saw La Diva Loca give her all in a TMI style to a CPAC rabble desperate for distraction from its own endless misery, and inevitably we focused on her Bloomberg big guvmint-bashing Big Gulpaloser, like just about everybody else who was near a keyboard. Perhaps predictably, where some of us—perhaps, let’s be hopeful here, the vast majority of humanity and possibly any eavesdropping aliens—saw teeheehee juvenile pathos and completely unintentional self-parody (and responded with our own juvenilia, because that’s how we roll), her fans saw A HEROIC STAND AGAINST THE MAN!!!!

A few spinoff memes among those with access to Photoshop and way too much time on their hands could be expected, but a full-on IRL movement? Oh yeah. Heeeeere’s Twitchy:

Awesome: Sarah Palin sips Big Gulp during CPAC speech; ‘Bloomberg’s not around’ [pics and video]

Now, I should warn you of a couple of things. First, that headline is no lie, and if you click it, there are indeed pics and video, and it ain’t pretty; and second, if you’ve never visited malevolent douchesquirrel Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy before, its sole raison d’être, other than mobilizing twittering zombie hordes to relentlessly harass anybody who catches Malkin’s eye and ire, is generally to drag a bunch of rabid derp off the twittersphere and blend it with even more rabid derp in its comment stream, I guess in the hopes that a singularity of derp will be triggered that will engulf the entire universe and beyond in a tidal wave of megaderp—thus fulfilling those apocalyptic predictions of peak wingnut and the wingularity ta-DA!

The ingredients on this occasion range from the pedestrian

Cynthia Yockey @conservativelez

Palin at CPAC: He’s got the rifle, I’ve got the rack (of husband Todd and their Xmas gifts to one another.) Then sips Big Gulp.

to the arguably ill-advised

Michelle Malkin ✔ @michellemalkin

CPAC podiums need to be stocked with 32-oz Big Gulps, not teeny water bottles.

to the marginally more excitable!!!

Roel Marasigan @HeadsWillRoel

Classic Sarah Palin giving nanny Bloomberg a jab at #CPAC!!!

So far, so lame. I’ll kick you off with the first comment over there, then after that you’re on your own if you’re wingnutcurious enough to get off the boat, and don’t say you haven’t been warned, as it gets worse from here on in (though there is some evidence of sedition). Behold the yawning sinkhole in perception:

nc • 2 days ago

Her comedic timing was dead-on perfect! She tells the “rack” joke with a dead pan straight face, then immediately reaches for the Super Big Gulp to deflect any sense of impropriety. Comic genius!

This would be tragic and humorous in a relatively mundane way (“dead pan straight face” *snork*) in itself, but as Wonkette reports, we’re now headed back into the realms of full-on icon-worship again, as the old fanbase at Conservatives4Palin apparently hasn’t entirely been reduced to living under bridges and toasting pigeons on curtain rails through over-donating to The Palin Family and Friends Holiday and Meth Fund SarahPAC, or if it has, it seems to have access to Obamaphones and the Internet down there. Venture after the fold if you dare/can be arsed.

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The Sad, Strange Anomie of CPAC2013


CPAC2013 reminded me of the story of the “dance band on the Titanic” who, knowing they were about to die, decided to continue to bravely play on in an attempt to buoy the spirits of the doomed souls on board. Harry Chapin memorialized the event with a song that contained the refrain:

Dance band on the Titanic
Sing “Nearer, my God, to thee”
The iceberg’s on the starboard bow
Won’t you dance with me?

And that particular mindset is about the only rational explanation for the behavior of establishment Republicans who have decided to continue to humor the directionless hurly-burly of movement conservatives.

These are obviously people who have assessed the costs and decided that they don’t give a rat’s whether they ever win another election.  Indeed, losers from previous bouts were featured, like conquering heroes, throughout the CPAC agenda—people like Allen West, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John McCain—Sarah Palin! for the love of Mike.  While conservatives who actually have a snowball’s chance, like Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell, were deemed unfit.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

CPAC Day 2: Slurps, Slaps, and Slingbacks [Updated]

We’re not here to re-brand a party, we’re here to rebuild a country. We’re here to restore America and the rest is just theatrics. The rest is sound and fury. It’s just making noise.

The next 37 long minutes were indeed taken up with sound and fury—the familiar gurns, squawks, shrieks, and dribbling, punctuated by the novel sound of slurping, to rapturous applause. It’s 2013. It’s CPAC. And it’s Sarah Palin.

Yep, the Grifta from Wasilla, having added Fox News pundit (failed) to her résumé, is BACK. And she’s still totally bonkers. And not in a good way.

Lord knows, when the éminences grises behind CPAC booked her, they knew what to expect. It’s an easy call, because whatever else she’s been doing in her copious spare time since bombing out of the ‘08 election in tears, in between lush speaking gigs and boring the pants off Greta van Susteren she hasn’t come up with much new material.

I’m very grateful to Jim Newell, now liveblogging in the unlikely environment of The Guardian, for keeping tabs on the parade of fail at this year’s Gathering of the Indescribables as I really wasn’t feeling up to it. Also to my co-bloggers marindenver and Vixen Strangely, who’ve been taking up the slack. However, when somebody as absolutely desperate for attention as Sarah Palin bobbles along, it would be downright cruel of me not to indulge her at least a little, so here goes.

Her turn wasn’t totally lacking in some semblance of political gravitas, as she insisted that enough with the navel-gazing already, Republicans just need to hit the streets and get persuadin’:

They’re not our enemies. They’re our sisters and our brothers. They’re our neighbors, they’re our friends. It’s imperative to reach out and to share that conservative message of liberty and less government and lower taxes.

So double-bolt your doors and bar your windows before you turn in tonight, just in case.

Boob jokes. They featured, as Jim notes:

Palin sets up a quite extraordinary breasts-and-ammo joke by telling the crowd that for Christmas, her husband had bought her a rack to hold guns on the back of her truck. Then comes the sexy punchline:

He’s got the rifle, I’ve got the rack!

As attendants carried the coronary casualties in the audience out to the waiting fleet of ambulances, as an example of “less government” Palin chose Mayor Bloomberg’s War on Soda (this is where the slurping comes in), ostentatiously sucking on a mammoth serving through a straw in a manner which suggested that if there was a baseball in there, goshdarn she was havin’ it. If she followed it up with a burp, the networks cut it and the written record is silent. But it did lead to a new party game:


Strabismus or Sloshed?

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