Thursday, August 08, 2013

Obamacare Threatens to Defund Mitch McConnell’s Senate Campaign


An unforeseen, unheralded benefit of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act might be the undoing of Mitch McConnell in the 2014 mid-term elections.  Interested? here’s how that could work . . .

No one in the US Congress has been more outspoken, or more blunt about his desire to derail the Obama presidency than Mitch McConnell (R-Kentuckah).  At times, McConnell’s obsession with ousting Obama has bordered on maniacal—that is, except when he was doing back-room deals with the administration, sometimes by proxy, to save his conservative cred while trying to forestall the GOP’s lumbering progress toward the tar pits of political history.

Furthermore, McConnell is that rare political enigma—the hugely unpopular wielder of immense party power.  Kentucky has been sending Mr McConnell to Washington for decades, now, but if job approval polls are worth anything, the love affair may be over at the same time that opposing forces are mounting credible threats.

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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The GOP 2012 Primary is Still With Us, Weirdly Enough

When Michele Bachmann’s 2012 presidential campaign started to take a massive dump, I was kind of sympathetic but concerned.  To my jaded eye, Michele Bachmann’s campaign always looked like a form of trolling rather than a serious effort, and deep in my guts, I always thought Ron Paul, as a kind of rear-guard Goldwater winger, was also doing his part to run a presidential campaign to score points and #profit. Which is why the problems with the Bachmann campaign starting with Sorenson struck me as weird. I was interested with the allegations that Kent Sorenson was “bought” by the Bachmann campaign. But the evidence and the Bachmann campaign’s own allegations suggested the obvious reason he didn’t “stay bought”.  Iowa did not know they had a pimp.

He got a better offer. My immediate response was that the Paul campaign looked more viable, at the time—but the current story is that maybe there were reasons.

This whole affair is making me somewhat re-evaluate my estimation of both the Bachmann and Paul campaigns’ seriousness. Were these really a “straight shoot” and not “work” to make shit interesting for “Inevitable Mitt”? Did either of these candidates really think it was worth it to score points so much that they were violating campaign law in Iowa—up in the corn, feeling their oats? This makes me pre-emptively re-evaluate my estimation of Rand Paul’s obvious 2016 trolling. He could be for reals.

I don’t know if that scares me enough. I guess I won’t know until 2016. If anyone ever wonders where I go when I am not posting, I am recalibrating my cynicism, because sometimes I believe it must be broken.

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Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Yesterday’s big story was the production of a hamburger made from lab-grown meat.  As Reuters reports, one of the lead scientists in the project is Mark Post, a vascular biologist at the University of Maastricht.  Being a Nederlander, Mynheer Post made a “burger” that seems more like a bitterbal:

To prepare the burger, scientists combined the cultured beef with other ingredients normally used in burgers, such as salt, breadcrumbs and egg powder. Red beet juice and saffron have been added to bring out its natural colors.

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Gohmert Speaks: Real Men Don’t Close Embassies . . . HOO-rah!


Well, as I mentioned yesterday, it’s Silly Season which means lots of open-mic time for politicians aiming to make an impression on the American electorate.  So it is that Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Planet Xanax) subbed for Sean Hannity on his newly-divorced-from-Cumulus radio program, yesterday.

Gohmert opened with a shout out to the blogging community:

All of you on the left coast, the left bloggers that … you couldn’t find your rear-end with both hands, well listen: I know you monitor every word I say,” he said. “Well, grab some popcorn, we’re going to have a fun three hours.

And things deteriorated from there . . .

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Monday, August 05, 2013

RNC Forfeits 2016 Presidential Election Because UNFAIR LIBERALS!!!


Prince Rebus of the Republican National Committee officially kicked off the 2013 “silly season” with a theatrical tantrum and ultra-silly threat to TV broadcasters CNN and NBC.  NBC recently announced signing actress Diane Lane to portray Hillary Clinton in a 4-part mini-series covering Hillary’s life and times since 1998 [which she, and we, might remember as a low point in the Clinton saga] all the way up to the fabulous here-and-now.

Upon hearing that news, multitudes of Republican strategist’s, already working boiler room hours to destroy an undeclared candidate, spontaneously combusted, culminating in Priebus’ coup de grace—a Republican boycott of the 2016 presidential debates broadcasts on NBC and CNN [OUCH!].

Now, I know it’s an utterly “lib-tard” thing to do, but let’s go over a few facts here:

1) Hillary Clinton is not running for president.  IF she decides to do that, then might be the time to rekindle one’s hair and scream foul, equal time, etc (if it even applies, in such a case??);

2) Clinton, herself, has not given her blessing to the project and is probably hoping for it to go away almost as much as Prince Rebus.  The period, 1998 - 2013 covers a lot of material that Clinton might be happy to leave behind, like a brutal primary and losing the Democratic nomination, Clinton’s defense of Huma Abedin, who has only become a greater liability, of late, and, of course, Benghazi-gate.  Why would anyone assume that a mini-series will be a laudatory piece of hero-worship?

3) IF Clinton runs, as we, the GOP and Reince Priebus know, she doesn’t need a mini-series (or an Academy Award-winning feature film) to clean their clock.

So.  To review . . .  it is in no way shocking, or appalling, un-American, or unfair or any of the other words Priebus used, to express his overheated faux outrage at the thought of a ratings-challenged broadcaster trying to attract some viewers with a mini-series on a wildly popular, recently retired Washington insider.  If Hillary does run, no 3-year-old mini-series, no presidential debate coverage, no nothing is going to alter the GOP’s abysmal losing streak in national elections.  Republicans know how to beat the odds and lose, when they’re favored to win.

But, the important thing here, from a Republican perspective, is that the base will just gobble this up and whip themselves into an anti-Democratic frenzy.  FOX, the Breitbartlets, Drudge and the TEA Party howlers will flog this story for all it’s worth for at least two weeks of the recess, handily diverting attention from Congress’ abysmal performance and the delusional “defund Obamacare” campaign that seems to be all they’ve got.

Exhibit A: the Twittersphere is already lighting up faster than Michelle Malkin can twitch.  What fun!

Even better, when Republicans lose the 2016 presidential election they’ll be able to blame that danged Hillary mini-series.  And the FIRST AMENDMENT!!1!

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Saturday, August 03, 2013

ALEC to Celebrate 40 Years of Ghostwriting American Laws For Lazy Legislators



Next week ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) will be celebrating its 40th birthday [how time passes!] at the posh Palmer House Hilton in the heart of Chicago’s financial district.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with ALEC, let’s let them introduce themselves:

The American Legislative Exchange Council works to advance the fundamental principles of free-market enterprise, limited government, and federalism at the state level through a nonpartisan public-private partnership of America’s state legislators, members of the private sector and the general public.

ALEC even gives out an annual Thomas Jefferson Award to folks who cleave to those bedrock American values especially well.  Now, describing ALEC as nonpartisan is something of a stretch.  ALEC’s membership, especially on the legislative side are pretty singularly fiscal conservatives. 

According to their own “history” blurb:

Literally hundreds of dedicated ALEC members have worked together to create, develop, introduce and guide to enactment many of the cutting-edge, conservative policies that have now become the law in the states.

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Friday, August 02, 2013

Putin and the Patriarch


Interesting article at Buzzfeed (yes, I know) on why Putin is transforming Russia into a homophobia hub. Putin’s fondness for orchestrating shirtless, macho photo-ops that would be ideal for the cover of a romance novel (if you Photoshopped a more handsome head onto that ripped, well-preserved body) has led to speculation that Putin has latency issues.

But the Buzzfeed article makes a pretty solid case for a more prosaic motivation: Just like a common American wingnut, Putin is leveraging heartland fundamentalism, bigotry and provincialism to improve his political fortunes. Maybe that’s what George W. Bush saw when he famously looked into Putin’s eyes and found a kindred spirit.

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Thursday, August 01, 2013

THUD!  Where the Rubber Meets the Road


Well, the wheels came off the Ryan Budget bus yesterday, but, mostly, the traffic just whizzed on by. Most congressional deliberations over budgets and appropriations don’t capture the public’s fleeting attention.  This is dry, esoteric, wonky stuff.  Did I mention it’s boring? 

Yesterday’s #GOPfail came when debate on the House Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations, affectionately known as THUD, devolved into Republican opposition to their own godawful budget.

THUD was the first House appropriations bill to come up that contained some real-world extreme hacking and slashing and moderate Republicans, Republican governors and mayors are suddenly realizing how frightening the Ryan budget is.

Now if Republicans cross their fingers, close their eyes and hold their breath they might postpone, at least for a month, the American electorate discovering what a colossal failure of conservative ideology just occurred in the House.  But, in order to solve that problem permanently, they’ll have to throw out that Republican budget, or throw out the sequester, or both . . . or let the Senate do the heavy lifting.  But I’m sure most of them realize that something has to give.  Chances are that realization won’t be voiced during the hometown events scheduled for the recess, though.

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