Friday, January 10, 2014

Cuppy Power!

Some bloggers of note have been commenting on the intelligence of one S.E. Cupp.  I have not gone to the Cupp… er… well in quite some time.

I don’t think that S.E. Cupp is the dumbest pundit working, even though she has produced some of the stupidest punditry to assault the airwaves and t00bz.  Cupp is actually pretty canny, having crafted a pretty sophisticated media image.  Cupp’s M.O. largely consists of titillation, her “naughty librarian” image, much like that of Sarah Palin, appeals to a conservative male fan base… she’s basically a pinup for pinheads.  I guess you can’t spell fanservice without “S.E.”

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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Highway’s Jammed by Right Wing Zeroes on a Fat Chance Power Trip

I’ve written quite a bit about New Jersey governor Chris Christie, aka the Hudson Harkonnen, America’s cafone, and Phony Soprano.  The latest Chris Christie news is a rapidly ballooning scandal, the closure of lanes on the George Washington Bridge by Christie Administration Port Authority apointees which caused major traffic snarls, seemingly to punish the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, who didn’t endorse him in his gubernatorial race.  Predictably, Christie is blaming an underling for this d-baggery.  Christie is just the sort of vindictive creep who’d place the lives of ordinary people at risk (the lane closures have been implicated in the death of a woman due to a delay in the arrival of medical help) to “punish” an “enemy”. 

To tell the truth, Christie’s handling of Port Authority matters has been awful from the beginning of his tenure as governor, when he put the kibosh on a Hudson River rail crossing that would have been funded by the federal government.  Even when he’s not motivated by spite, the guy is an utter disaster.

I wonder if, had Christie’s incompetent-at-best and depraved-at-worst Port Authority hires been exposed in November, the jerk would have won the gubernatorial election.  By making people’s commutes longer and more tedious, his administration hit people “where they live”.  I don’t believe that even the most rabid GOPer would countenance a policy which directly harmed him… not only “those people” were affected by these traffic snarls.

Got buyers’ remorse, Jerseyites?

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Dispassionate Conservatism On the Move


So.  That sneaky Democrat-led Senate has forced the House to go on defense and produce a new installment in its efforts to put on a happy face and win some elections, dammit! 

House Republican leadership issued a new talking points memo, this week, in its series The Rebranding: How To Be.  Close on the heels of their “How To Handle a Woman” memo, this latest one is directed at helping members to sound compassionate about the plight of the unemployed while denying a long-term unemployment benefit extension.  Maybe the GOP will merge the two to create a separate memo for dealing with the “female unemployed”?

The hope is that a demonstration of caring will persuade the long-term unemployed to get out of their “safety net hammock” and get a job.  Once that occurs, the newly employed person’s self-esteem will skyrocket and, in a show of gratitude, s/he will vote Republican.

The Washington Post, bless their hearts, obtained a copy of the actual memo which is every bit as odious as you might expect. 

Read it and weep:


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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Is There a Doctor In The House?


Suppose I’m an average American . . . I’m not exactly “low-info” or even politically apathetic, I’m just pretty busy having a life.  I’ve got kids, a dog, a job and, now, a tetchy water heater that probably needs replacing.  I just don’t have the bandwidth to turn over every rock in the political landscape and inventory the slugs living under them.  I live in America the Exceptional so I take some things on faith.

For too long, now, I hear way too much about Obamacare and how it’s going to save or destroy the country and none of it makes a whole lot of sense.  And since I have “real” health insurance for my family, through my job, I don’t really need to think about it. Right?  I wouldn’t mind paying less for my share but it’s just way too risky to switch insurance when you have it.

So.  This morning, on the way to work, I hear that some big organization for doctors has taken a case to the Supreme Court for an emergency hold on the Obamacare roll-out.  That gets my attention—this isn’t crazy politicians with an ax to grind but real doctors.  And doctors are smart and professional and they know what’s going on in the medical world.  This sounds serious if the doctors are going all the way to the Supreme Court to stop Obamacare . . .

                                                * * *

OK.  I read that, too.  And I’m retired so I have lots of time to not take things “on faith” in 21st century America.  The downside of that is that I am sometimes tempted to march off a cliff into the sea and never look back.

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Monday, January 06, 2014

Come For the Carpetbagging, Stay for the Fishing

Sadly, it appears that the bid for US senator from Wyoming of torture apologist and nattering nabob of nepotism, Liz Cheney, may be drawing to a close.  It’s really quite unfortunate that a campaign that featured a massive rift between herself and her sister and sister-in-law over the validity of their marriage, an apparent break in the friendship between Darth Former Vice-President Dick Cheney and Senator Mike Enzi,  the payment of a fine over a fraudulently-completed application for a fishing license, and the revelation that Mr. Liz Cheney was registered to vote in two, count them, two states, (which is certainly the sort of thing that can happen if you are a resident of… wherever you say you are)—was all for naught.

But let’s look for silver linings, shall we? Now that Liz Cheney has settled in the lovely state of Wyoming, she can spend time getting to know people and making herself some friends, possibly bonding over casting lines and hoisting brewskis. It might just be that she is what we would call an “acquired taste” and the good folks of Wyoming haven’t had ample enough opportunity to, um, acquire a taste for her. (I know I never have.)

Now admittedly, they might never warm to her (although pitchforks and torches may be involved at some point down the line) and taking up full-time residence in Wyoming may cut into her television appearances shilling for neoconservative foreign policy ideas she learned at daddy’s knee. I don’t see a downside there.

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Sunday, January 05, 2014

McCain and Graham are Predictable About Violence In Iraq

I think it is unfortunate that there is increased violence in Iraq and a bloody shame that al-Qaeda seems to have control of Fallujah. Based on the aftermath of first, the invasion of Iraq, then the war there, then our withdrawal, it is likely that reasonable people could predict that there would be increased violence, and that Fallujah was a likely place for a bunch of it. And, sure as fire is hot and water is wet, Senators McCain and Graham are all over it, and if you’ve been reading the libretto thus far, I bet you know what song they are singing:

McCain and Graham had been vocal critics of President Obama’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of 2011, and they called the reports of al Qaeda gaining control in Fallujah and elsewhere “as tragic as they are predictable.”

“While many Iraqis are responsible for this strategic disaster, the administration cannot escape its share of the blame,” the Republicans said in a statement. “When President Obama withdrew all U.S. forces from Iraq in 2011, over the objections of our military leaders and commanders on the ground, many of us predicted that the vacuum would be filled by America’s enemies and would emerge as a threat to U.S. national security interests.”

“Sadly, that reality is now clearer than ever,” McCain and Graham said. “What’s sadder still, the thousands of brave Americans who fought, shed their blood, and lost their friends to bring peace to Fallujah and Iraq are now left to wonder whether these sacrifices were in vain.”

It’s very sad that the country was destabilized by a decade of war, and it is President Bush who signed the status of forces agreement that led to the withdrawal, and ending the presence of US troops in Iraq was overwhelmingly in accordance with what the US public wanted. That decision has consequences—and so would staying. If Sens. McCain and Graham are under the impression that brave Americans specifically fought, shed blood, and lost friends to bring peace to Fallujah, they might want to ponder a rationale for the AUMF that started with weapons of mass destruction that no longer existed, and contemplate also why Fallujah does not happen to have peace today. The presence of US soldiers battling ISIS today would not constitute peace, and if the size of the conflict was smaller because of our continued presence, it would be somewhat like a lid on a pot that’s boiling over. Asking us to take into consideration whether the living or the dead Americans who fought in Iraq wonder whether their sacrifices are in vain—is itself a vanity.


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Saturday, January 04, 2014

YOLO, Mr. Meacham. YOLO


Oh, dear! sometimes I just want to throw my hands in the air and quote The Beatles:

All the lonely people
where do they all belong?

From a mother’s perspective, the one pictured above belongs in therapy. 

Young Trestin Meacham has tried many, many ways, in his relatively short life, to get attention.  The internet is dotted with the potholes of his abandoned bloggery; in 2012 he ran for the Utah State Senate on the Constitution Party ticket and $100.00 in campaign donations; and, when that failed, he created the Constitutional Heroarchy of Kherutistan, online, complete with flag, history, it’s own currency—Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, to be exact.

But only this week, did Trestin Meacham achieve his dream of “going viral” by declaring a hunger strike until Utah gays stop getting married.

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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Mark Darr: A Cautionary Tale


Ever since our relatives started painting in caves and piling up rocks into henges and such, the circadian tingle of a New Year has inspired us to look backward and forward for clues as to how to keep surviving and thriving in a tricky world.

And, so it is, that New Year’s retrospectives are an instinctive human habit, as are the cautionary tales that we spin and the resolutions that we make based on our realization of how thin a line separates human success from failure.

Generally, we undertake New Year’s resolutions in an effort to internalize the lessons learned during the previous year and use those lessons to make our lives and our selves better in some way. 

Now, I’m just a humble blogger, a lay observer and parser of political life primarily for my own personal entertainment and/or edification.  That said, in my humble opinion, and based on 60+ years of observation, 2013 seems to me to have been a particularly sucky year in these American colonies—a watershed year of dysfunction, ineptitude and sociopathology in the realm of American politics.

Because I happen to still believe in the premise of “government of the people, by the people and for the people,” I must take part of the blame for that suckiness.  Ergo, this year, it is my New Year’s resolution to Embrace the Suck to unlock the hidden secrets of combating The Stupid before it gobbles us up.  And I sincerely hope that many of my fellow Americans will join me in that effort to make life in these United States just a little less sucky.

To clarify what I believe we might each be able to contribute to that effort, I’d like to take a deep dive into an illustrative cautionary tale about how easily things can go awry when we are not terribly smart about our politics.

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