2009 “Opportunistic Meme-Napper Marketing Achievement” Award Winner

God bless the insidious spam-meisters at http://www.bestheartrate.com (who sent me this email offer) for exploiting the subliminal language cues of wingnut opposition to Health Care Reform to sell bullshit quick-money schemes to white-knuckled Americans who have no jobs and no health insurance.

Click on the link to read (and HEAR!) how even lazy, stupid people can keep their homes, own a Lamborghini and probably pay for quintuple bypass surgery out of petty cash just by “Killing Bills,” saying “NO” and acting fast. And, by all means, take a moment to tell helpful “Live Agent” Emma that you’ll be happy to sign up for whatever she’s selling just as soon as she takes off her top and types “Yes, Master” in the reply box.

The “Kill the Bill” meme is as as ubiquitous as it is ridiculous. Here’s Joseph Cannon’s take:

Here’s an improved version from my pal shiskabob, just because he can never leave well enough alone:

And, of course, everyone in the Rumper Room is already hip to this shit, which is what happens when smart people confuse bumper sticker slogans with real strategy.

Good times.

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Speaking of lazy, stupid people buying new cars

Hey, my “live Agent” was Meghan! And I had to close the window to get rid of her, but it was worth it, because I’ve already made enough money to afford the liberal cred I’ve always wanted, even enough to give away by appearing on Fox!

Ripley, im with you on that.  It BAFFLES me how people go out and buy a $30000 car when they make $30000 a year….idiots.

Anyway, I cant stand sites like this one.  The funny thing is, people actually fall for this crap.

BTW, My Live Agent was Amber…lol

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