27 People Dead, 18 of Them CHILDREN!

Can we start a dialog about sensible gun control NOW??  Not according to Jay Carney.  Colorado Governor John Hicklooper apparently has more guts.

In a significant shift from his statements earlier this year, Gov. John Hickenlooper now says “the time is right” for Colorado lawmakers to consider further gun restrictions.

And he made that announcement yesterday.  Naturally all the usual suspects are in full howl mode but the fact of a Democratically controlled state house and Senate could make a difference.  Or, at any rate, we’ll see which Dems are also owned by the NRA.

I’ve seen several responses today that it’s mental health we need to focus on - not the unbelievably easy access unstable people have to automatic weapons and huge magazines of bullets.  News flash people:  The two subjects aren’t mututally exclusive.

For those who continue to say the time to have the conversation is not now I would just ask “If today’s horror wasn’t bad enough to make today the day, what will it take?”


via TPM, Carney’s comments at the press briefing:

The press was doing their job a bit there.  And characterizing finding a way to stop innocent victims from being massacred by deranged people with assault guns on an ever more frequent basis as engaging in “the usual Washington policy debates” is fking insulting.

(edited last sentence for clarity)

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Today, my State legislature passed a bill expanding concealed carry in schools, churches, day care centers and sports stadiums for people who take unspecified “extra training”.  Open carry would still be prohibited in these areas.  Our dick of a governor says “he is planning on taking a week to review and finish language—especially in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting.”  So, um, yay him, I guess.

Holy shit - it just gets worse.  Just saw an update from the CT police that says 27 people were killed and 20 of them were children.  Also it appears that one of the dead adults was his mother.  If you add the killer it’s a total of 28 dead.

And Nancy, that’s just obscene.

Daily Mail (I know, I know) is reporting far more than any other site.  I’ve read that the shooter killed his father before going to the school.  His girlfriend and another friend are also missing.

Predictably, the screamers on the right are advocating for more guns - if the teachers had been armed, this would never have happened!

David Frum—I know, right?—actually nailed it.

My daughter’s school is about 20 minutes away from Sandy Hook Elementary. When I arrived at school midday (I volunteer in the library), there were two cop cars outside. Despite them, I had no problem walking into the building that houses the library—no checking in anywhere, no locked doors. Sent a chill down my spine. At the time I arrived, I had no idea that an entire classroom of kindergartners had been mowed down. I only learned that shortly before I left the library. Many of the teachers who work in our district live and have kids who go to school in Newtown.

I heard that Obama said that now was not the time to talk about gun control, or words to that affect. But if not now, when? How many innocent people have to die before politicians take a stand against the NRA and pass tougher gun and ammo control measures? And while they are at it, how about making it easier and less expensive for Americans to get mental health care?

I heard that Obama said that now was not the time to talk about gun control, or words to that affect.

Actually that was Jay Carney.  Obama, in his address, came a lot closer to calling for some action now.  He appeared incredibly moved by this (as are we all).  Since most of these tragedies are the result of mentally unstable people getting hold of assault weapons we need a two-pronged approach.  More access to mental health services and restricted access to firearms.

I’ve got a personal connection to this story.  I’m from Connecticut originally.  The granddaughter of my mother’s best friend was in 2nd grade at Sandy Hook, she did not get shot but she’s traumatized of course.

I don’t have a lot more to say about this right now, other than I am even more disgusted than usual by the idiotic comments from the likes of Huckabee.

Comment by JasonM on 12/15/12 at 07:30 AM

Huckabee’s not the only one either.  The foul Bryan Fischer said that god didn’t save the kids because god doesn’t go where “he’s not wanted”.  Because we pushed him out of schools and so this is apparently poetic justice.  What disgusting life forms these people are.  They don’t deserve the designation of human being.

I hope your friend’s granddaughter will be OK.  I can’t imagine what it would do to a child to be part of such a horrifying experience.

‘Since most of these tragedies are the result of mentally unstable people getting hold of assault weapons we need a two-pronged approach.’ V. often they haven’t been identified as ‘mentally unstable’ people: it’s afterwards that neighbours, acquaintances, etc. say ‘oh he didn’t talk much, go out much, kept to himself’, etc. Think how many people who live near you meet that description. They shouldn’t be demonized for not being the life of the party. It’s the bloody guns, esp. ones that shoot 30 rounds a second, that are the problem. Who the F needs a gun that shoots 30 rounds a second??
Sorry for the rant - doing my best to embarrass YAFB since the birth of the Intertubes - but this gun fetish really pisses me off big-time - and the Snark-o-meter’s run out of gas.

Ms. YAFB—Although I wonder a lot what our gun violence means in terms of unrecognized /untreated mental health problems a lot, it bothers me that the language we use continues to fall back on “mentally unstable” in part because mental illness is a pretty huge bucket, and also because of stigmatization.  When I hear people refer to this recent murder as possibly being Aspergers’ or autistic, this just guts me, because this kind of carnage isn’t typical of…

Anything. Same goes for schizophrenics, who also get stereotyped as being possibly dangerous when most nonserotypic people are far more afflicted against by society’s lack of understanding and accomodation, than responsible for this kind of carnage. I think of Brievik—not definitively nonserotypic, more played on by disgusting political views. And it bastardizes the conversation too, to just say “so-and-so wasn’t in his right mind—”

Anyone who can easily obtain guns while not in their right minds, then, has two problems. We shouldn’t be loath to discuss both.

Word is now that the killer’s mom was of the “preparing for the end of the world” types; a stockpiler of guns and ammo ready for the day when the muslims/melanin-enhanced/godless libs try to take their gubmit, big screen and penii. 

OK, I know someone like this.  He’s a big teddy bear of a man, but he’s been reading some of the novels that scare the shit out of these people (The Patroit, Turner Diaries, etc - it’s quite the market for people who usually don’t read anything), so now he’s a poorer man investing in gold, guns, ammo, and storage tanks for fuel for “the coming apocalypse”.  Of course he’s a middle-aged fat white guy of limited financial means; seems to be the stereotype this stuff works on. 

The right wing fearmongers have people like this stirred up into a logic-excluding maelstrom of rage and fear, and once in awhile one of them acts on it.  Since they tend to collect assault weapons, when they act, they kill a lot of people.  These guns have to go, period.

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