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I read about the open letter to the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran last night and was just appalled. I couldn’t put my finger on why, at first. They weren’t offering aid and comfort to an enemy, per se, so you couldn’t call it treason. They weren’t in direct, private communications, solicited or otherwise, with the foreign government, so I don’t know if you could consider it a violation of the Logan Act.  But is very unusual, and the tone was, I thought, disrespectful to the President, to other negotiators at the table, and disrespectful of their offices as US Senators. Because while this letter isn’t necessarily treason or sedition—it’s a political stunt over foreign policy made wide-open, which does not strengthen the President’s hand in making a good executive deal, but rather aims at diluting the nation’s effectiveness to carry out successful diplomacy.

I know this was the aim of the letter, because the freshman Senator who spear-headed the effort, Tom Cotton, has previously admitted he wanted to sabotage the negotiations. What astonished me is that he managed to get 46 other senators to go along with him. Not a one of them read the thing and thought it might be a bad idea?

Now, Sen. Mitch McConnell seems to just want to undermine anything President Obama ever does, so that’s no shock. And squirrel-in-a-people-suit Sen. Lindsey Graham actually for some reason said just this Sunday that he thinks Iran is more dangerous than ISIL, although he’d still hella love to be boots on the ground at war with ISIL, too. (With what money and troops, Senator Scaredy-Pants?) And of course, Sen. John McCain has wanted to “Bomb-bomb Iran” since his musical parody debut.  (I’m a fan of Weird Al Yankovic, and I like Weird Al Yankovic, and Senator, you’re no Weird Al Yankovic!)

But why in hell the others? Especially when the tone was completely condescending to Iran, and, it turns out, a bit inaccurate?

And where does this stupidity get them? Glad you, my hypothetical reader, asked—because the response of Iran’s Foreign Minister Dr. Javad Zarif called them out. He pointed out that they were inaccurate and that Iran knows very well how US foreign policy works.

Total exchange:

47 Dumbass Ronin: See, Constitution!

Iran: Naw, read it.

Result: Smacked Asses.

And this is why government professionals should not beef in public. Why didn’t they know that?

Some of these tater-heads want to even be President someday. They should consider their bed perma-shat, unless our media is completely populated by mindless dopes and…oh, damn. I thought I had a point, there. What I meant to say was, this might look like several of our GOP Senators aren’t really ready for prime time, unless someone can clean their asses up quick with some flash cards or something.

So my takeaway is, I really wish all the smart people would point out this goofball stuff can not stand, not because it’s treasonous or all these folks should rot in a deep hole listening to the Top 12 Most Depressing Songs of the 70’s on constant repeat. But because threatening to shutdown the government, or having pointless filibusters where children’s books are read, or threatening DHS funding, or writing open letters to foreign governments as if, are just not the mature things legislators should be doing if they are for real, and not just running political campaigns to be Fox News commentators someday.

And they should especially not behave as if President Obama is fixing to sell the family cow for magic beans (which is an actual deal W. made with North Korea, I think). He’s our president until he isn’t, guys. And by the way, if anyone can tell me how war with Iran is a great plan for Syria, Iraq, and ISIS, let me know.

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Tragically, the media won’t make a big deal out of this completely cack-handed attempt at foreign provocation because they are owned by conglomerates who would love to see their missiles rain down on Iran.

Great title, good call on the number of these asswipes.

Sadly, the media is more focused on Hillary and her “email-gate” and pretty much ignoring this. I think Obama needs to call them out on this shite (not like he’s got much to lose at this point) and have them prosecuted for treason. I know he’s the diplomat, and I’ve appreciated his levelheadedness, but it’s time to give these guys what they’re dishing out.

Everybody notice that Tom Cotton got nearly a million dollars from Dr. William Kristol’s Emergency Committee for Israel five months ago? Spread it around.

Plus, in the photo above, Cotton is making that nefarious Islamofacist gang sign, isn’t he?

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